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  • Title: Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Author: Chris Grabenstein
  • ISBN: 9780786717811
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback

  • Tilt-a-Whirl By Chris Grabenstein Just back from the horrors of the Iraq War, ex MP John Ceepak has recently accepted a job on the Sea Haven police department But any thoughts of enjoying some fun in the sun are put on hold when the body of a real estate tycoon is found on the Tilt A Whirl at a seedy local amusement park.
    Chris Grabenstein
    CHRIS GRABENSTEIN is a 1 New York Times bestselling His books include the LEMONCELLO LIBRARY series, the WONDERLAND series, and many fun and funny page turners co authored with James Patterson You can visit Chris at ChrisGrabenstein.

    Tilt-a-Whirl By Chris Grabenstein


    Richard Derus
    Rating 3.75 of fiveThe Publisher Says There isn t much sun in the fun when a billionaire real estate tycoon is found murdered on the Tilt A Whirl at a seedy seaside amusement park in the otherwise quiet summer tourist town of Sea Haven John Ceepak, a former MP just back from Iraq, has just joined the Sea Haven police department The job offer came from an old army buddy who hoped to give Ceepak at least a summer s worth of rest and relaxation to help him forget the horrors of war Instead, Ceepak [...]

    If someone combined the DNA of Captain America and Dudley Do Right to create a superior human being, then John Ceepak would probably be the result And then we would have to rise up and slay him for making the rest of us look so bad.Ceepak was with the military police in the army, but a bad tour in Baghdad has left him with a phobia about driving He s now a police officer in a vacation resort town called Sea Haven where a young part time cop and local boy named Danny Boyle is assigned as his part [...]

    Review written November 4, 20163.8 Stars Surprisingly entertaining A good listening, I truly enjoyed and will continue this series.A 3 light and funny police mystery and a serial opener 8 18 hrs audiobook narrated by Jeff Woodman Sea Haven, New Jersey US John Ceepak, a former MP just back from Iraq, has joined the Sea Haven police department The job offer came from an old Army buddy who hoped to give Ceepak at least a summer s worth of rest and relaxation He is partnered with Danny Boyle, a 24 y [...]

    Contents Violence, frequent swearing F bombs and religious bombs, and sexually unsavory elements Book one in this mystery series, set in a small oceanside resort town on the Jersey Shore This particular murder occurred at the boardwalk The two main characters are John Ceepak, an honorable, by the book, true blue maybe too blue former military police officer Ceepak lives by the code and compares life to Bruce Springstein lyrics He becomes a hero to his partner Danny, a very young rookie cop who l [...]

    I really liked this one a lot Where to begin after saying that I spent a few decades in the Garden State ages 2 35 , though have only been Down the Shore a few times for day trips still, I ve heard enough stories to know that instead of laying things on thick here, the author s portrayal was actually understated, if anything I ll start with the plot, where the only fault I really found was in believing that municipal cops would end up having any say in investigating such a high profile crime Onc [...]

    A fun story with a good mystery that kept me changing my suspicions and suspects throughout Ceepack is a retired MP turned small seaside town policeman who has a very strict code of right and wrong coupled with an extremely mellow personality Ceepack and his summer apprentice must get to the bottom of an ever changing murder investigation that has too many odd suspects A fun and light read that was good from the very start This is the first in a series that I will definitely be revisiting Jeff W [...]

    Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    Thank you to WhatAStrangeDuck for the encouragement about Tilt the Whir It was a surprisingly humorous murder mystery I ve read many mysteries and I don t think I ve ever read one from this point of view Ceepack is both complex and simple at the same time Danny was my kind of guy Heck, I kinda enjoyed each character and even though nothing is new it was overall a hoot Since I spent many summer weekends in that kind of NJ seaside town it was even captivating

    Nice story I like the main characters I got the impression I was reading a script for a TV series That s neither bad nor good, just what I was thinking as a read it If it was a TV series, it would be one that I would certainly watch But it wasn t compelling enough for me to want to immediately seek out the second book of the series.

    A very good mystery with great characters and lots of surprises I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series

    Morgan Mussell
    John Ceepak and Danny Boyle, two Sea Haven, NJ cops, are breakfasting at the Pancake Palace, discussing a tricycle theft the usual sort of summer crime in town when a 12 year old girl runs up the street in a bloody dress screaming that someone killed her father, Reginald Hart Someone emptied a 9mm clip into Hart as he sat beside his daughter on a tilt a whirl car in the Sunnyside Playland before it was open Hart was a billionaire real estate tycoon though many called him a slumlord.Ashley Hart d [...]

    How to describe it It s amusing, but it s It s not just fun There is suffering and grief in this book which kind of surprised me after reading the wit from the very likable Danny s narration There is fear and betrayal Which helps the reader to better appreciate the fun, the hope, the courage of both part time cop Danny and Boy Scout Ceepak Ceepak seems to be Danny s mentor, yet he has a way of making Danny feel he s a valid contributor to the case they re working on they make a great team Ceepa [...]

    First thank you to Mark Baker for letting me know about this mystery series from a recently discovered author see the fabulous Mr Lemoncello Library series More importantly, I ve found a new mystery series to delve into this spring I couldn t be excited as I think I ve got a crush on John Ceepak, the former military man now cop detective The story is told by his partner, Danny Boyle, and we are immediately introduced to the mystery of the murder of a millionaire right in front of his own daught [...]

    Stumbled on this little gem of a series thanks to NPR Books Found the first 3 in the series on sale for 99 cents in the Kindle store and am already on 3 Whack a Mole thanks to good writing, tight plotting, twists in just the right places two very likable complex main characters The setting, the fictional New Jersey shore town Sea Haven, is perfectly described so much so I could close my eyes and see the lights smell the smells of the boardwalk Yes, it was a touch predictable but I truly did not [...]

    Mickey Hoffman
    With a solid plot, interesting characters and a few very funny passages, there s nothing not to like here I m also very happy to read a mystery without serial killers and pages of gore.

    1 2 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Danny Boyle grew up in Sea Haven, NJ a tourist trap of a town on the Jersey Shore He likes the life hanging out with the friends he s had since high school, goofing around, eating and drinking than he should He s got a nice Summer gig working as a Part Time police officer The downside is his partner John Ceepak, an Iraq War vet and former MP He s so by the book, he might as well have written it The Sea Haven chief served with C [...]

    This series is one of those crossover genre not completely a cop detective category but far entering into flip comedy humor modern Nearly every paragraph and at times four or five analogies or portions of reference per page are sit tv laugh line supreme And the star of the show, IMHO, was the beach town in NJ, our Sea Haven far than the characters of the tale.Every joke imaginable about the beachy rhyming names, junk sold as mementos, every manner of fried food emporiums, sweat packed sand bla [...]

    Jennifer Daniel
    Finally a detective mystery series that does not involve cats or grandma s in sweaters who make fruit muffins An engaging, gritty page turner that twisted and turned as much as a tilt a whirl And the main cop, John Ceepak, it s crazy but I am getting the hots for a fictional character.

    Jerry Hilts
    So this book won an award for Best First Mystery With such two dimensional characters, and hackneyed, obvious plot, I can t imagine why Maybe the series gets better, but I m wary of investing the time to find out.

    Great start to a new series for me John and Danny make a great pair I also loved the narration of the audio book 4 stars and will be continuing the series.

    Paul Jacques
    Great book Engaging from the very first paragraph I am totally addicted to to the whole series I am on number 3 right now and it is equally as good as was number 2 Huge fan Funny, with cool plot twists and the relationship between Danny and Ceepak is so great.

    Loved this book and it was my first by Grabenstein and it wont be my last I really liked the characters and get they were developed well And enjoyed the read and cant wait to read I gave the book an A or 5 stars.

    4.5 stars Truly delightful audio.

    A good, light beach read The audiobook narration is excellent It s goofy and the characters can be over the top, but I found it endearing and the mystery interesting.

    Ok detective book and a decent paperback to take to the beach Story told from the perspective of a YA cop in training, and it made the writing seem a bit immature The main character John Ceepak is a bit of a boy scout However I would not recommend this to a YA even though it is narrated from the view of a young cop Subject crimes are not something I would expose a Teen to There is a series of books featuring the detective but just not sure was that interested.

    Melanie Lewis
    Loved it I m totally smitten by John Ceepak, what an awesome character Together with his partner in crime, Danny Boyle, they re a great double act I thought the story was clever, and I was getting confused when they seemed to have it all wrapped up about 3 hours into the audio book, when it s an 8 hour story Well, I wasn t expecting that to happen No spoilers here, if you want to know you ll have to read listen to the book yourself It s worth it and I highly recommend the investment

    Hated it, but then I read the bulk of it on a day when I was disturbed about something similar in real life, so not the story s fault Started out funny too I was liking it.

    I have greatly enjoyed Grabenstein s Mr Lemoncello s Library books, so I wanted to see what he had written before becoming a best selling children s author Tilt a Whirl was such a great find I expected the author s easygoing bantering and great character development, but the twists and turns of the mystery Tilt a Whirl , the red herrings, and a stunning conclusion, left me thrilled that I had found another great series of books John Ceepak is a most interesting character I imagined Captain Ameri [...]

    Sea Haven, New Jersey s quiet fun in the sun is suddenly shattered when Ashley Hart comes screaming down the street covered in blood John Ceepak having newly joined the Sea Haven police and his partner Danny Boyle, a part time summer cop, rush to help her and find she has been the sole witness to her father s brutal murder on the Tilt a Whirl at the town s seedy amusement park Ceepak, a cop 24 7 who follows his own personal moral code leads the investigation assisted by Boyle Soon they find them [...]

    Tilt A Whirl by Chris Grabenstein is the first book of the John Ceepak police procedural mystery series, set in a contemporary New Jersey seaside resort John Ceepak returned from MP duty in Iraq to join the police force headed by his pal Cosgrove, a fellow former MP Danny Boyle, narrator of the story, works for the police as a summer job light duties, no weapon Up until partnering with John Ceepak, Danny took his summer job as lightly as the term implies easy pocket money for drinking off hours [...]

    Arietta Bryant
    I downloaded this as a free audio book from Audible I was not disappointed and would have been happy to pay a couple of quid for it.An interesting take on the buddy cop detective novel, this is the first in the series and I will probably give the others a listen eventually.I felt that some of the darker moments of the plot could have been given a bit space and time rather than feeling like we, the readers and the characters skipped through them and out the other side unchanged I ll say no abou [...]

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