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  • Title: Seeing Red
  • Author: Sidney Halston
  • ISBN: 9781482339109
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback

  • Seeing Red By Sidney Halston There s the old adage Two heads are better than one But when it comes to lovers it doesn t really work so well Actually, it s kind of creepy Especially when the two heads belong to twin brothers That s one of the many dilemma s Jillian Stone is facing in her non existent love life As if Jillian Stone s life didn t just become complicated enough, considering thatThere s the old adage Two heads are better than one But when it comes to lovers it doesn t really work so well Actually, it s kind of creepy Especially when the two heads belong to twin brothers That s one of the many dilemma s Jillian Stone is facing in her non existent love life As if Jillian Stone s life didn t just become complicated enough, considering that she s also psychic, her seductively mysterious professor starts relentlessly and inappropriately courting her too Raised on a deserted island for twelve years after a plane crash Jillian Stone, AKA Red is reunited with her twins, Alexander and Oliver Jacobs, who lived with her on the island all those years Now twenty two years old, these childhood friends may not stay just friends when Red realizes these twins have returned to her life in all their gorgeous and protective alpha male glory Jillian, a law student, an introvert, and a closeted psychic, is torn between the sexy bad boy Alexander, and Oliver, the loyal and dedicated confidante And just in case there weren t enough men in her life, Paul Black, her professor, comes along and begins relentlessly and inappropriately pursuing her Meanwhile, her psychic visions begin to get frequent as visions of a red haired man begin haunting her daily Someone closer than she knows is looking for her and not for good reasons One woman, three men Whatever happens someone s going to lose.
    Sidney Halston
    USA Today bestselling author, Sidney Halston lives her life with one simple rule Just Do It Nike, and that s exactly what she did After working hard as an attorney, Sidney picked up a pen for the first time at thirty years old to begin her dream of writing Having never written anything other than very exciting legal briefs, she found an outlet for her imaginative romantic side and wrote Seeing Red, among four other novels currently in the works, including the sequel to Seeing Red That first pen stroke sealed the deal and she fell in love with writing.Sidney lives in South Florida with her husband and children She loves her family above all else, and reading follows a close second When she s not writing you can find her reading and reading and reading She s a reader first and a writer second When she s not writing or reading her life is complete and utter chaos trying to balance family life with work, and writing and reading But she wouldn t have it any other way.

    Seeing Red By Sidney Halston


    BE AWARE THIS ISNOTA STAND ALONE.The book itself probably deserved 4 stars, but I decided to downgrade it because until I got to the end of it I didn t know this was a SERIES.I m becoming increasingly frustrated with authors and sellers playing this game Aren t you all.The book was outstanding when it came to the mystery surrounding Jillian s past It kept me going forward when I was getting frustrated with her selfish ways when it comes to the men in her life However, by the end of the book we s [...]

    Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews
    This book was a bit of mix of On the Island mixed with a love triangle and a whole bunch of miscommunication and intrigue thrown in.I can t imagine living on an abandoned island for so many years especially being the years of building your foundation and who you are If it wasn t for Alexander and Oliver the three of them probably would never have survived their past But being that dependent on each other and not knowing anything different it is hard to mix the lines of being in love and friendsh [...]

    The start of the book was between present and flashbacks of a horrible airplane crash This put the time and place together with the current situation The glue that held the Onion Island crew together was Helen They gather for her wake and funeral It is there when Jillian along with twins Oliver and Alexander, reunite after seven years of not seeing each other There is a paranormal aspect to the book and it ties them all together Jillian recalls vague memories of having seizures this is the way H [...]

    Seeing Red was definitely worth the money and time Halston brings new and fresh ideas into her writing.The story updates you into the life of Jillian, Alexander and Oliver, survivors of a horrible plane crash that left them stranded on a deserted island nicknamed Onion Island It them proceeds to follow the strange life Jillian, a red haired firecracker sometimes you want to shake some clarity into her There is a little bit of everything to this story, mystery, romance, and suspense I knew mid wa [...]

    Caroline at Book Geek
    confessionsofabookwhore2014.blIve endured match sticks in my eyes at night to keep me awake so i could carry on reading and washed in cold baths because by the time i put my kindle down my bath water was cold I really did love this book I loved Oly, Xander and Red, i loved the love square, i loved the plot and absolutely loved the quotes at the start of the chapter, Helen makes me laugh, literally laugh My only compaint yes there has to one one The bloody book ended i internally noooooooo d when [...]

    This book was a great read

    Raina The LUV'NV
    Seeing Red was one of those books I didn t read the summary again before diving right in My only expectation was a New Adult Contemporary Romance, so when the opening scene is of the female protagonist, Jillian, having a vision, I was absolutely giddy Add the fact that the story revolves around a love triangle, and I was even so But this isn t just any love triangle or square either Jillian, Oliver, and Alexander were stranded and raised on an island after a plane crash the latter two are twins [...]

    I don t know where to start with this book It was one of the most frustrating novels that I have read in a long time So first of all before you begin to read this be aware that it is not a standalone and it is not you get to the end of the book it throws in that there is a book 2 Seriously not good Sidney Halston The book starts off reasonably well with a prologue from Helen Gold a writer She tells you the reason why she writes and then we are taken into the reason for her writing We find out th [...]

    Triin from T's Bookish Moments
    From my blog ARC provided by author for an honest review Emmm Sorry, I m kind of speechless right now I should start by saying that I went into this book expecting basically nothing And I was BLOWN AWAY I NEVER EVER EVER expected this book to be SO good I started reading it late one night and this was probably the worst mistake I ve ever made I finally had to force myself to put it down and sleep a few hours before I had to wake up again I have become to avoid books with love triangle or square, [...]

    Jillian (NetGalley Addict)
    This book was part of a blog tour, I received a copy for my honest reviewJillian has survived a plane crash and living on a deserted island for twelve years, now she is in law school The two men who were on the island with her want than a friendship, her law professor has taken an interest in her and she is having a lot of psychic visions First off I have to say I love the main characters name, Jillian it s such a pretty name and since it is also my name I have a certain affinity for it Jillian [...]

    I really enjoyed this book Very original storyline from the deserted island to the psychic abilities My only complaint was the direction they took with jillian s roommate I could see it coming a mile away Xander and Oliver were great for the most part Looking forward to reading the second book but will not be reading the roommates book.

    Seeing Red by Sidney Halston Seeing Red 1 My Rating 4 5 starsSource Author for a fair and honest reviewJillian and the twins Alexander and Oliver have been together their entire lives thanks to a freak accident which lead to their having been stranded on a deserted island for eleven years As kids the three were inseparable and when they were finally rescued, they were taken in and raised by Helen, also a survivor of the island who had cared for the children when their own parents perished Since [...]

    Literati Literature Lovers
    Review of this intriguing book coming April 4th Title Seeing RedAuthor Sidney HalstonRating 4 5 StarsRelease date Feb 15, 2013Age Group AdultGenre Contemporary RomanceTour organized by AToMR ToursBook Description A love triangle just wouldn t suffice Jillian Stone had the misfortune of getting herself into a love square with twins, nonetheless.Alexander, Oliver, and Jillian were raised on a deserted island For 12 years, all they knew were those that were marooned with them A strong bond would li [...]

    Ashley Williams
    Seeing Red was seriously awesome It was original, mysterious, and sexy I have to admit, I am not one for suspense, so I skipped to the back to see what happened then finished reading From the beginning of the book, I was intrigued A group of travelers stranded on an Island for YEARS But the story picks up years after they were rescued And now the twins and Jill are all grown up I loved the slight paranormal aspect too Cover and WritingI don t much care for the cover If I saw this on the shelf, I [...]

    Seeing Red was a pleasant surprise This book had everything It had love, drama, mystery, danger, and even a little paranormal Jillian, and twins Alexander and Oliver grew up together on an island for 12 years after a plane crash We learn about this through flash backs and journal entries But as the book starts up, we are following them 7 years later as they are reconnected There are intense feelings between all of them and they feel like family Alexander He d always known, since he was old enoug [...]

    I have to give this book a 3.5 stars but I do not get half stars here I was given this book free on behalf of the author for an honest review.Jillian, Oliver, and Alexander grow up together on Onion Island after a plane crash strands the survivors They spend the first 11 or so years of their lives on this uncharted island until a yacht is stranded on it When they are rescued they go back to civilization and are separated when Jillian is sent to boarding school They are reunited with the death of [...]

    Tuğçe Sevin
    tugceninkitapligi adresinde yay nlanm t r.Bindi iniz u ak, d yor hem de ss z bir adaya B yle bir durumda lmek mi, hayatta kalmak m daha iyi bilemedim ama Sidney Halston, bizim i in bu ekilde ba layan ve bamba ka yerlere giden g zel bir hikaye yaratm Seeing Red, bu yeni yeti kin t r nde bir roman, ben her ne kadar bu t rden ka maya al sam da, yurt d nda o kadar yayg n ki gelip gelip beni buluyor Bu kitab da, yabanc bir blog turu kat l m i in g nderdiler, ama hafif paranormal eleri sayesinde ve a [...]

    Karla Mae (Reads and Thoughts)
    Plane Crash Island Stranded Surviving.Twin Boys One Red Headed Girl RomanceSpending your childhood in an island isn t as naturey and summery as you might think especially when you spend the day you we re born up to the 10th year of your life there That is what Jillian Stone and the twin brother Oliver and Alexander thought after surviving a tragic plane crash.Once again I stumble reading a book where love triangle is present The thing about love triangles is that no matter how good the other one [...]

    Growing up as a survivor of a deadly plane crash and spending her childhood on an island awaiting rescue have defined Jillian Stone s life Finding a real home is something that has escaped her, as has making lasting friendships The only support she has are the twins, Alexander and Oliver, that lived through the island years with her, but even the twins prove of a complication than relief when she begins developing feelings for both brothers Add in strange visions of a red haired man, and Jillia [...]

    I won a copy of Seeing Red in a giveaway from the Author hosted on The Autumn Review check out autumnreview.Seeing Red was fabulous a really different premise with a slight paranormal element to it The three main characters are Jillian, and twin brothers Alexander and Oliver The three grew up together, stranded for 12 years on an island following a plane crash Alexander and Oliver were born on the island, with their parents both dying while there Jillian s mother was killed in the crash and all [...]

    Rating 3.5 starsReviewed Enticed by BooksFirst things first, I was under the impression that Seeing Red was a standalone, it s not mentioned anywhere on that it s a part of a series, so I was really mad when I flipped the last page and it said coming soon Book 2 in the Seeing Red series Seriously That s not good Now that that s out of the way, I really enjoyed Seeing Red I love that the MC grew up on a deserted island with her two best friends and their guardian Helen after the plane crash It ad [...]

    Laurie Treacy
    Seeing Red is certainly an interesting read One red headed graduate student named Jillian, two twin brothers who love her, one professor who claims to love her and then there s Jillian s psychic visions and the mysterious red haired man Law school is certainly not boring.Jillian is a likable character even when her indecision about guys could frustrate even the most patient of readers She has a unique past with the twins since they were stranded on an island as infants after the plane they were [...]

    Stephanie- The Boyfriend Bookmark
    This book was a mix of emotions for me I adored the characters, I hated the circumstances This book was full of drama from the very beginning And though the book starts with such great loss, the book is so full of love and a crazy, crazy situation.This book starts with a plane crash on a deserted island, where the few survivors are struggling to stay alive waiting for their rescue In the end, there are very few survivors that are rescued from the island, including three young children Jillian, w [...]

    Anny hernandez
    I received an ARC copy for an honest review First let me just say that this is the first book that I read from this author and I absolutely love it.Oh Wow I just finish reading this book, and wow don t know what to say, I love the characters love how some of the story is from all the main characters point of view this book had me all over the place thinking who is the mystery man, and what are the journals hiding, love it how it gives you entry from the journal, that makes you understand about [...]

    Lou Tennant
    I received this book for free as part of a giveaway Spending much of her childhood on an uninhabited island following a devastating air crash, Jillian Stone s adult life has been defined by this experience A life that is inevitably entwined with those of her fellow survivors, twins Alexander and Oliver It is the intensely complicated relationships between these three main characters that draws in the reader and propels them through the at times fervid storyline.All raised and loved by Helen foll [...]

    I enjoyed reading this book Its primarily about Jillian and her love for two twins who also both love her back and she has to choose one It has quite a unique premise as the three main characters are childhood friends from a plane crash that left them stranded on an island for years After being rescued Jill is separated from the twins and doesn t see them again until 7 years later The book also has a portion of mystery and paranormal in it as Jill is a physic There are actually three love intere [...]

    Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    Seeing Red is one of the craziest and greatest books I have ever read Does that make sense no but I will tell you this Sidney Halston is one BRILLIANT writer that has crafted this story that leaves you wanting no needing from it I started the book at noon time and ended at 7 00 pm that night because I had to see what was going to happen.Jillian Stone has suffered some things in her short life From being stranded on an island as a child to being stalked and having strange dreams about a man want [...]

    Book Lover
    I got this book free from an promotion I didn t read any reviews or anything before reading it which I am glad Now that I ve finished reading it, I had to leave a review It is the first time I review a book I ve left stars but not reviews First, I want to say, I started this book on a Tuesday morning and finished it by Wed morning I absolutely loved it I almost called in sick at work just to read I loved the sexual tension between the characters, I loved Helen s little sayings and I loved the wa [...]

    If I could, I would give this book 4.5 It was a great read, definitely read it again sometime the next 30 years Anyway, on to the book I loved all the characters but one The Professor I smelled something off the second he entered the page and I really didn t like any part about him He screamed CREEP I guess I m a psychic I m laughing at myself for that one I thought this book had an interesting storyline and it had a perfect ending Its the type of ending that makes you have to read the next book [...]

    Seriously, this book was amazing It begins as a story about stranded airplane survivors then advances to the adult lives of the youngest remaining survivors Jillian and the skmokin hot twins Oliver and Alexander Jillian is reunited with the boys after four years apart and that s when the love triangle begins Added to the mix, Jillian starts experiencing visions again and admits to the boys that she has as always been clairvoyant and that her visions always come true As the sexual tension rises, [...]

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