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  • Title: Charlie Chaplin
  • Author: Peter Ackroyd
  • ISBN: 9780701169947
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Charlie Chaplin By Peter Ackroyd He was the very first icon of the silver screen, and is one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood, even a hundred years on from his first film But what of the man behind the moustache The director holding the camera as well as acting in front of it Peter Ackroyd s new biography turns the spotlight on Chaplin s life as well as his work, from his humble theatrical beHe was the very first icon of the silver screen, and is one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood, even a hundred years on from his first film But what of the man behind the moustache The director holding the camera as well as acting in front of it Peter Ackroyd s new biography turns the spotlight on Chaplin s life as well as his work, from his humble theatrical beginnings in music halls to winning an honorary Academy Award Everything is here, from the glamour of his golden age to the murky scandals of the 1940s and eventual exile to Switzerland This masterful brief life offers fresh revelations about one of the most familiar faces of the last century and brings the Little Tramp into vivid colour.
    Peter Ackroyd
    Peter Ackroyd CBE is an English novelist and biographer with a particular interest in the history and culture of London.Peter Ackroyd s mother worked in the personnel department of an engineering firm, his father having left the family home when Ackroyd was a baby He was reading newspapers by the age of 5 and, at 9, wrote a play about Guy Fawkes Reputedly, he first realized he was gay at the age of 7.Ackroyd was educated at St Benedict s, Ealing and at Clare College, Cambridge, from which he graduated with a double first in English In 1972, he was a Mellon Fellow at Yale University in the United States The result of this fellowship was Ackroyd s Notes for a New Culture, written when he was only 22 and eventually published in 1976 The title, a playful echo of T S Eliot s Notes Towards the Definition of Culture 1948 , was an early indication of Ackroyd s penchant for creatively exploring and reexamining the works of other London based writers.Ackroyd s literary career began with poetry, including such works as London Lickpenny 1973 and The Diversions of Purley 1987 He later moved into fiction and has become an acclaimed author, winning the 1998 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for the biography Thomas More and being shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1987.Ackroyd worked at The Spectator magazine between 1973 and 1977 and became joint managing editor in 1978 In 1982 he published The Great Fire of London, his first novel This novel deals with one of Ackroyd s great heroes, Charles Dickens, and is a reworking of Little Dorrit The novel set the stage for the long sequence of novels Ackroyd has produced since, all of which deal in some way with the complex interaction of time and space, and what Ackroyd calls the spirit of place It is also the first in a sequence of novels of London, through which he traces the changing, but curiously consistent nature of the city Often this theme is explored through the city s artists, and especially its writers.Ackroyd has always shown a great interest in the city of London, and one of his best known works, London The Biography, is an extensive and thorough discussion of London through the ages His fascination with London literary and artistic figures is also displayed in the sequence of biographies he has produced of Ezra Pound 1980 , T S Eliot 1984 , Charles Dickens 1990 , William Blake 1995 , Thomas More 1998 , Chaucer 2004 , William Shakespeare 2005 , and J M W Turner The city itself stands astride all these works, as it does in the fiction.From 2003 to 2005, Ackroyd wrote a six book non fiction series Voyages Through Time , intended for readers as young as eight This was his first work for children The critically acclaimed series is an extensive narrative of key periods in world history.Early in his career, Ackroyd was nominated a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1984 and, as well as producing fiction, biography and other literary works, is also a regular radio and television broadcaster and book critic.In the New Year s honours list of 2003, Ackroyd was awarded the CBE.

    Charlie Chaplin By Peter Ackroyd


    I have long wanted to read a book on Charlie Chaplin 1889 1977 I had discovered that there was a lot to this man than I had previously known I knew only that he was a very funny English pantomime actor famed for his slapstick humor of the silent film era He was the Little Tramp , with his sparkling blue eyes, and little black hat perched upon his tousled mane of dark curly hair But who was this man I did not know he directed, produced, edited, and even wrote the music for the films in which he [...]

    Have to say, it really felt as though Ackroyd dislikes Chaplin immensely He didn t have many words of praise for him, but was than happy to point out all the terrible things he said or did This was the 8th Chaplin biography I have read and unlike any other as it painted Chaplin in a bad light the entire way through the book It astounds me how you can be inspired to write a book about someone who you clearly have no admiration for and put so much effort into writing a book which points out perso [...]

    Peter Ackroyd shows how Charlie Chaplin was much than a Keystone cop or a sad tramp in this overview of his full and difficult life Chaplin was also a director, producer, distributor and the founder of United Artists He even seems to be a crude pioneer of method acting While famous for his silent roles, while others clung to the past, he was able to transition to talkies In his last film 1967 he embraced color, directing Marlon Brando and Sophia Lauren in the Countess From Hong Kong.He never fo [...]

    Chuck LoPresti
    There are many things to dislike about Chaplin but to not like this book about some of things is inappropriate Ackroyd in no way goes out of his way to trash Chaplin as has been claimed in than one review here Chaplin did that himself Writing in somewhat of a post Stendhal manner that entails an emphasis on psychological insight, Ackroyd tells a fairly succinct warts and all biography that I found enlightening as can be expected from the seemingly 100th biography of Chaplin It would be impossib [...]

    With Charlie Chaplin A Brief Life , Peter Ackroyd adds another title to his excellent Brief Lives series This is the perfect starting place for those who know little of Chaplin, or who only know that he was a silent film comic, or that he was the father of actress Geraldine Chaplin Doctor Zhivago , or that his last wife Oona, was the daughter of Eugene O Neill Charlie Chaplin is a lively introduction to a man who is arguably one of the biggest movie talents of the 20th century His early life, ri [...]

    Gregg Bell
    Charlie Chaplin No doubt a genius I figured there was much to be learned from this bio I d read Peter Ackroyd s novel, English Music, and so knew he is a fine writer And I was right, there was much to be learned But a lot of such learning was distasteful because of Charlie Chaplin, the man.Ackroyd starts at the very beginning Chaplin s days as a street urchin in London Chaplin s paternity was disputed His mother was insane It was said he had gypsy blood And from Chaplin himself a questioner migh [...]

    Not knowing much about Chaplin prior to this book, I was impressed with Chaplin s life The author doesn t shy away from his bad side, but I felt he made Chaplin human Chaplin didn t have an easy life, and he wasn t a great guy, but he was an innovator of film and acting In one way, I wish I d been familiar with the movies that were described in detail, but I felt they were very well described without my knowing them It s been a long time since I ve seen a Chaplin movie, so now I am inclined to [...]

    I finally had viewed The Dictator and was so impressed I had to know about Chaplin I felt this book did a nice mini overall view Chaplin was a very complex man With such a tough early life it s a wonder he stayed on the right side of the law I may now have to check out Fred Karno, the inventor of slapstick I did like how the author explained the film edits speed changes that created the look of the Mack Sennett comedies As well as how perfectly timed and rehearsed all that slapstick was I never [...]

    I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I am a Charlie Chaplin fan While I m mainly a fan of his life, his movies reach me and connect And that reach is something I feel this book falls short on Sure, it is packed full of information about the life of Charlie Chaplin What it lacks is pizzazz, that spark that forms a bond between the reader and all the empathy that Charlie tried to pass on through his silent screen days.This reads like a text book Ver [...]

    I have to admit, sorrowfully, that I never knew the amazingly huge influence Charlie Chaplin had on the genre of Movies I adore so much To say the least, he was like THE BEATLES , and had the same influence, but for music.I was amazed also, how his movies that I love to watch, also were testimonies to his horrible young life in London, with his brother and his mother.Amazing to me just how influential he was Meeting Ghandi, H.G Wells, and J.M Barriewhen he returned to London after becoming famou [...]

    Pete daPixie
    Peter Ackroyd s biography of Charlie Chaplin is as bright and revealing as everything else that I have read from this multi award winning writer Even Queenie has bestowed a CBE for his services to literature.Published in 2014, a century after Chaplin s first Mack Sennett silent film release, Ackroyd delivers the flickering images of the little tramp into a sharp psycho analysis of the man and his work.

    I was quite disappointed by this book I had expected better from Peter Ackroyd Didn t learn anything new Wonder why he wrote it.

    Peter Ackroyd is the quintessential biographer He employs the simplest of words to reveal significant biographical detail within a fully engrossing narrative.

    Well researched evidence based material as usual from Peter Ackroyd Warts and all This is no fan book but gives many insights from the people who worked with him and also his family.

    Jeff Shackelford
    Mostly a list of dates, events, names, and quotes I would hardly consider this book a biography.

    A summary of the various biographies done on Chaplin.

    Elizabeth (Liz)
    Discovered this book quite by accident I remember my grandma talking about his movies, she was born in 1904 passed a good 20 years ago I knew he was considered an icon but after this quick biographical recount I understand why and how he influenced the film industry I am glad the book does not sugar coat the shortcomings of this figure He was both a visionary genius at work and a despot or sadistic man with his family Though I see how all his characteristics worked together to push through his b [...]

    It took me a bit to reflect on this and decide what rating I was going to give it I wanted to like it I wanted to love it, really I ve always had a fascination with Charlie Chaplin and was really quite excited to finally read this biography, but in truth, I was quite disappointed I think I was expecting detail about his work, his impact on the film industry at the time, and the way he changed pantomime and comedy forever Instead, this seemed to focus on speculation and gossip and rumors, and wh [...]

    Bob Cooling
    The Life Story of the Little Fellow I was never a real fan of Charlie Chaplin, but based on what I read in this book, I never fully realized how much he contributed to the art of cinema A true genius in his line of work but his work was based on his tortured early life in London and in his attempt to rise above this crushing weight of horrific circumstances and memories The Book showed that everyone has their unique burden to bear and that burden can drive you to great success despite shortcomin [...]

    Victor Kong
    Sometimes evoking gossip and a nastiness that coats itself in the truth of Chaplin, this book is a condensed biography of the great artist that attempts to dive into the personal life of the filmmaker within the context of the works that have endured Rather than focusing on the impact, the influence, and the legacy of Chaplin in creating his pictures, Ackroyd seems adamant in describing in great details the neuroses and the sensitivity of Chaplin s perceived flawed personality while dismissing m [...]

    Buckey Grimm
    The title pretty much says it all, A Brief Life indeed, it seems to be the Cliff s Notes version of Chaplin s life Nothing really new here,a lot of rehashing of well known events in his life A bit of an attempt to analyze some of the personal pieces of Chaplin s life, but it still is pretty much a re churn of previous stories and events.

    Loved it Excellent read into one of my fave actors

    A biography of the Little Tramp Very interesting book, though it is not overly long, it hits all the lows and highs of Charlie s life.


    Dana Gillis
    Very informative learned things I did not know previously about Charlie

    N o uma excelente biografia pois considero que h muitas incertezas nos factos Admito que tenha sido dif cil de confirmar alguns deles, mas tenho lido biografias onde o leitor se apercebe de uma mais profunda investiga o que acho que aqui falta.Fiquei, todavia, com uma ideia do que foi a vida profissional e sobretudo pessoal de Chaplin Um g nio, mas com uma vida demasiado conturbada.

    Zeb Kantrowitz
    Charles Spencer Chaplin had a start in life comparable to Oliver Twist His mother who would spend a large portion of her adult life in mental asylums was married to a drunk who never supported the family Along with his brother Sydney, Charlie spent much of his childhood in and out of orphanages and workhouses in South London When in his teens, he began travelling with a vaudeville troop, before making his way to America in his late teens He started with Max Sennet of Keystone Kops fame as part o [...]

    I did not know the person Charles Chaplin, his bipolar personality I do remember however watching his movies as a child How wonderful, how fascinated I was, recreating his famous walk or pestering my mom with his silly tricks.I guess this biography is accurate I assume that the great actor might have been a less great human being now and then I know I am not perfect either His work though, his work will last in the memory of humanity He might have been less than great as a person, but he did cre [...]

    A brief introspection of the life and times of Charlie Chaplin from death until birth Well researched, although Ackroyd s writing perhaps focuses a bit too intensely on Chaplin s personal affairs and exploits, seemingly enthusiastic to point out Chaplin s faults serial womanizer, control freak, quick to anger, and paranoia than anything else Nevertheless, a great introductory piece for the general fan of history or early film So Charlie, the little fellow , is not altogether a benign figure he [...]

    I ve been in the mood for biographies lately, and I picked this one somewhat for sentimental reasons In high school, I had to give a report in front of the class about a person from history, and I chose Charlie Other than the fact that I mumbled my way through that presentation, I don t remember a single other thing about Charlie from my research I wanted to refresh my memory of why I chose him If the point of this book was to make me dislike Charlie Chaplin, well then, mission accomplished Seri [...]

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