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  • Title: Spider Woman's Daughter: A LeaphornChee Novel
  • Author: Anne Hillerman Christina Delaine
  • ISBN: 9780062283832
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Audiobook

  • Spider Woman's Daughter: A LeaphornChee Novel By Anne Hillerman Christina Delaine Legendary tribal sleuths Leaphorn and Chee are back The supremely talented daughter of New York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman continues his popular series with this fresh, new mystery her debut novel filled with captivating lore, startling suspense, bold new characters, vivid color, and rich atmosphere.It happened in an instant After a breakfast with colleagues,Legendary tribal sleuths Leaphorn and Chee are back The supremely talented daughter of New York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman continues his popular series with this fresh, new mystery her debut novel filled with captivating lore, startling suspense, bold new characters, vivid color, and rich atmosphere.It happened in an instant After a breakfast with colleagues, Navajo Nation Police Officer Bernadette Manuelito sees a sedan career into the parking lot and hears a crack of gunfire When the dust clears, someone very close to her is lying on the asphalt in a pool of blood.With the victim in the hospital fighting for his life, every person in the squad and the local FBI office is hell bent on catching the gunman Bernie, too, wants in on the investigation, despite regulations strictly forbidding eyewitness involvement Her superior may have ordered her to take some leave, but that doesn t mean she s going to sit idly by, especially when her husband, Sergeant Jim Chee, is put in charge of finding the shooter.Pooling their skills, Bernie and Chee discover that a cold case involving Chee s former boss and partner, retired lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, may hold the key to the shooting Digging into the old investigation with discriminating eyes and a fervent urgency, husband and wife find themselves inching closer to the truth with every clue and closer to a killer who will do anything to prevent justice from taking its course.
    Anne Hillerman Christina Delaine
    Anne Hillerman s newest book, Spider Woman s Daughter debuted at number 10 on the New York Times Best Seller list The novel continues her father Tony Hillerman s popular Jim Chee Joe Leaphorn series The book followed Tony Hillerman s Landscape On the Road with Chee and Leaphorn, with photos by Don Strel of the country the renown mystery author visited in his novels Her cookbook, Santa Fe Flavors Best Restaurants and Recipes received the New Mexico Book Award for the best cookbook of 2009 Anne s other books include Gardens of Santa Fe, Ride the Wind, USA to Africa, and Children s Guide to Santa Fe When she s not writing, Anne enjoys cooking, writing restaurant reviews for the Albuquerque Journal, and skiing.

    Spider Woman's Daughter: A LeaphornChee Novel By Anne Hillerman Christina Delaine


    This is Anne Hillerman s first attempt at continuing the Leaphorn and Chee series her father started.It s good It s definitely different than Hillerman s writing darker, and she writes solely from female Bernie Chee s perspective.When Bernie is washing the blood of Joe Leaphorn off her hands on page ten, I knew we weren t in Kansas any LOL No, this book is a bit darker and violent than her father s books It opens with Joe Leaphorn being shot in the head right outside his favorite restaurant Ber [...]

    If you find yourself missing Hillerman country since the master died in 2008, take heart His daughter Anne is continuing the series with good success in reviving their special flavor That special mix of a puzzling mystery, showcasing the natural world of New Mexico and Native American spirituality, and colorful characters She puts her own imprint on the formula by making Jim Chee s wife and fellow officer with the Navajo police, Bernadette Manuelito, the main character She also adds humor and s [...]

    Cathrine ☯️
    3.25 This is a daughter s first attempt to continue on with her father s legacy the stories surrounding the characters of Jim Chee, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, and Bernadette Manuelito If you are a Tony Hillerman fan or love the four corners area of the the American Southwest and its rich Native American history I think you ll enjoy this mystery Well done Anne Hillerman You did your dad proud and I enjoyed spending reading time with some of my favorite fictional characters again.

    Ivonne Rovira
    Tony Hillerman, after years of penning excellent mysteries featuring the thoughtful Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and the impetuous Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police, ended his career with the inferior The Shape Shifter Hillerman s daughter, Anne Hillerman, continues the series with her first novel I was doubtful about Spider Woman s Daughter and the odds that a debut novelist could come close to matching the Edgar Award winning author, but I m happy to say that Anne Hillerman has returned [...]

    Clark Hallman
    It was very enjoyable for me to read Spider Woman s Daughter by Anne Hillerman I was a big fan of the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee books written by Tony Hillerman her late father Since his death I have missed those two Navajo Nation police officers and the unique Navajo Hopi culture in the Arizona New Mexico area, which includes Window Rock in AZ and Gallup, Shiprock and Santa Fe in NM Thankfully, Ms Hillerman has produced a wonderful new Leaphorn and Chee story that enabled me to once again enmesh [...]

    Kathy Disanto
    As an author, I get the heebie jeebies whenever I hear someone has decided to continue a series when the original author passes away Authors the good ones, at least are not interchangeable Take the recent books written under the Robert B Parker imprint Not saying they re not good books, but they re not Robert Parker Parker s voice was his own, and nobody else will ever completely capture it IMHO, anyway.That being said, I have to admit Anne Hillerman has done a creditable job of taking over wher [...]

    As a first novel, especially being a mystery, Anne Hillerman s Spider Woman s Daughter is nothing to sneeze at It s good It s good enough that I regretted having to put it down when it was time to go bed and looked forward to picking it back up when I got home from work I read it in only two sittings.I really like the fact that the story is told primarily from the perspective of Bernadette Manualito It s a welcome twist to Tony Hillerman s fictional legacy.But this novel isn t any better than go [...]

    I really wanted to like this book, and on certain levels I did Picking up someone else s legacy, even if that someone is your father, is a difficult undertaking Anne Hillerman tackled the immensely daunting task of writing, as her debeut novel, the 19th book in a very popular series In the vast expanse that is the Leaphorn Chee universe, I d say Ms Hillerman did as well as her father did on the last three novels, though the books which followed The Wailing Wind were not on par with Tony Hillerma [...]

    Tom Scanlan
    Although she has published a number of non fiction books, Spider Woman s Daughter is Anne Hillerman s first novel Some of you may know her as the daughter of Tony Hillerman, famous for his numerous mystery novels, set primarily in Arizona and New Mexico, describing the exploits of two Navajo Indian policemen, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Tony Hillerman died almost five years ago It must have seemed an enormous and intimidating challenge for Anne to continue these stories Tony Hillerman fans have be [...]

    I am always skeptical when another author continues a series The original author in this instance is Tony Hillerman and the series is Leaphorn and Chee There were 18 novels featuring Lt Joe Leaphorn and Sgt Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police The settings are usually in the Four Corners area of New Mexico and Arizona However, the author who is continuing the series is his daughter Anne Hillerman Another factor that I thought added something to her continuing the series is that the central chara [...]

    Karen Cox
    I loved all of Tony Hillerman s books, but like every mystery writer, the early ones were better than the later ones Still, I never tired of Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee and the rest of the Navajo Tribal Police in Hillerman s world He was at his best describing the scenery of Northwestern New Mexico, from the terrible roads to the glorious sunsets His daughter Anne takes up where her father left off Chee and Leaphorn are back, but this book focuses on Mrs Jim Chee, Bernadette Manuelito We get a gli [...]

    Amber Foxx
    While continuing the characters and settings from Tony Hillerman s books, Anne Hillerman has her own style and voice as a writer I didn t feel as if I was reading one of her father s books, but I felt fully at home with her mastery of the series She has the understanding of Navajo culture that s central to the stories, and she knows the characters well Jim Chee, Joe Leaphorn and Bernie Manuelito are familiar and fully developed, with touches ranging from Chee s off beat humor to Joe Leaphorn s m [...]

    I was going to give this book 2 stars but decided I was allowing the narration of the audiobook to unduly influence my impression of the book.I think Anne Hillerman did a good job of continuing her father s series I liked that she chose to write it from the point of view of a female character Write what you know best The information about Navajo pottery and weaving, as well as the Navajo traditions surrounding death was quite informative and interesting.I was a little lost in the story line I m [...]

    Maybe 3.5 starsIt s been a few years since I re read one of my Tony Hillerman novels so it s hard to accurately compare her style and his From what I recall of his, based on this book she s emotional, about the personal lives of the characters Once I adjusted my expectations, I enjoyed the story and investigation Parts of the mystery I figured out early on and parts not at all I loved the descriptions of the countryside and the atmosphere of the setting was perfect I felt as if I there were Le [...]

    Anne Hillerman took a gamble picking up her father s mystery series Tony Hillerman s Leaphorn and Chee novels were beloved But, she came up a winner, taking the series in a slightly different direction Hillerman focuses on Officer Bernadette Manualito, a Navajo Nation police officer, married to Sergeant Jim Chee.Captain Howard Largo invited a number of younger police officers to the Monday morning meetings at the Navajo Inn where the cops brainstormed cold cases over breakfast Bernie felt honore [...]

    Well, I was in tears as I finished this book and read the acknowledgements at the end What the tears were about I m not sure maybe joy that a series I loved has come alive once again, or that the one who was shot is still alive Or maybe it was sadness that I am again leaving behind the world of Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, and Bernadette Manuelito, although hopefully not for good, as I thought had happened after the death of Tony Hillerman, the wonderful author who created this series Or maybe it was [...]

    Tony Hillerman was and still remains my all time favorite author His books were introduced to me by an anthropology professor I had in college I loved them from the minute I picked up Coyote Wind I immediately devoured every single one of his books When Hillerman passed away, I was saddened at his passing and at the thought I would never get to read about the adventures of Lt Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, Bernie Manuelito, and the many other wonderful characters that populated these mysteries situated [...]

    This was like visiting relatives you haven t seen in awhile, the familiar but with noticeable changes and differences Anne Hillerman is the daughter of Tony, she had collaborated with him on a book of photography and wtitten other non fiction books about the southwest She is familiar with the landscape and people and has great affection for both This is her first mystery and she gives it a good try The characters are much as I remember but some of the dialogue and descriptions feel a bit off The [...]

    Disappointing Avoid.Mild spoilers follow.Although advertised on the cover as a Chee and Leaphorn novel this is in fact a Bernie Manuelito novel Chee is reduced for much of the novel to a series of loving platitudes and Leaphorn is comatose Much of the dialogue is clich d, the plot unoriginal and at times incredible.In the Tony Hillerman novels the conflict between the Navajo way and the modern way of the white culture surrounding Din tah the Navajo homeland provides the moral core of the novels, [...]

    Janet Martin
    While it was a thrill to revisit Hillerman s world of Leaphorn and Chee, Anne has a way to go before her work equals that of her father She kind of lost credibility early on, with the substitution of prone lying on one s front for supine lying on one s back it s hard to spot a bullet hole on the forehead and look into the victim s eyes when the face is likely planted on the concrete, another unlikely posture after being shot in the face where was the copy editor on that one She is at times pedan [...]

    A woman s slantNot only does the author carry on for her father in her own voice, but the story is Bernie Manuelito than Chee and Leaphorn Same beloved characters, but a distinctive perspective Heavier on atmosphere and relationships than plot, but that is not a complaint This is not imitation Tony, and it shouldn t be Anne is a new voice for the Fine.

    Anne Hillerman has done a good job of picking up her father s series featuring Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee and Bernie Manualito She draws on the past to weave a new mystery involving one of Leaphorn s earlier cases She is fairly successful in painting the picture of the Navajo southwest that made Tony Hillerman s books so great I very much enjoyed the focus on Bernadette Manualito Bernie and hope that will continue The plot is weak compared to her father s early books, although about on par with some [...]

    Peggy Daub
    While I enjoyed this book, I found myself constantly checking in internally to see if I liked it as much as I liked her father s books The answer was no What I loved about Tony Hillerman s books was his ability to convey a sense of the culture of the Dine deeply This was not of the same quality in that area, in my opinion That said, I really liked having Bernie Manuelito now married to Jim Chee as the focal point of the book, and I loved the parts showing relationship between Bernie and her moth [...]

    I love this book and am so grateful to Anne Hillerman for continuing the life of her father s characters Tony Hillerman created memorable characters in Leaphorn, Chee and Bernadette Manuelito I read everything he wrote and hope that the stories will continue with Anne in the future.

    I was glad to return to the characters of Leaphorn, Chee and his wife, Bernie Manualito, and to the world of the Navajo reservation In my opinion, Anne Hillerman equals the stories of her father.Highly recommended.

    Meredith VanOordt
    This is a wonderful continuation of her father s Tony Hillerman Leaphorn Chee series It felt like comfort food It fits beautifully.

    It didn t hold my interest throughout, but I would give this author another chance Really need to read some of Tony Hillerman, who is raved about by all who really know the Southwest.

    Craig Monson
    McNovels and similar literary franchises seem to have become a lucrative publishing phenomenon They sometimes involve the dead Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy , but also, the undead James Patterson or even unwittingly Jane Austin, sortof I m thinking of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies It s unsurprising, therefore, that editors were keen for Anne Hillerman to continue her father s series of eighteen mysteries involving Navajoland s Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and the young by now, middle aged policeman an [...]

    Continuation Very good story It s nice to see the series continue The same attention to the weather and the scenery as the originals Hope there are to come

    Originally published at Reading RealityNavajo Nation Police Officer Bernadette Bernie Manuelito witnesses the shooting of the legendary retired Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn while she is talking on the phone with her husband, Officer Jim Chee Bernie sees a slim white figure conceal a gun and drive away in a battered blue truck as she rushes to the aid of the fallen father figure of the Navajo Nation Police.If the opening scene of this story isn t a metaphor for the way that Anne Hillerman is bringing [...]

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