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  • Title: Homesick: My Own Story
  • Author: Jean Fritz Margot Tomes
  • ISBN: 9780142407615
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback

  • Homesick: My Own Story By Jean Fritz Margot Tomes This is the twenty fifth anniversary of Jean Fritz s award winning account of her life in China, and to honor this story, it is only fitting that it be added to our prestigious line of Puffin Modern Classics This fictionalized autobiography tells the heartwarming story of a little girl growing up in an unfamiliar place While other girls her age were enjoying their childhThis is the twenty fifth anniversary of Jean Fritz s award winning account of her life in China, and to honor this story, it is only fitting that it be added to our prestigious line of Puffin Modern Classics This fictionalized autobiography tells the heartwarming story of a little girl growing up in an unfamiliar place While other girls her age were enjoying their childhood in America, Jean Fritz was in China in the midst of political unrest Jean Fritz tells her captivating story of the difficulties of living in a unfamiliar country at such a difficult time.
    Jean Fritz Margot Tomes
    Jean Fritz was a children s author with a fascination with writing historical fictions She was born on November 16, 1915, in Hankow, China to missionary parents After living in China for 13 years, Fritz and her family moved back to the United States Beginning her career with an English degree, Fritz became an award winning and respected author She received an honor for every book that she wrote.

    Homesick: My Own Story By Jean Fritz Margot Tomes


    Homesick My Own Story is an autobiographical account of her childhood memories in China, by Jean Fritz, written in 1982 She explains frankly in her short introduction, that for the sake of authenticity, she has to term this book fiction , as her memories came out in lumps and she does not trust that they are entirely accurate or complete It is very much a child s view of the events taking place during 1925 to 1927, at the beginning of what we know as the first Chinese Civil War.Jean Fritz was bo [...]

    Danielle Rush
    I remember finding this book when I volunteered at the Lebanon Public Library I could not put it down, and re read it many times As an adult, I had a short career as a middle school language arts teacher, and I ended every class by reading to my students I chose this book for one of my classes, and they were mesmerized It was a group of children who had trouble paying attention and staying on task, but they could not hear enough of this story I had moved across the country to take this job, and [...]

    This makes me want to sit down and write about my own childhood I love how she wrote it as a story This was a Newbery honor book in 1983.

    Any children s librarian worth her salt knows this author s books What a delight to find out she was born in China and spent her first 13 years there China in the Roaring 20 s was not without its share of thrills and chills I have read many books about Chinese history and culture this one put a piece into the puzzle that I had not read about before This was a treat.

    Nevaeh Millar
    Good book.

    Pretty decent read, I s pose I read the whole thing in about two hours on Saturday I would say the book was just okay I thought it over simplified many of the issues going on in China I couldn t help but feel that the author seemed like a rather spoiled girl She s complaining about living in China and she wants to live in America where her parents are from , but meanwhile she s surrounded by all these servants and she has a huge house while millions of Chinese are starving on the streets I under [...]

    Miz Lee
    While Jean Fritz calls this fiction because of the format, it is her own story of growing up in 1920s China She attends a British school and finally rebels against having to sing God Save the Queen every morning Her father helps her find an cleverly easy solution that satisfies her and the establishment She maintains correspondence with a grandmother she has never met and yearns to set foot in her country of allegiance.The area Jean s family lives in becomes troubled as the Communists and the Na [...]

    Poor Patrick Henry he had to share my discovery of car sickness all those years ago I still hate driving through those hills My poor bookshelf It still holds the remains of the said book, the very same copy Seven That is the number of instances where my compartment happy mother tried to do away with that book In suffering over my pristine Saxon text for that year, it did me comfort to look up to see an old friend, rat shredded cover splitting a decrepit smile over the title Through the barrage o [...]

    Penny Johnson
    Jean thinks she was born on the wrong side of the world, but her love of the Yangtze River infuses her entire life Why did I love the river so It wasn t what you would call beautiful It wasn t like anything It just was and it had always been Jean is so much like that river She s not beautiful, she s not Marjorie, she just is who she is How interesting that her last trip on the river was in a boat surrounded with armorparating her from her childhood home and her childhood.The author makes us each [...]

    Jean Fritz wrote biographies and histories for children In this book she describes her own life as the child of Americans living in China in the 1920s Her memories create a rich sense of place, though tinged with a child s colonial biases The depiction of the growing Chinese resistance to European spheres of influence, which exploded in the Boxer Rebellion, creates a feeling of being there at an exciting and dangerous time The 10 year old Jean, who had never lived in the country she reveres, fin [...]

    I read this book years ago and enjoyed it When I heard that author Jean Fritz recently died at the age of 101 , I immediately had to find an edition to listen to And found this great edition with her reading it So great I enjoyed it immensely It is moving, insightful, and educational about the time and place Jean finds herself growing up in a China And I wish I could have known her grandma

    I thought this was an interesting take on how to write a biography as fiction if one couldn t be sure of getting things entirely right I liked her reminiscences than I remember enjoying her historical fiction for children when I was younger.

    i remember reading this when i was going into either 5th or 6th gradel i remember it i did not enjoy it i personally wouldn t recommend it but you never know i may like it if i were to read it now.

    Kathy Piselli
    I got a bunch of Jean Fritz books as she has recently died She has a unique and readable voice whose simple style belies deep lessons I loved the characterizations of her father with his Narrow Squeaks , her relationship with her grandmother and especially with her foot bound amah Lin Nai Nai.

    Another book I would have read aloud with my teenager if she were around.

    What an interesting thing to explore, an American who has never been to America.

    Maryrose Fisher-Hughes
    Homesick, was a very entertaining book Written in the view point of a child, the book was easily relatable, although set in China The memories of Jean Fritz s childhood as retold by her, are truly remarkable and was a joy to read Her desire to live with her grandmother in America permeates the story This desire also shadows all of her friends with both children her own age and her family This book would be appropriate for children 3 5, and perhaps younger if read as a class with a discussion to [...]

    Cathy Hable
    Simple story It was really interesting to listen to the tone of the narrator And some of the words and phrases so commonly used during the era It was like listening to my grandmother speak Or like watching The Wizard of Oz But I could totally relate to her fantasizing about America while living abroad I especially liked the line about how many flavors of ice cream there are in America Haha

    I m sure I understand the context of this story much better as an adult than I did as a child, but I enjoyed the book when I read it as a kid, and I enjoyed it again as an adult There are some sophisticated themes in this, and I thought she dealt with them well while still maintaining the voice of a young protagonist.

    This autobiographical sketch was a pleasant journey into a unique historical period 1920s China and into the experience of a young girl Although it does seem geared for a young audience, I enjoyed it I do wish there had been cultural insight and background about her parents work.

    Ashley Coberly
    We read this one aloud with my big kids to go with our history Simple story about a girl who grew up in China Everyone enjoyed her story

    Cute story autobiography, kind of lame ending and not a very clear purpose for the book.

    Maybe appropriate level for students but some pretty racist undertones against Chinese people that I wouldn t feel comfortable spreading.

    Jean does it again Such a good writer This time her own story of living the missionary life in China.

    The first TCK story I ever connected to without really knowing why I connected to it Even though Jean lived in early twentieth century China, her story resonated with my experiences and feelings as a missionary kid in twenty first century Korea Read this one again and again.

    I support independent bookstores You can use this link to find one near you indiebound

    I enjoyed this story and thought the author did a good job hoeing what it was like growing up as an American child in another culture and time.

    Lauren Gibson
    I read the book Homesick by Jean Fritz SUMMARY This book is an autobiography about a girl who grows up in China, with American parents, and her amah She dreams of going to America, which she write letters to her grandma who lived in Pennsylvania This book describes her everyday struggles of how to define home and family She lives in pre communist Hankow, China She attends a British school and refuses to sing god save the queen , but she does whisper quietly the part about America Later she has t [...]

    This book was amazing It was about a girl named Jean born in America, lives in China and studies in a British school She doesn t feel full on American so her family leaves to the States The girl has some trouble with racism coming from her friends I won t spoil the book

    Wayne Walker
    Jean Guttery Fritz is the author of over fifty books for children, including such excellent historical fiction as Early Thunder, The Cabin Faced West, and Brady, and biographies like The Double Life of Pocahontas Why Not, Lafayette George Washington s Breakfast And Then What Happened, Paul Revere Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May Will You Sign Here, John Hancock The Great Little Madison Traitor The Case of Benedict Arnold Harriet Beecher Stow and the Beecher Preachers and Just A Few Wor [...]

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