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  • Title: Life by Design
  • Author: Elizabeth A. James
  • ISBN: 9780988899520
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook

  • Life by Design By Elizabeth A. James Jane Carter s life had never been easy Leaving her parents behind only to be abandoned pregnant by the one man she thought she could depend on, she had a sense that things just weren t going to be easy for her or her precious daughter Jolene She s so skeptical about life, she thinks she s dreaming when she catches the eye of handsome, successful architect Jay Anderson WJane Carter s life had never been easy Leaving her parents behind only to be abandoned pregnant by the one man she thought she could depend on, she had a sense that things just weren t going to be easy for her or her precious daughter Jolene She s so skeptical about life, she thinks she s dreaming when she catches the eye of handsome, successful architect Jay Anderson Will Jay be willing to accept her and her child or will she be forced to return to a past that just won t go away Falling in love is easy Life is hard Has life finally designed the happy ending she s always dreamed of
    Elizabeth A. James
    Elizabeth James is the author of the Design Series She writes contemporary romance set in her native North Carolina A life long reader, she began writing a novel at age fifteen, put it away with no hopes of publication, but now has realized her dream as an adult Inspired by several bestselling authors she began working as a beta reader and her passion for writing once again surfaced She embarked on a journey to see if she could complete a novel and Love by Design was born With warm reception to her first novel she is now making this crazy world a part of her life Elizabeth believes you re never too late in life to realize your dreams and this has opened up a new world of adventures and meeting new people which she loves to do Elizabeth lives in North Carolina with her husband and their dogs She enjoys traveling, exploring North Carolina, and spending time with her friends.

    Life by Design By Elizabeth A. James


    Oh wow what can I say about Life By Design First off I will congratulate Elizabeth James for writing yet another amazing book I absolutely loved reading this book and was smiling pretty much all the way through I love Jane and Jay and they are perfect for each other and absolutely adore Jolene she s a funny little girl I really love Elizabeth s writing style and just couldn t put this book down until I finished it The book was left at a pretty great cliff hanger and I don t know what am going to [...]

    Andrea Beck
    I am completely invested in these characters and truly love them I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reading Life By Design and I reached the end and said What the Can t wait for the third book

    Really enjoyed this book 3 Jay SPOILER Disappointed that we have to wait for another book to finish the story.

    Thank you Elizabeth James I am so happy to see Jay and Jane s story Your 2nd book did not disappoint and I look forward to the next one Hopefully I won t have to wait to long

    Jennifer Conn
    It was such torture to wait for the second installment of the Design Series, but it was well worth the wait In the first book, you only got a glimpse inside Jane s life, but it was enough for you to want to know her Jay was let down in the first book and I felt so bad for him Then his eye s fell on Jane at the most perfect time The second book picks up right where the first left off, but from Jane s point of view, not Callie s I loved getting to know Jane, Jolene, and Jay so much I was crying ha [...]

    Maggie-jane Turningpages
    Life by Design still follows Callie and Justin but it is focused on Jane, her daughter Jolene, and a hunky architect named Jay In book two of the Design Series , we get a little bit steam to our beautiful budding romance.If you have read Love by Design , which I am assuming you did, no introduction is needed as to who everyone is So I am not going to build up the past.Jane and Jay quickly can tell how in love with each other they are But Jane has a young daughter to think about They have alrea [...]

    Wow an amazing second book from Elizabeth James Absolutely loved Jane and Jays story, Jane who is a single mother falls in love with Jay But someone from her past comes back to try and ruin their future together as a family I Can t wait to read the continuation of this series.

    Great story These books keep getting better.

    4 Stars Great follow up story to book 1.

    I fell in love with Elizabeth s first book Love by Design, so I was patiently waiting the release of this one I love her writing because it so realistic This book was filled with a lot of unpredictable events that had me so deeply engaged, that this became a very quick read for me I have to admit that there were several times that had me frustrated that I wanted to shake some sense into some of the characters The funny and romantic parts made up for the frustration and Mrs Callahan, Callie s nei [...]

    Natalie Townson
    I cannot tell you how much i loved this book, i finished the whole story in about 3hrs as i couldn t put it down, every page was exciting and funny and romantic and sad, i love the characters especially Jay and Jane and little Jolene, the story pretty much continues from where the first book left off, and the way the relationship develops between Jay and Jane was so lovely to read, I think that you instantly feel connected to Jane because she seems so down to earth and friendly, i love how they [...]

    Amy McGlone
    I love Jane Jolene Jane is an amazing single mom, dealing with the life that she has been dealt She s a PA to her bestie Callie, and has always had a major crush on Jay When Jay notices her, they immediately hit it off due to Jay being raised by a single mom Jolene is the cutest little girl I could just see her in my head as I was reading about her Reminded me a lot of my own little Diva.Jay immediately captures Jane Jolene s heart Even though he has other things going on in his life he must dea [...]

    A.R. Von
    Not the direction I thought Elizabeth was going to go, but just as great, no make that even better of a read as the first in the series Very touching, fun, exciting and romantic A definite must read for all fans of the genre Justin and Callie take the biggest step of their lives in Life by Design what an amazing and beautiful step it is I ADORE these two together and continue to love their chemistry and soul deep love for one another.Jane is still working with for Carrie and Jay as she was at in [...]

    I had some nagging questions in the back of my mind while reading this book that I felt were not being answered I also was peeved at the cliffhanger I m not a very patient person, and now it s killing me to wait for book 3 but I know the author is the best, and she s writing her fingers to the bone to give us that great conclusion we are all craving Life by design is book 2 for author Elizabeth James Like the first book, it did not disappoint The book continues the story of the characters we fir [...]

    I very much enjoyed this story This is essentially a sequel to Love By Design This story picks up right where the other leaves off There are a couple new characters and the bulk of the focus is now on Jane snd Jay The characterization is excellent and overall concept wonderful My only complaint on this story is the very obvious decision to make the ending a cliffhanger I absolutely hate thst The third story is not long and could have easily been combined with the 2nd That i had to pay that much [...]

    Just when you think you found the perfect romance in Callie and Justin comes the romance of Jane and Jay You fall in love with single mother Jane and her daughter Jolene All on their own, since deadbeat dad Tyler left before the birth, Jane takes on the role with all she has Along the way she meets and falls in love with the handsome architect, Jay Together they forge a life together until Tyler decides to reappear This story continues with romance, humor and angst I had a hard time putting this [...]

    Kim Wright
    Let me just say that this is a sweet storyJust like it s predecessor, Love by DesignOh and we do get to revisit Callie and Justin in this one so that was fun Jay and Jane s story moves along and it is so much fun to see the way that Jolene fits into it and the sweet way that Jay looks out for both of them I couldn t have been happier with that part I am a sucker for a happy story I do have to say though, that I have one big problem with the whole thinge endingI do not like cliffhangersd there is [...]

    Elizabeth James has done it again this is her second book in the Design series Love By Design is the First Book and Life By Design the second book just released I love the way she writes, from the beginning to the end you are in it till the end She keeps you there not wanting to put it down I like Jay in the first book but fell in Love with him in His and Jane s story, OH and Jane s little girl Jolene is just the most precious little girl you want to just pick her up and kiss her If you are look [...]

    Sharilyn Dickerson
    I absolutely LOVED this book In the first book of the Design series we were introduced to Jay and Jane and it was just enough to make me want to know them Elizabeth James did not disappoint in the second book I am impressed with how Jane has raised her daughter on her own I am in complete awe of the man that Jay is And little Jolene is just the sweetest, cutest little thing I cannot wait to read the next book in the series

    Katie Boettcher
    I loved this installment of the Design Series Elizabeth s writing style is like no other She has away of bringing you in to the story and making you never want to leave Jane s story is a modern day fairy tale and she is hoping that Jay is her Prince Charming I know this book is supposed to be about Jane and Jay but Jolene is my favorite I really enjoyed this book and can t wait for book three.

    Amanda Harter
    I love how the story continues and does not disappoint I love how Jay falls into daddy mode with Joleen, it is so loving to watch Again I appreciate the realness of it, I felt like I was apart of the story as an outside friend looking in Great read.

    Angie Craig
    Anxiously awaiting number three Great writer who relates to her characters and everyday people Very personable

    Stacy Kamerer
    Loved it Can t wait til Forever by Design comes out Couldn t put it down Read Love by Design then this in 1 day

    Jennifer Vandermast
    Amazing second book Can t wait for the third

    Great second book in the series, cannot wait to read on Lovely feel good romance.

    Life by Design Book 2 in the Design series by Elizabeth James is a wonderful story I adore the characters in this series If you haven t picked up this series yet you need too Great read

    Life by Design another winner Thank you Elizabeth James , I am loving this series.

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