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  • Title: The MaddAddam Trilogy: Oryx and Crake; The Year of the Flood; MaddAddam
  • Author: Margaret Atwood
  • ISBN: 9780345808752
  • Page: 202
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  • The MaddAddam Trilogy: Oryx and Crake; The Year of the Flood; MaddAddam By Margaret Atwood From Booker Prize winner and 1 national bestseller Margaret Atwood, The MaddAddam Trilogy is so utterly compelling, so prescient, so relevant, so all too likely to be true, that readers may find their view of the world forever changed after reading it This is Margaret Atwood at the absolute peak of her powers With breathtaking command of her brilliantly conceived materiFrom Booker Prize winner and 1 national bestseller Margaret Atwood, The MaddAddam Trilogy is so utterly compelling, so prescient, so relevant, so all too likely to be true, that readers may find their view of the world forever changed after reading it This is Margaret Atwood at the absolute peak of her powers With breathtaking command of her brilliantly conceived material, and with her customary sharp wit and dark humour, she projects us into an outlandish yet wholly believable realm populated by characters who will continue to inhabit our dreams long after the last chapter In the tradition of The Handmaid s Tale, Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood envision a near future that is both beyond our imagining and all too familiar a world devastated by uncontrolled genetic engineering and a widespread plague, with only a few remaining humans fighting for survival Combining adventure, humour, romance and superb storytelling that is at once dazzlingly inventive and grounded in a recognizable world, MaddAddam is a moving and dramatic conclusion to this internationally celebrated dystopian trilogy.
    Margaret Atwood
    Margaret Atwood was born in 1939 in Ottawa and grew up in northern Ontario, Quebec, and Toronto She received her undergraduate degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her master s degree from Radcliffe College.Throughout her writing career, Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees She is the author of than thirty five volumes of poetry, children s literature, fiction, and non fiction and is perhaps best known for her novels, which include The Edible Woman 1970 , The Handmaid s Tale 1983 , The Robber Bride 1994 , Alias Grace 1996 , and The Blind Assassin, which won the prestigious Booker Prize in 2000 Atwood s dystopic novel, Oryx and Crake, was published in 2003 The Tent mini fictions and Moral Disorder short stories both appeared in 2006 Her most recent volume of poetry, The Door, was published in 2007 Her non fiction book, Payback Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth in the Massey series, appeared in 2008, and her most recent novel, The Year of the Flood, in the autumn of 2009 Ms Atwood s work has been published in than forty languages, including Farsi, Japanese, Turkish, Finnish, Korean, Icelandic and Estonian In 2004 she co invented the Long Pen TM.Margaret Atwood currently lives in Toronto with writer Graeme Gibson Associations Margaret Atwood was President of the Writers Union of Canada from May 1981 to May 1982, and was President of International P.E.N Canadian Centre English Speaking from 1984 1986 She and Graeme Gibson are the Joint Honourary Presidents of the Rare Bird Society within BirdLife International Ms Atwood is also a current Vice President of PEN International.

    The MaddAddam Trilogy: Oryx and Crake; The Year of the Flood; MaddAddam By Margaret Atwood


    Tulpesh Patel
    The great strength of good science fiction is the ability to take contemporary events and technologies and extrapolate them in ways that predict the future whilst simultaneously telling us something about and satirizing the present Much celebrated writer Margaret Atwood crafts stories and worlds that do exactly this, although, rather controversially, she prefers to not to call her books science fiction, as, according to her rather restrictive definition, the fiction in science fiction is things [...]

    Some possible spoilers ahead Margaret Atwoods latest series is a vision of future apocalypse though not the usual technological dystopia but a biological produced endgame In the first book of the trilogy OC we are thrust into a survivor scenario where we meet Snowman Jimmy who is existing with meagre and dwindling supplies, living in a tree, unable to venture far because of a hostile environment However he is visited, and is somehow protecting the children of a species that are not completely h [...]

    This is a fabulous series written by an author at the top of her game Like everyone else, I feed my reading habit sometimes with what is at hand free kindle reads from , books with interesting covers that I walk by at the Library, Bookhub freebies But every now and then you need to return to reading something that is simply marvelous in its creation and execution I won t go into the story line, other than to say that Atwood takes the tried and true dystopian society dissolving into us and them a [...]

    Joy Galston
    I liked these books and as the series went on MaddAddam was definitely my favorite For a post apocalyptic series I sure laughed a lot, although I shivered too at the familiarity of it all The colors were stunning and saturated I hope there s a really well done movie s of this series I loved the gentle mockery of religious environmentalism and Atwoods concept of the perfect human attributes The predictions in this series are earily close to home.

    Absolutely bloody brilliant and terrifying.

    Petra Miocic
    Ako ne smijem re i vi e od nekoliko re enica o ovoj trilogiji a ne smijem jer ete ostatak itati u Bestbooku onda u pohvaliti autori in britak misao za realnost utkan u svaku duhovitu opasku u ovim romanima Svakom nas rje ju, kao itatelje, kao pojedince i kao lanove dru tva, Margaret Atwood opominje da je budu nost mnogo bli e nego to mislimo I da e pre ivjeti Povijest e pre ivjeti Vrijeme e pre ivjeti Mo da e pre ivjeti i sve materijalno, pojavnoAli ne emo pre ivjeti mi Jer u bezumnom strahu od [...]

    Ana Rakovac
    I read The Year Of The Flood first, by sheer mistake, but it did not distract the only problem was that last 10 pages were a bit of a whirlwind However, that s neither here nor there It is a totally plausible and well thought out, well written set of books and, like everything I ever read from Margaret Atwood, I loved it.

    J.K. Ullrich
    The first novel, Oryx and Crake, begins near the end Once an amiable playboy in a society dominated by genetic engineering, Jimmy Snowman now wonders if he s the only human alive after a plague wipes out humanity As he plays de facto prophet for the gene spliced humanoids who have unwittingly inherited the Earth, Jimmy remembers his brilliant friend Crake, the mysterious woman called Oryx they both loved, and the roles all three of them played in the downfall of civilization It s a love story an [...]

    Brilliant storytelling, gripping and highly imaginative The world she paints is vivid and real, a frightening warning of where we could be headed, if we don t get our arrogance and materialism in check The unusual plot structure of Oryx and Crake held me riveted, dying to know what happens even when I already pretty much know since it starts near the end The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam answer the questions while putting the characters through their paces My mild frustration with this trilogy [...]

    Wendy Thornton
    Outstanding trilogy Atwood is an excellent writer with a wonderful dry sense of humour, and she has clearly done her homework here and created a major work of speculative fiction It s hard to see the world and our future as a species in it the same way after reading these books.

    Sarah Jordan
    Really enjoyed the whole trilogy but this was probably my least favourite Quite tempted to go back and read Oryx and Crake again just to see what I missed the first time and spot all the links now that I ve read the two simultanials

    Tania Rose
    The first one in the trilogy was amazing, the other two went a bit off course but I liked the series overall

    A truly gifted brain wrote this series It was an adventure to read and the non judgemental air surrounding every issue raised encouraged true thought.

    Jay Barnes
    I read The Handmaid s Tale earlier this year, and was excited when my book club picked Oryx and Crake for our December discussion Atwood s writing style is sometimes confusing, filled with non chronological narratives and flashbacks However, by the end of a book, you have a better appreciation for the journey that the characters have taken.In the first book, we are introduced to Snowman, aka Jimmy, seemingly the only human survivor of a plague that has wiped out humanity However, he s not alone [...]

    Mood Reviews
    Note this review contains spoilers in para 6 Postapocalyptical literature is important to me.It offers escapism, imagination, and nostalgia.Which is why, with a nod and a shake and a bitter sort of bemusement, I am compelled to say that Margaret Atwood s MaddAddam Trilogy is a disappointing piece of well intentioned crap.It lacks vigor, character, and a compelling plot Even when it tries to compensate with satire and vision, it fails by becoming repetitive and politically transparent It has none [...]

    Margaret Atwood s Maddaddam trilogy is one of the well thought out and interesting speculative pieces out there, positing a grim libertarian future where biotech companies have secure gated compounds for their employees families, complete with malls, schools, and any other amenities and allowing for near total isolation from the pleeblands, where the less fortunate live The residents of the pleeblands face economic disadvantage and its attendant issues, exacerbated by that police have been enti [...]

    Michelle Merrill
    Oryx and Crake is profoundly insightful and wickedly funny, one of my favorite books of all time The Year of the Flood is nearly as good, with some thoughtful inspirations for coping with eco apocalyptic scenarios MaddAddam did not quite live up to the standards of these first two, but is still solid, with great characters and interesting revelations.

    This just so happened to be my favorite of the three maddAddam books by Atwood Several Atwood books have been on my reading list for years and I just so happened to finally pick this up as my first I did read them out of order, but it did not seem to matter in the framing of the story line

    Andrew Alper
    I heard this trilogy, so in a fundamental sense, I have not read it Since I have not read it and only listened while on a road trip, I cannot be expected to produce an intellectual review I did not crash the car, which at the time, was the main thing.

    Becky Mears
    I really did enjoy this but would recommend not reading all 3 back to back I was a bit scunnered with pigoons, children of Crake Gods Gardeners by the end

    Eline Martens
    terrifyingly realistic novel

    First book was great, the later books got worse and worse especially the last one.

    Janet Stevens
    Interesting take on a dystopian future with some scary parallels to current events Very interesting corporate names and slang A very good look at how things don t always turn out exactly the way you think they will.

    I m reviewing the whole trilogy here, which seems appropriate, as they are very very connected Overall, honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed, but maybe that s because I expected the books to be amazing, and instead I think they were only really good.I really did love the first book I often enjoy being dumped into a new world, and I thought Atwood set this one up very well The mystery of who the titular Crake and then Oryx were was really alluring, and I felt almost as drawn in as Jimmy by them The [...]

    Eliot Baker
    As a science journalist, I nodded along and smiled throughout all of these books It takes all of the alarming, tantalizing bits from the NY Times Science Tuesday section, along with SciAm and New Scientist, mixed in with Inconvenient Truth sensibilities, which is then refined through an Aldous Huxley literary pulping process, and then delivered to us in a highly entertaining, thoughtful examination of humanity s trajectory towards oblivion, pushed along by the invisible hand The first novel was [...]

    I now remember why I stopped reading syfy decades ago Boring rehashed plots from greater authors than this person Having spent my childhood with Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury writing like this is boring Book one held my attention just so I could find out what the mad scientist was up to but books two and three were skimmed to the last hundred pages where the story finally comes around to meet the ending of book one.The ecologist religious fanatics were mildly funny but I found the preaching and [...]

    Jennifer Kleffner
    Atwood just isn t my favorite author I read this series because it was given to us as a gift, and I generally enjoy post apocalyptic novels I read the series out of order, finishing with the first book, Oryx and Crake I tend do find the ultimate outlook of Atwood stories as bitter and angry and negative about human nature i don t generally see the world this way, and so, while the stories are well told and interesting, I come out feeling like I ve swallowed a bitter pill Lets face it, there s a [...]

    So, this series kept me reading because Atwood has created an interesting world Her back stories are all interesting Atwood ian stories The problem with this series is that it is back story than front story and the climaxes in the front story aren t that climatic Semi spoiler alert not plot but structuring of the book The first book s climax appears in the back story The second book only catches up to the first book in the last 60 pages The third book has a lot of back story for a character tha [...]

    This is definitely one of the best dystopian trilogies I ve read in a long while I am very very impressed and blown away so after I finished the last page and realised what a tight story Atwood has put together Her storytelling skills definitely rank as one of the best in the world today, and this trilogy is an absolute charm to read Atwood has created very strong characters as well, humanoid and otherwise, that are extremely endearing despite their imperfections and complexities They make you [...]

    Literary Mama
    From Essential Reading Bravery by Literary Mama staff Birthing the Mother Writer columnist Cassie Premo Steele offers a way to feel indefatigable against this weary winter I am really enjoying reading Margaret Atwood s trilogy about the brave people who live through contribute to, die during, and survive after an apocalypse brought on by environmental wreckage, corporate greed, and geeky, controlling coders The first book, Oryx and Crake, was so compulsively readable that I finished it in one ev [...]

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