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  • Title: Content marketing
  • Author: Ann Handley
  • ISBN: 9788820355166
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Content marketing By Ann Handley Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter e altre piattaforme online stanno offrendo alle aziende una straordinaria opportunit di interagire direttamente con i clienti E un occasione senza precedenti per far conoscere il vostro marchio in modo nuovo, senza disturbare i clienti con la pubblicit , infastidirli con volantini nella cassetta della posta o interromperli con una telefoBlog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter e altre piattaforme online stanno offrendo alle aziende una straordinaria opportunit di interagire direttamente con i clienti E un occasione senza precedenti per far conoscere il vostro marchio in modo nuovo, senza disturbare i clienti con la pubblicit , infastidirli con volantini nella cassetta della posta o interromperli con una telefonata all ora di cena Producete ottimi contenuti e i clienti verranno da voi Producetene di straordinari e i clienti diffonderanno e propagheranno il messaggio al vostro posto Ora pi che mai Content is King I contenuti vincono Naturalmente, perch siano vincenti, devono essere centrati sul cliente, autentici, coinvolgenti, divertenti, sorprendenti, preziosi, interessanti Insomma, devono guadagnarsi l attenzione della gente Ma cosa vuol dire creare contenuti preziosi Come lo si pu fare in modo costante Come riuscire a far sentire la vostra voce sopra il ru di fondo Perch nessuno commenta il vostro blog Come intervenire in tempo reale Ecco la forza di questo libro nelle sue pagine troverete le tappe del processo di pubblicazione e i segreti per dar vita a video, blog, webinar, ebook e altri contenuti di successo Una volta che i contenuti saranno online, imparerete come condividerli al meglio, per coltivare le relazioni con i fan, stimolare la passione per i vostri prodotti e promuovere il vostro business Il tutto integrato da utili case study di aziende capaci di diffondere le loro idee per costruirsi credibilit e trovare nuovi clienti.
    Ann Handley
    Ann Handley is the author of Everybody Writes Wiley 2014 , co author of Content Rules Wiley 2011 , a speaker, and the world s first Chief Content Officer More at AnnHandley.

    Content marketing By Ann Handley


    When I picked this up, I knew I was not the intended audience, but I wanted to know how to create killer podcasts, webinars and More However, the book is way too far out into the land of hey brick and mortar business person Try this technology It s neato to provide me any useful advice Ex How to make killer webinars Get webinar software, get a really good speaker, plan a topic, invite people, answer questions, make sure it doesn t get screwed up Yeah, thanks.

    Paul DeBusschere
    I gave this book three stars because it has useful information in it about managing a content based marketing effort, but it fell somewhat short on depth By the end of the book, I had the feeling it could have been about seventy pages shorter, as the authors were down to repeating ideas over and over Ideas You Can Steal in each case example The authors tripped up by stating some rather pedantic rules about words people shouldn t use like, leverage Really and fell into using some of their own unc [...]

    I wrote it, so I m a bit biased, but I like it and can t wait for others to get a chance to read it

    Chris Giovagnoni
    A great how to and a must read for social media managers It makes my Top Five must read social media books.

    Gradon Tripp
    The best, most concrete book on social media tactics I ve read yet.

    Anabelle Bernard Fournier
    As a web content writer, I can t pass up a book that promises to help produce killer content for the Web Thanks to my Kindle, I was able to buy the book and start reading it within seconds Even though it took me a while to finish it moving oblige , I m really glad I did.I loved one of the foundational premises of the book marketing can learn a lot from the art and style of storytelling literature and the fundamentals and science of good reporting journalism loc 314 This is a book after my own he [...]

    Very basic Definitely fine for someone who is delving into social media for the first time I think it lost me as soon as it brought in drawings of robots doing various things I understand that this was supposed to help you remember key ideas, but I found myself irritated by them And then they were never brought back in the rest of the book If you are going to introduce a visual element like that, you should at least carry it through.One of the points the book made over and over was to avoid a pr [...]

    Overall this was an interesting book There were some useful bits, although I don t think the subtitle is accurate I didn t feel like the book taught me how to do anything The content rules concept was great, I loved the point about how content is what motivates purchases, trust, and engagement not design and how this should be the primary marketing tool we consider.I agreed with all of part one, found myself going uh huh uh huh along with the authors After a while I realized I was agreeing but n [...]

    Mike Maginot
    I like word play The title, Content Rules, refers to the influence your content engenders than it does to any sort of principles you should apply to its creation The authors provide guidelines for getting the maximum mileage from the content that you, or your organization, generate, but not a fool proof formula for marketing success What you get here are helpful hints, tips, and case studies.The authors are advocates of reimagining, taking ideas that you might use in a blog and repositioning th [...]

    Dave Fleet
    Content Rules is a great read for anyone looking to brush up on how to develop effective content that delivers results.The proportion of Content Rules that will be useful to you depends on your knowledge level The book is divided into three parts the first covers the absolute basics the second goes into depth on specific elements the final section covers case studies If you have a reasonable handle on content strategy, you will be able to skip to the second section meanwhile, even if you live a [...]

    This book is packed with great tips and sound principles for content marketers It goes lightly into the details of how we got here, and heavy on the what to do about it It describes how marketing has changed due to changes in consumer behavior and does so in a very conversational, easy to read format.Well done

    David Bossert
    Has a lot of great information but I also felt it was a advertisement for other books by the publisher Spotted throughout were references to other books by the same publisher and after the third or forth reference it started to get annoying Some of the material was very basic.

    Nurlan Imangaliyev
    I have no idea why I even chose this book to read in the first place, but I do not regret it.

    Outdoors Nerd
    If you are writing content you should have this in your head and on your desk

    Derrick Trimble
    Normally I don t read books with the words how to in its title But somebody recommended this title while we were working on a project If you are just getting started with an online strategy, this book is slightly above average Mind you, it is five years old now Technology, like time, waits for no person This book will go on my shelf along with other dust collectors I keep as a reference.

    David H Deans
    The forward of this book states that Marketing is about creating great content but that the art and science of producing that superior material has been a mystery to many David Meerman Scott, the author of the book s forward section, suggests that the answer to the question what exactly, should I do is to tell stories Granted, that s one important aspect of a forward looking plan of action.However, perhaps it s essential to fully understand why most businesses tend to create poor content In fact [...]

    Daria Steigman
    The early days of the World Wide Web were so much easier.Back in the old days, having a Web presence meant putting the equivalent of a corporate brochure online Web site checked off On to pressing marketing tasks.Well, not really but that was what most companies did.Now every business has to be a publisher, and every company has to have something to say besides BUY ME Content matters.Enter Content Rules.Co authors Ann Handley and C.C Chapman have written a bible for savvy entrepreneurs and ever [...]

    Paul Mirek
    Handley and Chapman s broad overview of content strategy has stagnated some in the five years since it s been published, but it remains a useful guide to the step by step processes necessary for creating engaging results Most will be able to skip past the first half of the book, which largely consists of curated comments from other experts about the value of investing in content marketing Today businesses seem much ready to employ these strategies at least in the B2B arena where I have the most [...]

    In my quest to learn everything I can about social media, I read this book on content marketing The problem with a lot of marketing books, even from big names like Guy Kawasaki, is that they focus too much on mechanics and not enough on theory The problem with writing a book about the mechanics of an internet tool is that the internet is constantly changing, thus leaving the book in the dust by the time it finally hits shelves.Thankfully, Handley and her co author, C C Chapman, deftly side step [...]

    September Michaud
    I listened to the audio version of this during my commute Having already done some PR work, none of this information was new to me but it was a good reintroduction to some things like SEO and the importance of being able to write for different markets.Because I now do marketing for a small library, I thought I would have to alter the information in this book really aimed toward profit seeking businesses to fit my needs, but that wasn t the case a couple of libraries were even referenced througho [...]

    Daniel Taylor
    Online, people trust people they can talk to as another human being Conversation is king Content is how you start conversations.Content Rules is divided into three parts The first covers the rules of producing content Part two provides the hammer and nails practical section The third part is a collection of success stories businesses who use content as a core element of their online strategy.The section on rules asks you to consider who you want to attract with your content Answering that questi [...]

    Stan Skrabut
    If you are writing for your business, non profit, or personal site, you need to read Content Rules How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars and More That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business If you are creating video content, writing a blog, posting on social media, or hosting a podcast, you need to read this book I consider this a must reading for all the organizations and colleges I have been a part of Ann Handley and C.C Chapman have written ad easy to read yet, tip [...]

    Alexander Fitzgerald
    Many people complain that this book is too fraught with basics I ve run an online business for years and I found many tips and ideas that hadn t occurred to me My ream of notes from the text numbered a 100 entries I definitely feel it was worth the investment.That s not to say it s perfect The authors really do try to appeal to everyone, which includes many backward thinking businesses It puts them in this odd area where they are trying to sound casual but at the same time they can t risk losing [...]

    Missy Reid
    This is a helpful guide for general purposes with many examples of how a broad range of brands have applied the prescribed strategies in ways that make sense for them The conclusion has a handy checklist that will be especially beneficial for inexperienced bloggers I still have a few unanswered questions about best practices for developing a corporate blog plan that focuses on building trust agents and thought leadership Considering that the connected consumer is cynical about corporate sponsore [...]

    This book answered all of my questions and eliminated all of my excuses If you have a business, blog or web page that you want to get off of the ground then this is the book for you I normally do not enjoy non fiction but I was in desperate need of a boost and this delivered I actually listened to the audio version of this book every day for about a week.I learned so much about the content of my blog and my other social media accounts that I know I will purchase this in a paperback There are jus [...]

    Ilario Gobbi
    Una guida piuttosto completa che segue passo dopo passo l intero processo di creazione di contenuti utili e virali per i propri follower il libro affronta i ragionamenti da seguire per realizzare video, ebook, white paper, faq, podcast interessanti per la propria nicchia, le tempistiche da seguire per gestire efficacemente un piano editoriale degno di questo nome, cosa produrre che sia davvero in grado di magnetizzare l attenzione dei propri seguaci.Informazioni note a chi gi opera nel campo del [...]

    Some decent advice here on the importance of planning and repurposing communications materials, but it seems geared for managers than content creators The book does offer a good grounding on different communications vehicles and basic approaches to storytelling But anyone doing this for their job will likely already be familiar with what they re sharing The authors are a bit social media utopian for my tastes, and they re also big on hype y title and Buzzfeed esque listicle strategies, which al [...]

    Mari Rydings
    I cut my teeth in the print publishing world and am now navigating the constantly changing world of the Digital Age From its practical, put into play right now ideas to its real world examples, this book offers a common sense approach to marketing The conversational tone makes this an entertaining yet accessible read My brain is swirling with ways to reimagine existing content versus simply recycling it , generate new content that bursts with personality and create a sustainable marketing strate [...]

    I would start my review by saying that this book is good It s a good overview of a lot of content marketing concepts Like with most things in life, the items in this book are easily said or written about, as is the case here , than done Not saying that this book isn t helpful it really is It s just that it s not going to do your work for you However, what this book will do is give you the confidence to go forth and do the work yourself.Which is a definitely a good and helpful thing, in the end. [...]

    As many reviewers have noted, this book better serves novice writers of content than an experienced content manager Although I am somewhere in between, I still found useful advice, and it is easy to skip portions that do not relate to my needs I really feel for authors of books that include technology shortcuts and platforms By the time they publish, I am sure that there are a plethora of new technologies that rival the ones mentioned in their book That said, the advice is general enough to tran [...]

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