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  • Title: How Right You Are, Jeeves
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9780743203593
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback

  • How Right You Are, Jeeves By P.G. Wodehouse A Bertie and Jeeves classic, featuring a cow creamer, the redheaded Miss Wickham, and the formidable schoolmaster Aubrey Upjohn Jeeves is infallible Jeeves is indispensable Unfortunately, in How Right You Are, Jeeves, he is also in absentia In this wonderful slice of Woosterian mayhem, Bertie has sent that prince among gentlemen s gentlemen off on his annual vacation.A Bertie and Jeeves classic, featuring a cow creamer, the redheaded Miss Wickham, and the formidable schoolmaster Aubrey Upjohn Jeeves is infallible Jeeves is indispensable Unfortunately, in How Right You Are, Jeeves, he is also in absentia In this wonderful slice of Woosterian mayhem, Bertie has sent that prince among gentlemen s gentlemen off on his annual vacation Soon, drowning dachshunds, broken engagements, and inextricable complications lead to the only possible conclusion We must put our trust in a higher power Go and fetch Jeeves
    P.G. Wodehouse
    Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, KBE, was a comic writer who enjoyed enormous popular success during a career of than seventy years and continues to be widely read over 40 years after his death Despite the political and social upheavals that occurred during his life, much of which was spent in France and the United States, Wodehouse s main canvas remained that of prewar English upper class society, reflecting his birth, education, and youthful writing career.An acknowledged master of English prose, Wodehouse has been admired both by contemporaries such as Hilaire Belloc, Evelyn Waugh and Rudyard Kipling and by recent writers such as Douglas Adams, Salman Rushdie and Terry Pratchett Sean O Casey famously called him English literature s performing flea , a description that Wodehouse used as the title of a collection of his letters to a friend, Bill Townend.Best known today for the Jeeves and Blandings Castle novels and short stories, Wodehouse was also a talented playwright and lyricist who was part author and writer of fifteen plays and of 250 lyrics for some thirty musical comedies He worked with Cole Porter on the musical Anything Goes 1934 and frequently collaborated with Jerome Kern and Guy Bolton He wrote the lyrics for the hit song Bill in Kern s Show Boat 1927 , wrote the lyrics for the Gershwin Romberg musical Rosalie 1928 , and collaborated with Rudolf Friml on a musical version of The Three Musketeers 1928.

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    Jason Koivu
    Jeeves was right, but that title is wrong The statement in title form, How Right You Are, Jeeves does two things It tells you that Jeeves is going to offer up correct advice, as per usual It also leads you to believe that Jeeves will play a large role in said title, and that is not the case They should ve stuck with the alternate title Jeeves in the Offing Jeeves is Bertie Wooster s manservant Jeeves has extracted Bertie from many a mishap When Bertie is without Jeeves, he often finds himself ne [...]

    Jason Koivu
    In the offing, indeed Where the hell is Jeeves Jeeves is Bertie Wooster s manservant Jeeves has extracted Bertie from many a mishap When Bertie is without Jeeves, he often finds himself neck deep in the soup When a Jeeves Wooster book is without Jeeves, the book often drowns in said soup Jeeves in the Offing is not one of P.G Wodehouse s best It lacks the wit and fun that fill the pages in spades when both Bertie and Jeeves are doling out the words In this story, Bertie is left to fend for himse [...]

    I am sure, somewhere PGW books are categorised under therapeutic books for stress This one is a gem that might make casual observers of your reading gain evidence that you are off your rockers Bertie is summoned by Aunt Dahlia to Brinkley while Jeeves is taking his off to judge beach side beauty pageants Before reaching, he also finds from the Times the paper , that he is engaged to Roberta Wickham, his personal nightmare and lover of his childhood friend Reggie Kipper Brinkley spells chaos what [...]

    What a breeze, this was a delightful read, maybe not the best of the Jeeves and Wooster books Do you no what It made me laugh and smile which is just the tonic needed after the debacle that was Murakamis The Wind up Turd Chronicle.Nearly got that guff out of my system once I ve got through the letters of Mozart and a book by John Betjeman, this little trilogy of purging shall make oneself normal again

    Vimal Thiagarajan
    One of those books in the Jeeves series in which young, bounding Bertie has to fend for himself, since Jeeves is off on vacation The plot borrows several elements from previous Jeeves books, but is unputdownable all the same due to the usual comic Woosterisms, the highlight being his comic befriending of the loony doctor of old, Roderick Glossop.

    As a fan, one strolls away from the later Jeeves Wooster novels with one s hands deep in one s pocket and a look across one s face which can only can be described as perturbed Okay, confused and troubled would also be good adjectives although troubled might be over stating things somewhat You see there are still a lot of incredibly good jokes in these latter Jeeves Wooster novels, there s a lot of laughter on the pages, one is never going to feel short changed on the comedy front Yet there s als [...]

    Tiffany Reisz
    Reading a Jeeves book is always an absolute d.

    Yet another delight.This one needs you to have read a few of the others in this series or at least, I think it is better if you know some of the other characters and the sorts of solutions that are offered in other books to resolve the types of problems Bertie s friends are likely to find themselves in before you read this one.It is wonderful to watch Wodehouse set up situations and then to deny or is it defy our expectations repeatedly This one refers to mystery novels quite frequently and I th [...]

    Any of Wodehouse s Jeeves and Wooster books are books worth reading His books are delightful escapes into a world where misadventures happen Don t except solutions to world hunger or any other problems of humanity to be solved Instead, just sit back enjoy the ride I find it impossible to read a Wodehouse novel without laughing.

    It was mayhem all around and I lived it through with Bertie But this time around Bertie unfortunately failed to make a mess of it as much as he is capable of And Jeeves was a late entry as the saving saint Enjoyed this one immensely best of all the Jeeves I ve read so far.

    Another great farce Twists and turns with Wooster reading he is engaged and his friend Kipper trying to marry the lovely vermillion head who gets him in an entanglement Funny throughout with his aunt, cow creamer and his old school master from the past Thankfully Jeeves solves all their problems albeit Bertie ending up looking like a loon.

    All the Jeeves Wooster books are good, but this is one of the best We get Aunt Dahlia, Sir Roderick Glossip playing an undercover butler, scheming Bobby Wickham and the cow creamer makes a reappearance This despite the fact that Jeeves is on vacation for much of the story, only popping in now and then to lend his magnificent brain to Bertie s and friends problems His final solution is especially hilarious These books are great to read or listen to I feel sorry for people who haven t discovered B [...]

    The usual hijinks and misunderstandings, all wrapped up in a Jeevesian bow There s a lot less Jeeves Bertie banter than one could wish for, but it still goes down sweet and smooth as hot chocolate on a frosty day.

    Kit Fox
    Sometimes I feel the best thing for me to do would be retire to my 19th century lake house and do nothing for a year other than drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, and read everything P.G Wodehouse ever wrote Think it d be time well spent.

    مروان البلوشي

    My first Wodehouse A positive delight

    Pamela Shropshire
    Another Wodehouse classic the action takes place almost exclusively at Brinkley Court, the home of Bertie s Uncle Tom and Aunt Dahlia Travers I adore Aunt Dahlia Other returning characters include Sir Roderick Glossop but on the side of the angels, for once and Roberta Bobbie Wickham Bobbie is engaged to an old school friend of Bertie s named Reggie Kipper Herring Also making a return appearance is a certain 18th century silver cow creamer Other guests at Brinkley Court are Mrs Cream, a writer o [...]

    Do his books even need a review No,they seriously don t As Stephen Fry said, You don t analyse such sun lit perfection , you just bask in its glory There s Bertie at Brinkley Court summoned by Aunt Dahlia of course for another small favour again which is overflowing with a variety of birds while Jeeves is away on a holiday There s a lazy cat and an active Daschund also thrown in and total madness and mayhem ensues and Bertie has no option but to fetch Jeeves You just cannot go wrong with PG Wode [...]

    Alessia Claire
    non uno dei suoi migliori

    As had happened so often in the past, I was conscious of an impending doom Exactly what form this would take I was of course unable to say it might be one thing or it might be another but a voice seemed to whisper to me that somehow at some not distant date Bertram was slated to get it in the gizzardd the heavens bless you, bertie wooster, for it bonus aunt dahlia quotes 1 A very hearty pip pip to you, old ancestor, I said, well pleased, for she is a woman with whom it is always a privilege to c [...]

    Alex Konrad
    Every Hollywood comedy I had ever seen came back to me as I saw the prototype from which they were modeled, and now I don t believe I ll ever see a movie like that again without wishing I was actually reading P.G Wodehouse First, the situation becomes so complex and entangled that at one point it is almost incomprehensible, and the reader has to be surprised he can tie it down at all Second, his usage of English slang in dialogue and narration should not be passed over too quickly, because he em [...]

    Even though Jeeves tried to take a vacation, he still ended up saving Bertie Wooster The language in these books makes me ridiculously happy, and as I have only read a few Wodehouse books thus far it was the first time coming across a writing technique he infrequently used that was clever and made my brain work a little harder.

    Derelict Space Sheep
    42 WORD REVIEW In the Offing is an apt title, for the valet Jeeves remains all but absent from this novel, leaving Bertie Wooster to thrive on his own initiative and witterings, thwarted less by inherent haplessness than by the tangled Gordian knot of circumstance.

    Ha ny r, akkor Wodehouse Most m r n h ny ve minden ny rra jut legal bb egy Wodehouse k nyv Ez is olyan felh tlen sz rakoz st ny jtott, mint az eddigiek A helysz n Dahlia n ni k ri ja, ahol megint k l nb z emberek vend geskednek Ez ttal viszont Jeevest szabads gra k ldik, de a k nyv v g n megjelenik, mert megint r v r, hogy egy r z s gyet megoldjon.

    Again I begged her to keep an eye on her blood pressure and not get worked up, and once she brushed me off, this time with a curt request that I would go and boil my head.

    With Jeeves on vacation, Bertie finds himself at his Aunt Dahlia s place in Brinkley Court, along with an American family, the Creams, who must be handled with kid gloves to prevent their canceling a big business deal with Bertie s uncle Audrey Upjohn, Bertie s former headmaster, who still chills Bertie s soul Upjohn s insipid daughter, Phyllis, who is infatuated with the playboy kleptomaniac wastrel American, Willie Cream, and must be put off and old pal Roberta Wickham, engaged to be married t [...]

    Lachlan Smith
    Soon after I began reading this book, Jeeves in the Offing by P.G Wodehouse, I found it was written in the 1960 s Reading on, I began to see that the changing culture had affected Wodehouse s writing it was not quite as witty, not quite as satirical as his previous books had been The language he uses is still magnificent, but unlike the other Jeeves novels it seems rather imposed Whereas Wodehouse should perhaps have started writing novels about the new decade in which he lived, he instead decid [...]

    Another book read first under different title This time the other one is Jeeves in the Offing.Another volume of Bertram getting stuck and Jeeves eventually contriving a rescue Such a brief description does not do the book justice, of course Let me try harder Imagine a man well to do, relaxed, with a certain charm and poshness living a rather predictable and enjoyable if you like your creature comforts than your intellectual pursuits life when it gets horribly twisted by events beyond his immedi [...]

    This was my first P.G Wodehouse, and I was disappointed What s , I was disappointed to be disappointed, because so many people have enthusiastically recommended Wodehouse that I have been looking forward to enjoying him Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I just couldn t embrace the wordy, flippant style However, I gather that this isn t the greatest Jeeves story, nor a good one to begin with Jeeves himself doesn t feature heavily And I did enjoy the odd turn of phrase, especially the quo [...]

    The Idle Woman
    I am rather ashamed to say that this is the first Jeeves Wooster novel I ve read, but it was definitely worth the wait A delicious farce, full of vim, vigour and people falling into lakes, this follows Bertie s misadventures at his Aunt Dahlia s, as he strives to prevent an engagement taking place, and hunts for a valuable missing 18th century silver cow creamer Perfect refreshing silliness I m very much looking forward to reading of them.For a full review, please see the post on my blog theidl [...]

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