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  • Title: Swords Against Darkness
  • Author: Andrew J. Offutt
  • ISBN: 9780821729724
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback

  • Swords Against Darkness By Andrew J. Offutt This historic anthology of savage and magical tales is again available to the general public and should entrance a horde of new readers as well as the already faithful Features the works of Poul Anderson, Manly Wade Wellman, David Drake and .
    Andrew J. Offutt
    Andrew Jefferson Offutt was an American science fiction and fantasy author He wrote as Andrew J Offutt, A.J Offutt, and Andy Offut His normal byline, andrew j offutt, had his name in all lower case letters His son is the author Chris Offutt Offutt began publishing in 1954 with the story And Gone Tomorrow in If Despite this early sale, he didn t consider his professional life to have begun until he sold the story Blacksword to Galaxy in 1959 His first novel was Evil Is Live Spelled Backwards in 1970 Offutt published numerous novels and short stories, including many in the Thieves World series edited by Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey, which featured his best known character, the thief Hanse, also known as Shadowspawn and, later, Chance His Iron Lords series likewise was popular He also wrote two series of books based on characters by Robert E Howard, one on Howard s best known character, Conan, and one on a lesser known character, Cormac mac Art As an editor Offutt produced a series of five anthologies entitled Swords Against Darkness, which included the first professional sale by Charles de Lint Offutt also wrote a large number of pornographic works under twelve different pseudonyms, not all of them identified Those known include John Cleve, J.X Williams, and Jeff Douglas His main works in this area are the science fiction Spaceways series, most of whose volumes were written in collaboration, and the historical Crusader series.

    Swords Against Darkness By Andrew J. Offutt


    Aaron Meyer
    This book contains several short stories in the Sword and Sorcery vein I would say that most of the stories were excellent The book contains the following Nekht Semerkeeht , this was a decent story I really liked the attitude of the lost conquistador I can fully imagine them being like that The action is quick paced and the ending is almost tragic enough to make me laugh Tale of Hauk , pretty much a modern rendition of a classic story a Norse Saga hero taking on a Draugr Vergy good The Smile of [...]

    This is a bang on showcase for sword and sorcery or heroic fantasy fiction All the stories here are better than average, and the best are amazing The perfect length for heroic fantasy is probably the novelette, though even the shorter works in this volume do a good job of world building in a short time It opens with the Robert E Howard and andy j offutt collaboration Nehkt Semerkhet, a story Howard left unfinished on his death I liked the opening of this story,good characterization of Hernando d [...]

    Swords Against Darkness the first in a series of five is both a solid anthology as well as a good introduction to sword and sorcery and heroic fantasy that doesn t rely on reprints Even the Robert E Howard offering is new, albeit originally an incomplete tale penned by Howard and finished by the anthology s editor, andrew j offutt who fills some mighty big shoes and brings the tale to a close with respectable style I admit that the works of many of the author s in this collection were unknown to [...]

    Overall, this collection of new, short heroic fantasy stories edited by Andre Offutt, was much stronger than the Flashing Swords series edited by Lin Carter.This is the first volume and is dynamite There s not a weak story in the book, and it includes Nekht Semerkeht, which was a Robert E Howard draft that was finished by Offutt It makes for a great collaboration.This series is notable, too, because it includes a heroic fantasy from Ramsay Campbell, and it was wonderful I liked it much better th [...]

    Fraser Sherman
    A really good collection with stories from Poul Anderson, Manly Wade Wellman and Ramsey Campbell,among others Unfortunately the Bruce Jones story is creepily sexist in showing how the hot protagonist gets her comeuppance from a smart nerd That gets a zero star, otherwise this might be up to four stars.

    Steve Goble
    My favorite series of Sword and Sorcery short stories, showing a broad range action, horror, wit, humor Lots of heroic adventure in small doses.

    Scott McPherson
    This was a mixed bag I really wanted to enjoy these stories , but only a couple really stood out I ll give a short review of each Nekht Semerkeht 4.5 5This story was a good starter The lost Conquistador is a very cool character to follow, and the plot is a classic sword and sorcery yarn, with a tragic twist Probably my favourite out of all of them The Tale of Hauk 3 5A Norse tale about a man taking on a dead warrior Kind of plodding, but then again, I ve gotten tired of Viking stuff so that s pr [...]

    No man was alone and friendless if he had a proper sword.I started collecting this series because the third volume is in ADD s Appendix N Even the first volume seems to be at least of the kind of stories that must have influenced DD The third story, The Smile of Oisia, is about a ninth level sorceress, in a party of consisting of a magic user, a fighter, and a thief, infiltrating a dungeon to dice with the gods It s hard to imagine a pre DD story that is DD like Richard Tierney s The Ring of Se [...]

    Patricia Berry
    Nice oneGood read kept me interested and involved reminded me of my youth reading Robert e Howard s books thank you for the memory

    Bill Ramsell
    Misleading title This is an anthology of very fine stories in the style of Robert E Howard, edited by Andrew Offutt.

    I enjoy Sword Sorcery, or Heroic Fantasy if you prefer, especially in the short story to novella format This draws me towards collections of This collection has a mixed assortment Some are great, some are not so however, any collection that includes both Manly Wade Wellman and Poul Anderson, two of my favorites, is worth picking up I picked this up years ago, as Gary Gygax names Offutt and the Swords of Darkness anthologies in his Appendix N, literary influences upon Dungeons Dragons however, he [...]

    Swords Against Darkness by Ed Andrew J Offutt 1977

    This may contain a Tanith Lee story.

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