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  • Title: White Horse
  • Author: Alex Adams
  • ISBN: 9780857209979
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback

  • White Horse By Alex Adams When I wake the world is gone Only fragments remain And then I remember Before Her life may have taken a couple of wrong turns but Zoe is trying to make the best of what she has A part time cleaning job to pay for college, a weekly appointment with her therapist to straighten out the problems in her life The same problems that any thirty year old would have NothinWhen I wake the world is gone Only fragments remain And then I remember Before Her life may have taken a couple of wrong turns but Zoe is trying to make the best of what she has A part time cleaning job to pay for college, a weekly appointment with her therapist to straighten out the problems in her life The same problems that any thirty year old would have Nothing major Nothing life threatening A few bad dream, that s all After The only thought that remains is survival Survival in a desolate, post apocalyptic world For herself For her unborn baby But help is scarce in a world where untold horrors exist around every corner, where food and water are in desperately short supply, and the only chance of happiness is half a world away.
    Alex Adams
    Alex Adams was born in New Zealand, raised in Greece and Australia, and currently lives in Oregon which is a whole lot like New Zealand, minus those freaky looking wetas Her debut novel, White Horse Emily Bestler Books Atria hits shelves April 17, 2012 Her fingers are crossed that the world won t end before then.

    White Horse By Alex Adams


    so this is why i hate reviewing advanced readers copies after the thrill of yayyyyy, i have something that youuuu don t have wears off, i am stuck here with a book that was good, but didn t blow my mind and now i have to be all critical about it, and it can t even defend itself yet and it is probably one of those books that is going to be wildly successful and then i will be the lone voice in the wilderness on record as not loving it and all the internet will laugh at met that i lack the courage [...]

    Bottom line, this book has a lot to recommend it it is a dark, dream like, post apocalyptic landscape with sharp turns and compelling plot twists I experienced a few moments of genuine shock remarkable for a jaded reader like myself and not once did I ever want to stop reading I just had to know how it was all going to come out The only way to really know if this book is for you is to go on this journey with Zoe, our narrator, and see for yourself This is one of those books that when I finished [...]

    This was recommended to me as a Hunger Games for adults, so maybe that s where it all went wrong That excited me way too much This book was weird Odd, disconnected and I didn t see any display of great writing that some of the other reviewers did I couldn t get into the story or the characters as I did with Hunger Games and now I ll never be able to stop comparing the two , and it felt way too overtly like a setup book for the remaining trilogy I didn t find Zoe, the protagonist, likable or even [...]

    Cole Alpaugh
    You slip into the first pages of WHITE HORSE and are so overwhelmed by the beauty of the writing that you barely notice the horrific events unfolding Imagine writing that dances across incestuous rape and the noise of cats lapping decomposing human flesh and still makes you want to cry for the beauty of the words Alex Adams is that good Her writing leaves you ready to challenge anyone to find a better paragraph, a better page from any of the great authors It is writing that creates a dilemma you [...]

    This review can also be found on Bookwanderer Alex Adams White Horse came galloping out of the herd of dystopian fiction earlier this year, accompanied by lots of positive reviews and buzz I took a bet on it, but unfortunately, for me, what I had taken for a White Horse was, in actuality, a bob tailed nag Okay, okay horse puns While it initially seemed like a promising example of a post apocalypse novel, I ended up finishing White Horse solely for the reveals Even when reading something that I [...]

    Pandemic disease is only part of Adams apocalypse It also involves war and pesky shifts in global weather What s and to me most fascinating White Horse is a pathogen that wreaks its havoc by changing the victim s genetic structure, turning off certain switches and flipping on others The effects of this sudden evolution range from miserable death most of the population to horrific somatic mutations.A very few people seem to be immune to the plague One is our heroine Zoe, who arrives home one day [...]

    Jamie Mason
    If you survived the end of the world, what would you become Surely you don t imagine you d remain the very same you, the you that you ve come to know and love and self loathe at intervals Would you become a hero A hermit Or perhaps a looter, or a lunatic What is there left after every achievement you ve gained in life becomes meaningless and you re stranded on the ashy other side of all you ve ever known Once someone or something has pushed the reset button on civilization, who will you be And w [...]

    ☕ Kimberly
    White Horse is the first novel in the White Horse trilogy and shares the beginning of a post apocalyptic dystopian world and its downfall It is dark, gritty, and eerily real Adam shares with us the many facets of man at his best and worst She immediately captured my attention with her riveting world building and her raw, fleshed out characters This tale immediately made me think of the Passage by John Cronin and the awesomeness I felt while embarking on that journey Within the first few pages I [...]

    Chris Blocker
    For the first 100 pages, White Horse was well on its way to being a five star read That s not to say it didn t have problems, it did But the story was entertaining The structure was highly effective The tale of two girls, one blind, trying to make it in this post apocalyptic landscape worked well It was The Road meets The Hunger Games % The next hundred pages the book dropped to a 4 for me My patience was beginning to wane Too many convenient events coming together A fight, an explosion, a fight [...]

    Libbie Hawker (L.M. Ironside)
    I grew up in a very religious family that was, to state things mildly, a little obsessed about the End Times Being constantly immersed in a culture of anticipating the Apocalypse with glee did something of a number on my head, a trauma which even well into my skeptical and atheistic adulthood can sometimes still rear up and give me a case of the cold sweats or worse That s why it took me four months to finish this book because it s so vividly written that I found myself having to put it down aga [...]

    Sometimes people ask me why I read young adult books I mean, there s this sense that you read books for children when you re a child and then you progress to middle grade chapter books and young adult and you move on to things from the proper fiction and nonfiction shelves by the time you re out of college At some point, I know should graduate to staid biographies and home repair manuals and Moby Dick or some shit But then I read something shelved for adults and I remember why I don t.So many bo [...]

    Free through First Reads.I ve been sitting on my review for a while trying to figure out the reasons for my dislike of White Horse, and it comes down to plot, pacing, and prose dr The premise is fine but the characters never behave like actual humans the pacing is glacial the prose is purple.Fans of dystopian fiction might as well give this a go It s readable Parts held my interst just not the same parts that held the author s interest.Plot The premise is sound for the genre biologial apocalypse [...]

    Chris Bauer
    White Horse by Alex Adams is one of the best books I ve read this year I have to give the book 4.5 stars for a couple of minor points at the end of this post.The overall writing style is absolutely top notch with gobs of original and evocative prose The story is a familiar one among contemporary writers post collapse survival, hazardous journeys and perils at every turn But there are several key elements in this work which make it stand out, head and shoulders above the rest Think of Cormac McCa [...]

    Flora Smith
    I received this courtesy of FirstReads.This was one of those books that I really had trouble putting down once I started it I love dystopias and apocolyptic type books and this fit those categories perfectly.Zoe is a janitor in a pharmaceutical company when one day all the mice at work dies and she comes home to find a mysterious jar in her apartment Things tend to go downhill for Zoe after that People start dying from a mysterious disease Its later learned that if you didn t die from this disea [...]

    Shellie (Layers of Thought)
    Original review posted at Layers of Thought.The first in a planned trilogy, it s a stream of consciousness styled apocalyptic tale with alternating timeframes The novel features an illness that horrifically decimates and changes the human population, and an intriguing mythic thread with a heroine s journey where a young survivor travels on a heartfelt mission to find the father of her unborn child.About Zoe is strong, intelligent and reflective In transition, she is working at a local research f [...]

    I found White Horse very interesting but irritating at first The format is a little off putting with Now and Then being used throughout to tell the story of the present and the past, with very short passages between each one, which interrupted the flow of the story Then there was the jar One of the most intriguing aspects to White Horse and one of the most frustrating.A mysterious jar turns up in Zoe s apartment, with no note and no reason And whereas you or I might just throw it in the recyclin [...]

    K. O'Bibliophile
    I kinda hate it when summaries misrepresent their book Scratch that, I totally hate it That might not reflect on the book s story or quality, but somewhere in he publishing process, someone made a decision to lie to potential readers And then someone probably approved it.So no, the book is not, as it would seem, about everything is normal until BOOM the president announces we re all gonna die and now everyone is disappearing and we have to run or we ll never survive The president doesn t come mu [...]

    So where to start ok I think the first thing is to say that a lot better people and reviewers have commented about this book so if you are after a hint at what this book is like I suggest you read them I doubt I can do them any other justice than to let them say their piece But what do I think well I am not sure and let me explain why I struggle with books which try and present a moral superior person, even the best of us gets angry and traffic jams and shop check outs so when you see a someone [...]

    Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com
    I have to tell you that this novel pulled me in from page one and held me to the very last page Adams writes a story of a post apocalyptic time I could not help but wonder the whole time I was reading what I would do if I woke up one day and had to face what Zoe, the main character, had to face She is powerful and her experiences are graphic, unsettling and simply irresistible This page turning novel takes you not only on a journey of survival, but a journey of the human condition when faced wit [...]

    I just want those of you that read my blog regularly know that this is not my regular fare But I had to post my review here because I know a lot of you do read adult fiction This is a book that shows an apocalypse before during and after Something that s so frighteningly realistic that I wonder that it hasn t happened yet or if it will happen in my life time The people are dying so rapidly that they have to burn the bodies A war was being fought but it was forgotten when the sickness came on har [...]

    If White Horse brings to mind a knight in shining armor coming to rescue the princess you re far from what this book is all about If White Horse brings to mind Taylor Swift s song you re even further from it than before you might as well give up just read the book to find out I loved everything about this dystopian post apocalyptic story Where other books about similar topics fail this one triumphs Zoe, the protagonist is extremely likable as you read you want her to survive, to have a happy end [...]

    Luanne Ollivier
    My secret passion is dystopian fiction I usually indulge myself with young adult offerings, but the opening lines of Alex Adams adult debut novel White Horse drew in and had me settled into my favourite reading nook for a very long time When I wake, the world is still gone Only fragments remain Pieces of places and people who were once whole I am always intrigued by what authors imagine our future might be.Our protagonist is Zoe a young widow who works as a cleaner at Pope Pharmaceuticals Zoe s [...]

    White Horse Alex Adams White Horse is the story of thirty eight year old Zoe, a janitor at Pope Pharmaceuticals, who leads an ordinary life until the President of the United States announces that humans are no longer a viable species and the end of the world is at hand Zoe sees everyone she loves disappear in the disease, war and completely crazy weather destroys the world and the people in it Zoe starts running and ends up in a farmhouse in what uses to be a farm in what used to be Italy In thi [...]

    Kristina Rose
    While the premise is relevant for the era we live in if not played out at this point , the utter and complete fakeness and ridiculousness of the actual mediocre writing ruined the entire effect.First, some sort of man made end of the world has finally come about time and people are dropping dead everywhere, yet no one seems to feel the need to gather supplies or investigate what is going on With people in this much denial, I would have been happy to let Darwin take over People in general are not [...]

    The world is in ruins after a disease has killed most of the planet and a young woman is in search to find her love while everyone around her is dying of a mystery virusyada yada yada It s your basic post apocalyptic, everyone is dead or dying story Love the premise The darker the better And this one is darklots of people die s great It cleverly goes back and forth between the Then , when everything started going to hell, and the Now , where our heroine travels halfway across the world to find h [...]

    White HorseAlex AdamsThe reader is thrown into a new world where chaos reigns, but humanity survives.This novel tries to be a romantic novel and succeeds if the reader can identify romance in a Post apocalyptic world.White Horse is the name that has been given to a plague that has wiped out millions and of humans There are three types of people left in the world, the dead, the dying, and those that may be immune from the White Horse disease.Thirty year old Zoe is one of the immune She led an ord [...]

    White Horse ist der erste Teil einer Triologie bei der man leider wohl davon ausgehen muss das es die andere beiden Teile nicht auf den deutschen Markt schaffen werden Wobei man dazu sagen muss das im englischen bisher auch nur zwei von drei Teilen berhaupt ver ffentlicht wurden Aber zumindest ist der erste Teil auf jeden Fall seine 5 Sterne wert und k nnte meiner Meinung nach auch sehr gut sein Dasein als Einzelband fristen Die Story an sich ist nix neues, es geht um die Apokalypse, das Ende de [...]

    Lynda Engler
    Beautifully written, thrilling, chilling, terrifying, and engrossing, Zoe finds hope in a dying world, and maintains her humanity while horrors unfold around her One woman s day to day survival in a world entering the Apocalypse is a timeless plot and certainly has been done before, but the way in which Adams wrote it flows smoothly, with excellent detail without bogging you down in too much back story Adams jumps flawlessly from the Then to the Now As the story slowly unfolds, we find out what [...]

    ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎
    Rated 3.5The beginning of this book was a bit confusing with the story going back and forth from past to present I didn t understand what the white horse was about It didn t keep my interest until I was closer towards the end It was just meh for me.

    Damien Angelica Walters
    This story is woven like a tapestry Threads combine to paint a picture of the dystopian world the main character lives in now and the world she left behind Gorgeous, poetic writing Beautifully dark story I cannot recommend this book enough.

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