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  • Title: Starfire
  • Author: Mimi Strong
  • ISBN: 9781492706670
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback

  • Starfire By Mimi Strong Peaches Monroe works at a bookstore in small town Washington She s also a plus size lingerie model, and the former girlfriend of Dalton Deangelo He s the sexy, smoldering actor who plays TV s hottest vampire.Now Dalton is back in town, hiding out from his past and a ton of bad publicity.He can t keep his hands off Peaches, even though she s dating someone else Peaches kPeaches Monroe works at a bookstore in small town Washington She s also a plus size lingerie model, and the former girlfriend of Dalton Deangelo He s the sexy, smoldering actor who plays TV s hottest vampire.Now Dalton is back in town, hiding out from his past and a ton of bad publicity.He can t keep his hands off Peaches, even though she s dating someone else Peaches knows that being friendly with Dalton always ends up in complete disaster, but he does have an interesting proposal for her a wedding proposal He says a fake wedding will save his career, and he needs her.As much as she d love to run into the arms of the incredibly hot, deliciously sexy actor, she s also afraid He keeps hinting that he loves her, but he won t say the words.Even if he did profess his love, can you ever really trust an actor
    Mimi Strong
    NYT Bestselling author Mimi Strong loves to make you laugh.She also enjoys life in the Big City and shopping, just like a sassy chick lit character

    Starfire By Mimi Strong


    Ok My opinion is going to be different A lot of people may disagree with me, but that s OK.When I first started this series I was really excited I read all the great reviews and I couldn t wait to get my hands on them.I read the first book I thought Peaches was refreshing and funny It was sexy and just new The characters were so original and I felt like it was going to be great.Then I read book 2 Starlight I didn t quite enjoy it I felt like Peaches was all over the place Jumping around with her [...]

    Dee Montoya
    5 Voluptuous Stars Did I mentioned how much I love Peaches Monroe I m pretty sure I have , but I can t help myself, because she has become my favorite heroine of all times, I think I ve said that before, but I promise you, Peaches is my 1 girl I love her even though she s less than perfect and the complete opposite of the usual stereotype of female lead character we are use to reading about and that s what sets her apart in my heart I loved this entire story, there wasn t a shortage of fun, sens [...]

    4.5 full figured stars Peaches is back After ending her relationship with Dalton and a quick fling with a model, Peaches is ready to be thrown up against a wall by her old high school crush, Adrian But before things can get too sticky, Dalton s back with a PR nightmare on his hands.But he has the perfect solution The only thing to quite the gossip rags and save his career when his porn debut is revealed is to marry the girl There s only one problem Peaches has a boyfriend But Peaches also signed [...]

    I decided to purchase this series because of all the great reviews I think I am going to stop reading reviews When I started the series I said I was going to finish it, I have quit reading in the middle of a series often lately I decided once I started that I was going to finish Blah This series is all about Peaches Monroe Overall, Peaches is not a good person She has made mistakes in the past, and she continues to make mistakes The problem I have is that she never seems to learn from them Sever [...]

    Nicole Tetrev
    I could cry that my journey with Peaches is over She has become like a friend than just a character in a story Peaches has always been just so real to me, and I don t mean because she isn t a size 4, it is about who she is and how she reacts, she is completely relate able you know minus having three hot guys chasing after part haha What a problem to have Sexy Dalton whose character muse is Ian Somerhalder , Sexy model Keith who is Daltons Look A like, and Adrian Storm even his name is sexy the [...]

    To be honest, I had two reasons why I finished this book 1 I really liked the first one and I hoped that it was going back in the direction of that 2 My kids and I are playing book bingo and I wanted to mark off a square The whole Peaches Adrian thing was unnecessary If I thought Keith Raven was hard to get through, then this was worse It had potential, but it fell flat, view spoiler because the author wanted for everyone to think that D man was the one for Peaches hide spoiler I think I m just [...]

    Jessica Frances
    I think Peaches Monroe is one of my most favourite heroines She is just so funny, independent and I love her voice I love how she looks at life and I love how this series was written I loved that each book mostly focused on a different love interest showcasing that women in the book world have choices They have the ability to love than one person and I loved all the men in these books Each one had their own pros and cons and while I m not completely sure who Peaches chose in the end is who I th [...]

    Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    I struggled with this one, it did ramp up towards the end but to get there was hard work I love Peaches, her wit and humour will have me laughing forever, I am glad things turned out the way it did but I wanted Dalton to do I just didn t feel it between these two.

    J B
    Ok.riously I read all threed now wish I d have never botherede second book was the best of the three and I barely tolerated that one.

    So, I finally finished the Peaches Monroe trilogy I do have to say I liked it but I m not in love with it It definitely had its ups and downs and they were pretty even I liked the first book the best, this book second, and the second book last This book was marginally better than the second book but not by much It didn t get better until the end because throughout this book, Peaches annoyed the hell out of me, for the most part I couldn t understand her thinking sometimes, which doesn t make a l [...]

    Jenni Fields-Hatfield
    Mimi Strong brings back the Washington Peaches in the third installment of the Peaches Monroe series Starfire The entire series will leave you laughing and in no time you will be referring to your boobs as sweater puppies.Peaches Monroe is confident, head strong, outgoing and wildly inappropriate plus size woman who has a witty comeback for everything.After her wild adventures in California Peaches is back in her home town of Beaverdale, WA Just as soon as she picks back up her old life and star [...]

    Barf Why did i read this The first two was kind of fun the first one was tolerable, and the second one was my favorite in the series, not an amazing book But this Hated the second half of this book What a steaming pile of over romantic crap Why does everyone love this so much I want to say its not you, its me, but.What makes people gobble this down I honestly felt like Peaches didnt have any selfrespect, she should have told the D man to go take a fucking hike, he never treated her with respect [...]

    Angel Downey
    I went into this book weary very freaking weary after Peaches was all over the place in the second book While I support ANY woman making the best out of her life and living it up well view spoiler You my dear need to quit pointing your vagina at every male within a ten mile radius with bumps on his body I mean, I get it You were heart broken over Dalton and went straight to Keith That was fine and dandy and I even applauded you because hey, Dalton was a dick But right after you leave Keith s mus [...]

    Okay so Ms Peaches moved on from Keith, her gorgeous rebound guy, came home to sleepy Beaverdale ready to ease back into her semi normal lifeBut then her high school crush Adrian Storm happensd what s a girl to do Kiss him of course.Well Peaches doesn t like to do things the easy way, so why not complicate her life a little She want Adrian but she doesn ther body says a big bazinga of a yesbut her brain is Step away from the Adrian So can she compromise Can she semi date her old crush Can Peach [...]

    So this is for the whole trilogy Stardust, Starlight, and Starfire I ll be upfront This series wasn t really for me I gave the whole thing a shot because it was quick read all three in an afternoon , the summary had some amusing potential, and the trilogy was on sale as a set First off, throughout the entire series I couldn t shake off the sense I was reading re badged Ian Somerhalder RPF I m not saying that s what this is It likely isn t I wouldn t know if it truly were anyway since I don t rea [...]

    Beth Jones
    Finally I have finished It was a struggle I m not sure if it was difficult to read was due to the storyline or if it is because the books I read b4 this one were so captivating This book is the 3rd book of the Peaches Monroe series Peaches is a curvy small town girl With a great sense of humor and tend to speak b4 thinging she can harsh at times but she s easy to love.Dalton is a famous actor in Hollywood He plays the sexy lead vampire of a very popular soap oprea will Peaches ever trust an acto [...]

    Peaches is at it again With Dalton invading her hometown, Peaches tries to distract herself from his yumminess by seeing where things go with the dreamy Adrian You know what, though Dalton s in Peaches blood and she just has to find the strength to commit to him whole heartedly.I enjoyed this series It was sometimes silly, often snarky, and the characters were over the top BUT I LIKED IT Peaches made some really boneheaded choices and her fear of commitment was epic, but the lady made me laugh I [...]

    Kerry Richardson
    Finally I reached the end of the Peaches Monroe trilogy and my God was it hard going The first book was enjoyable and I liked Peaches and her sassy attitude and smart mouth By the second book I d really gone off her and wasn t liking her at all, she came across as a cheap mouthy slut so by the third book I actually hated her How the hell she managed to attract and keep a man like Dalton I ll never know As for Dalton, I just can t believe that a famous and hunky guy like him would have tolerated [...]

    Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile"
    I liked the entire series Peaches and Dalton matured independently and as a couple I m glad they got their HEA I enjoyed the series it was funny with some uncomfortable edges but that is what made it good for me I don t think this should have been 3 books 2 would have been sufficient I think the Keith and Adrian thing went a little too long and took away from Dalton and Peaches But, I think the 2 relationships helped Peaches with her insecurity issues Anyway 3.5 4 stars individually and overall. [...]

    3.5 for me Enjoyed this series it was light funny Really liked the characters The 3rd book has a HEA, so good ending to this series.

    Lisa Hill
    Happy ever after The third and final story in the Peaches Monroe trilogy brings everything to its conclusion Peaches is still hilarious, living life by the seat of her pants and following wherever her heart leads Still unsure of Dalton and his true feelings for her, she dithers her way around before finally figuring out how she feels and laying her heart on the line Will she get her happy ever after The supporting cast of characters are equally funny, from Big Dick to my favourite, Mitchell We a [...]

    It was alrightThe series over all was okay I find Peaches immature and just annoying I loved Dalton and Shayla the most out of these books.

    Kimberly Zera ⚜️
    I m glad Peaches found her happily ever after in this final book I guess Dalton really loves her and I m happy about that.

    Mandi Morgan
    First book had so much promise Second one turn a wrong turn and this one just derailed The most redeeming feature was that at times it was funny.

    A happy endingI just love Peaches Monroe Her sass and attitude keep the book moving I have to admit this book was about to drive me crazy I couldn t figure out who she was going to pick And I could hardly wait for Daulton to freaking admit his love for her A wedding takes place and it feels so surreal out not out of love, but it ends up being a happy, loving ending.

    Dee McGee
    I ll be the first to admit that the cover of a book makes a difference if I decide to read the synopsis of a book I know that s shallow of me, but come on I know you do it, too Anyway, the cover of Starfire caught my eye when I saw it in my news feed on Facebook It s gorgeous It s a has a little of everything sweet, naughty, and romantic When I got the blog tour invite to read Starfire, I was excited to read the first two books in Mimi Strong s Peaches Monroe series as well.In Starfire, Petra Pe [...]

    Peaches Monroe, you are harder to understand than my junior high algebra class When I think she s going to zig, she zags When I think she ll say yes, she says no When I want her to pick Guy B, she picks Guy C It s confusing as hell but, I kind of like it.When we last heard from Peaches she was kissing her high school crush s face off in the alley of a bar This was after she had returned to Beaverdale from California While in LA, Peaches found Dalton had used her to research a part so she ditched [...]

    Great ending to this series Always loved Peaches, her outspoken personality, someone who was comfortable being herself, and men find that sexy especially the super sexy ones She started an interesting relationship with Adrian and Golden Golden and her shared Adrian as their joint boyfriend , but she never had sex with him I think she always knew that he really wasn t the one Dalton s career and life was turned upside down because in a drunken stupor she had loose lips and told secrets about his [...]

    Brandee Price
    4.5 Stars Starfire was everything I ve come to expect from Mimi Strong And it was the perfect ending for Peaches.In Starfire, we find Peaches back home in Beaverdale, working at Peachtree Books She knows Dalton will be in town soon dealing with publicity nightmare she caused by accidentally spilling a secret of his Naturally, she begins dating Adrian Storm, her high school crush once you meet Peaches, you ll understand the naturally When Dalton arrives, Peaches learns the lesson that you should, [...]

    It is recommended that you read book one, Stardust and book two, Starlight, first.The author picks up exactly where the prior one ended which is nice, I don t feel like I missed anything Peaches has returned home from the photo shoot in LA where she modeled plus size lingerie Her short affair with Keith is over and at the end of book two, Starlight, Peaches finally had her arms and lips on theone who got away, Adrian Storm, yep, the high school crush and they re still in the alley, kissing, pant [...]

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