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  • Title: Mi hermana vive sobre la repisa de la chimenea
  • Author: Annabel Pitcher
  • ISBN: 9786078126101
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

  • Mi hermana vive sobre la repisa de la chimenea By Annabel Pitcher Nuestra librera Virginia Amo Librer a de Valladolid recomienda Mi hermana vive sobre la repisa de la chimenea Este ni o de pelo zanahoria y camiseta de Spiderman nos da una lecci n, aporta una voz con la que hasta ahora yo no me hab a topado y unos sentimientos que son tan obvios que sorprenden por su crueldad.Poco antes de cumplir diez a os, el peque o Jamie se va aNuestra librera Virginia Amo Librer a de Valladolid recomienda Mi hermana vive sobre la repisa de la chimenea Este ni o de pelo zanahoria y camiseta de Spiderman nos da una lecci n, aporta una voz con la que hasta ahora yo no me hab a topado y unos sentimientos que son tan obvios que sorprenden por su crueldad.Poco antes de cumplir diez a os, el peque o Jamie se va a vivir al norte de Londres con su padre separado, su hermana adolescente Jasmine y su gato Roger para empezar desde cero Han pasado cinco a os desde la muerte de Rose, la gemela de Jasmine, en un atentado terrorista isl mico en Londres Sus padres no han conseguido superar el dolor y parece que Jasmine tampoco se ha te ido el pelo de rosa, se ha hecho piercings y ha optado por no comer La familia se ha venido abajo Pero en todo ese tiempo Jamie no ha derramado una sola l grima Para l Rose, cuyas cenizas reposan en la repisa de la chimenea, no es m s que un recuerdo lejano Le interesan mucho m s su gato Roger, la camiseta de Spiderman que le han regalado por su cumplea os o que su padre no se entere de que se ha hecho amigo de una ni a musulmana paquistan Un d a, al ver en la televisi n un anuncio buscando j venes talentos que sepan cantar, se convence de que eso puede hacer que las cosas cambien y que toda la familia pueda salir adelante.
    Annabel Pitcher
    Annabel Pitcher studied English at Oxford and has since worked as a script writer and an English teacher She lives in Yorkshire with her husband MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE was her first novel She is a full time writer.

    Mi hermana vive sobre la repisa de la chimenea By Annabel Pitcher


    I ve been sitting here for a bit trying to collect my thoughts enough that I can write the kind of coherent review this book deserves There are so many things I want to speak about and discuss but at the same time, I wonder if it wouldn t be appropriate to just ask you to please read this book It might be the best one you read this year.The novel has the same poignant flavor as Tabitha Suzuma s Forbidden The same sort of intricate family politics and themes of self discovery and friendship but [...]

    My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece takes place five years after bombs went off in London killing 62 people The story follows the aftermath of the family of the youngest victim, Rose, from the perspective of her now 10 year old brother, Jamie Jamie s parents, unable to deal with the blame and guilt they place on one another, have finally split up Jamie and Jas, Rose s twin, move with their father out into the country One benefit, according to their father, is to get away from Muslims After all, M [...]

    Liz Janet
    My sister Rose lives on the mantelpiece.Well, some of her does.A collarbone, two ribs, a bit of skull, and a little toe This story follows ten year old Jamie, after one of his sisters died during a terrorist bombing, and the effects this has had within his family His mother and father are separated, mother has found another lover, father has become a fervent Islamophobe, and his other sister Jas, lives in the shadow of Rose, the one that died But Jamie meets a girl, a Muslim girl named Sunya, th [...]

    Me ha gustado mucho Me ha hecho re r, llorar y pensar Lo termino con un nudo en en el pecho y con una t mida sonrisa Uno de los libros que m s me ha llegado este a o, sin duda.

    You would expect a book written about a family who lost a child in a terrorist attack would be a tearjerker, possibly to the point of being manipulative It s what I expected But that isn t what Pitcher was writing about In some ways, it s the exact opposite Pitcher isn t writing about the rawness of new grief This isn t about Jamie s grief over losing his sister, because he doesn t really feel grief He doesn t remember her, never really knew her, and only misses her because of the hole her death [...]

    Wow I laughed, I cried dammit What a wonderful book I can not believe it is a debut novel The writing is fantastic.The book is narrated by Jamie, a 10 year old, and the narration feels very real , like he is simply sitting across from you telling you his story, with such innocence And his story deals with some heavy topics terrorism, racism, alcoholism, bullying and the deterioration of the family unit This is an author worth following I m hooked Next book please

    I was almost finished writing a review for this when I pressed a button that made it all disappear SO now I m mad.So now I m writing a simplified version.This book snuck up on me I didn t know if I d like this book because it s told from a ten year old boy s perspective But at the end, I was emotional and trying not to cry I did succeed but it was tough for me.The last quarter of the book was written so well and was HEARTBREAKING Something happened that ripped my heart out and made Jamie the nar [...]

    Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page)
    A really easy, quick and enjoyable read The title of this book is what attracted me to it It sounds really intriguing and it gave me high expectations The premise of the book was fantastic The book actually deals with quite a few issues racism, alcohol abuse, grief, family break ups through they weren t all so obvious I found it a little difficult to get into the childish nature of the writing The narrator is 10 year old Jamie , but after I got used to it, I found it quite charming and the humo [...]

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    Lidi Tahle kniha nen dokonal Nen to ani bestseller Ale v te co Je asn sv m jedine n m zp sobem a taky mnohem lep ne Ke upov mra na, v te mi ekal jsem pr m rn a oddechov vypr v n , m sto toho jsem dostal n co, co m uhranulo a vyrazilo mi dech Mo n je to pr v t m, jak je p b h p mo ar a e si na nic nehraje Nebo je to zkr tka t m, e v m Jamie jako spr vn mlad hrdina sedne Nekompromisn bo.

    Adrián Biháry
    4,5 no, je ve k pravda, e t to kniha nie je megagigadokonal Ale o koho do toho Pre m a osobne s najlep ie knihy tak , kde si zamilujete postavy a ste rozhodnut s s nimi na koniec sveta Pre vate s nimi v etko, o oni a vn mate svet ich o ami, ste odhodlan za ne bojova To preto som dal S boji kr ov jednu hviezdu, preto e aj napriek tomu, e t l Martina je skvel a jeho svet nem najmen ej chybi ky, postavy so mnou ni nerobili, ni mi nehovorili a bolo mi plne jedno, i ich Martin v danej kapitole odbach [...]

    Atmosf rou mi to p ipom nalo m ho mil ho Ne oby ejn ho kluka Hrozn kouzeln , z va n , siln , d le it a skv le zpracovan Oproti Ke upov m mra n m neskute nej posun, kam se na tohle hrabou Neoplakala jsem to, ale dovedu si p edstavit, e to n koho m e pekeln potr pit a dojmout P ekv pko roku Nev m, pro jsem tak dlouho v hala s p e ten m.90 %

    pln nev m, co si o t hle knize myslet Ke upov mra na se mi moc l bila, tak e jsem se na Sestru docela t ila Anotaci jsem ne etla, tak e jsem pak byla pom rn p ekvapen P b h je to ur it siln , m sty mi z n kter ch postav t eba Jamieho otec bylo a zle Nic to nem n na tom, e jsem za ala nen vid t Rose a ne, bylo mi fuk, e je mrtv Je fajn, e tam byl i ten rasismus Pro m nejsiln j z itek Konec view spoiler Kocour Moje nejobl ben j postava hide spoiler 3.5 5

    Marie the Librarian
    Well this was a surprising and bittersweet read Jamie is precious and my heart aches for him Sunya is amazing I love her Jas is also pretty darn great and their parents are buttheads.

    Jo, jo, jo Annabel Pitcher m m fakt r da, moc.Tahle kn ka m dostala stejn jako Ke upov mra na, nebo sp je t v c.Perspektiva desetilet ho kluka je m sty t ko pochopiteln , ale v rohodn.Autorka se citliv dot k spousty t mat alkoholismus, anorexie, rozvod, ikana, rasismus a zpracov v je v n dob e Jen mi vadilo, e zvl hlavn hrdina ob as n kter z nich ignoroval.Jednozna n 4,5 5 , ale pln po et d t nem u, i kdy mi to vehnalo slzy do o.P.S.Ty tlapky na str nk ch 3Cel recenze marky books 2018

    Ufftak tohle bylo hodn depresivn ten Alespo pro m Bylo to tak smutn , e se mi do t knihy chv lemi ani necht lo Kniha m sv j p b h a poselstv Pokud m te chu na n co smutn ho a melancholick ho S hn te po Moje sestra ije na krbov mse a t te o t matech jako ztr ta d t te, otec alkoholik, ikana ve kole a smrt J jsem asi ve f zi, kdy jsem to pln ned vala.

    Tiff at Mostly YA Lit
    This is a bold, brilliantly written piece on family, loss and how to cope Jamie Matthews is a 10 year old boy whose family has been ripped apart by tragedy His sister Rose was killed in a terrorist bombing in London five years ago Rose s twin, Jas, now lives totally in her shadow according to their parents, and Rose s ashes sit in an urn, almost taunting the Matthews family with her presence Jamie s parents are a mess His father is an alcoholic, raging against all Muslims for killing his daughte [...]

    Anita Vela
    La historia trata de Jamie un ni o de 10 a os y su familia tras una perdida muy dolorosa e injusta Hace 5 a os, Rose, la hermana gemela de Jass, muri tras un atentado terrorista en Londres, desde entonces nada ha sido igual para la familia, se empieza a romper en pedacitos Empieza por la culpa cargada de reproches entre los padres y no ponerse de acuerdo con que hacer con los restos de Rose, y deciden repartirlos Es entonces cuando empieza a romperse la familia La madre los abandona, el padre le [...]

    ✿Ivy Roots✿
    After I finished reading My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece I broke into tears and held the book close to my chest, right above my heart This year hasn t been an awful year with books, I have given a few five star reviews that really deserved it I liked these books, some of them I even liked liked, some of them I even loved But I loved loved this book, if there is even such a thing My entire soul bled for this story and I found myself suddenly unable to put the book down I feeling I have not had [...]

    Originally I was only going to give this four stars, but when a book can drive me to tears it automatically becomes a five star read Assorted thoughts 1 The ending s very open ended and leaves some things unresolved I m not sure how I feel about that2 I really like Jamie, I think he s so sweet and adorable and I like the damn honesty in his voice Kids are always so honest and I liked that in the narration.3 Jamie s relationship with his sister Jas is really cute.4 I like how all the characters a [...]

    Jamie is the younger brother of teenage twin sisters one who passed away in the London tube bombings This event is treated the same way as 9 11 often is and it embarrassingly never occurred to me it could ve had the same national effect.In any case, while the reverberations of this incident shake the county they shake Jamie s family most of all His parents are separating and his father has become one of those crazy, rambling Muslim haters another market I thought the U.S cornered , not to mentio [...]

    Ak boli Ke upov oblaky aspo z polovice tak dobr , ako t to kniha, potom sa na ne u teraz naozaj ve mi te m.Odkedy som si musela zbali saky paky a od s z pohodlia domova, nemohla som narazi na knihu, ktor by si ma dok zala prip ta No v momente ke som zbadala ob lku Strieborneho leva a pre tala si prv ch p r viet, vedela som e toto bude ono.Pevne ver m, e sa mi v priebehu nasleduj cich dn podar spracova recenziu, preto e pocity vo mne st le vybuchuj , a ko poveda nie o zmyslupln min ty po do tan O [...]

    Not gonna lie the main reason that I chose this audiobook was for David Tennant s narration I d never listened to an audiobook before and decided that a short book and a familiar voice was how I wanted to ease myself in Consuming this book through my ears meant that I wasn t able to analyze it as much as I normally might but sometimes, that s ok There s something comforting about just sitting back and being read to, especially with a book like this.This story is about a 10 year old boy named Jam [...]

    My mum loved this book It s rare she says she loves a book, and she s a bigger reader than me So I think I expected big, cry inducing, things from this book So I m just gonna put this out there I didn t love this book.I remember reading books like these when I was a child, where these children have less than perfect childhoods for whatever reason and I never understood their actions or reasons for thinking the way they did So there you have it, I didn t get the story.I found the book a bit of an [...]

    Algunos ya sab is que me aburren un taco esas novelas que no tienen di logos, en las que los personajes apenas interactuan entre ellos en primera persona, bien, pues este no tiene di logos , y lo pongo entre comillas porque hay algo, pero relatado desde el punto de vista de Jamie Es como si el protagonista nos escribiese una carta citando lo que dice cada persona pero sin ponerlo como un di logo fluido si no m s bien mi hermana dijo o mi padre dijo y quiz haya sido eso lo que para mi punto de vi [...]

    After reading Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher, I was recommended to read My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by her as well And I m glad that I did.This is a sad and heart wrenching story about a ten year old boy and his wondrous and innocent view on his life and the ones surrounding him.Jamie was an adorable character he sometimes didn t get the deeper meaning of what his sister or his friend said to him and I would get frustrated in some scenarios, but it was understandable He was ten years o [...]

    Beth Bonini
    This book is difficult to classify Technically, it is a children s book it has a 10 year old narrator, and the story is told entirely from his point of view And yet, I m apt to describe this book as YA or for everyone who has grown up and had to deal with all of the losses, big and small, that life throws at you That should cover pretty much everyone Young Jamie has had to deal with loss on a spectacularly huge scale His sister has died in a terrorist bombing five years before the book begins H [...]

    Emotivo y entretenido.

    I normally hate stories told from the point of view of children cause the writer always ends up either making the child sound too mature or too stupid This book had a nice blend though, it felt relatively authentic for the most part It didn t feel like a complete story and there was something missing but overall, I enjoyed it.

    Lynda already wrote everything I want to say about the book and the author so read her review.My addition is to say what a wonderful pleasure it was listening to David Tennant read the story to me He really made Jamie come alive.An exceptional story raised even higher by an exceptional performance in audio

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