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  • Title: Beautiful Broken Mess
  • Author: Kimberly Lauren
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  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Beautiful Broken Mess By Kimberly Lauren Jace Riley and Audrey Mills had a tender and irresistibly passionate romance until Audrey shattered his heart Years later, she still can t stop thinking about him They shared kisses that she ll never forget, and one brief, explosive encounter that she wishes she could But no boy could rescue Audrey from her nightmarish home life, so she rescued herself, got through collJace Riley and Audrey Mills had a tender and irresistibly passionate romance until Audrey shattered his heart Years later, she still can t stop thinking about him They shared kisses that she ll never forget, and one brief, explosive encounter that she wishes she could But no boy could rescue Audrey from her nightmarish home life, so she rescued herself, got through college and got into graduate school only to find herself at the same school as Jace and his identical twin brother, Jaxon, who has his own complicated history with her.It takes only one glimpse of Audrey s long legs and brown eyes for Jace to ache for her once Yet he s determined not to fall for her again She ripped apart his heart and betrayed his brother or so he thought But what if Jace made a terrible mistake about Audrey And what if he has one last chance to fix it New Adult Adult Contemporary Romance recommended for ages 18 and up.
    Kimberly Lauren
    Find me on Facebook facebook KimberlyLaurKimberly Lauren is the bestselling author of Beautiful Broken Rules, Beautiful Broken Mess and Beautiful Broken Promises Kimberly currently lives in Texas with her husband, two sons and their three dogs She is a wanderer, an adventurer, and a traveler She hasn t seen it all but it s on her list Lately, if she s not traveling or chasing a toddler she gets some time to write a book.

    Beautiful Broken Mess By Kimberly Lauren


    4 4.5 Beautifully Broken Stars Beautiful Broken Mess is Audrey and Jace s story As much as I loved Beautiful Broken Rules, Jace has been my favorite twin from the start I just love him Although this book, as a whole, wasn t quite as good as the first for me, it was still a solid 4 4.5 star read Audrey s life has been anything but easy She had spent years with abusive parents and had some terrible things happen to her In the thick of all the messed up areas of her life, she meets someone who chan [...]

    Jacqueline's Reads
    4 beautifully broken StarsThere are many words I could use to describe Beautiful Broken Mess BBM , such as avoidance, miscommunication, secrets, immaturity, frustration, angst The main theme of the BBM is Lack of communication.I want to say is that I LOVE Beautiful Broken Rules BBR , like hard I love Kimberly Lauren as an author I love her writing style, I love the way she forms sentences and creates enjoyable dialogue and descriptive words It s one of the reasons why I rate her so highEVERI did [...]

    Lady Vigilante (Feifei)
    TWO OR FIVE STARS I ll be brief and explain my discombobulated self Feel free to pop open the spoiler alerts since they re not really spoilers I just felt like doing them.Good writing style view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Good dialogue among characters view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Good book premise view spoiler Yes Audrey was a bitch before so it made this book even interesting hide spoiler Good presentation of characters issues view spoiler NO Their problems could ve been solved with a conversa [...]

    J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    Solid 4 Better than the first book Stars Note I did NOT do a re read of BBR prior to starting BBM and I really didn t feel lost or anything In BBM we get a look at how Jace and Audrey met and what happened between Audrey, Jace and Jax Once I started reading I remembered a lot from BBR.I think the thing that made this book stand out from BBR was that BBM was written in dual POV I really fell in love with Jace in this book BBM picks up pretty much right where BBR left off Em is back from Africa a [...]

    Kimberly Lauren
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    4.5 stars Lucky to have found you Blessed to have you Wowwhat a ride beautiful, broken and messy I loved it This is the story of Jace and Audrey We meet Jace in Beautiful Broken Rules He is Jaxon s sweet and charming twin brother I was really excited to read about him It is quite funny to be in his head We meet Audrey in the first book too but she is not the girl I thought I didn t like her then but her story is soooo sad broke my heart Let s just say that her life is than hard with a fucked up [...]

    Akanksha❤ Søren♰
    3.5 Stars Lucky to have found you.Blessed to have you.Another exceptional novel delivered by Kimberly Lauren I love the authors writing, there is no doubt about that it was just maybe the story was lacking FOR ME because in my mind, I kept comparing it to BBRI d be lying if I told you I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first one Because the first one was better in so many aspects that whole book was properly dedicated to Emerson and Jaxon and it was like a proper college romance which I to [...]

    Veronica Franco
    i found jaCe 3 And i couldn t put it down, i was like this zombie girl for a day, but it was so worth it, i was a little worried as every one with the triangle thing, but My girl Nailed it and i cant wait for the third one these books are so good, if u want to argue with me, read it u would not be disappointed

    This one is from my pre blogging time 99cents sale 10 04 2016 Sweet, sexy and secretiveI knew for a while that this book wasn t just about smart, handsome, honorable Jace I was aware the this story would also be about horrible, she devil Audrey And even though I got BBM from the moment it went live on a day early, I was hesitant to start it I shouldn t have worried though, because Kimberly did as Kimberly does, which is write a wonderfully sweet book about growing up and taking advantage when l [...]

    Aestas Book Blog
    Woohooo Jace s book has been released When life s always been a mess, can you still turn it into something beautiful Jace Riley s close connection with his identical twin brother, Jaxon, is put to the test when he tries to choose between keeping his promises and following his heart Is this girl that still haunts his dreams, even after four years, really worth it Jace can t help but wonder if he made a huge mistake all that time ago when he let her walk into someone else s arms, especially since [...]

    Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    Jace s story And its expected for Fall Winter of 2013 Not that far offBut nowe wait Fingers crossed for Fall 2013 release Please please please please please

    Before I jump into this review, I have a confession to make I could not finish the audiobook due to the narrator I am pretty sure that it is the same woman who narrated Beautiful Broken Rules The one that ruined my reading experience for the first book Maybe I am too harsh, but her voice acting is really distracting Not only did all her men sound like old Cajun women with laryngitis, but Audrey sounded like she really needed to spit My hair is standing on end just thinking about listening to thi [...]

    Jeannine Allison
    4.5 Stars Re Read 8 1 2017 5 Stars First Read 11 21 2015 I never ate an apple again.This is such a random line and you won t understand until you read the scene, but it broke my freaking heart I knew the second I read those words that I would love Audrey I was already pretty sure This was me when I d discovered that she d be getting her own bookI am always intrigued when the character no one really liked in previous books gets their own, and I almost always end up loving them And this was no exc [...]

    She showed up here hoping that I would take her back I m supposed to forget the fact that she has a kid with some other guy, that she cheated on me, and that I think she s disgusting Jaxon telling Em about AudreyARE YOU F CKING KIDDING ME I was so excited about this Book, becauseJACE then I read about Audrey and I thought no that can t be, maybe I was mistaken and that stupid lying bitch with the baby in the first book wasn t audrey so I reread some Parts and that brings me back toARE YOU F UCKI [...]

    Harper Sloan
    5 Stars I fell in love with Kimberly s writing when I first met this gang in Beautiful Broken Rules Hands down in love I think I screamed at all my friends to read it now Well, she s done it again MUST READ Not only do you love these characters to the extreme but you feel with them Every emotion imaginable was felt for me and I loved every second of it Audrey Oh I was worried when I saw Audrey was the heroine but let me tell you she took the prize for favorite heroine It s been a while for me to [...]

    Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~
    The book starts from the beginning when Audrey meets first meets Jace I can t even call that a kiss because it was on a whole other level He made me forget about everything where I was, where I m from, and even where he s from It was just my lips and his, dueling for And then goes to how she winds up with JaxxonAnd then what led to their drama and breakup.Then it leads into what causes Audrey and Lane to wind up in the same college as Jace and Jaxxon.And she becomes great friends with Emerson a [...]

    ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review 4.5 lucky penny three squeeze thing KissesI love this series These characters are brilliant amazing fabulous stupendous I need positive words The Riley boys have taken total prison of my heart and I never ever want it back Now before you think I m a crazy person which I am you have to readBeautiful Broken Rulesto completely understand and grasp the utter obsession that I have Just read it you ll understand, trust me Plus, you have to read BBR before you even [...]

    Jennifer Kyle
    3.75 4 Stars The journey was hard, yes, but falling in love with you was easy.

    4.5 beautifully broken second third chance starsThis is the second book in the Broken series, and is an absolutely beautiful story of lovers reunited and moving on from the past I loved Jace when we met him in Beautiful Broken Rules, and have been so excited to get to his story, and it didn t disappoint Audrey and Jace met when they were 18 Their connection is instantaneous and all consuming for both of them, however due to a annoyingly avoidable misunderstanding, they never got together, althou [...]

    In the first installment of this series, Beautiful Broken Rules, we meet Jace who is Jaxon s twin brother, and Audrey view spoiler Jaxon s wife until their marriage was annulled hide spoiler In the first book I despised Emerson and Audrey but I really had a change of heart in this book Audrey was a victim of circumstances Really unrealistic circumstances but hey it s book world Once I saw what she came from and had been through I was a lot sympathetic towards her I already loved Jace from Beaut [...]

    I LOVE Kimberly Lauren Another amazing read, review to come with my tour date on 12 2 FULL REVIEW Audrey We sit there staring at one another and shockingly, it isn t uncomfortable or awkward it s as if we re having a silent conversation Getting to know one another in this intimate, inaudible way His eyes seem as if they re peering into mine, trying to discover all of my secrets that are hidden in the darkest of depths I hope he never has to know those secrets, although I would love to be comfort [...]

    5 ocean blue, penny wearing Jace and Audrey stars This book for me was a huge breath of fresh air Thank you Kimberly for writing such an amazing story and sharing it with us This book captivates you from the beginning and ends up pulling in full circle some instances in Beautiful Broken Rules You keep trying to figure out what happens with Audrey that could make Jace and Jax act like assholes Well ladies, you find out and it wouldn t stun you I say there for a few minutes felling like I had bee [...]

    Audrey Really I don t know how I feel about that

    It s Jace time Jace is the lovable identical twin of the boy that we fell in love with in Beautiful Broken Rules But Jace was a bit of a mystery, that is until now When Jaxon s ex Audrey shows up out of the blue we finally learn just what kind of past she shares with Jace But we also learn just what really happened all those years ago between these three And what a mess it was There are far too many secrets that are revealed in this to really say about what this story is about But let s deal wi [...]

    Oh my that ending made me cry I LOVE this book Kimberly Lauren is a brilliant author After I finished Beautiful Broken Rules and found out the next book in the series was going to star the lying, slut Audrey, I was so disappointed and almost didn t read it But, because Beautiful Broken Rules was so good I thought I would give it a chance Man am I glad I did It is amazing to me how the author made me do a complete 180 in going from hating Audrey to feeling sorry for her to finally loving her Ther [...]

    Wendy ⏃: ✦●•CCBH Blogger•●✦
    OMG so many emotions after reading this book I don t even know where to begin I was hooked from page 1 Meeting Jace in book 1 I saw him as laid back, reserved, calm, the peace maker then in book 2 he s intense, possessive, one sexy alpha male It was a complete 180 I have to admit that I definitely judged Audrey poorly in book 1 finally in book 2 getting to truly meet her learn her story, I grew to love her sympathize with her She was given a shity hand in life but she survived it pulled through [...]

    2 starsWhen I see all of those 5 star ratings, I can t help but ask myself is there something wrong with me And the answer is probably.I did not enjoy this book at all It might be my mistake because I m a fan of urban fantasy and when I occasionally read contemporary romance, I want it to be cute and funny This book was neither I don t like dark twists and depressing story lines I don t know why I thought this would be cute fluffy romance, but it wasn t.WARNING spoilers aheadIf there was only on [...]

    4 starsI liked this better than the 1st book And gosh they made Audrey seem like such a raging beotch before The one thing that got to me was the lack of groveling I felt like there definitely could have been But overall a really good story.

    That was a fun read I hated not being able to finish it in one sitting The book grabbed me didn t let go until the very end Jace is a sexy man

    OMG OMG OMG CAN NOT WAIT Is it November yet Although Audrey is in it Really Don t we hate her LOL Bring it

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