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  • Title: Are You Experienced?
  • Author: Jordan Sonnenblick
  • ISBN: 9781250025647
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Are You Experienced? By Jordan Sonnenblick Rich is fifteen and plays guitar When his girlfriend asks him to perform at protest rally, he jumps at the chance Unfortunately, the police show up, and so does Rich s dad He s in big trouble Again To make matters worse, this happens near the anniversary of his uncle s death from a drug overdose years ago Rich s dad always gets depressed this time of year, but whenevRich is fifteen and plays guitar When his girlfriend asks him to perform at protest rally, he jumps at the chance Unfortunately, the police show up, and so does Rich s dad He s in big trouble Again To make matters worse, this happens near the anniversary of his uncle s death from a drug overdose years ago Rich s dad always gets depressed this time of year, but whenever Rich asks questions about his late uncle, his dad shuts down.Frustrated by his dad s silence, Rich sneaks into his office and breaks into a locked cabinet that holds his dad s prized possession an electric guitar signed by Jimi Hendrix Before he knows it, Rich is transported to the side of a road in Upstate New York with a beautiful girl bending over him It will take him a while to realize it s 1969, he s at Woodstock, and the girl s band of friends includes his fifteen year old dad and his uncle, who s still alive What Rich learns, who he meets, and what he does could change his life forever.
    Jordan Sonnenblick
    I am the author of seven books for children and young adults, including Drums, Girls Dangerous Pie So if you re looking for info about some other guy named Jordan Sonnenblick, you ve got the wrong website.Anyway, I know a lot of people are looking for stuff they can use in reports for school, so I ll just get this out of the way right up front My favorite color is blue.I have a wife and two kids.The best pet I ever had was a garter snake I caught when I was eight by a lake in Pennsylvania I named the snake Hector Then it gave birth to 20 baby snakes, so I changed its name to Hectoria.My all time favorite band is the Beatles, although I like a ton of different music.My hobbies are playing the drums, guitar, and bass riding my bicycle at least 50 miles a week hanging out with my wife and kids and reading.Speaking of reading, I read a lot of different genres As a kid, though, I mostly read fantasy, science ction, and comic books When I was in fourth grade, a fantasy novel called The Dark is Rising inspired me to become a novelist someday.My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to go to Yankees games and throw open ketchup packets off the upper deck Don t try that at home, kids

    Are You Experienced? By Jordan Sonnenblick


    সালমান হক
    Favorite writer for a reason From starting to finishing I just loved it Its about Woodstock, Music, family bonding and yes Time travel.

    When I found out that this novel involved time travel, I thought, oh boy, not sure I m gonna like this Time travel in books and movies always confuses me As much as I enjoyed Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children, the time traveling back and forth just had me asking question after question to a few friends who had read it I think I drove them a little crazy with, So what did it mean when and So how were they able to I finally just gave up trying to have it all make sense and just enjoyed t [...]

    Brenda Kahn
    I m a huge fan of Jordan Sonnenblick, but not a fan of time travel books I was not old enough to attend Woodstock, but remember the big deal it was I also love the music of the 60 s and 70 s, but am not a scholar This time travel book worked for me Featuring a likable main character, an instructive recreation of a weekend that changed the world and some truly laugh out loud moments, I raced through this book.

    Richie Partington
    Richie s Picks ARE YOU EXPERIENCED by Jordan Sonnenblick, Feiwel and Friends Macmillan, September 2013, 304p ISBN 978 1 250 02564 7 Then things got freaky A flash of lightning illuminated the entire field There was David, still on his back, still grinning Michael and Willow, together, peering up at the sky in awe Debbie, her mouth opened in mid syllable And Tina, shrieking, Here it is Ten Nine Eight She only got down to three before the skies opened up and a pelting storm engulfed us It didn t l [...]

    This book was amazing Not only did it include time travel, it included Woodstock, familial strife, drama, and edgy situations This book is about Richard Richard is trying to have a better relationship with his strict parents and his mourning dad He loves music and wants to make it as a musician one day At a particularly difficult time, on the anniversary of when his uncle died, Richard plays at a rally in which his girlfriend is protesting His dad finds out and gets upset They are both arrested [...]

    The book is definitely heartbreaking at points one of the reasons I wanted to read this was because I love Jordan Sonnenblick and I think this has become my favorite book of his.

    Are You Experienced was a majestic book Filled with heart breaking and drastic moments, Jordan Sonnenblick really is experienced Referring to the title.

    Stephen Carlson
    Really good book I highly recommend it for lovers of classic rock and the 1969 woodstock.

    Ms. Yingling
    Rich has always struggled with the demands of his much older, strict parents He understands that his father has never recovered from the heroin overdoes death of his older brother in the fall of 1969, but thinks that his parents are still unreasonable When Rich is arrested for playing guitar at a rally to support the legalization of marijuana, on the very anniversary of his uncle Mike s death, his father is angrier than usual After visiting his father in the basement in the middle of the night, [...]

    Becky Ginther
    I really did not know what to make of this book going into it, and even when I was halfway through it The concept of the book is that Rich, a teenager with overprotective parents, gets transported back in time to Woodstock, 1969 The first people he meets while he is there is his father as a 15 year old and his Uncle Mike as an 18 year old who Rich has never met because Mike died at the age of 18 Rich knows that Mike died just a couple of weeks after Woodstock, and that events at the concert led [...]

    Jordan Sonnenblick did a outstanding job on writing this book, it is now one of my favorites The book Are you experienced is about a 15 year old boy named rich he has a big passion for music and playing the guitar he was pretty much a pro at playing it His girlfriend knew he was good at it and asked he could play at a protest rally, He takes any opportunity to play the guitar so he took it But his girlfriend let out a few details It was a protest rally too marijuana legalization He had no idea b [...]

    Have you ever heard stories about your parent s pasts and just shook your head and thought no way, they could never behave in such a manner Ever wondered as you where growing up where they came up with such ridiculous rules and strict ideas Rich was fortunate enough to experience just exactly what his stern father was like as a 15 year old teen as he time travels from 2014 to 1969 as his father is headed off to Woodstock Just thinking about the time that Rich spends with David his father , his U [...]

    Aurora Dimitre
    The beautiful thing about this book was the music It s a sort of thing that hits you even if you re not into Woodstock or the bands and people that played there if you re into any sort of music that s not the right now music, or fans of any bands or people that aren t around any, it has the same effect I mean, of course this focuses on Woodstock, but the feeling s still there And I really like how the music and how the people were handled I thought it was very hard hitting and very emotional and [...]

    I read this during the anniversary of Woodstock And why not This book made me realize how the events in Woodstock can be so relevant to what is happening today And to think that Woodstock actually happened almost fifty years ago The beginning of this book was quite confusing But it s just the beginning Everything will totally make sense as you progress in the book And I actually like the way the book flows.I ve been reading Jordan Sonnenblick since I was a teenager And this is such a different s [...]

    Carina O.
    Can you imagine going back in time to 45 years ago This is exactly what fifteen year old Rich did in Are You Experienced By Jordan Sonnenblick This an excellent example of a science fiction book It s 2014 and Rich is a 15 year old boy with overprotective parents, a goth girlfriend, and a passion for music When Rich s girlfriend asks him to play at a protest he says yes But when things go wrong, and the police show up Rich is in big trouble with his parents Rich gets angry, and he gets into a fig [...]

    S.l. L. Lipson
    I can always count on Jordan Sonnenblick for compelling and well written novels with authentic sounding teen characters, stories with values I espouse and have no hesitation recommending to the kids I teach, and memorable, moving themes This contemporary fantasy and coming of age story introduces a teenage musician who defies his emotionally distant father by playing a forbidden magical guitar that transports him back to Woodstock, where he meets and attends the concert with his then teenage fat [...]

    I just finished this amazing book five minutes ago and it had me surprised Before this book I knew very little about Woodstock or what it meant to be a teenager in the 70s After this book, I even felt like I was there This book had a great balance of funny and sad Rich is hilarious, kind, and considerate I was laughing Literally LAUGHING so loud at his jokes that people now avoid me at school I just love the fact that I could relate to him and he actually spoke like he was 15 He was naive about [...]

    Brody Channell
    This book is awesome Rich is a teenager that struggles connecting with his older than average parents They have strict rules and his dad doesn t seem to like that Rich has a lot in common with his dad s older brother who died young Rich plays his dad s Jim Hendrix autographed guitar and is transported back in tome to Woodstock with his father and uncle This leads him on a journey of discovery as he learns about his dad s past and about himself.I love Hendrix, so I was sold at the outset It is a [...]

    I ve never read a book by Jordan Sonnenblick, but have heard nothing but raves about his stuff I was pretty excited to see Are You Experienced on netgalley and thankful to get an eARC of it This was one really different and fun ride Being too young to have experienced the 60s, this time in U.S history has always intrigued me I do have a friend who was at Woodstock and it was neat to talk to her about this book and find that her memories of it were pretty much online with what Sonnenblick has rec [...]

    Stephanie Mohler
    Really liked this book Rich s parents especially his father are very overprotective and never allow Rich to have any freedom When Rich gets arrested for playing guitar at a pro medical marijuana rally, he is grounded for life Stuff happens and Rich is suddenly transported back in time to 1969 on the road to Woodstock where he meets his dad now a teenager , his Uncle Michael, and Willow his uncle s girlfriend For 3 days, Rich gets to hang out with his father and uncle, meet some famous musicians, [...]

    Rich is just doing his thing, playing guitar and trying not to get into trouble with his oppressive parents He volunteers to play at his girlfriend s rally and that s when his world gets a little fuzzy His father has always been overly strict and secretly obsessive with the death of his brother, Rich s Uncle Mike A magical time traveling trip back to August of 1969 and the epic Woodstock concert gives Rich information about his family s past than he can comprehend This is a really nice mix of h [...]

    Bella Hendricks
    Well that was just an overall great experience For one thing I haven t read a book with realistic and that well done character development in quite a while so that was a big plus And my gosh if he didn t capture PERFECTLY the essence of Woodstock and that time in general You could absolutely tell it was thoroughly researched to give the most THERE experience next to going there yourself The colorful characters have good variety and even the time travel aspect was done in a way that really did no [...]

    Here s the thing, I think Sonnenblick maybe the most talented writer of a male, teenage narrative voice in printwith possibly an exception of Andrew Smith, but Sonnenblick is scarily consistent I usually don t do time travel, and I m guessing this element has kept this book obscure than others, but it s seriously entertaining Seriously, the angst, humor, honesty and frustration with a side of heart is so Sonnenblick that I appreciate this book is another I enjoyed Not quite Curveball awesome, b [...]

    Will I ever not love a realistic fiction book by local PA author Jordan Sonnenblick I think not The perfect word to describe this book is trippy, and I mean that in a good way I loved the twisted family dynamics going on here, and Sonnenblick nailed an authentic teen voice just as he did in his last YA novel The musical history and setting here is, I believe, pretty unique to YA fiction and I hope it will inspire teens to check out some of the songs artists referenced throughout.

    I wasn t sure if I was going to like this one because of the back in time futuristic thing But let me tell you I couldn t put it down All of it made sense when you put together the pieces which is hard to find especially if the book going back in time all hail sonnenblick on another one of his amazing reads

    A little sci fi, a little historical, a little realisticl of these are weaved together to tell a story that I read in one sitting A heartbreaking story that shows the importance of family and of course, music.

    Nathaniel Lemisch
    I could really relate to this main character, given that s he s in high school and plays guitar But the way Jordan Sonnenblick describes Woodstock is almostgical

    Mrs. Nobile
    Whats not to love Rock roll, Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix for the mature young adult

    I am a huge fan of Mr Sonnenblick and I love time travel stories This should have been a five star book for me It was not for many reasons SPOILERS COMING The book is four years old I am coming at it a bit late so I feel OK 1 The guy on the cover of the book is right handed Not Jordan s fault, but it is VERY important that Richie Gabriel is left handed 2 Time travel books that involve real people are fine when the real people are supporting characters In this book, Jimi Hendricks says and does t [...]

    Jennifer Denney
    This is unlike most of the other Sonnenblick books I ve read It has the heart and the humor and the family angle, but the content is aimed at high school than middle school Fifteen year old Richard is struggling with his overprotective, super high maintenance parents and all their rules He sneaks out to play his guitar at a protest to legalize marijuana and ends up arrested His dad FLIPS OUT So what s a teenager to do when he s already in trouble Sneak into his dad s secret closet and find the [...]

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