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  • Title: Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume 1: Not for Turning
  • Author: Charles Moore
  • ISBN: 9780713992823
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume 1: Not for Turning By Charles Moore With unequaled authority and dramatic detail, the first volume of Charles Moore s authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher reveals as never before the early life, rise to power, and first years as prime minister of the woman who transformed Britain and the world in the late twentieth century Moore has had unique access to all of Thatcher s private and governmental papersWith unequaled authority and dramatic detail, the first volume of Charles Moore s authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher reveals as never before the early life, rise to power, and first years as prime minister of the woman who transformed Britain and the world in the late twentieth century Moore has had unique access to all of Thatcher s private and governmental papers, and interviewed her and her family extensively for this book Many of her former colleagues and intimates have also shared previously unseen papers, diaries, and letters, and spoken frankly to him, knowing that what they revealed would not be published until after her death The book immediately supersedes all other biographies and sheds much new light on the whole spectrum of British political life from Thatcher s entry into Parliament in 1959 to what was arguably the zenith of her power victory in the Falklands in 1982 Drawing on an extraordinary cache of letters to her sister Muriel, Moore illuminates Thatcher s youth, her relationship with her parents, and her early romantic attachments, including her first encounters with Denis Thatcher and their courtship and marriage Moore brilliantly depicts her determination and boldness from the very beginning of her political career and gives the fullest account of her wresting the Tory leadership from former prime minister Edward Heath at a moment when no senior figure in the party dared to challenge him His account of Thatcher s dramatic relationship with Ronald Reagan is riveting This book also explores in compelling detail the obstacles and indignities that Thatcher encountered as a woman in what was still overwhelmingly a man s world Moore s admiration for Thatcher is evident, yet his portrait is convincingly clear eyed, conveying both how remarkable she was and how infuriating she could be, her extraordinary grasp at mastering policy and what needed to be done, and her surprising vulnerabilities At the moment when Margaret Thatcher becomes a part of history, Moore s portrait enlivens her, compellingly re creating the circumstances and experiences that shaped one of the most significant world leaders of the postwar era.
    Charles Moore
    Charles Hilary Moore is an English journalist and a former editor of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator He still writes for the first and last of these publications.enpedia wiki CharlesLibrarian NoteThere is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

    Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume 1: Not for Turning By Charles Moore


    Andy Carrington
    She took my milk.

    BOTWAh but a stab into the 912 pages but objective it is

    Mike Clarke
    The lady s not for turning We must go on and on.And she did Way beyond the scope of this book, a mere lightweight in its 758 pages Years ago, before we went on a trip, my friend Andrew, knowing I was a librarian, asked me for a reading list for the holidays so he wouldn t feel so left out whilst everyone else was buried in A Suitable Boy He must have meant several holidays because he usual fare, The Motley Fool Guide to Miser ness and lists of tennis championships, kept him occupied most of the [...]

    Indah Threez Lestari
    237 2017

    I stopped reading after 200 pages Seriously, how many times do you have to read about a new frock that Margaret purchased or wore for an event When you ve got 1100 pages in volume 1, you may dissuade people from reading with so much focus on completely irrelevant details Hopefully I ll find a suitable biography of the Iron Lady.

    Patricia Fawcett
    I could hardly wait to read this book It teems with information packed with detail Charles Moore spent several years researching this biography, and it shows This is part one, which takes us up to 1982 It is not a light read the reader owes it to the writer to attempt to assimilate the information which has so methodically been set down I read it a few chapters at a time, interspersing my reading with lighter material, such as Les Dawson s Well Fared My Lovely Finishing reading Charles Moore s b [...]

    Simon Koefman
    I was 11 when Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979 She was without doubt the most divisive figures in British postwar politics,and I wanted to find out for myself why she attracted such strong feelings.The book covers her childhood, student days and political career up to the Falklands.Volume 2, published next year, covers the rest of her life The book is mostly balanced and objective, and Moore takes care to focus on her failings as well as her triumphs He also uses a lot of previously unpub [...]

    Jakey Gee
    Superb and nuanced and often very gripping Only really gets rather dull in the final Falklands chapters, so generally it s pacy and entertaining albeit very long Captures her tone very well the Kipling meets Methodist Bible talk The obsession with clothes is pretty fascinating Her thing with these much older, establishment men is amusingly awful It s breaks through the caricature though she was less imperious and controlling than we re lead to believe a lot of the callousness seems to be leftie [...]

    Allen George
    A compelling account of the rise of Margaret Thatcher, Moore gets as close to the human legacy as one can get This is neither a glowing acceptance of Thatcherism, nor is it highly critical of her rise and early tenure It presents a balanced and very humanistic view of a courageous and flawed leader only the greatest are The downside is that this book ends with the Falklands War and the second volume is not due out for several years This creates problems with memory Would have preferred to seen a [...]

    An absolutely essential account for getting beyond the Thatcher caricature to reality.

    After reading part 1 of this biography a while ago Margaret Thatcher The Authorised Biography, Volume 2 At Her Zenith In London, Washington and Moscow , I was greatly looking forward to backtracking and reading volume 1 As the subtitle states, this volume covers Thatcher s years from birth to victory in the Fauklands in 1982 What explains Thatcher s rise to the head of the Conservative Party, and then to 10 Downing Street I would say it was the courage of her convictions, and the ability to eluc [...]

    Philipp Hartmann
    Moore s monumental first volume of Britain s longest serving Prime Minister offers an amazing insight into the Iron Lady s life from early childhood until the victory in the Falklands War The level of in depth analysis is mind boggling It is partially hard to read, because of the myriad of names and the minute depiction of events, which seem like another epoch in some sense Nevertheless, I consider this book as a tremendous opus which offers you the opportunity to delve into Margaret Thatcher s [...]

    I wanted to like this book but I was also looking for something like Margaret Thatcher for Dummies and that is definitely not this book The book was meticulous in details and had the potential to tell a story about one of the most influential and important people of the 20th century, but it never really got there In fact, at times you could even forget who this book was about, it was focused so much on policies, minutes and other people that Thatcher was just another character in the story and [...]

    Superbly researched and referenced volume on the early years of Britain s first female prime minister By far the best book on the subject, and although the author is clearly an admirer he does bring in critical views where appropriate.

    By Martin HutchinsonThe first volume of Charles Moore s authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher covers the British prime minister s life From Grantham to the Falklands In his recounting of her childhood and early years in power, Moore shows her great determination, which was often needed to overcome previous mistakes.Moore, an Old Etonian, reveals a snobbish disdain for Thatcher s father Alfred Roberts, who by small town standards was highly successful he became mayor of Grantham and a strong [...]

    David Williams
    Margaret Thatcher was an amazing political leader In her own lifetime she was both admired and reviled by many Even on the occasion of her death the responses could be quite loud Margaret Thatcher From Grantham to the Falklands is the first volume in a two volume biography of the Iron Lady by author Charles Moore Moore spent many years working on this project Lady Thatcher gave him access to her own material and encouraged others to talk to him The only stipulation was that the book be published [...]

    Robert Sparrenberger
    Wow was this a boring book I kept waiting for it to get interesting and it almost did at the end but wow was it dry The book seemed to focus on things and people going around Mrs Thatcher instead of her There were also numerous direct quotes from her and her staff but that didn t help either The level of research was amazing but when put together in a narrative the author killed this book.

    Scott Jeffe
    My how time changes your perspective When I was a twenty something political junkie I thought Margaret Thatcher was among the greatest world leaders of her time or perhaps any time As an Anglophile I loved that she had brought Great Britain back to some greatness As a politico who looked at politics from the international relations lens I thought her fortitude and courage put her in a class above most of her peers around the world in the 1980s I also liked her chutzpah and her conviction politic [...]

    Not an easy read but brilliant in its depth and new insights information about the formative years of Mrs T s reign as the Iron Lady It is a chilling reminder of the perfidious heart of Albion that lurks in the British elite that worked at all times both from within the Tory Party, the government and from the ranks of her supposed allies to thwart her vision for transformation and her defence of Britain s sovereignty The lessons for our current times are chilling, anyone in any doubt about how t [...]

    Joe Basile
    I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the second volume Moore s research is exhaustive as near as I can tell and he writes about Lady Thatcher with admirable objectivity From a personal perspective it is also interesting to read a retrospective treatment of a period through which I lived it is always difficult to appreciate history when you are in the midst of it My one mild negative and this really is a reflection of my own Americanism than any fault of the author s is that the [...]

    The author, Charles Moore, had unprecedented access to Margaret Thatchers letters, files and interviews with the subject herself for this book As a result we learn a lot about Britain s Iron Lady than previous books have been able to share There is so much private information that Moore was not allowed to publish the book until after she died I enjoyed the insight into her youth she liked boys quite a few of them and clothes particulary handbags and how she emerged as an unlikely political forc [...]

    Palindrome Mordnilap
    Very few biographies I ve read have been as engaging, accessible and as penetrating as this first volume by Charles Moore, detailing Thatcher s life from the beginning through until her Falklands triumph in 1982 The 900 pages flew by, the experience feeling like a grand voyage rather than the yomp that a biography can sometimes be All credit to Moore for producing such a thorough account, a work that must have taken him years to assemble And this is just the first volume I await the second with [...]

    David Archer
    Although this is the authorised biography, and the author is an admirer of his subject, it is far from a simple hagiography Moore presents the matter researched coherently, then he mainly lets it speak for itself He also does not hold back from pointing out minor inconsistencies in previous accounts, including in Thatcher s memoirs.Moore is intelligent and diligent, and never allows his narrative to become boring or repetitive The extensive acknowledgments, endnotes and bibliography demonstrate [...]

    Absolutely fantastic I second Michael Barone s review that this is one of the best political biographies ever written The number of people and documents which Moore consulted make the book absolutely fascinating It is a sympathetic and admiring, but not hagiographic portrayal of Mrs Thatcher It is interesting than a novel and I generally prefer novels The book sheds light on controversial episodes in Mrs Thatcher s political career and attempts to present what really happened, rather than how M [...]

    I think it is interesting that Margaret Thatcher and the Author, Charles Moore, had an agreement that she was not permitted to read the manuscript and that the book could not appear during her lifetime, in order to reassure the reader that she had not been able to exert any control over what was said page xiii in the preface Of note In terms of National Health Service, Beveridge wrote The insured person should not feel that income from idleness,however caused, can come from a bottomless purse Th [...]

    Avadhoot Jathar
    Very engaging account of Margaret Thatcher s rise to power Charles Moore brings out best of autobiography writing analysing actions based on facts and human motives, praising and criticizing historical accounts through a lens of a well researched third party all this while keeping narrative tidy The chapters on Falklands, Northern Ireland Policy, 1975 Leadership election of Margaret Thatcher, Approach to Soviet Union and US relations and Medium Term Financial Strategy are very interesting and we [...]

    Unlike previous biographies of Margaret Thatcher, this is the first one to be published after her death The author did this to prove Mrs Thatcher has no influence on the script itself Charles Moore spent years researching, interviewing, and writing for this book Unlike the mainstream stories that have been published, Moore was granted the rare opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and wrote about the real Margaret Thatcher.Indeed this is a relatively long account of Mrs Thatchers life, bu [...]

    Holly Donnelly
    Fascinating to read about how MT managed to combine career and a very traditional role of what a wife and mother should be in the 1950 s Denis Thatcher s views were even traditional Imagine the Prime Minister interrupting her work day to cook breakfast for her retired husband Thatcher was no intellectual, but you have to admire the force and effect of her managing skills.The early parts of the book were interesting for an American The Falklands war seems irrelevant and far away, and it took up [...]

    M.G. Bell
    I can t wait for the second volume, and that says it all Some biographers get trapped in swamps of detail, and lose sight of the narrative, or multiple narratives, that are necessary if a reader is to be driven forward but not this one Perhaps it helps that Charles Moore was in amongst the political clan led by Margaret Thatcher and her political mentors such as Keith Joseph he doesn t have to try to imagine what it would have been like he was there His closeness to his subject, and that subject [...]

    Stephen King
    This is a classic of the political biography genre Although Charles Moore, as a former editor of the Daily Telegraph, would be expected to have a great degree of sympathy for his subject, he retains a gentle critical eye He praises her lawyer s attention to detail and her conviction when all around her are wavering, yet also draws attention a number of times to her appalling management style dressing down Ministers in front of junior staff, her hectoring and her simplistic yet populist reference [...]

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