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  • Title: The Fate of Arcrea
  • Author: Nicole Sager
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  • The Fate of Arcrea By Nicole Sager Return to the kingdom of Arcrea, where the stage is set for an epic battle between good and evil.Trenton is a young Mizgalian caught up in the deadly beliefs inspired by a life in his father s garrison When a simple mission in Arcrea unearths the shocking truth of a mystery two decades in the making, he is left with a choice that may decide the fate of an entire kingdom.Return to the kingdom of Arcrea, where the stage is set for an epic battle between good and evil.Trenton is a young Mizgalian caught up in the deadly beliefs inspired by a life in his father s garrison When a simple mission in Arcrea unearths the shocking truth of a mystery two decades in the making, he is left with a choice that may decide the fate of an entire kingdom Join old friends and new on a journey of discovery, where battling vicious beasts and conquering a coast of dragons will test the mettle of men and set the pace for an adventure like no other.
    Nicole Sager
    Nicole Sager is an avid reader and coffee drinker who enjoys writing Inspirational Fantasy set in a medieval like era I hope my books will encourage families to read together If read by children, I hope the books broaden your vocabulary just a bit and introduce you to a life of endless possibilities in Christ If read by adults, I hope you re inspired and encouraged to deepen your relationship with our Savior.In writing each book, I pray that it will bring honor and glory to God, and that He will use it as a tool to bring at least one person to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.Thanks for stopping by

    The Fate of Arcrea By Nicole Sager


    The Fate of Arcrea begins where the epilogue for The Heart of Arcrea left off, with Talon Bracy escorting a Mizgalian youth south to the Heartland What neither scout realizes is that Trenton is really on a secret mission for the evil Mizgalian king What Trenton doesn t know is that this mission will turn his world upside down and inside out Return to Arcrea to reunite with old friends and meet new characters that will make you smile Join in a fight against the vicious catawyld beast, and defend [...]

    Sarah Allerding
    This is quite an enjoyable read It is really exciting and well written I hardly could put it down several times when I had to do something else I can t wait to read the next book

    The Bad Less amazing creatures in this one Only dragons.The Good DRAGONS.Okay, so like the first book, it was a little slow going until you got into the story But holy cow that ending Sager can seriously write battle scenes I ll give you a brief summary of setting, characters, and plot before diving into some critique.The setting We got to see of Mizgalia and Dragon Coast two locations touched on in the first that I was very curious about , but I would have enjoyed a little information about l [...]

    Star Shining Forever
    The Fate of Arcrea, the second book of the Arcrean Conquest, is just as good as the first Spies, lies, double crosses, pretenses, and treachery abound in this story of choosing to realize God s full potential for one s life The story concerns the plans of Arcrea s antagonistic neighbor Mizgalia to invade Arcrea In Princess Bride style, a high ranking Mizgalian s son is to be murdered and the crime is to look as though Arcreans committed it, leading to war However, in the quest to carry out his o [...]

    Age Appropriate For Ages 12 some mild violence Best for Ages 12 18After reading the first book in this series, I was eager to read the second So I was ecstatic when they offered it free on Kindle I got my copy and started reading it almost immediately.At first, I wasn t sure if I was going to like the second book as much because I quickly found out that the main characters would not be Druet and Rany At first I was disappointed but I quickly found that Trenton and the others did very well as the [...]

    This is my second time though the Arcrean Conquest series and it is such a delight to read I very much enjoyed getting to know about characters that were only lightly touched on in the first book, as well as some new ones.The only thing I enjoyed less about this book was that I felt that there were some eloquent speeches that I really thought felt unnatural But that was a very tiny part of the book an hardly detracted anything from it.

    Lisa Norato
    This is the second book I ve read and enjoyed in The Arcrean Conquest series The Fate of Arcrea revisits beloved characters from the first book but focuses on a new character, a reluctant hero with a secret past There is plenty of adventure, twists and turns and even dragons This is a well written Christian fantasy that adults as well as younger readers will enjoy.

    Jesseca Wheaton
    This was an awesome book The action was amazing, the characters unforgettable and the lessons that were woven through out the book were really, really good Defiantly a book I d recommend.

    EEP Another delightful read by Nicole Sager I love this girl D It was not exactly what I expected from a second book in a series, it was better, and SO imaginative So many times she surprised me with where she chose to go in her story, and she shows such talent and creativity with her writing and plotlines I admit I was not as into this book as the first one, I think it could have used some editing, but before I was halfway through that was all pushed aside and I HAD to keep reading to see what [...]

    The Fate of Arcrea was an exciting, adventurous read that captivated me The storyline was so unique, and played out well I think Nicole Sager s books are going to be on my Favorites shelf The sequel to The Heart of Arcrea wasdare I say it ybe even better than the first though they are both great I really enjoyed Trenton s story he was a very fun main character At first, I was a little skeptical This guy s father is sending him to Arcrea to be KILLED But, things are not what they seem And soon, b [...]

    Melissa Jacobson
    The second book in the Arcrean conquest series was even better than the first It focused a little on my personal favorite character, Falconer and added plenty of twists and new characters to make it feel fresh The wonderful and engaging world of these books is the last bit of oomf to make these books believable The characters are lovable and varied as is the story line I loved the dragons as well and hope Nicole makes a book based on dragons because I liked her spin on the classic fantasy creat [...]

    Allison Hawbaker
    I really enjoyed the first book so I looked forward to reading this, and I was not disappointed I thought it continued well from the previous book while telling it s own story The only thing I didn t really like was while the characters were distinct, to many of them were witty or sarcastic in some way, I think it would have benefited from a little diversity in that lineyfulinjesus 2014 02 review saturday arcrean conquest book 2ml

    Good Christian Fantasy with some sounds messages and memorable moments but with a few of the drawbacks of the last book Seemingly invincible heroes, and fight scenes that whilst exiting seemed to be lacking something Why does nobody seem to wear armour or if they do why is it so easy to dispatch enemies Also, as before, villainary seemed to be determined by social class and political affiliation than anything else in spite of the character s sentiments about there being evil everywhere It was [...]

    Great book, exciting, fun, great characters.

    • [PDF] ✓ The Fate of Arcrea | BY ☆ Nicole Sager
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