[EPUB] Ç The Perfect Submissive: Book One in the Perfect Submissive Trilogy | By ☆ Kay Jaybee #2020

  • Title: The Perfect Submissive: Book One in the Perfect Submissive Trilogy
  • Author: Kay Jaybee
  • ISBN: 9781908086860
  • Page: 385
  • Format: ebook

  • The Perfect Submissive: Book One in the Perfect Submissive Trilogy By Kay Jaybee An erotic novel by Kay Jaybee
    Kay Jaybee
    Kay Jaybee Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Perfect Submissive: Book One in the Perfect Submissive Trilogy book, this is one of the most wanted Kay Jaybee author readers around the world.

    The Perfect Submissive: Book One in the Perfect Submissive Trilogy By Kay Jaybee


    Lucy Felthouse
    Having read lots of Kay Jaybee s work, including Quick Kink 1 and The Collector, I was interested to see how her fab short story writing skills would translate to a longer piece The answer Fabulously.The Perfect Submissive is set in an upmarket hotel Four of the floors are full of ordinary rooms and ordinary customers But the fifth floor is a different story all together For on this floor of the Fables Hotel, five specially adapted rooms wait ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its gues [...]

    Kay Jaybee
    I m obviously biased but have a little read and see what you thinkHidden behind the Fables Hotels respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests.When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotels exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders, she instantly recognises the young woman s potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff All it will take is a little education.Under the tutelage of th [...]

    Miss Lily Hastings
    After reading Kay Jaybee s brilliant novel Making Him Wait, I dived head long into some of her shorter smut.I worried that after the sheer brilliance of her novel there might not be enough time within the shorter books for her characters to slowly simmer and gently stew before she turned up the heat HOWEVER, I should not have concerned myself as this book was so HOT it could have spontaneously combusted The novella brilliantly tells the tale of the Fables Hotel through the minds and story of the [...]

    Angel Graham
    The Perfect Submissive by Kay Jaybee NOTE This review will most likely contain spoilers in some readers opinions Please be aware of that as you continue to read.The Perfect Submissive is the very first book I have ever begun to read and had to put down and say, No, I cannot and will not read this This book just has it all wrong in my opinion of the BDSM lifestyle That very world in which I live in with my Dominant My Master My Husband In our world, Dominants are not abusive They do not take plea [...]

    Debi Hursh
    The Perfect Submissive by Kay JaybeeWow I want to work at Fables Country Hotel Mrs Laura Peters was on the look out for a new assistant or two for the fifth floor.Sam Wheeler notices Laura sitting at the bar and comes up with all kinds of erotic images of the two of them but little did he know that Laura was thinking the same things.The next day Laura puts Sam thru a M S tryst and once he leaves he can t stop thinking about her and she him.Jess Sanders is the new administration assistant trying [...]

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    A fantasy come true is when personal and work life merge into a sexual odyssey Fables Hotel is one hotel a guest may never want to check out of, especially if one stays on the fifth floor Young Jess is working at the front desk of the hotel She assists with appointments and welcoming guests Little does she know she s caught the eye of Dominatrix Mrs Peters Mrs Peters runs the erotic entertainment part of the hotel Looking for a good submissive, she test Jess.With a Ms Jaybee story, I always know [...]

    The Perfect Submissive by Kay Jaybee is a tale about a young woman, Jess Sanders, who is hired as a booking clerk for the Fable Hotel It is a hotel like most others except for the top 5th floor, which is run by Laura Peters This floor has special suites frequently reserved by guests looking for their unique needs to be met by the hotel s well trained staff Miss Peters asks Jess to to assist with meeting those needs She is drawn into a world she did not seek and yet cannot resist Ultimately, Jess [...]

    Aղցela W.
    Spoiler Ahead This was a really good book it was also hot and kinky When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotel s exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders she sees the meek young girl as the perfect submissive I would have loved to visit this hotel it was some kinky stuff going on behind the closed doors of the hotel Jess was through a whole lot of things and they had hidden cameras to see it all Mrs Peters was into a lot of mind games the subs didn t know what [...]

    Well if I learned anything after that book, is that I am not into F F and I like reading about peen Overall it was a pretty good book and I liked the concept A woman with her inner submissive just waiting to be let loose It s a good premise I guess what I didn t like was that, while it s set in modern times, it s written like it s a Victorian novel It probably would have been better had it been set in that time and because then there wouldn t have to be so much pretense There was only one charac [...]

    Debbie Lowery
    I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review i totally loved this book , Kay is the Queen of BDSM THIS IS SERIOUSLY RAUNCHY All set in fables country hotel everyone who visit the fifth floor are there for one thing and one thing only , every room is different and miss jess sanders has all this to learn on her way to becoming the perfect submissiveis is truly written in a brilliant way but dont take my word for it pick up a copy and see for yourselves just cant wait for th [...]

    Somehow strange, but very cohesive I don t generally enjoy f f stories, but really enjoyed this story It is well written and moves along at a good rate Quite a transformation for a young, innocent woman.I give it 4 stars.

    Kitty Harriet
    This book is amazing hot, kinky and non stop action forget Fifty Shades this is BDSm without the depression

    Kelly Caven
    Loved this book and highly recommend.

    I was really looking forward to reading another of Kay Jaybee s books after reading some of her naughty short stories.This is her latest full length novel so I knew I was in for a brilliant steamy read and being a born submissive I was also looking forward to reading this.Jess thought she had got herself a normal clerk job at an exclusive hotel little did she know how wrong she was Her boss Mrs Peters and the sexy Miss Sarah strict full time dommes run the 5th floor the sexy secret addition to t [...]

    Jordan LaRousse
    The Perfect Submissive, written by naughty mastermind Kay Jaybee, tells the story of Jess Sanders, a meek office clerk, who gets an innocent job at the Fables Hotel She soon learns that Laura Peters, the owner of the hotel, is actually an unforgiving dominatrix The fifth floor of the establishment caters to rich and influential clients looking to have all of their BDSM fantasies come true Each of the five rooms on the fifth floor offers a unique BDSM scene including a hospital room, a school roo [...]

    I received this book in exchange for a fair review.Every time I read a Kay Jaybee book I find myself drawn in Some books are a little bit 24 7 for my liking but I still find myself engrossed and enthusiasically enjoying it Even when there is an act I don t like happening I enjoy it It s a weird thing that happens to me when I read her books, but it s a thing I love about reading her books They challenge my perceptions of what I enjoy, they make me empathise with the act or characters as appropri [...]

    Oo la la, this book is hot, hot, hot Imagine a hotel that caters to business men and women, travelers, no kids allowed I have kids but this sounds nice , and on the 5th floor, that most people think holds storerooms and staff living quarters they have five very special rooms for special guests These rooms include a dungeon, schoolroom, Victorian drawing room, a hospital exam room, and a very special room where the visitors do not know what it contains until they get there And then there is the s [...]

    Vicki Busby
    I have several of Ms Jaybee s books on my Kindle This was the first book that I have read by this author, so I didn t actually know what to honestly expect I know that with most BDSM books there s a ton of mind games and the submissives can get overwhelmed fast Jess takes everything in stride To me it felt like Jess was trying figure her life out I found myself actually wanting to be Jess I love when I can connect with the character I m reading about The spankings in this work of fantasy were er [...]

    Karen S
    Wow, this is one hell of a book If BDSM is what you re looking for then this is definitely the book for you I instantly connected with Jess as she enters into a new job and as it transpires new lifestyle I travelled with her on her journey of self discovery, feeling her uncertainty and revelations right along with her The story has some very strong scenes that aren t for the faint hearted but definitely got me hooked I can t wait to read the next book.

    I liked itwhile not a romantic bdsm story is a fetish story where scenes might be a turn off for some and arousing to others Everyone has a right to their own Kink and that what happens in this story i want of the characters to learn what makes them tick and i also want to see how they grow so i look forward to .

    Colin Ginn
    Although in the back of your mine you know when you start reading The Perfect Submissive that Jess will remain at The Fables Hotel With all the little twist to the plot you start to wonder if she would This book is intriguing and well worth buying looking forward to Jess s next adventure

    Different than I have read before and definitely not for the faint of heart or easily offended I had a few oh my god, yikes moments, lol but a pretty good read overall My full review will be coming soon.

    Hot Hot Hot I have read many BDSM books and this was a new twist Loved it A nice change from the normal plots in BDSM At least from the ones I have read.

    Shell Shearer Swinscoe
    just awesome

    Perfect Perfect the first of a trilogy, and I must say it was very informative if your into BSDM,this is a great book for you One click it now

    First in a trilogy we meet Jess ain old Jess the admin girl for Fables Hotel and we journey with her through her training on the fifth floor Definitely a book for the 18 brigade

    Modesty Ablaze
    Simply the most arousing and inspiring LOL book I ve read.And now I ve ORDERED my husband to read and digest and prepare

    Kay Jaybee is a woman who knows how to press my buttons I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the next book in the series.

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