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  • Title: Bütün Şiirleri
  • Author: Nâzım Hikmet Ran
  • ISBN: 9789750812170
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Leather Bound

  • Bütün Şiirleri By Nâzım Hikmet Ran Tek kitap la kitapl klar kuran Delta Dizisi, bu kez d nya airi N z m Hikmet i a rl yor airin B t n iirleri, eksiksiz olarak tek bir ciltte bir araya geliyor Farkl tasar m ve bask kalitesiyle be eni toplayan Delta Dizisi, T rk iirinin yata n de i tiren bu b y k dizelerin tamam n avucunuza b rak yor, sekiz kitab elinize s d r yor a da iirimizde bir klas Tek kitap la kitapl klar kuran Delta Dizisi, bu kez d nya airi N z m Hikmet i a rl yor airin B t n iirleri, eksiksiz olarak tek bir ciltte bir araya geliyor Farkl tasar m ve bask kalitesiyle be eni toplayan Delta Dizisi, T rk iirinin yata n de i tiren bu b y k dizelerin tamam n avucunuza b rak yor, sekiz kitab elinize s d r yor a da iirimizde bir klasik olan, d nya airi N z m Hikmet in kaynak metinler temelinde yeniden g zden ge irilerek yay mlanan iirleri, Delta Dizisi yle imdi bir arada ki bin sayfay a an B t n iirleri, 835 Sat r, Benerci Kendini Ni in ld rd , Kuv yi Milliye, Yatar Bursa Kalesinde, Memleketimden nsan Manzaralar , Yeni iirler, Son iirleri ve lk iirler i i eriyor.
    Nâzım Hikmet Ran
    Nazim Hikmet was born on January 15, 1902 in Salonika, Ottoman Empire now Thessalon ki, Greece , where his father served in the Foreign Service He was exposed to poetry at an early age through his artist mother and poet grandfather, and had his first poems published when he was seventeen.Raised in Istanbul, Hikmet left Allied occupied Turkey after the First World War and ended up in Moscow, where he attended the university and met writers and artists from all over the world After the Turkish Independence in 1924 he returned to Turkey, but was soon arrested for working on a leftist magazine He managed to escape to Russia, where he continued to write plays and poems.In 1928 a general amnesty allowed Hikmet to return to Turkey, and during the next ten years he published nine books of poetry five collections and four long poems while working as a proofreader, journalist, scriptwriter, and translator He left Turkey for the last time in 1951, after serving a lengthy jail sentence for his radical acts, and lived in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, where he continued to work for the ideals of world Communism.After receiving early recognition for his patriotic poems in syllabic meter, he came under the influence of the Russian Futurists in Moscow, and abandoned traditional forms while attempting to depoetize poetry.Many of his works have been translated into English, including Human Landscapes from My Country An Epic Novel in Verse 2009 , Things I Didn t Know I Loved 1975 , The Day Before Tomorrow 1972 , The Moscow Symphony 1970 , and Selected Poems 1967 In 1936 he published Seyh Bedreddin destani The Epic of Shaykh Bedreddin and Memleketimden insan manzaralari Portraits of People from My Land.Hikmet died of a heart attack in Moscow in 1963 The first modern Turkish poet, he is recognized around the world as one of the great international poets of the twentieth century.

    Bütün Şiirleri By Nâzım Hikmet Ran


    PGR Nair
    NAZIM HIKMET WRITING POETRY WITH ONE S HEARTLiterature is replete with stories of great artists who were hunted and persecuted during their lifetime for their ideologies and convictions Russian poets Anna Akhmatova and Osip Mandelstam and the Spanish poets Federico Garcia Lorca and Miguel Hernandez are some familiar names that immediately come to my mind But I doubt whether any poet has suffered so much as Nazim Hikmet 1902 1963 , the first modern Turkish poet and one of the most important and i [...]

    This earth will grow cold one day,not like a block of iceor a dead cloud evenbut like an empty walnut it will roll alongin pitch black space You must grieve for this right now you have to feel this sorrow now for the world must be loved this muchif you re going to say I lived N z m Hikmet may be my favorite poet, or at least one of my favorites for sure He uses similes so simple, that sometimes his poems seem effortless No one can deny that beauty lies in simplicity His poems are pure, honest, b [...]

    Bu kitap benim hayat mda okumaktan en ok keyif ald m kitaplardan birisidir Kitab o unlukla uzun yolculuklarda okudum zellikle Memleketimden nsan Manzaralar ki kendisi zaten yol iirlerinden m te ekkildir yolda ve yolu izleyerek okundu unda enfes oldu Faz l Say n Naz m Hikmet Oratoryosu ise kulakl mda, kula ma al nd B y l bir yolculuktu adeta Hi bir zaman hi bir kitaptan bu tad alamad m.Daha nce zaten neredeyse t m iirlerini bir ekilde okumu tum ama bu bask hepsini bir araya getirmi Bask ya yapaca [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Things I Didn t Know I Lovedby Nazim Hikmet translated by Mutlu Konuk and Randy Blasingit s 1962 March 28thI m sitting by the window on the Prague Berlin train night is fallingI never knew I likednight descending like a tired bird on a smoky wet plain I don t likecomparing nightfall to a tired birdI didn t know I loved the earthcan someone who hasn t worked the earth love it I ve never worked the earthit must be my only Platonic loveand here I ve loved rivers all this timewhether motionless like [...]

    Nazim Hikmet has changed the way I read and the way I look at life in ways I would not have thought possible for a Turkish poet His poems are effortless, almost negating contrivance, to the point sometimes of the colloquial or nearly mundane, but the clarity of his voice, speaking with eyes open, gives me shivers.

    My personal favorite will probably always be On Living Living is no laughing matter you must live with great seriousnesslike a squirrel, for example I mean, without looking for something beyond and above livingI mean living must be your whole life

    Hasan Makhzoum
    After reading his poems randomly since 1999, in English and Arabic, I bought this book last year at Istanbul Modern s library highly recommended for lovers of Modern Art that celebrates his 100t birthday.After reading Lorca for the first time, I have wondered that if he wasn t brutally killed so young by Franko s militia, would ve he had the same agitated life and what would his later poems look like if he was persecuted like Nazim Hikmet My first impression was the physicability of his language [...]

    16 April Today we spoke in the language of eyes He works as a weaver days and studies nights Now it s a long time since the night came on like a pack of black shirted Fascists The cry of a man out of work who jumped into the Seine rose from the dark water And ah you on whose fist size head mountain like winds descend, at this very minute you re probably busy building towers of thick, leather bound books to get answers to the questions you asked of the stars READ SI YA U READ And when your eyes f [...]

    Hikmet is contagious He is so full of life and hope and possibility He never bowed And although it s obvious he felt great pain and fell into bouts of depression, his poetry is all about life As I read him, I feel hopeful not outrageously so, but hopeful that there will come a day when things will get better, and that life, as life, is worth living, despite everything horrible in our world And that is very unlike me I m suited to Paul Celan or Ingeborg Bachmann s depression, or at best, suited [...]

    Peycho Kanev
    Nazim Hikmet is one of those big poets born in violent times He is the perfect combination of poetic quality, incorruptible conscience and duty to society His work is inseparable from the events of the troubled times, affecting the social processes and the revolutionary transformations.Nazim Hikmet lives in constant creative fever The misfortune, the bad luck, the years spent in prison are unable to break his spirit In the gloomy light in the cell, he turns into poetry even the last letters from [...]

    Maria Bikaki
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    it s this wayi stand in the advancing light,my hands hungry, the world beautiful eyes can t get enough of the trees they re so hopeful, so green.a sunny road runs through the mulberries,i m at the window of the prison infirmary.i can t smell the medicines carnations must be blooming nearby s this way being captured is beside the point,the point is not to surrendercausethey ll go to the moon and beyond,to places even telescopes can t see.but when will no one go hungry on earth or fear others or p [...]

    Hazar Bayindir
    For the people who has concerns about other people He never gave up, on his poems and what he believed On LivingIILet s say you re seriously ill, need surgery which is to say we might not getfrom the white table.Even though it s impossible not to feel sadabout going a little too soon,we ll still laugh at the jokes being told,we ll look out the window to see it s raining,or still wait anxiouslyfor the latest newscast Let s say we re at the front for something worth fighting for, say.There, in the [...]

    In loving memory of I l, whose journey was cut short before she could reach her city Because of youBecause of you, each day is a melon slicesmelling sweetly of earth.Because of you, all fruits reach out to meas if I were the sun.Thanks to you, I live on the honey of hope.You are the reason my heart beats.Because of you, even my loneliest nightssmile like an Anatolian kilim on your wall.Should my journey end before I reach my city,I ve rested in a rose garden thanks to you.Because of you I don t [...]

    Ebru Yavuz
    Reading poems in a forein language, is very hard thing Because poets are write poems with their souls And if you know anything about this country and culture, maybe you dont understand what poet says But if you read naz m, neruda or lorca, you feel their words in your heart Naz m was a amazing person and he lived exteremly hard life, away from his lovely contry because of politicians He died in Moscow.

    1902 , , , , ,

    Randy Blasing is my poetry professor I am incredibly fortunate to study under him and to have been introduced to the works of Hikmet I didn t know I liked poetry until I read Hikmet and Blasing Completely spellbinding My favorite poems are, Vera and Loving You.

    Bu bir t rk toprak anaklardag ne i i enlerin t rk s

    ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬
    in allah bi g n alabilip bitiririz seni.

    نزار شهاب الدين
    Magnificently exquisite Hikmat has this casual style of speaking that has all the depth in the world He is so humane that he is certain to touch you, regardless of whether you agree with his ideas and values or not This translation is very well written in itself I don t know Turkish do I can t judge the quality of the translation I know this because I felt the words and enjoyed the style and diction to the most.Highly recommend.

    Ruhat alp
    Esrar Tevekk l Kafes,han,kervan, ad rvan G m tepsilerde rakseden sultan Mihrace,padi ah,Bin bir ya nda bir ahMinarelerden sallan yor sedef nal nlar,Burunlar k nal kad nlarAyaklar yla gergef dokuyor.R zgarlarda ye il sar kl imamlar ezan okuyor te Frenk airin g rd ark te dakikada 1.000.000 bas lan kitaplar n ark Lakin ne d n ne bug n ne yar nB yle bir ark yoktu olmayacak Naz m Hikmet Piyer Loti1925

    Probably not this edition, but this stuff is absolutely devastating I had to give away my copy as to avert a fullon existential funk.

    reread in feb 2018 it still hits hard i haven t felt this much, while reading a book in a very long time.

    Zebardast Zebardast
    man asheghe nazim hikmatam

    Patrick T. Randolph
    What an incredible Turkish writer Please read this participant in life s sea of suffering and awe

    Sofya Mamedova
    Sevdiyin m dd tc V sev bildiyin q d r,Sevdiyin her eyini verdiyin m dd tc V ver bildiyin q d r g ncs nAx rki haqq nda d f l rl e itdiyim, d biyyat m llimimizin t rifl diyi Nazim Hikm tin b t n eirl rini oxudum v heyran qald m Poeziyan o q d r d sev n biri deyil m amma Nazim Hikm t m n poeziyan sevdirm yi bacaran bir air oldu.B y k airin h bs m dd tind yazd eirl r t k k lim yl m k mm ldi eird ifad olunan q mi,q ss ni,h bsxana h yat n n tinlikl rini,v t nd n v ail d n uzaq qalma n yaratd q m k d r [...]

    Hikmet was a Turkish Communist poet, who writes largely about his experiences as a prisoner and an exile Thematically, his work is shot through with longing for freedom, longing for return to home, longing for the family from whom he was separated His work reacts so much to the oppression he personally faced, and that his people faced under oppressive governments But even though he laments these many sufferings, Hikmet has a boundless capacity for optimism, and many of his poem assert that the f [...]

    Wondeful poems Hikmet was a political prisoner for many years My version of the collection is chronological and so, you can truly see the author becoming wiser and wiser with each year he had to spend in captivity The poems, especially the ones closer to the end, will make you cry Made me fall in love with poetry all over again.

    i didn t like it, and i was biased to for every nice turn of phrase, a welter of self pity Now i m very self pitying and bitter, but it don t read well in poetry

    Lamya ❀
    .I m proud of myself for choosing to buy this book at used books store, and I believe it was fate.

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      323 Nâzım Hikmet Ran
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