[PDF] ↠ The Journals of Raymond Brooks | By ↠ Amit Bobrov #2020

  • Title: The Journals of Raymond Brooks
  • Author: Amit Bobrov
  • ISBN: 9789655501469
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Journals of Raymond Brooks By Amit Bobrov Raymond Brooks was born a thousand years ago, an orphaned boy lost in a foreign land The Journals uncover the mysteries and adventures he experienced during his unimaginable lifespan Could the Supernatural walk amongst us If they do, what lengths will they go to preserve their secrecy Why would Raymond commit virtual suicide by revealing their existence
    Amit Bobrov
    Just a boring geek.

    The Journals of Raymond Brooks By Amit Bobrov


    Doreen Halmi
    I love fantasy and this book is all that I with fantasy book will be.I can t wait for the next ONE

    Yarden Fishler
    I have read a lot of books in hebrew over the years, and this is my first real book in English.Though not easy to read for the first time, it was worth it, totally worth it The book is both real and touching, and i couldn t let it down until i finished the last word can t wait for the next one

    Gideon Balchasan
    This has been one of the best books I have read in a while.The writing makes is so that even a supernatural being from thousands of years in the past can still be relateable and find a warm place in your heart Even if they aren t necessarily loveable, they are still dear to the reader because they are simply well written, interesting, witty or just down right funny.A thing I hold dear about this novel is that the conflicts depicted are never one sided, which is to say that the reasoning for both [...]

    Idan Mor
    As a regular low fatntasy, I would strongly recommend this book to all who are intrested in fantasy,the book is one of the few i read that take a reslitic view to the dark ages and yet add a hint of magic, but even so have its heros deal with it as mere mortals do at the beginning, with great fear and awethe diaries, and have no fear, they are written as diaries take you on an awesome journey to the dark past of its charctars and the consequences of it to their lives todayI started reading the b [...]

    Daniel Lis
    As a fan of the Dark Fantasy genre I found The Journals of Raymond Brooks to be a breath of fresh air.A set of memorale and creative cheracters, a foreboding atmosphere, dark undertones and witty writing exalted this dark tale above others of the genre An exciting take on fantasy set in an unrelenting version of the real world makes this book huanting and unforgetful.I highly recommend this book to any one who s tired of the same old dreary modern tales in the genre.

    Melanie Grayham
    Great storyI choose five stars because as soon as I was finished reading I was immediately looking for the second book and so disappointed not to find itlol I also loved the two person writing style it kept it popping Really great story and can t wait for the next installment.

    Morgan Bloodrayne
    When I first read this book I could not believe how great it was I read lots of books but this is by far The best book I have ever read.The characters are so real you feel their pain or happiness yourself The plots are sweeping and you just can t stop reading Can t wait for the second book, DO NOT MISS THIS Enjoy

    Aviad Tal
    The journey that Raymond goes through is not an easy one This book is a wonderful story of humanity at its best and worst, showing real conflicts in a world of fiction, yet very relevant to our world today The characters are very interesting and human, and it s wonderful to see how they evolve during the novel.I highly recommend this book for everyone.

    Nofar Barnea
    STRONGLY RECOMMENDED very well written book I couldn t let go of the book and had to read it in one sitting and still wanted The book takes you back in time to ancient England and exposes you to the supernatural aspect of the period The characters were very real and relatable Many of the scenes described were very easy to believe although this is a supernatural novel.

    This book was great It blew me away I was very excited to read this book The characters are complicated and the story was awesome This book kept me attention the whole time I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

    Awesome book, enjoyed every page.Can t wait for the next one.

    Omri Koresh
    Really Really good.i read it Fast, there are only two other books that i read That fast was super interesting.i recommend.

    Decent concept, but the dialogue needs work Immersion in the story was regularly disrupted by the use of modern slang let s get it on , bullcrap during scenes which supposedly occurred in pre empire Britain Probably better for a younger audience than me.

    • [PDF] ↠ The Journals of Raymond Brooks | By ↠ Amit Bobrov
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