[Ç The Battle For WondLa || ☆ PDF Read by È Tony DiTerlizzi] #2020

  • Title: The Battle For WondLa
  • Author: Tony DiTerlizzi
  • ISBN: 9781416983149
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Battle For WondLa By Tony DiTerlizzi All hope for a peaceful coexistence between humankind and aliens seems lost in the third installment of the WondLa trilogy Eva Nine has gone into hiding for fear of luring the wicked Loroc to her companions However, news of the city Solas being captured by the human leader, Cadmus Pryde, forces Eva into action once again With help from an unlikely ally, Eva tries to thwAll hope for a peaceful coexistence between humankind and aliens seems lost in the third installment of the WondLa trilogy Eva Nine has gone into hiding for fear of luring the wicked Loroc to her companions However, news of the city Solas being captured by the human leader, Cadmus Pryde, forces Eva into action once again With help from an unlikely ally, Eva tries to thwart Loroc s ultimate plan for both mankind and the alien life on Orbona.
    Tony DiTerlizzi
    New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi has been creating children s books for nearly two decades From fanciful picture books like The Spider The Fly a Caldecott Honor book , to chapter books like Kenny and The Dragon and the WondLa trilogy, DiTerlizzi imbues his stories with a rich imagination With Holly Black, he created the middle grade series, The Spiderwick Chronicles, which has sold millions of copies, been adapted into a feature film, and has been translated in over thirty countries He teamed up with Lucasfilm to retell the original Star Wars trilogy as a picture book and his collaboration with acclaimed author Mo Willems created the bestselling The Story of Diva Flea The beginning of his storied career is showcased in Realms The Roleplaying Game Art of Tony DiTerlizzi He has been featured in Time magazine, USA Today, CNN, PBS, the BBC and The Today Show.

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    Melanie (TBR and Beyond)
    Fantastic and very underrated series I m sad to see it come to an end but I m glad I got to go on a great journey with these characters Review to come.

    The Battle for WondLa is the final book in the trilogy, and it tells the story of the ultimate battle The tenuous peace between humans and aliens has been broken, and Solace has fallen to Cadmus Pryde Eva embarks on a journey to gain some unlikely allies and set all right again It s a pretty exciting journey for middle grades adults may see the ending coming Still, it s a pretty pleasant ride to get there.I feel a little meh about The Battle for WondLa Maybe I could name this disease of mine tri [...]

    Since the publication date is so far out I don t want to give a full review and spoil the surprises What I can say is that this is the conclusion to the series and I absolutely loved book 3 Each book is amazing in it s own way and Tony ended the series exactly how I wanted it to end.

    Sandy Irwin
    This final book in the WondLa Trilogy was simply amazing Tony DiTerlizzi s imagination brings this world to life both with his writing and his exquisite illustrations This story is richly detailed, and grabs your attention It is truly satisfying when all three books in a trilogy are written well, carefully thought out, and, in the end, satisfying Well done

    Jasmine Rose
    Fantastic ending to a wonderful series.

    Veronica Bates
    The final chapter I admit I cried a bit As an adult I wish I had gotten to know about what happened to Eva 9 in the end

    P. Zach
    I m well aware that a lot of people really like this book I read the trilogy, and I have to say, the ending was anticlimactic I just don t know how the author expected us to accept the bad guy destroys himself thing Another note It s very odd how most of the characters we care about were just fine, even though there was plenty of time for them to be killed while the villain was in control My low rating is a combination of my disappointment with the ending and my reluctance to give a high rating [...]

    Mary Lee
    I tabbed a few pages for the next reader to find our knowledge, the things we learn, can carry on in others after we are gone, Eva said The toil of this journey, our journey, is the map for those who will follow I don t understand completelybut I now understand that een seemingly inconsequential participants can take simple actions that expand to affect the masses Like ripples caused by a pebble tossed into the water I now understand that of all the wondrous occurrences in the universe, nothing [...]

    I have a habit of reading juvenile literature for work, just so I have some readers advisory experience I thoroughly enjoy the artwork in these books, DiTerlizzi is very creative I read the first of the series by accident, but couldn t put it down I ve been awaiting this final book for years.

    Kelly Buxman
    Tony DiTerlizzi did it again, he captivated me with his words and his illustrations The Battle for WondLa was a great ending to the series There is so much wisdom in this book My only negative comment is that I did not the feel the ending Although it was a good ending I felt like he left me hanging I just wanted to know about Eva.

    My least favorite of the trilogy The first 2 books to me felt full of wonder and awe This book just ends everything very neatly with a nice little bow I m sure kids will love it, but I wasn t enad.

    This was a stunning conclusion to a thrilling series I really, really loved all the epilogues that went 100, 200, and 300 years in the future.

    YAY A delightful series I strong female heroine A great cast of characters Perhaps a touch too happy of an ending, but it is a children s book and sometimes we need happy endings.

    Kluxorious Kluxces
    It didn t take me long to finish the third book of the Wondla series because it was packed with actions and was quite intense.It continued from where it left of with Eva and Hailey traveling together and meeting new aliens on their journey to save Orbona from LorocLoroc was manipulative and managed to convinced both Cadmus and Queen Ojo to attack each other He ate his sisters and at the end, his brother too and thus absorbed their powers He was powerful and if it wasn t for Eva s clever trick, h [...]

    Jenny (Jen & Mel"s Book Nook)
    This was a pretty decent ending to the trilogy, but would probably be my least favourite of the series The plot was kind of meh and actually felt like it was dragging a little bit, only for the ending to be kind of anticlimactic I wasn t particularly thrilled to see view spoiler Eva and Hailey together in the end Hailey was just one of those characters whom I disliked from the beginning and never managed to grow on me hide spoiler Overall it was a good middle grade fantasy adventure trilogy and [...]

    Halley Hopson
    I just love this series and these characters and this world so much.

    8 year old s review Omg read the series it was AWESOME 5 stars but I think the timeline of like where it was in time did not make ANY sensez read

    Megan (ReadingRover)
    Strong ending to the series A little slow at times but worth it It was nice to finally read this and jump back into this world and reunite with all the characters.

    Samm | Sassenach the Book Wizard
    This whole series was so well written and illustrated I loved the message lessons, the character and world development were fantastic and it was really creative and empowering Beyond impressed and I cannot believe this is a Middle Grade book

    This was the third and final book in the Search for WondLa series by DiTerlizzi It was a well done conclusion to this series, although it was also my least favorite book in this series It just lacked the wonder and adventure of the first two books and was about politics and war Eva Nine is in hiding with Haley in the forest She is worried about luring the evil Lorac to her companions and fearful of anyone else dying because of her actions When Haley finally convinces her that hiding is cowardly [...]

    Vincent Desjardins
    With his wonderful illustrations and imaginative storytelling Tony DiTerlizzi is like John R Neill and L Frank Baum rolled into one The Battle for Wondla brings to an exciting conclusion, DiTerlizzi s trilogy of Eva Nine, a young girl raised in an underground Sanctuary on a futuristic, transformed Earth Eva Nine s quest for other humans on an Earth aka Orbona seemingly dominated by aliens began in The Search for Wondla It continued in A Hero for Wondla, where Eva herself underwent a transformati [...]

    Tati Dengo
    You really should go back and re read the first two books prior to reading this one There s so much that changes and so many references to the first book that I had a hard time keeping up.The Battle for Wondla is an entirely satisfying conclusion to the series, because Eva finds the home she set out to look for, in than one way In a sense, Eva s courageous behavior is impressive due to the sheltered upbringing she had However, thinking back, she was always adventurous and a tad rebellious, so i [...]

    Larry Wentzel
    It s hard to imagine how far Eva 9 has come in the short span of time covered in this trilogy She s started as a naive, staring wide eyed at the world wisp of a girl, bumped around by forces far powerful than herself, to being someone who has made up her mind about what is right and gets others to move for her.The whole thing Loroc does to defeat his enemies still gives me the heebie jeebies Guh.It s weird to see an alien civilization that created the Vitae Virus and colony ships living so back [...]

    Out of all three books, I have to say the first was my favorite, but the other two were still a super fun read In this book Eva is different in book 2 Eva goes into the heart of the wandering forest and has an experience with the Gaia like entity energy that was the source of the planets rebirth When she emerges hair is white and her experiences have matured her, and she is in tune with the animals and plants of the planet Now what She is unsure of what to do because everyone she encounters end [...]

    A satisfying conclusion to an interesting series I ll admit it took me a while to remember what was going on because it s been some time since I read the previous book, but once I re familiarized myself with Orbona and its residents, the story pulled me in I particularly appreciate the recurring theme of peacemaking by other means than violence.Overall, I would highly recommend this series for any reader young or young at heart who s in the mood to read some science fiction with lots of cool ali [...]

    Kim McGee
    Once again we are welcomed back to the beautiful and terrifying world of WondLa Tony DiTerlizzi s alien world is a cross between Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz In this final installment, Eva Nine and Hailey are losing hope that they will be able to stop a war and get back to their friends in time Eva will encounter strange beings that she is able to telespeak with and meet new friends foe in their efforts to save Orbona This series is very different from other fantasies in that the author gives [...]

    A fantastic closing piece to DiTerlizzi s epic WondLa trilogy As with this book s predecessors, some parts of the novel may be intense for young readers Nevertheless, those parts few in number, mind you, and no less violent than what kids will see on television provide a wonderful opportunity for discussion A vision of the future, Battle for WondLa is less of a cautionary tale, and of a modern commentary on our ever technologically shaped world The novel finishes in a curious manner that speak [...]

    Alfreda Morrissey
    This is an amazing, clever science fiction novel in simple language for young children I can t wait to read this series to my 8 and 6 year old as I am sure they will love it The main character is a little girl, who does amazing things I am so sorry I missed this one when I was a little girl I think she will be an inspiration to little girls everywhere Just because the main character is a little girl, does not mean boys would not be interested There is tons of action and adventure There are lots [...]

    Fabulous I loved the way this ended Eva s character is strong and I loved how mature she became through her journey, you can t help but love and root for her The creativity of this trilogy is superb, it didn t linger too long with too much explanation which can be boring sometimes and the action scenes were well written Of course, the illustrations were awesome as well I just love the whole thing, I can t say anything bad about it.When I was younger, my mother read to my brother and me, like the [...]

    Sighs in contentment I seriously loved this series I don t know how much I can brag about it I recommend it for anyone ages 10 , I find a way to work it into many of my displays at work, I have bought copies of my own to lend to friends I just seriously am in love with everything about the WondLa series Most of all I love the message it gives About love, family, acceptance of yourself and others, respecting the environment, and the big topics of life and death No matter if you re hu man or alie [...]

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