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  • Title: Not Your Fault
  • Author: C. Young
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  • Page: 222
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  • Not Your Fault By C. Young Delaney has a job she loves and a boyfriend who loves her Working the night shift at a local gym has given her buns of steel and enough endorphins to deal with the ninth anniversary of her brother s death When a new owner takes over the gym, Delaney s forgotten past comes somersaulting back at her Kris Payne isn t just her new boss, he s her ex boyfriend from high schooDelaney has a job she loves and a boyfriend who loves her Working the night shift at a local gym has given her buns of steel and enough endorphins to deal with the ninth anniversary of her brother s death When a new owner takes over the gym, Delaney s forgotten past comes somersaulting back at her Kris Payne isn t just her new boss, he s her ex boyfriend from high school and he s got a smile that s as cocky as he is gorgeous Delaney has no business being attracted to the womanizing, muscular man from her past She tries to ignore his flirtatious nature, and the fact that she has a boyfriend isn t the thing she feels guilty about In fact, being in a relationship bothers her a lot less than it should After all, she can always ditch the boyfriend, but she can t ditch Kris involvement in her brother s death.
    C. Young
    C. Young Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Not Your Fault book, this is one of the most wanted C. Young author readers around the world.

    Not Your Fault By C. Young


    When a book ends the way this one just did, making it seem as though it s just another page, really pisses me off That ending was non existent I was also left with unanswered questions when I finished reading, and I m assuming there isn t going to be a follow up book I thought Delaney had her funny moments throughout the book She kept it interesting to an extent Though the story line wasn t really up to scratch There was no progress in the story, it stayed stuck in a loop of her brothers passing [...]

    Delaney and Kris dated in high school then on her sixteenth birthday Kris is involved in a terrible accident which kills her brother they ve not seen each other since Now ten years later Kris turns out to be the new owner of the gym where Delaney works so they re going to have to face each other and their pasts.The blurb for this book sounded quite good but in reality it was, for me anyway a disappointment Delaney was sixteen last time she laid eyes on Kris and it s been ten years since then but [...]

    This book is, well 1st, the author threw me completely off with the math in the beginning of the book she was with her boyfriend for a year and then a few pages and she is saying 6 yearsFor me, it instantly lowered the book I continued reading because it is a good story line and I wanted to see how it was going to endI m a little disappointed because I would like to have known a little That s all I m going to say because I don t want to give any spoilersThis book does have a good story line but [...]

    No Just no First off, Delaney s boyfriend killed her brother on her birthday, ran off and never talked to her again, and then she sees him 10 years later only for her to magically be okay with what he did with no conversation about what had happened Then, she gets upset that her mother had the opposite reaction Also, no one, I repeat, no one forgives that fast Another thing I would have went and beat up Nathan Hospital beating But no, just a phone call with some f bombs and that was it I knew th [...]

    Tara Broadwater
    Where do I begin I honestly hate to give a book a less than perfect review, but there was alot of issues that I had with this one in particular Nathan is supposed to be I m assuming a 27 year old guy, and while thats well and good I dont know any 27 y.o men who act like teenagers 13 14 y.o maybe thats just my take, but running into the hallway to fart Seriously Anyway, now Delaney as well is a little immature for a 27 year old as well who still has a fetish with Hello Kitty As stated above I don [...]

    This was a short fast read Was an ok read but It just ended I wanted than what I got

    5 Stars and worth every single one of them This is a must read if you haven t picked up your copy and started reading then you are missing out on the story of a lifetime

    Thank God this was short I really wouldn t have been able to finish this had it been longer I hate DNF, but I would have if it had been longer.I can t stand stupid people and this little thing was teeming with them.And plot holes Don t get me started on those.Or the end that was sort of missing Gahhh It was such an unsatisfying read

    Khanique McDaniel
    Well then hmmm I am gonna blame the disconnect, with me and this novel, on the reviews I read before actually reading this story It s not that the premise or characters were all that bad It s the writing and delivery I am one confused ball of emotions because I doubt there is a complete important scene or train of thought If Delaney feel too lazy to finish a thought or sentence, it all ended there.There are a vast amount of conversations waiting to be expounded upon We left in the middle and st [...]

    Michelle Arrow
    What a great contemporary novel I ve been lurking for something good like this for a while You don t find a lot of books that are this cute and this perfect for a summer book Wait Kris Payne just became my boss Somehow he got even hotter since high school After reading that quote from above, that second I realized that this book is really good and it was going to be good from that moment on Contemporary novels can have just the right amount of romance, or they could have too much romance which t [...]

    This was a fun, light read I have already read one of Cheyanne Young s books, also set in Mixon, TX, but this one gives us a view of a different part of the region, including a little island.From the start of the book, Delaney s boyfriend wasn t set up to seem like an ideal catch He was set up to seem nice, but not sexy at all, and he was also set up as being not romantic Later in the book, I got a slightly different impression of him than I did in the beginning In the beginning I got the impres [...]

    Alissa Evanson- A is for Alpha B is for Books
    The storyline was sad because of all the talk ans seriousness of Delaney s dead brother Tyler but it was also funny In the beginning I was laughing so hard I couldn t breathe Other than that there wasn t much of a storyline other than to learn to forgive, not only others, but ourselves to There wasn t much to the ending and no big shocker moments No really sexy moments other than the shower but that wasn t really even anything A little drama would have been good and a Little depth It didn t fe [...]

    Tracy Lundy-Munn
    Great quick read Enjoyed the storyline had depth and emotion I m a sucker for second chance romance and especially when they was high school sweethearts The characters were greatwith the exception of Nathan who I really hoping that he would get his butt kicked by the hot bodybuilder Looking forward to reading books by Cheyanne Young

    Robert Cuma
    This heartfelt love story was written to deeply touch the reader In my case, it worked by capturing my interests from the beginning In this novel, the author exhibits excellent writing skills I would simply say, just read the story and enjoy.

    It was a good book, not sure if I liked the abrupt ending on this one as well as well as the confusing emotions the reader was giving I was a whirlwind of emotions from both main characters

    Review to come D

    Not too bad This story had a good mix of drama, love, and laughter I loved the inner monologue rants, which had me giggling I would read from this author.

    Not as bad as I thought after reading the reviews It was an easy quick read x x x

    Victoria Ashley
    This was a short, interesting read There weren t any big twists or anything, but it was still enjoyable and kept me interested in what was coming next.

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