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  • Title: Templar's Acre
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9780857205209
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook

  • Templar's Acre By Michael Jecks The Holy Land, 1291 A war has been raging across these lands for decades The forces of the Crusaders have been pushed back again and again by the Muslims and now just one city remains in Crusader control That one city stands between the past and the future One city which must be defended at all costs That city is Acre And into this battle where men will fight to theThe Holy Land, 1291 A war has been raging across these lands for decades The forces of the Crusaders have been pushed back again and again by the Muslims and now just one city remains in Crusader control That one city stands between the past and the future One city which must be defended at all costs That city is Acre And into this battle where men will fight to the death to defend their city comes a young boy Green and scared, he has never seen battle before But he is on the run from a dark past and he has no choice but to stay And to stay means to fight That boy is Baldwin de Furnshill This is the story of the siege of Acre, and of the moment Baldwin first charged into battle This is just the beginning The rest is history.
    Michael Jecks
    Michael Jecks is a best selling writer of historical novels The son of an Actuary, and the youngest of four brothers, he worked in the computer industry before becoming a novelist full time in 1994He is the author of the internationally popular Templar series, perhaps the longest crime series written by a living author Unusually, the series looks again at actual events and murders committed about the early fourteenth century, a fabulous time of treachery, civil war, deceit and corruption Famine, war and disease led to widespread despair, and yet the people showed themselves to be resilient The series is available as ebooks and all paper formats from Harper Collins, Headline and Simon and Schuster More recently he has completed his Vintener Trilogy, three stories in his Bloody Mary series, and a new Crusades story set in 1096, Pilgrim s War, following some of the people in the first Crusade on their long pilgrimage to Jerusalem He has also written a highly acclaimed modern spy thriller, Act of Vengeance.His books have won him international acclaim and in 2007 his Death Ship of Dartmouth was shortlisted for the Harrogate prize for the best crime novel of the year.A member of the Society of Authors and Royal Literary Society, Jecks was the Chairman of the Crime Writers Association in 2004 2005 In 2005 he became a member of the Detection Club From 1998 he organised the CWA Debut Dagger competition for two years, helping unpublished authors to win their first contracts He judged the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for three years.Michael Jecks is a popular speaker at literary festivals and historical meetings He is a popular after dinner and motivational speaker and has spoken at events from Colombia to Italy, Portugal to Alaska.His own highlights are being the Grand Marshal of the first parade at the New Orleans 2014 Mardi Gras, designing the Michael Jecks fountain pen for Conway Stewart, and being the International Guest of Honour at the Crime Writers of Canada Bloody Words convention Michael lives, walks, writes and paints in North Dartmoor.

    Templar's Acre By Michael Jecks Templar s Acre Knights Templar, by Michael Jecks Templar s Acre book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers The Holy Land, A war has been raging across these lands for de Templars Tunnel Acre All You Need to Know BEFORE Oct , According to TripAdvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Templars Tunnel Daily Tours to North of Israel From Jerusalem From . Walking Tour of Akko Half day From . Haifa and Acco Private Tour From . See all Templars Tunnel experiences on TripAdvisor Acre Templars tunnel BibleWalks The Crusaders of the Templars order settled in Acre in the th Century AD after the fall of Jerusalem, and built a fortress on the south west corner of the old city of Acre They also cut a M tunnel into the rock in order to connect the fortress to the port, located on the south eastern side. Templar s Acre, a Knights Templar murder mystery by Templar s Acre, a Knights Templar murder mystery by Michael Jecks, looks back to the early life of Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and how he joined the Templar order A Secret Knights Templar Tunnel that Remained Hidden for Feb , Even in the late th century, crusader structures were still being discovered in the Levant, the most notable of which was the meter feet Templar tunnel running underneath the modern city of Acre.


    Anyone who writes reviews for a review site or their blog knows that feeling when you sit down to write and your fingers rest on the keys motionless You write a few words Erase them Try again Erase them It is a dance I am sure the writer of novels knows only too well, especially when things are not so straight forward, and reviewers who want to write about the books they read are no different It is a dance and I was in it when I sat down to write about Templar s Acre When a story, or in this cas [...]

    In this the final installment of the Templar mystery series, Mr Jecks takes us back to the event that heavily affected the later life of Sir Baldwin the final siege and fall of Acre in 1291 As readers of the series know, this event is brought up time and time again.A word of warning unlike the rest of the novels in this series, this entry is not a mystery It is a straight action adventure historical novel We first meet Baldwin, a young 16 yr old aboard ship bound for Acre with his determination [...]

    Michael Jecks once has produced a fantastic read in Templar s Acre This tale takes to Baldwin as a young man You read how he came to Acre and how he left Baldwin is tempered in the fire of the final days of Outreamer My question is what happened next that he joined the Templars I will miss Baldwin until Michael Jecks returns to him and Simon.

    Bryn Hammond
    I had a free copy for review I haven t read any of the Knights Templar mysteries, but this prequel to them not a mystery easily stood alone as historical fiction on the siege of Acre An open endedness, possibly a dissatisfaction with the end, might be the only time you notice it s attached to a series I found this a straightforward action story action from page one, and onwards with likeable characters I was glad to have the quiet nobility of the Leper Knight not a leper himself but in service w [...]

    Kate B
    I listened to the audio book whilst driving and had no idea until looking it up on that it was part of a long series.

    Lorraine Montgomery
    After writing 31 Knights Templar Adventures featuring Sir Baldwin de Furnhill and his sidekick, Simon Puttock, Michael Jecks has written a prequel to the series as a temporary, we hope farewell while he works on other endeavours which include his trilogy of Hundred Years War stories which began with Fields of Glory, published in 2014.Templar s Acre begins with Baldwin, a seasoned warrior of age 17, wounded and on board a ship escaping the over run city of Acre lost to the Muslims under Sultan al [...]

    This book is a prequel about Sir Baldwin de Furnshill s background before he became a Templar and a knight It is a historical novel, not a mystery, and is excellent I did not know much about the siege of Acre, the last city that the Crusaders held against the Muslims Jecks explained the background and set the scene for the fall of the city while moving the action along and introducing us to the various characters Baldwin meets when he arrives as a young man eager to help protect the city He is m [...]

    As this story is done, it is going to be the last of the Templar series for a while Jecks, Author s Note, 1 , I am glad to have most of the mysteries surrounding Baldwin answered, but what a brutal story I missed Simon s companionship, but enjoyed the companionships of Baldwin s first life, while they survived I can not say this book is enjoyable, by any means, as I am not muslim, I know the history, and there is little in which to enjoy With that said, Jecks crafted a well told story Baldwin s [...]

    I have enjoyed the series This prequel to the series will likely have me back for a re read with new eyes Jecks never fails as a story teller using the history for the backdrop of his tales 15 SEP 2013 I had to return to add this to the review The author, Jecks, has been interviewed today part one and I believe the few pages of interview will give insight to this author and why this and all of his titles are so good Here is the link to the interview newmobileme imagochron

    This prequel to the Templar novels mysteries was excellent It gave insight into Baldwin s life before he became a Templar, was exciting and interesting in its portrayal of the siege and fall of Acre.Hopefully we have not yet seen the last of Simon and Baldwin but meanwhile how about Baldwin s adventures on and after joining the Templars

    This is the 32nd of these books by Michael Jecks but the first chronologically The book is set around the siege of Acre in the late 13th century and follows fictional characters as the siege evolves There is a great deal of blood and thunder and a good yarn if you like that However the factual background is thinly drawn and I prefer a little of the politics and historical background.

    For those that know Michael Jecks medieval mystery series this is the backstory for the excellent Sir Baldwin.As you d expect it covers the fall of Acre in 1291 in great detail and if you like sieges you ll just love this one.Super stuff and 4.5 5.

    Gary Raines
    Well, this is the last of Michael Jecks Templar novels It will be interesting to see what he does now I ve enjoyed the run.

    Just couldn t get in to it Not for me.

    Not unenjoyable, but for a professionally published piece the editing leaves much to be desired.

    James Krauss
    Good book but a little too much battle and too little mystery.

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