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  • Title: Little Rabbit Foo Foo
  • Author: Michael Rosen Arthur Robins
  • ISBN: 9780671796044
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback

  • Little Rabbit Foo Foo By Michael Rosen Arthur Robins Now with sheet music to help you sing the song as you reenact the story Littler Rabbit Foo Foo riding through the forest, scooping up the goblins and bopping them on the head.
    Michael Rosen Arthur Robins
    Michael Rosen, a recent British Children s Laureate, has written many acclaimed books for children, including WE RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, and I M NUMBER ONE and THIS IS OUR HOUSE, both illustrated by Bob Graham Michael Rosen lives in London.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

    Little Rabbit Foo Foo By Michael Rosen Arthur Robins


    Joey Woolfardis
    Little Rabbit Foo Foo is an absolute little shit Riding through the forest on his red motorbike, hitting all the inhabitants on the head with a red mallet, being the most anti social Leporidae since Peter Quick Fingers Rabbit and his Sylvilagus cronies, he doesn t care who gets hurt and even the Good Fairy can t psycho analyse any kind of understanding.My favourite book as a child, it is a wonderfully illustrated and splendidly rhyming tale of a naughty rabbit being a nuisance I m fairly certain [...]

    cute story for the kiddosread this book when I was in grade school

    Updated Little Rabbit Foo Foo He now rides a motorcycle The drawings are colorful and detailed The expressions and body language on the characters are expressive and add to the storyline The changes in Little Rabbit Foo Foo are especially obvious They rhyme song is catchy and the moral is clear decisions lead to consequences make good choices As the Bangor Police Department website says Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people s things alone, and be kind to one another The back cover has [...]

    Alice Nachir
    This book is a cheeky, fun short book which is simple to read A naughty little rabbit called Rabbit Foo Foo rides through the forest annoying all the other animals from worms to tigers He enjoys bopping them on the head with a mallet and rides away on his bike giggling at his antics A fairy comes down and warns Rabbit Foo Foo to stop bopping the animals over the head and gives him three chances to stop, warning him that she will turn him into a goonie if he carries on Little Rabbit Foo Foo does [...]

    This is perfection in 26 pages not one word out of place, not one word too many, there were laughs, there were shocks, there was a beautiful building of drama to the ending with a dramatic climax that I just didn t see coming will definitely be reading it again possibly around 15 times a day, if today is anything to go by

    Mrs G
    Little Rabbit Foofoo is a very naughty bunny indeed and deserves his terrible fate he had plenty of warnings after all Gorgeous illustrations with lots of detail and a repetitive text that make it an ideal story to learn by heart Lots of book chat to be had with this one A classic.

    I enjoyed this book As a kid, I would always be upset that Little Rabbit Foo Foo did not listen to the fairy the first time The illustrations wee cute and colorful and were not overly detailed The story line was easy to follow the rabbit had three chances to shape up or he would face a consequence I like that justice was served and that respect was the theme.I think kids would enjoy this book I think it is important because the book teaches kids not only to stand up to others fairy , but to list [...]

    Susan Morton
    Beware this book is an ear worm

    Milton Moon Louie
    This is a singing story Better behave B

    this was one of my 3 boys favorite book growing up

    Christopher Walker
    As a primary school teacher that has read a lot of books this is, and continues to be, the favourite of all time

    This book is a retelling of the fairy tale that everyone except my husband evidently knows from their childhood My husband picked this book out for the boy when we were in a thrift store and thought it was adorable This is when I found out that he had no idea about the song and I was shocked.Anyway, the boy loved this book a lot The story is of course where Little Rabbit Foo Foo is going through the forest and picking up various animals and such and bopping them on the head He gets three chances [...]

    Little rabbit foo foo This was a book about a little rabbit that loved to cause mischief, he rode through the forest and bopped innocent animals on the head That is until, a good fairy came down and told little rabbit that he had three chances to change, although, this didn t happen and he continued to bop animals on the head Even though he had been warned that he would have to suffer the consequences of being turned into a goonie Little rabbit foo foo ran out of chances and got turned into a go [...]

    Matilda Moir
    I love the use of rhyme within this book, i think it s great that the book can be read and also sung The use of colours really draws the reader in and makes the book exciting and inviting One of my old time favourites which is still just as good 20 years on

    Natalie J P
    This book focuses on Little Rabbit Foo Foo, a naughty rabbit who rides his bike through the forest bopping all the other animals on the head with a mallet.The good fairy comes down and warns Little Rabbit Foo Foo about his attitude she gives him three chances to change and if he doesn t she will turn him into a goonie.The book is beautifully illustrated and comes with a DVD with a sing along of the story.I read this book at story time for reception children and linked learning activities through [...]

    Louise Roberts
    Little rabbit foo foo is a wonderfully devilish tale, about a mean bunny, and his faithful fairy god mother This story has a lovely rhythm to it and can be read and even sung, to enhance children s enjoyment and make it memorable It s a lovely story to get involved in discussion about how to treat other people, and why it is important to be kind The illustrations are magical, and the story calls upon goblins and even tigers This story can be used in class with younger children to discuss how pe [...]

    Simon Harris
    This book is pure genius, it will have the whole class joining in as the fairy warns Little Rabbit Foo Foo of the consequences of terrorising the other woodland animals and creatures The illustrations are fantastic, and evoke a giggle as the children see Foo Foo blasting round on his motorbike mallet in hand On a serious note the story does reinforce the need for children to be aware of consequences, but it is light hearted and fun to read to a class I read this to a year 1 class at the end of t [...]

    Brianna Upper
    Holy cow I love this book When I was young I learned how to read it and would read it over and over again to see how fast I can go I still remember reading it fast and with tons of excitement When I read the book I kind of sang it This book can be a great book to have in a class, kids and sing it like I did We can read it as a class or see who can read it the fastest This is for sure going to be in my future class room Now that I think about it I think its at home on my childhood book shelf.

    This is a brilliant book with charming animation It offers a whole new storytelling experience The best thing about this book is that it can be sung to the children The children will love it Little Rabbit Foo Foo is a bit of a bully to the wiggly worms, tigers, and goblins that live in the forest with him He gets three chances to behave himself by the Good Fairy He loses his three chances and gets turned into a Goonie I would recommend this book for early years and KS1 This book can be used for [...]

    Aurélien Thomas
    Little Rabbit Foo Foo is a naughty bunny riding his motorcycle like mad and, hitting the other animals for fun You bet the good fairy is not pleased at all What a great picture book The moral is easy to understand and, the pictures are as funny as hell the faces of the poor Rabbit s victims, the very crossed fairy, the annoyed little bunny and, the myriad of details hidden here and there The whole is a fantastic and hilarious reading time where, even grown ups will laugh their head off My kids a [...]

    Marissa Saul
    This book has always been a childhood favorite for me The illustrations are captivating and detailed, making the text and pictures go hand in hand Children will especially enjoy and remember this book because it has rhythm and melody with a strong moral lesson embedded within It teaches kids to respect your elders and people around you through personifying different forest animals It also extends and flourishes the imaginations of readers.

    Krista Tomblin
    The copy of Little Rabbit Foo Foo that my family owns is my husbands from when he was young He grew up as it being one of his very favorite short children s stories I remember having this book too when I was young It is truly a classic in my eyes It teaches consequences for ones actions and that bullying will not go unseen or unpunished It also shows, in a round about way, patient parenting and giving second and third chances.

    This book is a hoot Based upon the song Little Bunny Foo Foo that I sang to my sons when they were little, it takes the story one step further and sillier Rabbit Foo Foo is not a friendly fellow and he can t say he wasn t warned to knock off bopping other creatures in the head In the end he gets his just desserts The story is cute and the illustrations spot on My favorite illustration is the poor little wiggly worms with bumps on their little worm heads.

    I cannot begin to make you understand how disturbed CC was that it was Little RABBIT Foo Foo and not Little BUNNY Foo Foo completely threw her for a loop so she coulnd t focus on much else In other news, I appreciate that we veered from just the field mice and included other victims made it less repetitive as a read aloud I m still clueless as to what a goon is, though.

    Inna Nako
    a book that shows that actions have consequences illustrated with bright pictures and details moral of the story is to be nice good fairy gives Rabbit three warnings before he got his consequence can be used to show children discipline in your class teachers will not tolerate children being mean and bullying others

    April Smith
    This is a book that a lot of children have probably heard a version of it My husband taught my kids a similar version of this story It has repetition and can be sang as if it is a song You can put rhythm with it and the children will be likely to remember it I love how the book ends, The moral of the story Hare today, goon tomorrow.

    Another traditional song made into a picture book by Michael Rosen A great rhythmic text with lots of repetition for Foundation Stage children to learn There are videos of clips of the song with animation on YouTube, which would be fun to play to children either as part of Communication and Language lesson, or for a 5 minute activity before lunch at the end of the day A great book for 3.

    Wonderful, cheeky, modern retelling of Little Bunny Foo Foo song Rabbit Foo Foo rides through the forest on a motorcycle hitting the creatures that live there with a wooden hammer Loved it, so did my son I am trying to pass on my love of books to my children and am always impressed when one has my boy, who can t sit still for then a second, shouting, Read it again

    Cathy Moore
    First read this book with my children when we would go to the library every Saturday in the mid 90s I remember singing the whole time we d read it When we would go to get books, I d talk them into getting this book again so for MY enjoyment

    This would be great for a read aloud but is slightly confusing in how to convey the moral at the end of the story It would also be good for acting out parts due to the repetitive ness of the story line.

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