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  • Title: In New York
  • Author: Marc Brown
  • ISBN: 9780375964541
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In New York By Marc Brown Marc Brown now calls New York City home, and with In New York, he shares his love for all that the city has to offer and all that it stands for, including the way it s always changing and evolving From its earliest days as New Amsterdam to the contemporary wonders of Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, to the kid appealing subway, High LineMarc Brown now calls New York City home, and with In New York, he shares his love for all that the city has to offer and all that it stands for, including the way it s always changing and evolving From its earliest days as New Amsterdam to the contemporary wonders of Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, to the kid appealing subway, High Line, and so much , Marc s rollicking text and gorgeous illustrations showcase what he s come to adore about New York after fulfilling his life long dream to live in the city he fell in love with during a childhood visit This is at once a personal story from the beloved creator of Arthur, a useful primer for first time travelers on what to see and do with kids in the Big Apple, and a perfect keepsake after a visit It s also a great gift for anyone who loves New York, the Crossroads of the World New York New York It s a heckuva town From the Hardcover edition.
    Marc Brown
    Marc Tolon Brown is perhaps best known for his Arthur series of children s books.He lives on Martha s Vineyard and in New York City with his wife, Laurie Krasny Brown He has three children, sons Tolon and Tucker, and daughter Eliza The names of his two sons have been hidden in all of the Arthur books except for one Arthur s Tooth.

    In New York By Marc Brown


    this was okay special to be honest The art work was nice but the writing seemed kind of dry and boring It has some great info but it could have been written in a interesting manner.

    Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Brown, Marc In New York PICTURE BOOK Random House Children s Books, 2014 17.99 Content G With Marc Brown s incredible and infamous illustrations a reader can get lost in this fantastic picture book about New York City We read about the fascinating history of New York City We examine some of the thousands of restaurants and different food experiences We learn about special events such as the Macy s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, as well as everything one c [...]

    The author visited New York City as a child and was so impressed, he dreamed of living there one day Now he does, and he s written this cool picture book that tells young readers all about this special place I think this would be a neat mentor text for young writers interested in describing a place for an informational report The book is organized as an account of his day in the city, detailing all of the places he stopped The author includes New York City sketches and note on the endpapers of t [...]

    This book was great I wasn t sure what I expected from Marc Brown so used to his Arthur books , but I kept an open mind and really liked it The illustrations are awesome Central Park was my favorite and I loved how he took us all around New York City The facts are so interesting and great I learned so much I didn t know before I kept pausing to tell my boyfriend some of the cool facts and he found them to be interesting as well The book is fun and engaging.

    Katie Fitzgerald
    Beloved children s author Marc Brown gives a picture book tour of New York City.With just a glance, it is easy to tell that Marc Brown is the illustrator of this book, as it shares the same style and color palette as Wild About Books , Wild About You , Zoozical, and the Arthur books Readers who don t catch on from the cover will definitely figure it out when they catch a glimpse of the Arthur Thanksgiving balloon on the page mentioning the Macy s parade Brown does a nice job of capturing the loo [...]

    This somewhat indulgent picture book is Marc Brown s tribute to New York City The book perplexed me in a number of ways 1 It is basically list of facts upon facts about the city That got old pretty fast The inside cover pages spit out even facts, which was kind of overwhelming.2 The book sort of follows a little boy and his father throughout the city However, there isn t a plot line for them and they don t appear in all of the pictures Most of the full page spreads were packed with details, and [...]

    This visual and textual love letter to New York City also serves as a primer for navigating the largest city in the United States The endpapers and the book itself provide examples of places to go and things to see and do The inclusion of snippets of history about the city s early years adds to the book s charm since many of its streets have been presumably laid out along the pathways those farm animals once laid, an interesting thought to consider The author illustrator takes readers to the cit [...]

    Starting as an eight year old with a family train trip to New York City from Erie, Pennsylvania, Marc Brown shares that first joy he felt arriving in the city he now resides in The book covers a huge amount of famous locations in a large picture book format With double page colorful illustrations, Brown takes the reader from the Empire State building, to the Brooklyn Bridge, to the subway in a dynamic cross section view showing layers of its network, and much He sprinkles each page with just en [...]

    Marathon County Public Library MCPL
    Learn about New York City, the beloved home to the author and illustrator of this book This is a great book for elementary school aged children, who will learn facts about New York s history to the present day Of course all of the landmarks are beautifully depicted through the artwork and illustrations of this book You definitely get the feeling that the author really loves his city and is excited to share it with young readers Having never been to New York City, I sure want to visit even now t [...]

    An interesting and delightful ode to the wonders of New York City I enjoyed the references to Marc Brown s previous works sprinkled throughout the illustrations the Times Square spread has a billboard for Zoozical The Musical Arthur appears as a balloon in the Macy s Thanksgiving Parade This brings me to my quibbles with this book The traffic patterns of Central Park West travel south while the illustrations show it moving north The parade route for the Thanksgiving parade approaches Macy s from [...]

    Ruth Ann
    Marc Brown wrote and illustrated this book about New York City, a place that he had always dreamed of living Now he does The beginning offers a very short history of New York, and takes us along as it begins to evolve.It s kind of like a travel guide for kids and families getting ready to visit Manhattan It covers sounds and sights, and places that kids won t want to miss The book tells us things like there are over 1,600 places in the city that serve pizza My favorite parts of the book are insi [...]

    It s clear the author s passion for his subject and while he covers many of New York City s most favorite features I was disappointed by the exclusion of the New York Public Library.Watercolor and gouache illustrations are nice, but for this subject I found myself wanting a realistic look in terms of artwork.Fun facts are presented throughout the story and additionally inside the front and back covers Information on the sites mentioned in text is included in the back matter to assist readers in [...]

    J. Jefferson
    Fans of Marc Brown will enjoy this book Upon opening the book, readers will find nice illustrations with fun facts about New York City I chose this book under the assumption that it was about the entire state it seems appropriate to have named it In New York City Other than this misconception, however, I think the book is excellent I believe that even natives to the city will find many new and interesting facts upon reading it Told in simple language and in narrative style, this non fiction boo [...]

    Natalie Pietro
    When I saw Marc Brown had a new book coming out I thought here we go again with another Arthur book I was pleasently surpised to learn it was not Arthur but a book about Marc s home town New York This was a very fun book for kids It gave nice facts about the city, colors pictures and easy words for the young to read My sons favorite page was Central Park He loved seeing all the different sights in the park He enjoyed the zoo secition of Central park the best I was suprised at the fun facts I nev [...]

    I don t want to say that Marc Brown made my childhood, but he did Arthur was my jam And I told Marc Brown that when I saw him at ALA earlier this month The chance to meet him was amazing and worth the line because he meant that much to me While In New York is not Arthur, it is an excellent introduction to New York and what is there Which, as this reader has never been to New York it was a fascinating read for me.

    This is adorable, and definitely on my to buy list for the littles in my life I have been as fascinated with New York as the author, and while I am not lucky enough to live there, I make a point to visit it whenever possible The love I have for the city was so clearly visible on every page of this book that I want to share it with people who can t make the trip themselves so they can be charmed as well Definitely a winner And look for his Arthur cameo

    Mrs. Fornero
    This is the perfect book for young readers, especially if they are planning a visit to New York for the first time Marc Brown is like a personal tour guide showing readers all of the fun and interesting things to find in New York Kids will really enjoy the Macy s parade shout out featuring a very special balloon character

    Ann Williams
    Marc Brown, author of the popular Arthur series, writes a wonderful travel guide to New York City I can tell how much he loves NYC it is evident in the prose and illustrations It will be a great mentor text for non fiction writing Check it out from your local library and plan a trip to NYC, you won t be disappointed, with the book or the trip

    Nanci Booher
    I loved this book As I was reading it, I read some of the facts to my co workers and we all learned something If I hadn t already wanted to visit New York, this book would encourage me to The illustrations were fantastic, it was well written and easy to understand I think that the kids at my school will enjoy reading it.

    A nice addition to the plethora of books about New York City, but nothing spectacular Brown highlights places and facts of interest to younger elementary age readers Facts are sprinkled throughout as well as included on the end papers Illustrations are typical Marc Brown style and Arthur even makes an appearance as a parade float.

    A great introduction to the city, but is the first page New York when he visited as a child or where he lives now And what is the tall building shown there and at the end Good amount of history for young readers.I love that he put the balloon of Arthur in the parade scene.This would be great to read to our second graders for their continent studies of North America

    What a fun book It s like a travel guide for kids Now I want to start planning a trip to NYC and include all of Marc Brown s favorite spots It was good to read about a place from the perspective of someone who really loves being there His appreciation for the city really comes through in this story.

    A wonderful introduction to the sights of New York City as related by Marc Brown, author of the Arthur the Aardvark books Arthur makes a cameo in this book as a balloon in the Macy s Thanksgiving Day Parade This book would make a wonderful tourist s guide for children and a great way for families to decide on some things to do while visiting the city.

    Beautiful, amazing book Great art and text, and so awesome that it s a memoir too Butttttt, I don t know if you knew this, but according to Marc Brown, there are no persons of color in all of New York EXCEPT the hotel porter and the basketball player seriously I can t give the book any than two stars for that reason.

    Read for Librarian Book GroupMostly I had the following sour grapes thought while reading this book How nice that you found fame and fortune by creating Arthur and can afford to live in your lovely part of New York But that s just me.

    Marc Brown, most known for his beloved aardvark Arthur, has written and illustrated a cool book about his adopted city This is very kid friendly, with all sorts of fun facts, and very detailed pictures that are almost as busy as the city itself

    Great Books
    New York City is filled with wonders from the Empire State Building with 102 floors, the subway with its hundreds of miles of tracks and views of the Statue of Liberty Learn a little history about New Amsterdam and explore Central Park Vacation anyone Reviewer 27

    Nicole C
    I thought this was a beautiful tribute to New York City My brother lived there for almost 20 years, and we visited several times a year It makes me miss the hustle and bustle, and now I want to take my kids to Central Park and the Museum of Natural History

    Clare and Tammy - Teachers for Teachers
    We can t wait to share this all about book with students who are writing a nonfiction text about a specific place Although there are no headings or subheadings, each page of this text clearly describes a specific part of New York City.

    3.5 stars I wasn t blown away by this book, but it was still good With lovely, eye catching illustrations, and interesting facts about the history, sites, and sounds of NYC, this would be the perfect book for parents to read youngsters before taking them for a visit.

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