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  • Title: Forever. I Promise.
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  • Forever. I Promise. By LilyGrace Dear Author,People always tell me that the chance of finding your true love in high school is pretty slim Well thank god then that I didn t meet Patrick in high school that s just the time I fell in love with him We actually met the day we were born, our mothers going in labour the exact same day and us being born just minutes apart from each other We grew up together,Dear Author,People always tell me that the chance of finding your true love in high school is pretty slim Well thank god then that I didn t meet Patrick in high school that s just the time I fell in love with him We actually met the day we were born, our mothers going in labour the exact same day and us being born just minutes apart from each other We grew up together, always being at each other s side, no matter what So why are people so shocked about us falling in love Why are they telling us that for us to be close is great but for us to love each other is wrong But all this doesn t matter, because no matter what our families may think, I am never letting him go I simply cannot live without him and I certainly don t want to So even if everybody will turn on us, we ll be good, because we have each other.Photo Description Two teenage boys cuddle outside One is leaning back against the other s chest and they re smiling at each other like nothing else exists in the world.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.
    Lily Grace hails from the Midwest but currently resides in the DC metro area Her background is in public health and the life sciences and she spends her days working as a health care consultant When she s not busy being a nerdy scientist she curls up with her laptop and dreams up romantic stories about beautiful men She s a fan of loud rock concerts, cooking, shoe shopping, and strawberry ice cream She loves love, hates cleaning, and is still amazed that when she decided on a whim to try writing a story a few years back that it would lead to having her works published You can contact her at lilygrace28 gmail, find her at lilygracetales, and tweet her at lilygracetales.

    Forever. I Promise. By LilyGrace


    Another coming of age coming out story in the LHNB collection Patrick and Zack were born on the same day, grew up together, were best friends in their whole life One day Zack realizes he is not only gay, but practically in love with his best friend He is overwhelmed and shocked by it Pat I need to tell you something Try as he might, he couldn t keep the tremble out of his voice When Patrick scooted closer and wrapped his arms around him, Zack couldn t hold back his tears any longer He cried into [...]

    A sweet, but not fluffy story about two boys growing up as best friends, who realize that their connection goes beyond friendship Outed shortly after they figure out their feelings for each other during senior year, they are faced with bullies, hate and cold hearted parents Neither Zack s mom nor Patrick s parents will ever be eligible for parent of the year award, and I wanted to choke the ever loving crap out of all three of them for most of this story Bigoted, hateful, close minded assholes d [...]

    Wow Just wow.It s stories like Forever I Promise that makes me thankful that I love to read in the first place, and makes fall in love with reading all over again It s stories like this one that makes thankful for the authors like Lily Grace who is able to tell such a beautiful story about two beautiful people who don t want anything else except to be with each other and for other people to respect what they have, accept it for what it is, and move on so both parties can live their lives as they [...]

    I tend to stay away from YA I was pleasantly surprised with this one These two boy were incredibly courageous and mature considering the circumstances Zack and Patrick had every hurdle that could tear them part thrown their direction I was really hoping either set of parents would come around To hate, so strongly that you forever loose your child seams ridiculous I wanted to give these boys a hug and promise they would be okay But, you know They got it under control They take care of one another [...]

    You have to hand it to these teenagers They show immense courage and tenacity in the face of dreadful odds With both sets of parents against their love, Zach and Pat hold true to each other I loved that geeky Zach seems the stronger Pat is the jock but he is also the protector,I felt their coming out to each other could have been handled better, but the rest of it flowed smoothly, The parents seemed a little extreme to me, but I guess these sorts of bigots actual exist goddammit Great response t [...]

    Trisha Harrington
    This was another really great LHNB story I love YA books and this one was just lovely It was angsty, sweet, happy, sad, and in the end it was beautiful It s about best friends realising their feelings for each other and struggling when their parents try to keep them apart We had two great friends who made it easier for them and a big bully who made my blood boil I love the way this author wrote the story, so I hope to read from her soon.


    This was a lovely story about two boys who grow up together and fall in love They face homophobia and discrimination from some although they find help from others I loved how supportive the boys were of each other Thanks Heather for the GB pick

    Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated 4.5 stars Oh my goodness What a beautiful, sweet, and sad story I loved the connection between Pat and Zach I loved that they got together with almost no agnst I loved their smexy innocent exploration during the ultra sweet sex scenes I even loved the pain I felt when things weren t going well The one thing I didn t love, was their parents reactions I m OK with the un [...]

    Jeanne 'Divinae'
    Well, this was a very well written story I liked how it started about finding your true love and how he wash happy that he didn t realize it until later on Scott was a jerk Brad and Joel were awesome friends But the worst how their parents reacted It really sucks they aren t open minded It was sad, but I am happy that it worked out for them in the end They don t need people in their lives if they aren t going to be that way, no matter if they were just their friends or parents.

    3.5Around the time that I read this, I had been reading an excess of super sweet ooey gooey stories, and I was so worried this would be another one of those I was even prepared to call up my dentist or possibly Heather, haha to fill some cavities.Luckily, it wasn t In the end, this was an okay read It just didn t have anything super duper special for me.

    It was good but at the end the blatant homophobia was just a bit too much for me, like look This is how homophobic parents react.Apart from that it was good.

    What a heartbreakingly beautiful story It amazes me that there are parents out there that would rather lose a child than have them be gay What a bunch of bigoted fucking assholes.

    ilovebakedgoods (Teresa)
    Sweet, touching, lovely story of first love and forever love.

    Jenny Wood
    WOW this story was hearteaking I really felt so bad for Zach and Patrick My last year of highschool was in 2004 and I m trying to think back at how it would have been had I known an openly gay couple I can imagine it would have been much the same as those boys, but what I can t understand is how parents are so willing to throw away a relationship with their own flesh and blood The children they made, they raised, they nurtured their entire lives until one day it just stops I can not imagine eith [...]

    LHNB Story released 4.8.13YA suitable story Zack and Patrick have been friends since birth, in fact they share their birthday and live next door to each other The story starts with a brief scene from when they were 10 but then fast forwards to the age of 17 and concentrates on their final year at school, from admitting they are gay and like each other to being outed at school and discovered by their parents on the same day Forced to stay apart from each other, apart from a few stolen moments, at [...]

    Shelby P
    This was a nice, coming of age story I liked the friendship between Patrick and Zack What I didn t understand was Zack s mother She was so distant with her son so I didn t quite understand why she made such a big deal about him being gay I don t like it but I could understand Patrick s parents reaction better view spoiler I m not sure if I buy Zack using his inheritance to pay for Patrick s schooling hide spoiler There was something lacking in this novella and I can t quite put my finger on it I [...]

    I love Zack and Patrick, their parents are homophobic bigoted jerks, especially Zack s mother I had the wish to strangle her, but I am glad that their love had conquered and they were able to live in happiness and have a bright future This story had made cry a lot but it is absolutely my favorite story in the entire LHNB event Lily you are an amazing writer, I look forward for from you and I am sure I would love them, Thank you so much for giving me Zack and peter, and sharing your time and tal [...]

    2.5 rounded upI like those coming of age stories But I couldn t really get into that one There s too much clich in this one hateful parents, bullying classmates, evil teachers What the heck was this about Zack s mom She was like a zombie That was odd I liked how some friends accepted and helped them I liked the connection between them Especially that forever feeling is something I can remember feeling as a teenager When we re young we can still believe that love has no limitations

    A short read that really reminds me of how small minded and homophobic some people can be, even when it s their own child I loved that Zack and Patrick were brave and amazing to stand together through all the bullying by fellow students and even by their parents I m glad that the author didn t go too angsty, as that s usually what I avoid in YA view spoiler And I m glad they got their HEA hide spoiler

    Cassie Richards
    Great story about two young men who have been friends forever realising that they love each other Neither has a supportive family so they have to rely on friends and each other for happiness.Well written and a decent length that leaves you feeling satisfied I d definitely read by this author.

    Rachel Emily
    Ooooh, I hated their parents But I adored Patrick and Zack, they were so sweet together I really liked the realism in this, with their parents reactions and having to deal with daily high school life I really enjoyed their friends too, love Brad and Joel scheming to help them out Thanks for a sweet story

    3.5 StarsI just wanted to smack Patrick and Zack s parents Especially Patrick s Zack s mom was cool and distant throughout his life, so the change isn t as dramatic But Patrick s did a complete turnabout and that is something I will never be able to understand.

    This story is sweet and simple Classic best friends since birth to lovers This story was a perfect pick me up and a little bit of a tear jerker Simple because flat characters for the parents, really all the homophobic people, and simple universal themes Sweet because their love is so pure.

    A sweet coming of age, friends to lovers story For a short story, it had a lot of depth, pulling you in from the start, making you really feel for the characters I loved the final words of Zach s speech if only everyone would take them to heart.

    Non so perch ma ho temuto fino all ultima riga che uno dei due o tutti e due morisse Classico finale da storia gay adolescenziale Fortunatamente questo ha un bell happy ending per i due protagonisti, e la forza d animo dimostrata stata davvero notevole.

    Though it has a happy ending, this story made me so sad for Zack and Patrick It really brought home the difficulty many teens face in coming out I liked that they had a few good friends though and that they were so sure of their love for each other.

    another powerful story I recommend.

    Cute sweet feel good story It deals with difficult parent issues Being a mom myself I honestly cannot imagine any parent acting this way However I know some do and it breaks my heart every time

    Despite the horrible way both MCs were treated by the people who should have loved them the most, I really liked this story I was so happy to see them finally get out and be happy.

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