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  • Title: Enchanted Castle
  • Author: Chrissy Peebles
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  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Enchanted Castle By Chrissy Peebles Zoey Sanders attends her senior year of high school at a mysterious, gothic castle in Scotland in hopes of running away from her problems But problems seem to find a way into her new life and even with meeting her possible Prince Charming, there are secrets that lurk in the shadows.
    Chrissy Peebles
    Chrissy Peebles, a practicing nurse, has always loved reading and writing fantasy from the earliest age she can remember She plotted every single twist she could think of during bedtime stories for her children When her little ones begged for adventures, she felt confident enough to let her overeager imagination and sense of humor spill out into her first novel She lives in Ohio with her husband, two young kids, one hamster, three dwarf hamsters and cat When she s not taking the kids to Little League soccer, basketball, or baseball, she loves to snap photos as her favorite hobby.

    Enchanted Castle By Chrissy Peebles


    Bèbè ✦ RANT✦
    Joey Sanders always wanted to get away from her problems and from her family It s not that she didn t love them, they were just different When she got accepted to Mount Park Manor for a school year, she knew that this would be the opportunity to stop being noticed and find out about who she really is Making new friends and possibly falling for a gorgeous guy is exactly what she needs But with moving shadows, unbelievable dreams, and something creeping in the dark, her and her new friends will h [...]

    Explain to me why American authors always have it raining when their character arrives in Scotland It s always grey, gloomy, dreary, damp or raining and cold enough to freeze those American bones and it is just not reality people It drives me bloody crazy If you visit Central Scotland in winter it is milder than the whole of the northern US So why are we portrayed as some gloomy, polar temperatures country Most winters my part of Scotland never sees snow and it is the US that shivers through hug [...]

    Cassie C
    Actual rating 4 starsThis was definitely an interesting start to what is sure to be a great series While it did read like just the beginning of a novel in that this is only 32 pages long, this novelette provides just enough to get your interest piqued and want to find out what happens next Granted, I do wish it was longer and that the characters would have been fleshed out a bit , I am sure that in the next book this will happen I would definitely check this out if you like a bit of mystery, an [...]

    Well.That was a tiny, pleasantly dull storyat ended in a cliffhanger.

    Jayde Scott
    Zoey is a normal sixteen year old girl with a bright future ahead of her That s why she s being offered a spot in a very exclusive private school in Scotland Upon her arrival, she meets Hunter and they hit it off straight away Hunter s funny and cute, and she falls for him quickly But Hunter s also free spirited and adventurous, two qualities that get him in trouble most of the time.But conquering her flame s heart, even though he s never been one to play fairor faithful, aren t Zoey s only worr [...]

    Sienna Logan (Lost to Books)
    This was an intriguing read but I found it a little jumpy and could have been constructed better I agree with what other people have said and that it felt like a teaser or the first few chapters of a book rather than a novelette as there wasn t an obvious beginning, middle and end, or plot I wanted to feel from the characters and get to know them better before everything started to happen, and I needed some detail on locations, and background to flesh it out and help me to understand everythin [...]

    This is the beginning of a series called The Enchanted Castle It says book 1 but it s like a lead in novella It s about a haunted castle in Scotland and a bunch of American exchange students Yup, there isn t going to be anything authentically Scottish here That said, 2.5 stars.

    This is a good start to hook in readers.

    I think this was a cute story I might read the next one if it was really cheap But I am not compelled to run out and get it though The main character was very relatable.


    Ok, first off, look at that cover If I was just reviewing the cover I d give it five stars, honestly It s so beautiful It also sets the bar high for the story behind it and sadly, the story fell under that bar.I feel like this has potential and I kind of love and hate the teenage aspect of it The author kept hinting at the main characters past and I wish that I had of a flashback or a bit history of Zoey.Is this a school for troubled teens It sure seems like it.I do like that the author didn t [...]

    Victoria Zigler
    It feels like the story hardly started before it suddenly ended I get that this is the first in a series, but this book felt like the first couple of chapters of something longer, rather than a book in its own right, which is a shame It had the potential to be a five star read If this was one of those serialised stories some magazines used to do, it would be worthy of that five star rating.

    Bigbear Woolliscroft
    I started this series, because I had been told great things about it, by a 17 year old Well, perhaps I am too old for it and perhaps I am just not keen on bad research or bad writing, but this series did not gel with me It is a bit Harry Potter in a haunted castle, but the details are all wrong and it jars.

    Since that first dream she swears the castle is haunted Especially when she flips a book in the library and realizes the man from her dream has a picture in it from many years ago But upstairs they find a crown and a picture but what s most bizarre of all is she looks just like the girl in the painting and she has the same exact locket as well.

    Michelle Moon
    It was really shot

    Paloma Hdezc
    Of course it was a novella but it was too short for me to connect with the story.

    I should probably stop reading free Google play books.but they are nice quick reads at least.

    Wasn t too bad, full of possibilities but as the pages went by, it shifted a bit and I lost interest I was like we were being set up for a romance I didn t care about full review Enchanted Castle started out very promising The heroine was running away to attend a special boarding school program in Scotland.In a castle.I wanted to know why she was running from her home life and why there was a boy in her assigned room claiming it was his The book novella held a lot of promise in those first few p [...]

    I wouldn t really call this a book, like a teaser It s like when you get a preview of a book before actually buying it on or wherever, except it is separate from the actual book and shown as its own book at least it s free.This teaser feels rushed You know when you re reading writing and you have this urge to skip over all the buildup and get right into the action That s what Enchanted Castle felt like, a huge rush to jump past all the introductions to characters and world building right into Z [...]

    This was a really short read where you meat a few characters with the main character So onto the next book to see if it gets better.

    Just when you thought that you ve found a great book it s finished after a chapter Zoey is an ordinary girl, her mam is a physic but Zoey doesn t want a part of that so she flies from America to Scotland and inside a new boarding school There she meets hot rebel Hunter, cute boho like southern Pam and geeky yet still good looking Eric After she tells them her mysterious dream and they find a picture of the guy she dreamed about inside a book, he s a very old and very dead prince, they began to s [...]

    I was looking for a mindless quick read and downloaded this for free on my kindle.I am having a tough time forming an opinion on this one as it was so short that it barely got started before it ended This appears to be part of a continuing novelette series.I will refrain from giving my final opinion until I have had a chance to see the series through What I can say based on this first installment is that this story seems geared to the YA audience with the typical girl who is trying to escape som [...]

    This is the start of a longer story about a teenaged girl who has signed up to attend a boarding school in Scotland to get away from her life The story has a lot of editing discontinuities that I found a bit confusing The action seemed to jump, leaving out scenes that were expected For instance, Zoey arrives at the school and goes directly to the room she was assigned There is no way a high school student would arrive at a new school and go straight to her room without checking in with the schoo [...]

    Short story that gets you started in the enchanted castle series The story does leave you questions than answers so it does its job to get you to want to read the next book.The story does seem to be on fast forward since she is able to settle into school so quickly when she joins in 3 weeks late It is possible they sent the course list to her since they knew she was coming in late, but it is odd that she is having to take a test on the second day of school There are a few other confusing things [...]

    Intisar Khanani
    I picked this up because I was looking for a quick read and you can t really argue with freeunfortunately, this story has a number of faults it feels like the first chapters of a longer story, without its own story arc there are major inconsistencies for example, the heroine arrives at boarding school three weeks into the semester, somehow on the same day as the love interest does as well which is taken for granted and then seems to know all about the test and what classes she has the next day a [...]

    Natasha House
    I thought this book was a great teen novella You enter into the story with Zoey, a girl who is escaping some sort of past She is starting a new school year at an old castle in Scotland She plops her stuff down in her room and notices that someone else s stuff is in the room A guy soon comes in and thinks her room is his I liked the boy, Hunter s, sarcasm The enchanted castle holds mystery as Zoey has a dream about a man who used to live there and some strange happenings surround the teens in thi [...]

    Elisabeth Wheatley
    Short book Short reviewThis was an enticing, intriguing novelette leading into a larger series It was interesting and suspenseful, but I thought it lacked adequate character development However, I won t dock its stars down for that, because I believe the writer will do of that in later installments and I did enjoy it The premise is fascinating with a good deal of mystery and I look forward to finding out what happens next

    2.5starsSlowly I m going through my to read list This had been sitting there for ages.This was a short sweet novella A good little introduction to a series A little clunky at times but this is what I ve come to expect from this author The idea and set up for the series is worthy and the characters are slowly playing out It would be interesting to see how the author unravels the rest of the story.

    Very cute, sexy, mysterious novelette Zoey goes to school in a castle in Scotland her senior year and meets Hunter who tries to claim her room as his Of course, he s simply flirting The sexual tension is there throughout and you just get the feeling that Hunter is the dang sexiest guy alive.Pam and Eric are the other two main characters, and the four of them explore the castle, only to find a photo that is identical to Zoey As they explore they realize that the place is haunted.

    Good readr about 30 minutes.I liked it It was a great beginning to a book but then it was over This should be labeled as a teaser, not book one It definitely make you want to buy book 2,which luckily is 100 times longer than this one I recommend this TEASER if you don t have a problem spending 2.99 for the real book Well onto the next book for me because I was very much sucked in by this one.

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