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  • Title: The Teeth of the Tiger
  • Author: Tom Clancy
  • ISBN: 9780141004921
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Teeth of the Tiger By Tom Clancy Mohammed sits in a caf in Vienna, to propose joining his network of agents and sympathizers in Europe and Middle East with a Colombian s drug network in America for terrorism, profits and destruction Off book U.S top secret agency The Campus for President John Patrick Ryan has the best of the best.Dominic Caruso is a rookie FBI agent, barely a year out of Quantico, whosMohammed sits in a caf in Vienna, to propose joining his network of agents and sympathizers in Europe and Middle East with a Colombian s drug network in America for terrorism, profits and destruction Off book U.S top secret agency The Campus for President John Patrick Ryan has the best of the best.Dominic Caruso is a rookie FBI agent, barely a year out of Quantico, whose decisive actions resolve a particularly brutal kidnap murder case His brother Brian is a Marine captain just back from his first combat action in Afghanistan, and already a man to watch Their cousin is Jack Ryan, Jr.Jack was raised on intrigue As his father moved through the ranks of the CIA and then into the White House, Jack received a life course in the world and the way it operates from agents, statesmen, analysts, Secret Service men, and black ops specialists such as John Clark and Ding Chavez But nothing has prepared him for real world danger.
    Tom Clancy
    Tom Clancy was an English major at Balti s Loyola College As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history, his dream of writing a novel came true with his first effort, The Hunt for Red October 1984 He since wrote than a dozen novels, which have a blend of realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and razor sharp suspense Ten of the novels, including The Teeth of the Tiger Berkley, 2004 , feature the character Jack Ryan, former stock broker and CIA employee Clancy s non fiction works include a series of guided tours of America s warfighting assets, Submarine, Ard Cav, Fighter Wing, Marine, and Airborne.He lived in Maryland.The following are the books and approximate time frame in the Jack Ryan UniverseWithout Remorse 1969 73Patriot Games 1981 82Red Rabbit 1982The Hunt for Red October 1984The Cardinal of the Kremlin 1986Clear and Present Danger 1988The Sum of All Fears 1990 91Debt of Honor 1995 96Executive Orders 1996Rainbow Six 1999 2000The Bear and the Dragon 2002The Teeth of the Tiger 2006Dead or Alive 2007Locked On 2007Threat Vector 2009Command Authority 2013Support and Defend 2014Full Force and Effect 2014

    The Teeth of the Tiger By Tom Clancy


    Tom Tabasco
    WHOA this is a HORRIBLE book Bad, bad, bad, bad book Even for one like me, who generally enjoys this type of thriller After a promising couple of chapters, suspiciously written not only better than the rest of the book, but also at a much faster pace, this thing slows down almost to a halt Without any doubt, Clancy sketched out the overall plot and delegated the whole chore to a ghost writer You can see that also from the way some comments and observations are repeated in different chapters, use [...]

    I don t remember any previous Clancy books being this childish Foolish dialogue, especially between the Caruso twins I never got to like them because they talked like such idiots from start to finish And those nicknames were utterly annoying Jack Jr is not much better In fact, there isn t an intelligent person in this whole book One glaring example The rookie spook, Jack Jr talks openly in public to the twins about top secret info he s learned on the job, naming names of someone who will be thei [...]

    Paul S
    As a long time reader of Tom Clancy s Jack Ryan series, I avoided reading Teeth of the Tiger for several years because I knew it wouldn t live up to the original series Unfortunately, my fears turned out to be totally justified.The original Ryan novels, all of which I gave at least four stars here on , were some of the most complex and suspenseful books I ve ever had the pleasure to read In short, they were the gold standard of the international thriller genre imitated by many, surpassed by few. [...]

    Apparently it s been a little over fifteen years since I read a Tom Clancy book I decided to read this one because I wanted to have read all of his novels Either this wasn t something he actually wrote, or this one is the reason he quit writing them The writing wasn t good and the editing was even worse, if not just non existent Then there was the story This was something Clancy might have written in high school when he was just beginning to think about someday being a world class author of tech [...]

    Oh how the mighty have fallen Some of my favorite novels are The Hunt for Red October and Executive Orders products of a true master By the time he wrote this novel, though, Mr Clancy seemed to have lost it his touch Red Rabbit was at best passable and The Teeth of the Tiger continued the decline Full of platitudes if possible, the service in Vienna was even better than in Munich and repetitions, it makes one believe the rumors that he does not write any, and the novels are group efforts by his [...]

    Tom ClancyThe Teeth of the TigerNew York G.P Putnam s Sons, 2003431 pp 27.950 399 15017 X Terrorism can cause death, destruction, and hatred In the novel The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy, we learn about terrorism from the points of view of the Islamic terrorists, of innocent bystanders, and of the people that have dedicated their lives to stopping it This novel is about two twin brothers, named Brian and Dominic Caruso, that get thrown into the fight against them The Teeth of the Tiger fits [...]

    Unfortunately I had to give up on this book, simply because the pace was too slow After a promising start, nothing else happened after 200 pages and I simply didn t want to waste my life carrying on I m disappointed this book wasn t ripped apart by the editors as there s no excuse to fill 200 pages with needless waffle, boring dialogue and slow,slow pace.

    Chad Sayban
    Tom Clancy created a tough act to follow with his Jack Ryan series The end of the cold war and 9 11 reshuffled the deck of threats to the United States and The Teeth of the Tiger attempted to do the same for Clancy As spy thrillers go, The Teeth of the Tiger is good It actually has better pacing and less techno drag than his late Jack Ryan novels did, coming in at a nearly anorexic 431 pages The problem is that good is never good enough for Clancy fans and Jack Ryan can never be duplicated In hi [...]

    Tom Clancy is one of the best conspiracy and political writers in my opinion His books are famous for being well researched and realistic Many of his creations have also been turned into best selling games I do not think this was one of his better books as it read like a mediocre conspiracy novel It didn t have the same researched and authentic feel as the other books but was just as dense This is the last Jack Ryan book even though this book is about Jack Jr And maybe it was just me but it seem [...]

    Jon Adair
    The fact that it took me months to finish a Clancy book already says it all I usually read them pretty much straight through in a couple days.The trio of Jack Ryan Junior and his indistinguishable cousins, Aldo and Enzo or Brian and something were never very sympathetic characters Page after page was devoted to them but in the end you couldn t fill an index card with insights into their personality and motivations.The plot drags and the stakes are so low it s like trying to go back to playing ni [...]

    Antonio Rosato
    L importante era il denaro Con i soldi si poteva acquistare il potere Con i soldi si poteva comprare la gente e la protezione, e non solo difendere la propria vita e quella della propria famiglia, ma anche controllare il proprio Paese.Per la prima volta Jack Ryan, il personaggio principale della saga scritta dallo statunitense Tom Clancy, cede il ruolo di protagonista al figlio Jack Ryan Jr E tutta la trama del libro si pu riassumere semplicemente cos nella prima parte c la pianificazione e l at [...]

    Jerry B
    Fine Clancy, 400 pg thriller revenge on Muslim terroristsIf you ve suffered through some of Clancy s 1000 page thrillers as we have, we think you ll appreciate his latest Having just about played his Jack Ryan character for all it was worth, we now get the author s first to feature Jack junior, who appears to be taking up right where his father left off when Dad was also in the spook business Adding to the interest are two Ryan cousins, Brian and Dominic Caruso ex officio Marine and FBI respecti [...]

    How many times can I claim that some book is the worst book I ever read before I m pegged as always crying wolf Well, this one is a contender You will be dumber for having read it.Clancy has never been a talented writer, but his earlier books at least had imaginative or entertaining plots His last few efforts have been catastrophes, and this one is the worst of the worst See if you can stomach this two twin brothers, nicknamed Aldo and Enzo, are assassins working for a quasi governmental organiz [...]

    If I hadn t picked this one up at a local library sale for next to nothing I would not even have bothered Sadly, this one starts off with a real kick and then fizzles into a really lame pulp novel and not even a good one at that.I had pretty much given up on Clancy, but then enjoyed Red Rabbit and The Bear and The Dragon almost as much as his original novels.Now, I feel like I put my foot in a cowpie out in an Oklahoma pasture Let me set this one up for you Jack Ryan is out to pasture, no longer [...]

    Patrick Brungardt
    The Teeth Of The Tiger is proof that authors can and often do run out of steam and need to take breaks from an idea thread The background plot organization is thin and a bit convoluted We have, somehow, leaped in time to where Jack Ryan Jr is an adult and has graduated college We re also introduced to two heretofore unknown cousins, Mike and Dominic Though their last name is different, I couldn t help but notice those are the also the names of recurring naval officer Bart Mancuso s sons.All of t [...]

    I used to love Tom Clancy So either his writing has gotten worse, or my standards have changed This book is bad in several respects It has virtually zero editing There are passages that are literally verbatum, often used as similies or metaphors, used in different parts of the book It s fairly distracting.The premise is ok, and in typical Clancy style, offers some insight into the thought processes of people in important, powerful and dark places.The story itself is pretty bad Mostly predictable [...]

    Justin Roberts
    I love the Caruso brothers, but the morality discussions among them are too tiring The ending was too abrupt.

    Benjamin Stahl
    In starting this I was very surprised at how much even Clancy fans dislike it Like his previous book, Red Rabbit, few people have anything nice to say While I loved that book, I admit I did begin to see, in Teeth of the Tiger, what fans were so hung up about You see, this book starts off excellently The Caruso brothers are introduced after both display a useful lack of hesitation when called to make a rapid kill Not even twenty pages in and a little girl is raped then murdered Not to sound horri [...]

    Jasmin Jahic
    This is a war of the unknown warriors but let all strive without falling in faith or duty Winston Churchill This quote was used as the simple prologue to the Clancy s thirteenth novel called The Teeth of the Tiger Another one is by George Orwell People sleep peaceably at night only because rough men stand ready to do the violence on their behalf very powerfull and intrigue manner to start something which should be consider as a very interesting thriller novel George Orwell must have had huge inf [...]

    This unnecessary ode to boredom is set in Clancy s once visceral world of Jack Ryan The elder Ryan is very much a shadow hanging over this, as his son is one of 3 main characters We find Jack Jr all grown up and working for a intelligence consulting firm secretly set up by his father years ago Jack s job is ostensibly similar to the job his father first had at CIA, as an intelligence analyst The book also follows the story of two brothers, one an FBI agent, the other a Marine, both recruited by [...]

    I continue to enjoy Tom Clancy books This one wasn t particularly fast paced, but it was informative and interesting The way it was written the story moved along, but for all the adventure it wasn t written in a very exciting manner The characters were true to life, and this was the introduction of Jack Ryan Jr Clancy continues to give us an inside look of the clandestine services CIA, NSA, etc , and to some extent our federal government In this book he also gives us an idea of how some terroris [...]

    Eric Wright
    Eighty pages into this Clancy book, I decided to dump it Clancy has an amazing grasp of US government, its agencies, its approach to terrorism and he is very inventive about plot In this case he deals with the recruitment of 3 new additions to a hush hush, off the books agency tasked with combating terrorism without any supervision To this he adds an Arab terrorist forming an alliance with Columbia drug lords Scary.However, he goes on page after page describing the three characters, the various [...]

    Seth Benzell
    A mediocre attempt to capture the admittedly jingoistic magic of his previous novels Pathetic, disproportionate, ridiculous, uninterested in consequences, and the greatest sin forgettable I used to like Clancy novels as a kid, but this may be the last one I ever read There s one cool observation in the novel FBI agents shoot enemies once, because an economy of force should always be used Soldiers shoot twice because, to paraphrase, anything worth shooting once is worth shooting two times This is [...]

    Dee Haddrill
    I really hate to talk badly about a book, especially a Tom Clancy book I mean, this is the father of thriller writers, right I don t know what happened with this one but it quite honestly one of the slowest books I ve ever read I only read it as it s the first in a series that Mark Greaney starts co authoring by about book 4 I think I m always very particular about reading books in order, but in this case, I m going to skip ahead to where he takes over.

    Dan Morris
    By this point, Tom Clancy seems to have lost his ability to craft huge and deeply researched war novels, and became just another spy fiction paperback writer And not a good one, by the way When you take away the research and the deep and clever plot from a Clancy book, you re left with awful dialog and a total lack of sensible character behavior.

    Just picked this one up at the airport and I m about half way through Great book I ve never read any Clancy before but I ve always heard good things If you like the whole espionage thing, you ll love this book Very detailed, you ll feel like you re learning something that you shouldn t know.

    Say hello to the decline of Tom Clancy, as this book isn t anything like some of the bigger epic scale books of the past Aside from his techno obsessions, that is Clancy disregards his own continuity and all sense in continuing on the Ryan family story with Generation Two, and a pair of cousins newly retconned into the family tree Stick with the earlier books.

    I wish I could give this one negative stars, it is absolutely atrocious I actually have liked most of Clancy s books, but he blew it with this one, he must of been on deadline Stay away, stay far away from this or you will never look at a Clancy book again Barf.

    J.W. Thompson
    This one has been on my to read shelf for some time It is an excellent Clancy classic The Ryan family continues in the forefront of world crisis It held me on the edge of my seat It is a must read for Clancy fans.

    Stan Horst
    Love Clancy s Jack Ryan series This novel is especially fun for me to read because the setting is in Virginia, an area that I am very familiar with The details with which he describes the area are so very accurate It is obvious that Clancy prides himself on getting the details right.

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