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  • Title: More Than Good Enough
  • Author: Crissa-Jean Chappell
  • ISBN: 9780738736440
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

  • More Than Good Enough By Crissa-Jean Chappell Trent Osceola s life is turned upside down when his mother announces that he will be moving to the Miccosukee reservation to live with his father, who was recently released from prison Only half Miccosukee, Trent feels alienated from rez society and starts to question who he really is When he changes schools, he reconnects with Pippa, a childhood friend who moved away, aTrent Osceola s life is turned upside down when his mother announces that he will be moving to the Miccosukee reservation to live with his father, who was recently released from prison Only half Miccosukee, Trent feels alienated from rez society and starts to question who he really is When he changes schools, he reconnects with Pippa, a childhood friend who moved away, and together they tackle the class assignment to make a film of their lives When he starts to see himself through Pippa s eyes, Trent s not sure he likes what he sees Will he ever be good enough for the rez, for school, and for her
    Crissa-Jean Chappell
    Crissa Jean Chappell was born in Miami and now lives in Brooklyn, New York Her debut young adult novel, TOTAL CONSTANT ORDER HarperTeen is a NYPL Book For The Teen Age and a VOYA Perfect Ten Chappell s second novel, NARC Flux Books is currently optioned for film MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH Flux Books is a Florida Book Awards medalist, which Kirkus calls, compelling and emotionally nuanced Chappell s newest YA novel is SNOWBIRDS Merit Press, F W Media, winter 2017 She holds a PhD and MFA from the University of Miami and has taught creative writing and cinema studies for over ten years When she misses South Florida, she talks to the parrots in Prospect Park.

    More Than Good Enough By Crissa-Jean Chappell


    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.Trent is a troubled teen with identity issues His parents aren t together and come from very different backgrounds father is American Indian mother is British and he isn t really sure where he belongs Sent to the Rez to live with his father, at school he meets up again with a childhood friend, Pippa who believes in him.At first I wasn t keen on Trent but after finding out about his life he stopped irritating and I grew to qu [...]

    Medeia Sharif
    Trent has a Miccosukee father and English mother Neither of them seem to be on his side, although he goes to live with his father, an ex convict A spiteful ex girlfriend proves to be a pain in the butt, and he s trying to get closer to Pippa, a girl he s known for years who now seems incredibly gorgeous and cool to hang out with.Yes, there are people in his way who aren t looking out for his best interest, and Trent is imperfect himself, messing up in school and in relationships He doesn t feel [...]

    Once again, I find myself wanting to protect a character, from himself, from the flawed people around him In the end it s about choosing to take responsibility Loved how in this book, there are no perfect people No good guys or bad, just complex and normal human beings.

    Angela Fristoe
    More Than Good Enough is a very interesting novel It was hard for me to get into the story while reading the first chapter, but by the end of the second chapter I really wanted to know where Chappell was going with Trent.While there is obviously a plot, More Than Good Enough was really a character driven story Trent is constantly having to examine himself and question not only who he is, but who he wants to be For years, he has been bombarded with the idea that he s worthless He s been physicall [...]

    I have a love hate relationship with this book Some parts were good, some parts so so, some parts bad It was all over the place and I really didn t like the main character or his decisions The book really made me mad most of the time and I honestly don t know if I can recommend this book to anyone.

    An interesting short read The main character flopped through the book but ended upright at the close.

    Rachelia (Bookish Comforts)
    Actual Rating 3.5 Born to a British mother and Miccosukee father, seventeen year old Trent Osceola feels like he doesn t fit in anywhere he goes not Indian enough for the Rez, but he certainly doesn t pass for a white kid either After some trouble in school, Trent is sent to live with his father on the Rez, despite not having much contact with him since he was a child Feeling ostracized, and attempting to escape the pressure of his homelife and school, Trent begins down a similar path to that of [...]

    Not only has Trent Osceola just been kicked out of the special music school he attended, his parents are making him go live with his ex con father on the Miccosukee reservation As only half Miccosukee, Trent doesn t feel like he really belongs, plus he s still driving all the way out to go to public high school in his mother s jurisdiction His ex girlfriend Michelle is toying with him, he keeps getting in trouble for skipping classes, his father is still drinking all day and bothering him, and a [...]

    Cassi aka Snow White Haggard
    More Than Good Enough is the story of Trent Osceola, half Miccosukee and half white, a teenager who is living with his father for the first time since his childhood on the Miccosukee Reservation, a piece of his culture he really doesn t know much about Having recently failed out of his prestigious music high school, Trent is drifting through life without much direction There are aspects to this book that I like I think Trent s identity struggle, not knowing where he belongs and feeling disconnec [...]

    Victoria Ellis
    Hmmm I received this book for free from a giveaway and was looking forward to reading it especially as it wasn t to long My copy is singed and features notes and doodles by the author It appeared to be the perfect quick read book As indicated by the low star rating of 2 5 I didn t enjoy it, and I m not even sure why so I ll just run through some main points First Reason The CharacterI just couldn t relate to Trent one iota and most of the time I couldn t understand his actions at all, which I fo [...]

    A bright teen on a downward spiral moves in with his alcoholic father who lives on one of the biggest reservations in Florida In the book More Than Good Enough by the inspiring author Crissa Jean Chappell A gifted young bass player, Trent has been ejected from his music magnet school, and is failing in his new public school Until he runs into an old friend named Pippa, the loyal friend he hasn t seen since Middle School They team up on a class film making project documenting each other s home li [...]

    Trent is half white, half Native American His father s been in and out of jail for most of his life, and his mom drinks most of the day away Trent ditches school, drinks too much and has no goals When his dad is released from jail and Trent gets kicked out of his special school for talented musicians, Trent s parents get into a huge fight and his mom makes Trent go live with his dad on the reservation Trent switches to the local public high school, where he s reacquainted with his friend Pippa B [...]

    I wanted to like this one I don t feel like there are too many books out there about Native American teens, and I thought this could be an interesting look at a kid caught between two worlds Unfortunately, it didn t keep my attention After I got about halfway through and realized I didn t really care about what happened and wasn t interested in the characters, I just skimmed through to see how the plots resolve, so I can t give it a fair review if I really only read to see if anything jumped out [...]

    Trenton lives with his Mom until his Dad gets out of prison and then his Mom basically drops Trenton off at the Reservation where his father lives, and tells him he needs to take care of Trenton Trenton is confused with his identity he is half Native American and half French He doesn t fit in at the regular school, which he has been going to, nor does he fit in at the reservation school He gets in fights with his drunken Dad and feels like dropping out of school since he is 17 However, his mind [...]

    Amanda (Good Choice Reading)
    2.5More Than Good Enough was a quick read, and had a couple noteworthy quotes here and there But it dealt with some heavy issues without actually dealing with them I didn t feel like any of the issues were explored as much as they should have been It might have been better if it was meant to be a fluff read, but I don t think it was.Full review to come.

    Jess (The Cozy Reader) Kennedy
    08 2525.0% A little all over the place but hoping it settles down 08 2744.0% Almost half way through and there just isn t anything keeping me here Going as DNF, which saddens me because I wanted to love this book 08 27 marked as dnf

    Shelby Hamby

    Andrea at Reading Lark
    Review Coming Soon

    Full review can be found here teenink reviews hot_ne

    I had a really hard time with this book I didn t like the main character, so I found myself not caring at all as to what happened and didn t finish.

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