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  • Title: The Old Capital: Yasunari Kawabata
  • Author: Yasunari Kawabata
  • ISBN: 9780865472785
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Old Capital: Yasunari Kawabata By Yasunari Kawabata Never before translated into English, this novel from Nobel Prize winning Japanese author Kawabata tells the story of an adopted girl who accidentally meets her unknown twin sister.
    Yasunari Kawabata
    Yasunari Kawabata was a Japanese short story writer and novelist whose spare, lyrical, subtly shaded prose works won him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, the first Japanese author to receive the award His works have enjoyed broad international appeal and are still widely read.Nobel Lecture 1968nobelprize nobel_prize

    The Old Capital: Yasunari Kawabata By Yasunari Kawabata


    Excellent It s funny how Kawabata can drone on about cherry blossoms and camphor trees and local Kyoto festivals and yet keep one reading A large part of the fascination is looking into this foreign world that one s never known before The customs, traditional s seemingly under siege by callous modernity His touch is so light The emotional depths Kawabata plumbs with just the tiniest bits of dialogue this concision most of all holds us in thrall The is the story of an abandoned child, Chieko, who [...]

    The sting of the needle was lost in the delicate crimson stream Not a wince or a slight whimper The strange words bounced in my ears resembling songs of exasperated crickets The harshness of the sun did not bother my skin any, neither the rain puddles that ruined my shoes Not a drop of tear, not a speck of anger Could this happening so soon The one thing I feared the most Did Kawabata finally overwhelm me Did the silence consume me like a ravenous shokujinki As I walked home, the frogs happily c [...]

    Michael Finocchiaro
    Nobel Prize winner Kawabata draws a beautiful period piece about Kyoto and the geisha period I have been lucky enough to have been to Kyoto once and seen geishas rare these days taking a promenade, not unlike in this wonderful book SOOO much better than the Golding Geisha book

    Edit I suck I didn t say why I loved this book I loved the sweetness before the sadness It was like when you re in love before the shit flies Sitting in groves and watching growth any other nature nerds , the trying to get to know someone whom you suspect is quite beautiful The love ends and I was all alone It s a heartbreaker it is My broken heart tends to wallow and go into deny deny deny And then it s the go back and over all the details to prove it ever really happened I love you, Kawabata A [...]

    Edited 13 01 2018 rating has been upgraded from 3.5 to 5 stars.You have to understand this I am a person who has little to none tolerance for love triangles So if a novel about the love triangles among two men and one woman can hold my interest from start to end, it has to have something good in it.It is the second time I read The Old Capital by Yasunari Kawabata, it is one of the novels which gained the novelist his Noble Prize This re reading helps me to appreciate the moving grace in Mr Kawab [...]

    Andrei Bădică
    Un roman excep ional

    I will tell you why I really liked this book, nothing It captures traditional Japanese culture wonderfully Central to Japanese life and culture is the importance of beauty I am referring to the value of weaving a beautiful cloth, the value of looking carefully at a tree or a leaf or a stone and capturing the essence of the beauty that object emanates For me Japanese art removes all the unnecessary it rips away what is superficial and leaves you with the bare essential What is beauty You underst [...]

    Kawabata published this short novel in 1962, just six years before receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature Situated in post World War II Kyoto, it tells the story of Chieko, the foundling daughter of a wholesale fabric dealer and his wife who run a business in decline Devoted to her adoptive parents, Chieko wrestles with questions about her parents of origin, about marriage, about relationships, finally meeting the girl who is her twin sister.The novel explores issues of tradition and modernity [...]

    Kawabata refers to the type of shop that Takichiro and Shige own they are Kimono wholesalers the old style shop of Kyoto with lattice work and a curtain door Kyoto, of course, was the city that received the least bomb damage during WWII, and many 19th cen houses, even Pre Meiji, survived.Below is a picture of a fabric shop in Nara that perfectly illustrates Takichiro s Kimono shop It is hard to make sense out of these later novels of Kawabata when reading them in translation.They must be very di [...]


    One of the best by Yasunari Kawabata, the first Japanese recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1968 Cited as one of his three works by the Oslo committee, it has been accompanied by Snow Country, and Thousand Cranes as mentioned in the synopsis by its title and front page cover above.A bit busy, therefore, I would find time to say why this novel is far distinct and superb than his others I have read and enjoyed to a certain degree, but this one is simply greater I would definitely rere [...]

    Laura Leaney
    This book is like the pearlescent veneer inside an abalone shell If you turn it one way, the nacre looks blue Turn it the other direction and the shell shines pink and cream It s an empty thing, but the beauty is so moving that you feel impelled to keep it, so you put the shell in a drawer You want it but you don t know why.Kawabata s novel is like that The story is about a young girl of twenty two young girls actually but is really about the inevitable loss that accompanies change and altering [...]

    3,5 20 , , , , .

    This is the best fiction book I read this year The first Chapter is simply amazing I saw myself there, really breathing spring s air Each page has a scent of deep loneliness, a tourmenting sadness If I had to give it a color, this book would be bluey gray Vechiul ora imperial este una dintre cele mai bune c r i pe care le am citit anul acesta Este o poveste despre iubire, a a cum o poart un suflet japonez bl nde ea i duio ia dragostei de mam pentru fiica ei, dragostea ren ai a so iei pentru so u [...]

    Nuno Simões
    n o considero excepcional, embora seja superior ao que j li do autor , por outro lado, tremendamente marcante foi a primeira vez que me deu real vontade de visitar o Jap o e concretamente a cidade de Quioto entre o muito bom e o excelente, classifico por excesso.

    Kawabata s gone a bit Carrie Bradshaw with this one I liked it, but it didn t feel as significant as The Master of Go or as emotionally engaging as Beauty and Sadness or The Sound of the Mountain.I knew Japan had been weird about twins In your face The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet Twenty years ago it was not only that her parents would have been embarrassed at having twins, and Twenty years ago twins weren t accepted, but now it s nothing, This is very interesting from Persona A Biography o [...]

    Deniz Balcı
    Kawabata n n ok zel bir anlat m var S kunete a r yor okuyucuyu Belli belirsiz s ylemler, st kapal konu malar, silik tasvirler ve en ok da insan n i ine i leyen bir incelik var romanlar nda Hem kahramanlar, hem olaylar hem de sonu lar sanki incecik cam bir fanusmu ve ilk incinmede parampar a olacakm hissi veriyor Kitab okurken kendi halime bile dikkat ediyorum Oturdu um yerde derinden bir ar nma ya yor, sakinle iyorum Bir romanc i in fazla b y k laflar gibi gelebilir bunlar Garantisini de veremem [...]

    There are books that are not for everybody because they are so seemingly complex And there are books that are not for everybody because they are so seemingly simple This book falls in the latter category Kawabata is an acquired taste I like his books because of their understated beauty the kind you don t see unless you look carefully and pay attention and your mind is quiet enough to hear What happens in this book It almost doesn t matter A young adopted daughter meets a sister she never knew sh [...]

    Nek0 Neha (BiblioNyan)
    The Old Capital written by Yasunari Kawabata is an OwnVoices Japanese fiction novel about the modernisation practices that began to spread across Japan post WWII, and the struggle that many older generation Japanese society had with compromising their traditions and customs for the sake of a new era It s told through the eyes of a young girl named Chieko, who is the adopted daughter of a kimono maker and his wife Through the adventures she partakes in in Kyoto, we learn a lot about this cultural [...]

    Victoria Mars
    Chieko sinti que se le desgarraba el coraz n.Su deseo de ir a la aldea y contemplar la bella Kitayama era el llamado del esp ritu de su padre Lo primero que le de Kawabata fue Pa s de nieve y no conectamos No s si fue tanta la nieve que qued aplastada bajo la historia o no me gust la edici n, la traducci n, vaya a saber uno Sin embargo, puedo decir que am Kioto Su belleza, sus paisajes, la prosa, todo en l es maravilloso Y la historia puede incluso pasar a segundo plano, o tambi n tener tantas i [...]

    Abso loved this book I love everything about it One part I enjoyed the most was the fact that apparently visiting Nature was like a really normal thing for Chieko and her family She would ask her family if she could go and watch the trees, the cherry blossoms and the mountains, and they d agree as if she had just asked them if she could have a girls night out I absolutely loved the parts where it talks about how Chieko and her father were amazed by some flower, tree or even moss This book touche [...]

    Identical twins orphaned and then separated shortly after birth One stays near the home village and works on the land, the other is adopted by a middle class shopkeeper and his wife.After twenty years or so the girls meet again Cue confusion amongst suitors and a slow dawning realisation that their paths have diverged too much for the genetic bonds to hold all against the backdrop of a Japan that is modernising rapidly and changing from the old ways.Interesting and beautifully written but a bit [...]

    THE OLD CAPITAL 1962 Yasunari KawabataKawabata was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, and this novel was one that was specifically mentioned in the award presentation I ve read several of his works, but I have to admit that this novel is one that has me confused almost baffled It is a short work that tells the story of a young woman, Chieko, who suddenly learns from her parents that she was not their biological descendent She got at least two stories from them either she was stolen [...]

    3.5 5I hadn t thought that it d be possible for a book to be both super subtle and extremely heavy handed, but I ve been wrong before Of course, I could be missing the mark on meaning entirely, but when an author says they will write only on a certain theme forever, as in the case of Kawabata stating in this book s translator s note that, after Japan s defeat in WWII, he would write nothing but elegies ever after, I m inclined to believe them Fortunately, much like Tanizaki s In Praise of Shadow [...]

    Beautiful novel Chieko is the young daughter of a Kyoto kimono designer seller Takichiro and his wife Shige losing his inspiration and believing his business in some trouble, Takechiro who is grooming Chieko to follow him in the business retires to a monastery for a little quiet, while Chieko is troubled by the recent revelation that she has been adopted and not only that but her parents stole her as a newborn baby on the steps of a temple courted by two and soon three young men a childhood frie [...]

    R K
    3.75I have never been so hooked to a story where nature becomes the centre focus The plot, the characters, they all take a back seat It s like nature is the main character and humans are being used to indicate emotion.Anyway, this was my first novel by Yasunari Kawabata and while I liked it, I could also see small problems I liked the story as a whole but felt the ending was too sudden and rushed The characters were all very interesting and I liked how subtly their personalities shone through I [...]


    P 140 Retomou o len o e limpou o rosto banhado de pranto Recome aram depois a caminhar em sil ncio P 145 Sobre as telhas, o rumor surdo da chuva.

    Irene Lazlo
    Esto es justo lo que necesitaba en mi etapa de estr s, un libro pausado y lleno de descripciones de jardines Para m ha sido terap utico.Rese a completa en el blog loslibrosdeldesvan

    Cris N.
    Reading through the first half of The Old Capital , I thought I was going to give it 4 stars because it was pretty nice The best thing about Kawabata is that he has this relaxing, dreamy writing style with good imagery However, in the last half I started getting impatient with the slow pace The slow paced style was acceptable in the first half, but once significant things started happening after Chieko met her sister Naeko biggest event of the book , it felt like the story should have become fas [...]

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