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  • Title: Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking. 17 Years of Silence.
  • Author: John Francis
  • ISBN: 9781426202759
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking. 17 Years of Silence. By John Francis When the struggle to save oil soaked birds and restore blackened beaches left him feeling frustrated and helpless, John Francis decided to take a fundamental and personal stand he stopped using all forms of motorized transportation Soon after embarking on this quest that would span two decades and two continents, the young man took a vow of silence that endured for 1When the struggle to save oil soaked birds and restore blackened beaches left him feeling frustrated and helpless, John Francis decided to take a fundamental and personal stand he stopped using all forms of motorized transportation Soon after embarking on this quest that would span two decades and two continents, the young man took a vow of silence that endured for 17 years It began as a silent environmental protest, but as a young African American man, walking across the country in the early 1970s, his idea of the environment expanded beyond concern about pollution and loss of habitat to include how we humans treat each other and how we can better communicate and work together to benefit the earth.Through his silence and walking, he learned to listen, and along the way, earned college and graduate degrees in science and environmental studies The United Nations appointed him goodwill ambassador to the world s grassroots communities and the U.S government recruited him to help address the Exxon Valdez disaster.Was he crazy How did he live and earn all those degrees without talking An amazing human interest story, with a vital message, Planetwalker is also a deeply personal and engaging coming of age odyssey the positive experiences, the challenging times, the characters encountered, and the learning gained along the way.
    John Francis
    John Francis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking. 17 Years of Silence. book, this is one of the most wanted John Francis author readers around the world.

    Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking. 17 Years of Silence. By John Francis


    John Francis was witness to the 1971 oil spill in the San Francisco Bay I wasn t alive yet, but I was alive during the whole Exxon Valdez horror in 1989 It was a common topic that year in my class during Current Events all those awful pictures of the poor animals covered in oil made quite an impression on me I was only 11 but I already was angry that such a thing could happen TEH ANIMALS, I ranted Quietly, of course, because I was a pretty quiet 11 year old Francis was a young man in 1971 and th [...]

    I saw the author, Dr John Francis, tell his story about a year ago and I was intrigued Out of his personal conviction to be an environmental practitioner , he didn t speak for 17 years and didn t ride in motorized vehicles for 20 years Yes, that s a LOT of miles logged on foot He witnessed an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay in 1971, which provided the impetus for his personal journey and pilgrimage on foot He obtained both a Master s and PhD, when he was not speaking, although defended his di [...]

    I was given this book by a friend s mom after being so personally impacted by the recent oil spill in San Francisco, and was completely thrilled with this unexpected little treat It s a wonderful book to read if you are spiritually concerned about the environmental state of the 21st century and want a radical, yet approachable, voice Francis style flows the way that I imagine he walks and plays the banjo.

    Carolyn Gerk
    This novel was tedious and confused and lacked any real direction John Francis will tell you the journey is the thing, not the destination, but after pages and pages of unexplored beliefs that lead him to renounce speaking and riding in cars, and even pages of lackluster haikus and an inexplicable tendency to only cross paths with people who fully support his decision and are fully able to translate his silent pantomimes without struggle, I felt like the story wasn t telling the whole truth, an [...]

    I have seen a Ted talk by John Francis and he was a humble, caring and funny man I was very impressed with him as a person and for his dedication to caring for our planet I would give 5 stars if I was assessing him as a person, however the book falls short of showing the true nature and soul searching he goes through on his 22 years of walking and 17 years of silence It reads like a travelogue than the profound journey it surely was He leaves much of his emotional response to his personal life [...]

    I have deep respect for John Francis and his dedication to his endless self discovery Motivated by a disastrous oil spill, Mr Francis set out on what turned out to be a 17 year silent adventure All I have to say is that anyone capable of earning a PhD without verbalizing one word deserves credibility and admiration What an incredible journey

    I did like the book I do like the author BUT.when John Francis chose not to speak when he chose to sign,write,and pantomime as a means of communicating, there was no TRUE silenceThe author savored music his own banjo , as well as the music of others, heard the beauty of nature, rain,thunderstorms,wind,leaves rustling under feet, snow crunching under boots,birds, insects,and on and on and of course with that, traffic and jackhammers and sirens as well He heard the sweetness of his mothers voiceSo [...]

    Brian O'gross
    I LOVE the story of John Francis, whom I first heard in a TED talk After witnessing an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean, he forgoes automobiles and speech for decades The book is of a diary than a cohesive narrative, which didn t totally work for me Fascinating and inspiring guy, though.

    I met Dr John Francis while on vacation in Cape May, NJ in July 2017 He was wearing a Wisconsin Badgers cap I am a fan, so I said hello We chatted briefly and he tols us about his walking his vow of silence I was fascinated got this book from the library immedaitely upon our return Dr Francis has had an amazing life and I feel I now know him as a result of his writing and his painting drawing A man of conviction, caring and fellowship, he has traversed our nation and others on his mission to sta [...]

    I cannot express to you how important it is to celebrate environmental practitioners Francis own phrase of color but maybe Carolyn Finney can outsideonline 2075586 I met John Francis and heard him speak before reading this book I was inspired by his way of being and communicating but I was left wanting to know about his philosophy, guiding principles, research, etc This book gave glimpses of that but read like a travelogue I guess I ll have to read The Ragged Edge of Silence as well.

    After witnessing the results of an oil spill in San Francisco Bay, John Francis vows to stop using fossil fuel driven vehicles and spends the next 22 years walking across the USA promoting environmental awareness He also stops talking for 17 years Along the way he gets a BS, MS and PhD This is a remarkable story by a remarkable man.

    Isaiah Ingram 11 4 16 5th PlanetwalkerThis book was a book that is very interesting to a certain group of people To me the book had much meaning and it got my attention through its purpose and reasoning for writing the book This book was about a man named John Francis who after having experienced an oil spill in 1971, he made an oath to himself and wanted to do than just clean the oil spill He wants to make of a difference so he decides that he is going to walk everywhere he goes and has decid [...]

    This is book is about a young man who loved nature and struggled with coming to terms with the destruction modern society was wreaking on the environment as well as the complicity we all share as consumers He took a courageous and interesting step to mitigate his personal impact, make a statement, thoughtfully analyze his impact, and show what is possible He stopped riding in cars, then stopped speaking, and finally began walking across the United States It seemed almost naive to think of coming [...]

    Wow I cannot help being amazed by people who have such a strong belief in the power that individual actions have on others John Francis is one of many examples of individuals that grow tired and sad of the environmental destruction that our thirst for money and our addiction to oil has left and continues to leave.Francis explains in his book the reasons for taking the decisions to stop riding oil fueled vehicles and to stop talking, after being witness of an oil spill in San Francisco and gettin [...]

    Bob Redmond
    I saw this book in a publisher s catalog and then while at a book conference, picked it up at an author signing It had immediately captured my attention because the story is this A young and somewhat countercultural John Francis, upon witnessing an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay in 1971, decided to stop riding in cars Soon after, for his birthday he vowed to take a day in silence The practice of silence and walking became a 17 year long odyssey, which he chronicles in this book Along the way [...]

    Tina Denson
    17 years of silence22 years of walking sailing1 BA from Southern Oregon University in Science1 MS from University of Montana in Environmental Studies1 PhD from University of Wisconsin in Land ManagementUN ambassador for the earthUS Coast Guard Advisor18 countriesthousands of milesI admit I have a total science crush on Dr John Francis To have the mental fortitude to not only walk everywhere and I mean forgo every bit of motorized transportation as long as he did, but to take a vow of silence as [...]

    Although I generally abhor inspirational literature, I found this book to truly be so I have often thought that if I could just keep walking, everything troubling me on both a personal and planetary plane would sort itself out Well, John Francis actually accomplished my fantasy, adding to it a 17 year vow of silence and a than 20 year practice of not using any form of motorized transportation Along the way, traveling from place to place on foot, he earned a Bachelor s degree in Oregon, a Master [...]

    Kim Buchanan
    I LOVE JOHN FRANCIS I 1971 I think , he witnessed an oil spill in San Francisco Bay The aftermath of that environmental disaster convinced John that he was part of the problem that contributed to that oil spill Eventually, he stopped using motorized transportation After a couple of years of fighting with people about the efficacy of what he was doing, John stopped talking Planet Walker chronicles John s journey inner and outer as he lived out his commitment to not using motorized transportation [...]

    Kat Hagedorn
    tinyurl 6bfqszIf only Dr Francis had spent time talking about the politics of environmental policies, in particular his own points of view on those policies, this would have been a much better book.The life behind the book that of John Francis spending much of his life walking across this country and others to bring awareness about our dependence on oil is admirable and enviable, with all the problems not riding in cars, trains or planes can bring But much of the book is spent literally catalog [...]

    I really love this book and this man, John Francis I mean, what the heck Talk about someone who has really done something with his life In fact, I think he s one of my new heroes I think this is the first book I ve read that has actually helped me feel different aboutoh, I don t know anything I find that, even though we say to ourselves all of the time that we can do whatever we want, and be anything we want, we rarely believe in what we are saying But, I can say that after reading this book, I [...]

    I m reading this book side by side with The Man Who Tried to Save the World and there s some interesting intertextuality going on when you think of Fred Cuny Who Tried to Save the World with his humanitarian megalomania vs the minimalism of John Francis s humble though equally self assured activism in Planetwalker The paths that each of these men took to rally for his cause are as different as yin and yang Francis undoubtedly wins the zen award.I m personally of a Cuny so ironcially I find myse [...]

    A very special book written by a man with a rare approach to changing the world After seeing an oil spill in San Francisco Bay in 1971, he stopped riding in motorized vehicles and soon thereafter stopped speaking and commenced a remarkable journey across the US and eventually overseas As time 22 years passed, John Francis s journey deepened from an idea about helping the environment into a life, filled with poetry, painting, walking, banjo strumming and making friends along the way oh, and he ea [...]

    Sheri S.
    An oil spill in California prompts the author to give up the use of motorized vehicles Later, on his birthday, he decides to give up speaking for the day After discovering the power of silence on his personality and outlook, he chooses to give up speaking for many years During this time, he walks across America and pursues education as a means of furthering his cause about the preservation and protection of the environment He meets many people during his walk and his reception by various individ [...]

    Randy Evans
    This is a story of a real modern journey The author takes us on his search to change what he saw as troubling in the world This led him first to walk, by the refusal to use motorized vehicles, and then to silence, by a refusal to argue with those who disagreed with him.It is a good story, but not a particularly well written one It is a slow book written by of a seeker than a writer In retrospect, I suppose the book grew on me, and I just kept reading as the author just kept walking.I am pleased [...]

    Tamara Evans
    This was an inspiring story of John Francis, a man who decides to for speak for peace and enivornmental problems by taking a vow of silence and walking across the United States I really enjoyed this book because his writing style is very easy to follow, and the book contains poems and drawings from his journey across the country.I was also intrigued by Francis ability to communicate with others despite not physically talking as well as his persistence in achieving his goals whether it was walkin [...]

    Colin Price
    The idea behind John Francis pilgrimage is one that is both inspiring and challenging The book begins and ends well, but in the middle tends to get mired down with repetitive cycles of events I walked here, I met these friends there, I made camp and ate some food and also an overwhelming tendency to overwrite descriptions As powerful as Francis journey was, it was strange that his memoir seems to lack detailed references to the environmental issues he is concerned about Overall, I have to say I [...]

    Brian Beauchamp
    As a career environmentalist I walked into this book fairly skeptical How could not talking or riding in cars serve a greater purpose The story that John Francis tells in this well written walk through over two decades of his life reopened my eyes to the important fact that communication is so much than just speaking and that putting yourself in someone else s shoes is the only way to understand them Laced with Haiku and a briskly cadenced prose, I really enjoyed reading this story of another m [...]

    A different kind of read than I typically grab, but well worth it It is a slow but intriguing journey, over the course of years, with gradual realizations over time It really makes me question just how much individuals in society set rules for behavior and lifestyle without questioning them This man stepped outside the confines of many of those rules, and this is his story of how it impacted others as well as himself There are many great questions to ponder, and there is much inspiration about h [...]

    While I respect John Francis for his decision to give up talking and riding in motor vehicles, what impressed me the most was his relationships with the people he met on his cross country trek At one point there was a man who was unsupportive in a cafe, and when the kindly cafe owner, Mae, said, Some people are just like that, John thought, I tend to think people are like Mae I also liked his haiku throughout the book I think our 10th graders will enjoy reading about him and his journey.

    Awesome story, and very inspiring life Definitely recommended Gives a lot of unique ideas on how to approach life, living the values you have and walking your own walk regardless of how crazy everyone around you says it is And about how it s possible to affect others with a presence and by standing by what you preach, in action.I do wish he had inserted a little character than plot in some parts of the story that dragged narratively, because it went on like, I walked here for 40 miles, and I st [...]

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