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  • Title: Hershey: Milton S. Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams
  • Author: Michael D'Antonio
  • ISBN: 9780743264099
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Hershey: Milton S. Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams By Michael D'Antonio THIS BOOK IS NEITHER LICENSED NOR SPONSORED BY THE HERSHEY COMPANY.Hershey The name means chocolate to America and the world, but as Michael D Antonio reveals, it also stands for an inspiring man and a uniquely successful experiment in community and capitalism that produced a business empire devoted to a higher purpose.One of the twentieth century s most eccentric and ideTHIS BOOK IS NEITHER LICENSED NOR SPONSORED BY THE HERSHEY COMPANY.Hershey The name means chocolate to America and the world, but as Michael D Antonio reveals, it also stands for an inspiring man and a uniquely successful experiment in community and capitalism that produced a business empire devoted to a higher purpose.One of the twentieth century s most eccentric and idealistic titans of industry, Milton S Hershey brought affordable milk chocolate to America, creating and then satisfying the chocoholic urges of millions He pioneered techniques of branding, mass production, and marketing, and gained widespread fame as the Chocolate King.But as he developed massive factories, Cuban sugar plantations, and a vacation wonderland called Hershey Park, M.S never lost sight of a grander goal Determined that his wealth produce a lasting legacy, he tried to create perfect places where his workers could live, perfect schools for their children, and a perfect charity to salvage the lives of needy children in perpetuity Along the way, he overcame his personal childhood traumas, as well as the death, after a short and intensely romantic marriage, of the one woman he ever loved.In childhood, Milton was torn by the constant conflicts between his stern mother and starry eyed father He watched his father go bust in the oil fields and his sister die of scarlet fever As a young man he failed with businesses in Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago Milton finally succeeded in Lancaster, thanks to a caramel recipe copied from another confectioner and a lucky break provided by a British importer Then, at the history shaping Columbian Exhibition, Milton found the chocolate making technologythat would allow him to bring a new taste to America When they heard about his plan to build a chocolate empire complete with its own little city in rural Pennsylvania, his friends said he needed a legal guardian.Ten years later, Milton controlled the U.S chocolate market, and his town, Hershey, Pennsylvania, was the ideal American village Factory workers lived in graceful homes Their children attended the best schools Local parks, libraries, and theaters rivaled the best in big cities Trains brought thousands of tourists every day, who flocked to see the miracle town, the Hershey zoo, and an enormous amusement park.Not content with these accomplishments, a childless M.S Hershey founded an orphanage for boys at his family homestead After his wife Catherine s death, the press revealed that he had secretly willed his entire estate to the Hershey Industrial School, as it was called This was only the beginning of his giving Through the Great Depression, Milton Hershey used his fortune to fund a massive building program that kept all his workers employed and spared the community the real hardships of the era Before he died, he even gave away his mansion, keeping just two rooms for himself.Remarkable as Hershey was, his legacy is even powerful It includes the 8 billion Hershey Trust the single largest private fund for children in the world , an idyllic company town in central Pennsylvania, and a corporation that proves that the ideals of community and commerce can lead to profit.This first ever, major biography of an American icon paints a vivid picture of what Milton S Hershey accomplished as the ultimate progressive businessman Hershey s life suggests akind of capitalism that seems warmer, and personal He was a gambler, raconteur, despot, and servant And he stands as a rare, and perhaps unique, example of ambition, altruism, ego, and humility.
    Michael D'Antonio
    A Pulitzer Prize winning writer of books, articles, and original stories for film, Michael D Antonio has published than a dozen books, including Never Enough, a 2015 biography of presidential candidate and billionaire businessman Donald Trump Described variously as luminous, captivating, momentous and meticulous Michael s work is renowned for its clarity, balance, and thoroughness.His works a have been noted as best books of the year or editors picks by The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Businessweek, The Chicago Tribune and Publisher s Weekly He has appeared on Sixty Minutes, Today, Good Morning, The Morning Show, America, Larry King Live, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Diane Rehm, Coast to Coast, and many other programs.Before becoming a fulltime author, Michael worked as a journalist in New York, Washington, and Maine He has written for Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, The Times of London Magazine, Discover, Sports Illustrated, The Los Angeles Times Magazine and many others He has received numerous awards including the 1984 Pulitzer Prize, shared with a team at Newsday that explored the medical, legal, and ethical issues surrounding the Baby Jane Doe case.In 2016, Michael has became a regular contributor for CNN, both on air and on their website His pieces can be read here cnn profiles michael dD Antonio has been the recipient of the Alicia Patterson Fellowship, the First Amendment Award, and the Humanitas Award for his Showtime film, Crown Heights Born and raised in New Hampshire, Michael now lives on Long Island with his wife, Toni Raiten D Antonio who is a psychotherapist, professor, and author of three acclaimed books.

    Hershey: Milton S. Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams By Michael D'Antonio


    A fascinating read about the rise of an icon that came to prominence during the latter part of the Gilded Age Milton Hershey was the industrious child of a serious and devoted mother and a father who was a bit of a flim flam artist In this regard Milton s upbringing was similar to John Rockefeller except that Milton was not so pious and his mother s family had some money to invest in Milton s enterprises of which several ended in bankruptcy Hershey, without a college education, goes on to build [...]

    A good solid biography of a man who was a lot interesting than I had ever realized As I was reading the book, I found myself thinking of Milton Hershey as a benevolent dictator Then, late in the book, someone was quoted as saying that the town of Hershey was a philanthropic dictatorship which is probably a little bit of a better term Hershey was clearly a man who wanted to do good, but I don t think I would have liked living under his thumb I would have resented the way he imposed his sense of [...]

    Growing up in Ohio, my childhood friends would go to the next door state of Pennsylvania and indulge themselves in family vacations to Hershey, PA Although I was never privy to the amazing confectionary capital the Hershey brand holds a special place in my heart Michael D Antonio presents a personal portrait of the man behind the company in Hershey Milton S Hershey s Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams.Despite its sweet topic, Hershey suffers from a slow and disjointed start [...]

    There is the optimist and the cynic in all of us Throughout this book I had to keep pushing the cynical Bob back in the bottle only to have cynical Bob try to escape again and again I was actually able to contain my cynicism finally You have to either read this book or know the story of Milton Hershey In the midst of an ugly industrial world filled with slime bag industrialists stood Milton Hershey He built a business without trampling on his employees, built a town, founded a home school for or [...]

    Laura Lee
    Milton Hersey was mainly known as a benevolent and nice man, but he was than that He had his ornery side, too, firing people on a whim He developed the utopian town of Hersey in 1903 He was good and mostly generous to the town, tho he made some serious mistakes He was ambitious and developed Heresy chocolate to make millions At one point Heresy supplied 90% of America s chocolate All this from a young man that started out making caramels I enjoyed the book very much, learning the private side o [...]

    Proving once again that if you made a movie about a fictional person and put them through all the trials and tribulations and failures before reaching success that no one would belive it, the story of Milton Hershey gives you a good ride through perseverance If you have ever wondered about the life and story behind this empire and what went into that kiss that you are about to eat then this is a good read for you We take for granted the name of Hershey in the world, but there were many times whe [...]

    After hearing a presentation about chocolate around Valentine s Day, I reserved the two books the expert had used in preparation for her talk She caught me by telling some facts about Milton Hershey s life, like the fact that he and his wife were booked to travel on the Titanic and didn t Anyway, I learned much about chocolate and about the utopian notions of this American who became wealthy because of his efforts But unlike the Robber Barons of his time, he priced his product affordably, employ [...]

    I found this book to be a very interesting read I kept sharing facts with everyone around me I also liked the writing style and could tell the author researched as much as possible for first hand accounts Note I did pretty much skip over the last couple chapters after he died.

    Kevin Cullis
    When you read of other industry leaders, Hershey is one of the few, other than James J Hill, CEO of the Great Northern Railroad, who s concerned with his legacy brought tools for the community than toys for himself.

    Andrew Hartley
    This was a really interesting read about a visionary progressive business leader Milton Hershey was focused on the good that money can do, and he lived his philosophy Worth the read.

    Unique fellow in an era of monopolies

    Mary Sullivan
    This book was a little slow for me While it did adequately describe M Hershey, it dragged on for bits And that Hershey community was a bit odd He obviously wanted to control everything his workers did from where they lived, to how to keep their house, to where they shopped, and where they went to school A little too much like a cultish community for my taste.

    I grew up in Southern California Like every God fearing Southern Californian, my family paid ritual homage to the Mouse, and his creator, Walt Disney I still know the Magic Kingdom better than any other set of 85 acres on the planet Its where we celebrated birthdays, the Fourth of July and New Year s Eve We lived for special events that allowed us to stay after the park was usually closed I retain vivid memories of my only childhood stay in the luxury of the Disneyland Hotel Like Star Wars, its [...]

    Jeffery Lee Radatz
    A very interesting biography of an American icon

    It is hard to tell what is addictive a chocolate bar or the story of Milton Hershey I would actually argue the latter This book had all the is the perfect ingredients for an enthralling and enjoyable read, turn of the century innovation, a slightly ectrentic candy maker, a utopian town, and charity that rivals the great philanthropist of any time.My desire to seek out this title came after a Is it to the Hershey Museum in Hershey, PA I came away with a single thought I ve got to find a biograph [...]

    Todd Stockslager
    What would Milton Do Milton Hershey would build the biggest chocolate company in the world in 1947 just before he died, his utopian experiment in candy and community building made 90% of the chocolate sold in the United States This is the story neither authorized nor sponsered by the company according to the book jacket of Hershey s intrepid life his first two candy companies failed , his fabulously successful company which he started after selling his third and first successful startup but befo [...]

    Oliver H.
    In Hershey, Michael D Antonio s main message is to never give up and to try to make the world as beautiful as possible This book primarily takes place in Hershey, Pennsylvania, a town often described as a utopia This book is told mostly in the third person limited following Milton Hershey, as it follows his exploits involving his wife, Catherine Sweeney, his beloved aunt, Martha Snavely, and his mischievous father, Henry Hershey This book follows Henry Hershey s life before Milton s birth, Milto [...]

    Maria Rowe
    Really well researched and very in depth, but at times slow, disjointed and had an overwhelming amount of details Was a really interesting read though, since I knew very little about M.S Hershey what a remarkable man You could tell the author wrote this book with a lot of care, love and time.

    Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
    A fascinating look at the life of the man who brought chocolate to mainstream America Milton S Hershey s life is presented in an interesting, straight forward manner Hershey was raised in poverty as his father, always dreaming of something bigger and better, drifted from place to place His mother came from a prosperous Mennonite family Hershey s early business attempts were failures, but he persevered with his mother s family s financial help The book is as much a history of industry, philanthro [...]

    Anne Keefe
    Milton S Hershey spent most of his life failing He quit school He started working at the local candy shop because his mom forced him to, and it was the only way to meet girls Milton quit that He started making candy and failed He started making caramels and after a small success he failed He moved out west with his caramel recipe and failed out there Milton moved to Chicago and failed He spent every day observing how the wold fair confectioners worked After the fair came down he bought all of th [...]

    The life and legacy of Milton Hershey is one of the intriguing stories in American business and history The debates of ruthless business man or utopian planer are debated frequently and this book does an excellent job of putting it in perspective It is light and well written allowing easy access to the story of Milton Hershey and his legacies including his town, his company and his favorite, the Milton Hershey School for Boys I have to agree with the other reviewers in echoing that this is an u [...]

    Christopher Litsinger
    After visiting Hersheypark with the kids and seeing the sanctioned biography of Hershey on display, I was curious to find a biography of the man I picked this one up because it was not sponsored by Hershey in any way and generally found it to be a fine little read My only complaint about the book is that where the true story may deviate from the Hershey script, D Antonio is hesitant to claim either side true, and sometimes hedges otherwise obvious pronouncements For example, it seems like bad pr [...]

    Rob Mathison
    I loved this book I found it interesting, well researched, easy to read and difficult to put down, and loved how he weaved history in with the tale of Milton Hershey.Milton aside, I find it interesting how the times have gone full circle since the late 18th century, from times of a few sociopathic men getting fabulously rich often at the expense of lowly paid immigrants to the trust busting and labor wars in the early 20th century that leveled out the pay back to the modern era of bloated heavyw [...]

    Hank Pharis
    The book is good but its the story that makes the book I ve always been indifferent to chocolate I d rather have cheese But after visiting Hershey PA and hearing Milton Hershey s story I was stunned He had his idiosyncrasies but he was the most generous corporate owner I ve ever heard of He also treated his employees as well as anyone I ve ever heard of He built just about everything of significance in the town And in 1918 he secretly rolled all of his wealth into an orphanage He gave it 60 mill [...]

    Hershey s life was extraordinary and this book is filled with fascinating anecdotes But the book is not put together all that well It is repetitive in places and jumps around in ways that are confusing and frustrating I am still not clear about how a factory was planned and built without Hershey knowing how he would make the chocolate The author also has an annoying habit of saying there is some evidence that x, without ever telling you anything specific about the evidence How is the reader supp [...]

    Milton Hershey was not perfect, but he did create a chocolate that was one of the first recognizable brands and one of the first candy bars More than that, 100 years later, it is still popular world wide.He also created a near perfect company town that allowed his employees a standard of living far above most people at the time electricity, indoor plumbing for example Reading about how the company grew was very interesting to me I remember when I was a child and tourists could go into the factor [...]

    A unique entrepreneur, Milton S Hershey was also a somewhat complicated and quite admirable man Although the town of Hershey could be perceived as a big brother type of experiment, the generosity and foresight of Hershey coupled with his goodwill toward his employees and community is inspiring Except for my almost compulsive urge to partake of Hershey chocolate bars the entire time it took me to read this wonderful book, I enjoyed every bite, um, word Reading this biography provided me with a cl [...]

    This was a fabulous book, and I will be looking for of the author s works in the future Not only did I learn about Milton Hershey, I learned about the culture he existed in, the hardships he faced, and the lives of those around him This is not simply a biography, it s a snapshot of an era lost to us forever Yet, interestingly, perhaps not as lost as one might initially think A close reader will find parallels between what Hershey dealt with and what are modern society gives us today in the way [...]

    This biography on Milton S Hershey was a pretty good read With not much in the way of personal writings from M.S the author did a good job of painting M.S s childhood, failures, relationships with others, and his business life There were times when the book was a bit dull and hard to get through, but overall, I liked the bio It was interesting to learn that M.S was a big gambler, and how strongly he created his trust to limit exactly what his fortune could be used for with regards to the Hershey [...]

    A good biography of an interesting man As indicated by the subtitle, the focus of the book is on how Hershey built his huge industry and wealth, as well as his attempts to create socially progressive communities and institutions The same ideas and themes recurred throughout his life, which made the book feel a bit repetitive Still, the events of Hershey the man, Hershey the company, and Hershey the community through Industrialism, World Wars, and labor protests were both enlightening and encoura [...]

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