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  • Title: A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album
  • Author: Ashley Kahn
  • ISBN: 9780670031368
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album By Ashley Kahn Bringing the same fresh and engaging approach to music that characterized his critically acclaimed Kind of Blue The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece, Ashley Kahn has written an even illuminating celebration of saxophone legend John Coltrane s 1964 spiritual opus and masterwork A Love Supreme is a passionate and revealing portrait of a timelessly resonant musicaBringing the same fresh and engaging approach to music that characterized his critically acclaimed Kind of Blue The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece, Ashley Kahn has written an even illuminating celebration of saxophone legend John Coltrane s 1964 spiritual opus and masterwork A Love Supreme is a passionate and revealing portrait of a timelessly resonant musical statement, artfully balancing biography, analysis, and a palpable enthusiasm that anyone from the casual listener to the avid fan will enjoy A Love Supreme was written with the full cooperation of Coltrane s family and features the voices of than a hundred musicians, producers, and witnesses, including the surviving participants in the album Elvin Jones, pianist McCoy Tyner, and engineer Rudy Van Gelder With unpublished interviews with Coltrane and bassist Jimmy Garrison and scores of never before seen photographs, A Love Supreme weaves a rich historical backdrop to the 1964 recording and examines the questions and myths surrounding the album.
    Ashley Kahn
    Ashley Kahn is an American music historian, journalist, and producer.

    A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album By Ashley Kahn


    Ken Moten
    From September 2012 Seeing as how I have finally picked an avatar for this site and it happens to be Coltrane I should review this book I picked up on him long ago that documents the man and the making of one of the greatest musical compositions ever I m not gonna say beyond recommending that you listen to the album, no matter your musical or spiritual taste This book is a very good companion to it and really sets you up for better appreciation of it.

    I m not a very religious man It s hard to be nowadays, when you turn on the news and see the awful things happening in the world that are supposedly done in the name of religion I mean That s not the only issue, but delving into that may not be appropriate for this forum That being said, as bad as things can get because of people s religious convictions, I can also appreciate the good that can come out of people because of their religious devotion Large scale good deeds aside, you need only walk [...]

    Thorough analysis of an album, a quartet and an era Amazing cultural and social interconnections, overlaps, and chance encounters of the period Loved the Psalm poem, and loved that the fourth movement is based on it The book is due back to the library at the end of the semester Hope I can find a copy to keep on my shelf at home.

    Wu Ming
    WM1 Ondate di pensiero Vampate di calore Tutte le vibrazioni Ogni sentiero conduce a Dio Un pensiero pu produrre milioni di vibrazioni, e tutte tornano a Dio Non la predica di un televangelista, il brano di una lunga dedica preghiera, inusuale paratesto per un album jazz che scavalcava il jazz, andava oltre i pur vasti confini della musica afro americana, abbracciava l universo e ancora oggi continua a muoversi e andare lontano, sonda lanciata nello spazio che esce dal sistema solare, va a perde [...]

    Bob Elwell
    Well Meaning, Incomplete, OverexhaustiveWhat I was really looking for in this book was the story arc that I think A Love Supreme itself clearly narrates a troubled, talented person s spiritual journey to understand the world and disseminate the wisdom he acquires through suffering Instead, I found the overall product to be a little academic, dry, and prone to uninteresting tangents A particular footnote underscores this by including a paragraph on a contentious Yahoo Groups thread over tracing t [...]

    I liked this book a lot Have avoided getting much into John Coltrane for most of my life just because, I don t know, why not save some things for a later I guess At least as far as the guy described in this book goes, it seems like he ruled I think a few investigations into musical devices and how Coltrane intended them to work with his vision would have been interesting, even if probably too speculative A lot is made early on in the book of a mythical couple of day long woodshedding meditation [...]

    Alain Patrick
    Quintessential read for the Coltrane lovers.

    Vanmorgen op weg naar het werk door het zeikweer mag ik joy, joy weer het Brusselse openbaar vervoer gebruiken beginnen lezen in Ashley Kahns A Love Supreme The Creation Of John Coltrane s Classic Album E n hoofdstuk ver, en ik besef al dat dit boek thuishoort in m n kast het is eigendom van de onnavolgbare HOB Het is prachtig vormgegeven, geschreven met kennis van zaken zonder beperkt te blijven tot gezwam voor een publiek van kenners en theoretici, onderbouwd met interviewfragmenten o.m met de [...]

    The idea of improvisation is not only central to jazz and the blues, arguably the first truly great American musical expressions, but is also central to the lives of those who originated this great art the African Americans Many jazz players can cross over to classical, but not nearly as many classical players have the life experience and or skill to play jazz Jazz Blues evolved out of that great art making substance called adversity, and no one did it better than John Coltrane This book is abou [...]

    Great insight into Coltrane s world during the period leading up to and through the recording of A Love Supreme Dig it.

    Soren Murdock
    Great read A wonderful and informative book In depth in its subject matter and a good looking tome.

    Kevin Krein
    for a book about a love supreme, this spends very little time actually talking about the music found within the album itself, and i suppose i thought that was what this book was about for 220 ish pages, ashley kahn crafts a narrative that gives a truncated biography of john coltrane, and his work leading up to the recording of a love supreme, as well as his incredibly polarizing and experimental efforts following its releasee layout of this book was rather perplexing oversized, the text takes up [...]

    Richard Magahiz
    A love letter to the seminal jazz recording of the 1960s, which I first picked up in college The author describes the characters of all the important contributors to the December 9, 1964 session in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, along with quotes describing its influence, speculations about Coltrane s thinking before, during, and after the period, insider views of the recording industry, and a breakdown of what happens in each of the four movements of the piece Besides the music, he delves also into the [...]

    Will McGee
    Ashley Kahn s second book about a famous jazz album he s also written one about Kind of Blue dives into John Coltrane s most enduring album, the musicians who played it, and the career that led to it and how that same career was affected by it Due in no small part to the spiritual nature of the album itself, this book frequently speaks of the music and Trane in particular in reverent tones, with lots and lots of interviews with jazz musicians, producers, engineers, and other important figures in [...]

    Jack Castillo
    With the 52nd anniversary coming up for this famous jazz recording, I thought I would dig deeper into the history behind it, since it has given me innumerable hours of listening pleasure This was a good read and I know a lot now about John Coltrane and also about the famous quartet of Garrison, Jones and Tyner I ve seen both McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones perform several times and thoroughly enjoy their music I ve also attended a workshop with Elvin Jones where he spoke very fondly of this music a [...]

    Adam Rodenberger
    Kahn does a fantastic job of interviewing all of the people involved in making this classic album I actually ended up putting this album on after reading through the book and could genuinely hear a great deal of the things discussed without knowing much music theory To be that close to the music was, personally, a really fantastic result of the text inside And while it s good to know some music theory for certain parts of the book, it s really of an exaltation of Coltrane s ideas and passion co [...]

    Well written and enjoyable I was hoping for about JC s process and ideas behind the album but I m not sure that information exists but for accounts The accounts and quotes of his bandmates and family featured here are outstanding, by the way The beginning of the book is mostly a bio leading up to the title album which I could have just skimmed The book goes into detail on the actual production of the album which I wasn t expecting but was a fun read My favorite part may have been the chapter s [...]

    There s much here than the making of the album I feel as if I got to know Coltrane s life, muscianship, relations with his band, etc much better from consuming this book Lots of interviews and tremendous research done to complete this work Kahn avoids Coltrane s rud LSD use and it s potential impact on his untimely death I m strecthing the theme with that comment This is a great jazz book.

    Tia O'Connor
    As some of the previous commentators put it, go and buy the album and read the CD notes The few witnesses interviewed for this book don t bring much light to the subject, they don t seem to remember much about the recording session At the end of the book it s still not known if Coltrane s voice was dubbed singing or it s just somebody else s voice singing at the same time Nice photos, but that is all

    DJ Yossarian
    This account is very detailed, very well written, and contains a ton of photos and interviews Kahn puts A Love Supreme in music historical context as well I probably listened to the album about 30 times while reading this book, and thanks to Kahn s scholarship, I hear new things all the time Of course it s such an amazing piece of music that I d probably get new things out of it anyway, but Kahn s book is a worthy companion to a world class album.

    Robert S
    A Love Supreme is one of the greatest pieces of music ever created, a masterpiece that transcends the genre of jazz and in doing so creates a place for John Coltrane in the place of history for the eternity of time.Kahn s contribution here is a history of Coltrane as much as it is of the album itself, although there is a focus on the creative process of the album.Definitely listen to the album if you haven t already once or twice and then give this a read.

    my cuz got me this for a bday or xmas present a few years ago I read it immediately and liked it immensely it is very well researched and fun to read, especially if you re a big fan and know all the players on the sessions it goes together perfectly with the deluxe edition of the album, which has all the alternate read art davis takes.

    Ap s ter lido seu irm o, a hist ria do Kind of Blue do mesmo autor, e por ter muita admira o pelo m sico John Coltrane, criei uma certa expectativa pelo Love Supreme interessante tanto pelos aspectos biogr ficos da vida de J Coltrane como tamb m rico sob o ponto de vista t cnico em rela o sua obra e especialmente A Love Supreme.

    El nacimiento de una religi n Coltrane es la deidad que teje el cosmos, un ob s en el pr ambulo de la creaci n Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones y McCoy Tyner, los seres psicopompos que surcan los cielos Ashley Kahn como evangelio ap crifo El escuchante, nosotros, feligreses imbu dos por el alcaloide que azuza nuestros t mpanos

    Excellent book on Coltrane and the making of this Singular musical Experience If you love Coltrane,Jazz or high points in the human experience, Kahn s book is a thoroughly researched experience in the quest for meaningful art Coltrane and Monk for meMilesNaah

    I could easily give this one star I added one out of respect to the album There s very little meat here seems like the 200 pages could have been condensed to a 10 page pamphlet Go buy the album and read the liner notes instead.

    Franco Vite
    Chi ama il jazz non pu non conoscere A love supreme.In questo libro se ne narra la genesi, la realizzazione e gli effetti, immensi, successivi.Con un ricchissimo apparato iconografico, un libro splendido.Per appassionati.

    David Rullo
    A good analysis of A Love Supreme I wanted to read about Coltrane s religious influence on his music but Kahn certainly presents a strong book focused on the artist, album, and the Impulse label.

    An interesting read for Jazz lovers Pretty straightforward info about events leading up to the album and it s concept, with lots of musician quotes and sidebars Not too much biography about Coltrane though you ll need other sources to learn about what made him tick.

    MK Fong
    This was a good summer reading kind of book It contained photos, hand written notes that helped give a feel for Trane Reading the book also gave a nice feel of the recording industry for jazz It was a less commercial and simpler time which was good for great music making.

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