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  • Title: Thief
  • Author: Ava March
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  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Thief By Ava March London, 1822 It was only supposed to be one night One night to determine once and for all if he truly preferred men But the last thing Lord Benjamin Parker expected to find in a questionable gambling hall in Cheapside is a gorgeous young man who steals his heart.It was only supposed to be a job Cavin Fox has done it many times select a prime mark, distract him with lusLondon, 1822 It was only supposed to be one night One night to determine once and for all if he truly preferred men But the last thing Lord Benjamin Parker expected to find in a questionable gambling hall in Cheapside is a gorgeous young man who steals his heart.It was only supposed to be a job Cavin Fox has done it many times select a prime mark, distract him with lust, and leave his pockets empty Yet when Cavin slips away under the cover of darkness, the only part of Benjamin he leaves untouched is his pockets.With a taste of his fantasies fulfilled, Benjamin wants than one night with Cavin But convincing the elusive young man to give them a chance proves difficult Cavin lives with a band of thieves in the worst area of London, and he knows there s no place for him in a gentleman s life Yet Benjamin isn t about to let Cavin and love continue to slip away from him.40,000 words
    Ava March
    Ava March is a bestselling author of sexy, emotionally intense M M historical erotic romances She loves writing in the Regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors With over fifteen works to her credit, her books have been finalists in the Rainbow Awards and More Than Magic contest, and deemed must haves for Historical M M romance by RT Book Reviews readers Visit her website at AvaMarch to find out about her books or to sign up for her newsletter.Blog avamarch Facebook facebook avamarchbooks Twitter twitter ava_march Pinterest pinterest avamarch

    Thief By Ava March


    Posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf Inflicted Lord Benjamin Parker is tired of well meaning family members trying to hook him up with a nice lady, especially when he thinks his preference might be for a nice man Not such an easy undertaking in the homophobic climate of 19th century London, but Ben does manage to find a gambling hell that caters to men of unnatural persuasion It is there where he meets Cavin Fox, a handsome young man and petty thief in search of a well heeled gentleman to lure [...]

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    I m suuuuuuper into Thief, the first book in the Brook Street series I sort of messed this series up and listened to the books out of order my bad However, it is actually pretty easy to read each of these stories as stand alones, so it didn t make much of a difference First of all, Charlie Belmont is a fantastic narrator, and I d listen to him ANY day of the week He did a very nice job with this narration, both MCs sounding unique and perfect for their characters, as well as great side character [...]

    Written January 10, 20144 Stars Whets the appetite for Simply lovelyBook 1Thief is the first shorter novel in a three parts series, Brook Street Regency historicals with new love couples in each book I ve been listening to this first one 4 20 hrs narrated in a very nicely way an extra star to him by Charlie Belmont hind the closed doors of elegant town houses along Brook Street, passion and lust reign as gentlemen dare to risk scandal by falling in love on Brook Street London, 1822Lord Benjamin [...]

    DNF 55% This bores me to death I began this book due to Ava March erotic hot scenes But this one doesn t inspire me at all, and I don t care for the characters.

    I disovered Ava March during my personal MM historical challenge back in November 13 and I enjoyed that one novella one short that I read So I decided to try another one from her This one was wonderful it was a Cinderfella with a pinch of Oliver Twist type of story, with Cavin being a thief from the bad part of London, while Benjamin was a Lord, youngest son of a marquis The characters were likeable, I loved the chemistry and the sex scenes was sensual There was the usual I m not good enough for [...]

    An m m historical set in the Regency.A weakish 4 stars, but 4 stars nonetheless If I could bifurcate my rating, I would give the first half of the story 4.5 5 stars and the second half 3 stars The set up of the story and the introduction of the characters and their struggles were really wonderfully done, and they engaged me right off the bat The resolution of the story, while still a good read, didn t make as much of an impression on me as the story did out of the gate Even so, overall, I found [...]

    Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    Quick review Cover I like it Rating NC 17 Steaminess HOT Thumbs Up 5Overall Well written, well toldCharacters Got to love themPlot Two blended stories about two guys searching for the same thing.Page Turner Yes Series Cont N A Recommend YesBook Boyfriend CavinSUMMARY 50 words or less I m not much of a historical fiction reader despite I love history But I took a chance on this story and I don t regret it The writing was wonderful and felt authentic in the time period at least to my novice eyes T [...]

    ♡Karlyn P♡
    A great short m m historical romance with some hot steamy parts, but best of all a touching and heartfelt romance Ben had never had a male lover before and wants to understand once and for all if he really is attracted to men In fantasy, yes In reality He didn t know Shortly after meeting at a gambling club frequented by men seeking men, they begin what should have been a one night only affair One night together turned into another, but Cavin s secret life as a thief keeps him from returning to [...]

    Another case of I had this on my TBR shelf for awhile, finally got to it and of course I want to smack myself because I lovedit I adore the regency romances and to have MM thrown in Le Awesome Cavin and Benjamin made a great couple, the author gave it great historical realness and it was a plucky little novella where a thief made good I will definitely continue with the rest of the series.

    Benjamin is only looking for a sexual encounter that will help him decide if he really wants men Cavin is only looking for someone to seduce and then rob blind Both of them find something .The first thing that drew me to this Regency m m romance was the cover two gorgeous men in a pose that is troubled, yet tender Happily, the rest of the short book lives up to that cover Both Benjamin and Cavin feel an immediate connection but as Benjamin s sweetness and unfailing kindness awaken Cavin s consci [...]

    Heather C
    Oh, I REALLY liked this story It wasn t at all what I expected Instead, it was a sweet, sweet story about Benjamin a wealthy lord looking for his first sexual experience with a man and Cavin a lowly thief who hasn t lost all of his honor The sex scenes were HOT I kinda want to read of these guys but I see the next book is about 2 other characters that were introduced here Staring it next

    Kaje Harper
    There are different styles of historical romances some that use the historical backdrop as a frame for a love story, and others in which the history and setting are an intense and integral part of the plot and characters This is one of the former, where a lush and sweet tale of two men finding each other is set in a clear, but not hard edged, historical background I enjoyed Cavin in particular, as the former street kid sometimes whore, turned thief to be respectable, who finds a man he doesn t [...]

    4.5 stars Very good historical m m romance about a peer who heads to a gambling hall of a certain repute to find out whether, as he suspects, he d be wasting his time looking for a bride The man he meets that night proves that, but is ever so mysterious

    Mandi Schreiner
    Lord Benjamin Parker is pretty sure he is gay, but having never been with a man, he wants to test out his suspicion Rumor has it that Clements gambling hell caters to his sort of persuasion So he gets up the courage and visits there one night When he walks in even though gambling is going on he can see men who touch each other intimately and knows he is in the right place When he sits down to play cards, a very handsome fellow comes to sit next to him They brush knees under the table and Benjam [...]

    I love historical I don t love how the MC s have to keep their relationship secret but I do love how they will do anything to be together Cavin, what a great character The so called bad boy thief manages to steal Ben s heart, much to his surprise I should mention here he stole my heart too sigh Ben, sweet, sweet Ben thinks he may be attracted to men rather than women so before he has to find a wife he goes to a gambling club to see if he really is attracted to men and there he happens upon Cavin [...]

    There is just something special about being transported back to a an era that is always so diverse and colorful 1820 s London is a gem of contrasting worlds The author does a great job in showing the vast differences in the social divide of that time From the pristine and pretentious of London s Mayfair and the Ton, to the swills and poverty of St Giles.Benjamin is the brother of a Marquee, privileged but not pretentious So when Lord Benjamin decides to head for one of the Hells for those of an [...]

    Trisha Harrington
    This was another great installment of the Brook Street series This was different to the first one in some ways, but not in others I loved Benjamin and Cavin they made a great couple I even loved the way they fell in love at first sight The two main characters were so different, but I loved that about them.By the time I had finished reading this I was smiling to myself The whole plot had me very happy Another great book in the series.

    This was a light, sweet read It s not the book s fault I m currently hooked on KJ Charles s books and keep comparing everything to them But in comparison, this was just Fluff I liked both heroes, they were sweet and interesting, but I didn t really feel they had any depth And one of them was a thief I liked that Benjamin had the courage to go to a gaming hell rud to cater to unnatural interests to find out if he was really interested in men before starting yet another season I liked that he reso [...]

    Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌
    After the last few negative reviews, this was such a wonderful, exquisite breath of sweet air It was incredibly heart warming, and one probably one of my most favoured M M historical romances yet I m not quite a fan of historical romance.This is one of the books that mainly focus on the relationship itself, and is romance in one of it s purest forms.Thief was an absolute gem to read, the relationship between them was hesitant yet so wonderful genuine They both took steps forward and backwards an [...]

    This was good I m not a huge fan of historical, but this one drew me in I like that it was low drama No major angst because of their situation It was a relief, to be honest I tend to dislike the historicals because the need to hide the relationships In contemporaries, I know there is hope for coming out and not suffering the repercussions that might befall those in historicals I also find some historicals to be far too pretentious So this was a really enjoyable read Granted they were still in hi [...]

    Very enjoyable read I m loving reading m m historical romances, especially this series I loved the fact these two man from completely different sides of the track coming together I loved Ben He was so wonderful and compassionate The way he cared about Cavin, the way he didn t care about Cavin s past was lovely to read about it.

    Ije the Devourer of Books
    A lovely four star story with a five star narration A very pleasant audiobook which I really enjoyed.

    I m not a big fan of historical romance, so I m glad I found this sweet short story to meet the Bingo category of this week Lord Benjamin Parker and thief Cavin Fox were great together, I really enjoyed reading it.While Lord Benjamin lives the life of an aristocrat, Cavin leads the life of a thief It s not what he wants to do, but it s his only chance to survive When Cavin is finally willing to accept Ben s help, there s a chance for them to be together Despite their different life experiences i [...]

    This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully JayLord Benjamin Parker has long suspected that he is gay, but he has finally worked up the nerve to settle the matter once and for all He has decided to visit a club known for being a place for men looking for other men in hopes of finding someone to share a night with and determine his real feelings When Benjamin meets Cavin Fox over the gaming table, he is instantly drawn to the man The two spend a passionate night together with Benjami [...]

    Ava March s latest, Thief, the first in her Brook Street series is one historical romance novella you must read The sexuality and emotion shared between the two main male characters is as close to perfect as you can get when building believable tension and a growing love and respect that involves a couple What even makes this better is that the main couple uses the opposites attract trope and one I ll never get tired of.Lord Benjamin Parker is very lonely because he s attracted to men but has ne [...]

    Reviewed for heartsonfirereviews4.5 Ava March really is the queen of the M M Regency historical Her Regencies are so what I imagine the era was like, and it s easy to be transported to that time Even better, her characters come across so fleshed out whether good, bad or indifferent, they make you care about them Thief is no exception to this, and I loved it Lord Benjamin Parker is a kind, generous man who just wants the question answered for once and for all does he really prefer men He has vagu [...]

    In Regency England, Benjamin Parker, second son of an English Lord, decides to confront test his feelings of self suspected homosexuality in a disreputable gambling club that he s been warned about and meets Cavin Fox, thief and rent boy whose tender side belies his rough upbringing Can the two bridge the divide that separates them and achieve the happy relationship that both want so desperately but feel they don t deserve I got this interesting bit of m m historical fiction in audio book format [...]

    4.0 StarsI discovered Ava March with her short story My True Love Gave to Me, which appeared in the Men Under the Mistletoe anthology I LOVED it, which is saying a lot since I m generally not a big historical fiction fan Ms March, however, has me changing that tune because frankly I m hooked on her stories I really enjoyed Thief It takes place in London, 1822 Let me repeat that London 1822 Okay, I don t know about you all but I can t begin to imagine life back then Well, boy does Ms March fill y [...]

    Katrina Passick Lumsden
    I m so glad I listened to a few of my fellow Goodreaders and picked up Ava March s work Seriously good historical romance without the inconvenience of having to put up with any horribly crafted heroines Hot historic dudes sexin each other up Good plots, good writing, likable characters, great dialogue, good romance Win.

    Review to follow.

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