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  • Title: Dragonseye
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780517287774
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Dragonseye By Anne McCaffrey In Anne McCaffrey s New York Times bestselling DRAGONSEYE, join Weyrleaders, Holders, and Craftmasters in the creation of the legendary Star Stones and the teaching ballads of Pern It s been two hundred years since the deadly Thread fell like rain upon Pern, devouring everything in its path No one alive remembers that first horrific onslaught and no one believes in its reIn Anne McCaffrey s New York Times bestselling DRAGONSEYE, join Weyrleaders, Holders, and Craftmasters in the creation of the legendary Star Stones and the teaching ballads of Pern It s been two hundred years since the deadly Thread fell like rain upon Pern, devouring everything in its path No one alive remembers that first horrific onslaught and no one believes in its return except for the dragonriders For two centuries they have been practicing and training, passing down from generation to generation the formidable Threadfighting techniques Now the ominous signs are appearing the violent winter storms and volcanic eruptions that are said to herald the approach of the Red Star and its lethal spawn But one stubborn Lord Holder, Chalkin of Bitra, refuses to believe and that disbelief could spell disaster So as the dragonriders desperately train to face a terrifying enemy, they and the other Lord Holders must find a way to deal with Chalkin before history repeats itself and unleashes its virulence on all of Pern From the Paperback edition.
    Anne McCaffrey
    Anne McCaffrey was born on April 1st, 1926, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Her parents were George Herbert McCaffrey, BA, MA PhD Harvard , Colonel USA Army retired , and Anne Dorothy McElroy McCaffrey, estate agent She had two brothers Hugh McCaffrey deceased 1988 , Major US Army, and Kevin Richard McCaffrey, still living.Anne was educated at Stuart Hall in Staunton Virginia, Montclair High School in Montclair, New Jersey, and graduated cum laude from Radcliffe College, majoring in Slavonic Languages and Literatures.Her working career included Liberty Music Shops and Helena Rubinstein 1947 1952 She married in 1950 and had three children Alec Anthony, b 1952, Todd, b.1956, and Georgeanne, b.1959.Anne McCaffrey s first story was published by Sam Moskowitz in Science Fiction Magazine and her first novel was published by Ballantine Books in 1967 By the time the three children of her marriage were comfortably in school most of the day, she had already achieved enough success with short stories to devote full time to writing Her first novel, Restoree, was written as a protest against the absurd and unrealistic portrayals of women in s f novels in the 50s and early 60s It is, however, in the handling of broader themes and the worlds of her imagination, particularly the two series The Ship Who Sang and the fourteen novels about the Dragonriders of Pern that Ms McCaffrey s talents as a story teller are best displayed.She died at the age of 85, after suffering a massive stroke on 21 November 2011.Obituaries Locus, GalleyCat.

    Dragonseye By Anne McCaffrey


    Dragonseye recounts the time just before the Second Pass of Thread.The plot is ultimately centered on preparing for Thread which involves getting Chalkin, Lord Holder of Bitra, to comply As it is with these recent Pern books, the plot feels lazy and it meanders There s a few council meetings, a feast, someone gets hurt, someone falls in love, and then the dragonriders are triumphant Chalkin refuses to believe Thread is coming because there is always that person, on Pern or on Earth.When Iantine [...]

    Vicki Jaeger
    I can t tell you how many times I ve read this series Just read this title again, and it still doesn t disappoint Telepathic dragons, strong female characters, great relationships, and the Harpers guild and music as a strong guiding force What could be better In hindsight, I still enjoy reading the series in order written versus actual chronological order of events I especially like how McCaffrey shifts her point of view in different books, retelling the same events from someone else s perspecti [...]

    Jane Jago
    If there ever was a beautifully realised fantasy world Pern is it Everything hangs together perfectly and the place is believable The stories are, maybe, brain candy, but we need some of that in our world.Love it

    This was published as Red Star Rising in the UK, a much better title in my opinion I guess it didn t scream BUY ME I M ABOUT DRAGONS enough to the American audience.Every Pern book I read, I wonder if it is going to be the last I want to be able to finish the series, mostly because I like completing things It is becoming a chore of epic proportions to get through each successive novel this one was by far the worst yet.It is a familiar story at this point Thread is on the way, and one holder, Cha [...]


    Kathy Davie
    It s 258 AL, 258 years after landing, in the Dragonriders of Pern fantasy series.The StoryI do love McCaffrey s Dragonriders series and I m afraid I spent time cataloging the differences than I did analyzing the story.Changes are occurring in this Second Pass of Thread Some people are starting to use Turn instead of year Fort Hold is building a separate College building for teaching and laboratories because the cave system at Hold is unstable It will become the Harper Hall somewhere down the ro [...]

    The main plot of this Pern novel, set just prior to the Second Pass of thread, is about a despotic Lord Holder who refuses to believe the danger is real Unfortunately, the villain is a little too villainous he s really a caricature, with no redeeming qualities, making you wonder why his subjects aren t willing to rebel Though seeing him brought down is still quite satisfying return return However, the secondary plotline about preparations for Thread is pretty interesting The second pass is coin [...]

    Just going by my personal Pern favorites, I think McCaffrey does her best work when packing a standalone story into a standalone book Set all by itself in the 3rd century of the planet s history, McCaffrey s forced to invent an all new cast of characters and flesh them out The result is lovely and unique Debra and Iantine, the entire cast of teachers and doctors, the vile Bitrans Fantastic The book explores how a wise group of people can face up to a civilization s challenges and proactively wor [...]

    Four starts because it was indeed above average This is not the first time I read a summary of a Pern novel, thought it sounded boring, and was pleasantly impressed by the book However, there were way too many characters in this book I thought it was even worse than most of the others I finished the book and I still don t know who many of them were Regardless, it was a wonderful story that drew me in and made me wonder how everything would work out.And I do think Red Star Rising is a better titl [...]

    Dragonseye Pern, 14 McCaffrey, AnneMccaffrey, Todd Todd pern side interpenetrated by Maccaffrey s and his first attempt at helping to write in the series Through the dragons view of things they are able to combat prejudice and create meaningful changes in their world, and most of all save pern from destruction in future generations e story of the rebuilding of pern after the devastation, and the beginning of the weirs

    Amalia Dillin
    I think this might be one of my most favorite settings for the Pern books second pass, when there s still some memory of technology and understanding of their roots, though I do also love the first pass, when even with all that technology they still can t quite defeat the menace of Thread.

    Jane Irish Nelson
    Thread is due to fall again, when the Second Pass begins But one Holder refuses to believe in it or to prepare his Hold or people Impeachment is the only option, but first the other holders and the dragonriders must assemble enough proof to convince all the holders, since impeachment requires a unanimous vote.In addition, the few remaining computers die, causing the head of the college to rethink the planet s teaching methods, as well as the content of the courses after all, why should the inhab [...]

    Another reread.I remember when this book first came out, how excited I was for a brand new Pern story But I wound up being disappointed with the plot A decade or so later, my feelings about this novel remain the same I would have rather read an entire novel about what it was like for post colonial female green riders than the whole drama about Chalkin and the installation of the Eye and Finger Rocks It was as boring then as it was now Only this time I realize how little time I got to spend with [...]

    Peen is preparing for the Second Pass of the Red Star Everyone is gearing up for the return of Thread, except for Chalkin of Bitra What will the Weyrleaders and Lord Holders do to make him prepare his Hold At the College, Clisser realizes that Pern needs a new system of education, one grounded in what is important on Pern, not on long forgotten Earth Accordingly, he sets out to change how and what people are taught, especially how to know when a Pass is imminent Once Thread begins to fall, the d [...]

    Angela Hayes
    Love this series of books It s one of my all time favourites I decided to re read the entire Dragonriders of Pern series and over the past couple of months, I have been working my way through them all Anne McCaffrey has such a wonderful, boundless imagination and such a vivid and descriptive style, her stories transport the reader into the fantastic world that she created and sweeps you up on the breathtaking adventures Spellbinding

    Carolyn McBride
    I enjoyed this glimpse into my reading past Anne McCaffrey was one of the first fantasy authors I read, and certainly the first female fantasy author for me I fell in love with Pern back when I was a teen, and this book was like easing into a warm, familiar bath I enjoyed re visiting Pern, especially at a time when the colonists were trying to make a life with failing tech left over by the Founders.

    . Mrs Eileen Elizabeth Walsh
    This is my second time of reading this series is much better than the first because I m now able to read the books in Perntime As I m reading them I am transported to that world I can almost feel the dragons and the wind as they are flying I wish to be there and feel as though I am experiencing that world

    This story has nothing new in it that hasn t happened in other Pern books There s some new characters, of course, but since all of McCaffrey s characters end up feeling the same, it doesn t really matter It took me a fair amount of time to get through this since I just didn t care enough about any of it to keep going It s not terrible, just repetitive if you ve read all the other books.

    Chronologically, I should have read this one before Moreta It wasn t bad I liked what they did to the rapists and Chalkin That blue rider got on my nerves sometimes, but I liked Ian and most of the weyer leaders.

    richard mosley
    Excellent read.If you enjoy SciFi, fantasy, with some romance drama I would recommended these books Can be read as stand alone books I do recommend reading them in order if possible in the order of events as happened on Perm.

    Susan Schaefer Schaefer
    interesting addition to the Pern series, going back in time and showing how certain traditions were established as they transitioned from techno dependent to medieval practices.

    Not sure why the early Pern does not hold my interest so well Perhaps it the same people, again and again, just with different names and generations

    Terri Olinger
    Awesome book I m always looking for for another one of Anne McCaffrey s books so this one was a wonderful one to find again

    Anna Wick
    Second FallI m enjoying these books going back in history and the beginning of Pern The characters are fun and the Mischief is interesting.

    D. Marie
    I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 14456427

    Bonnie Owen
    This was an interesting snippet of the Pern history The story takes when Pern is preparing for the 2nd pass of the dreadful thread This is about 250 years since the first settlers encountered thread so the current generation only has their historical information to guide them It also shows how the technology that the original settlers brought is beginning to fail and how the Pernese must adapt There is also some drama surrounding one of the holds and the brutal dictatorship that is discovered th [...]

    So far in my rereading I have liked this one the least It felt a bit like a filler book, it shows how some things came to be, like the Harper system of educating, and the ramifications of the early colonist optimistic view that people would be better so laws and such didn t have to be spelled out But overall the book is rather bland, and pot wise repeats much of what has been in the other books.

    Mohit Gupta
    Nice quick read Nothing much significant happened, like a setting stage for the next books in series.

    Review When the volcanoes rumble and the powerful storms begin brewing on Pern, it means one thing Thread For 257 years Pern has been free of the life destroying Thread, but now the Red Star has reappeared in the sky and soon the deadly Threadfall will follow In the holds and weyrs across the land, the genetically engineered dragons of Pern and their human riders begin feverishly training to combat the Thread, for only dragon fire can destroy the silvery invaders But, incredibly, one Lord Holder [...]

    Kathy Martin
    It is two hundred years since the first Thread fell on Pern Old Earth technology is failing or has already failed Old attitudes are going away except for some die hard traditionalists This story follows a number of people who are getting ready for Thread to fall.We get the story of a young woman named Debera who was Searched but whose father didn t tell her that she had a chance to Impress a dragon because he had made other advantageous to him plans for her future When she finds the letter, she [...]

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