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  • Title: Bear Is Broken
  • Author: Lachlan Smith R.C. Bray
  • ISBN: 9781611749212
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Audio CD

  • Bear Is Broken By Lachlan Smith R.C. Bray Lachlan Smith bursts onto the crime fiction scene with Bear Is Broken, a phenomenal debut that combines the elements of classic PI novels with the contemporary sheen of the best legal thrillers Leo Maxwell grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Teddy, a successful yet reviled criminal defense attorney, who racked up enemies as fast as he racked up acquittals Leo hasLachlan Smith bursts onto the crime fiction scene with Bear Is Broken, a phenomenal debut that combines the elements of classic PI novels with the contemporary sheen of the best legal thrillers Leo Maxwell grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Teddy, a successful yet reviled criminal defense attorney, who racked up enemies as fast as he racked up acquittals Leo has always tried to emulate Teddy, even following him into the legal profession One day the two are at lunch when Teddy is shot in public, the gunman escaping through a crowd As Teddy lies in a coma, Leo realizes that the search for his brother s shooter falls upon him, as Teddy s enemies weren t merely the scum on the street but embedded within the police department as well As Leo peels back the layers of Teddy s mysterious past, he sees that the list of possible suspects is larger than he could have imagined Leo must navigate the seedy underbelly of San Francisco, and the deeper he digs into his brother s life, the questions arise about Teddy and his estranged ex wife, about the ethics of Teddy s career, and about the murder that tore their family apart decades ago And somewhere, the person who shot Leo s brother is still on the loose, and there are many who would happily kill Leo in order to keep it that way Bear Is Broken is the first in a terrific new series, and establishes Lachlan Smith as a crime writer to watch and read.
    Lachlan Smith R.C. Bray
    Lachlan Smith R.C. Bray Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bear Is Broken book, this is one of the most wanted Lachlan Smith R.C. Bray author readers around the world.

    Bear Is Broken By Lachlan Smith R.C. Bray


    I really tried to like this debut novel it s a Good Thing to root for debut authors, don t you think But I found very little to like the characters are not only unpleasant but stupid, the plot convoluted and nonsensical, the ending just one of many the author could have chosen After a while I just didn t care Why this has already been planned as a sequel is beyond me.

    Larry H
    As much as I love reading new books by my favorite authors, I really enjoy finding new writers, new voices to savor Lachlan Smith is such a find, thanks to a recommendation from His first thriller the start of a series , Bear is Broken, might not break any new ground, but his characters are well drawn and compelling, and I look forward to reading his future work.It s 1999 in San Francisco Leo Maxwell just found out he passed his bar exam He has always lived in the shadows of his older brother, T [...]

    BEAR IS BROKEN 2013 Lachlan Smith This is a debut novel from this author from Alabama He is currently an attorney in the Tuscaloosa area He has the right credentials as a writer the Stegner Program at Stanford and a MFA from Cornell This first novel, however, comes out much like the proverbial camel a horse designed by a committee There is an attempt to combine several different sub genres into one story the legal thriller, a coming of age tale, fantasy, and noir Some of the time it works mostly [...]

    Jenny Hilborne
    As I read a pre publication review copy, my full review will be published elsewhere This is an excellent novel filled with suspense Definitely recommended.

    Having just passed the bar a few days earlier newly minted lawyer Leo Maxwell expected a routine lunch with his brother Teddy Maxwell It was 1999 and Teddy was deep in trial and locked into the case When in trial he always ate at Coruna That habit meant the shooter knew exactly where Teddy would be when court was in recess and could easily plan the attack The shooter walked in and briefly stood behind Leo before firing one shot over his shoulder and fired one round directly into Teddy s head put [...]

    I m not generally a reader of mystery novels in fact, the only ones I d previously read are the classics by Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, and one Janet Evanovich novel which was literally handed to me on a beach If asked to explain why I ve generally eschewed this particular genre, I suppose I would say that I tend to prefer novels that are not just plot driven I like stories that are character driven, where the central conflict is rooted in complex psychological or moral concerns, whi [...]
    Probably deserving of 3 stars, which would be it was okay for me but I really can t say I liked this with full conviction Perhaps I had my hopes set too high, falling for the back cover adverts, yet again The Library Journal claimed This engaging debut features well drawn characters and enough plot twists to please any mystery fan Well, for me, not so much The only character you get any depth from is Leo, the protagonist, and he just mostly seems to be flailing around, alternating between getti [...]

    Simon Mcleish
    Bear is Broken starts off really well, if rather derivatively It reminded me very strongly of Michael Connelly s Mickey Haller novels It dips rather in the middle and never really recovers, with the viewpoint character trying to investigate the shooting of his brother flailing around like a loose cannon as he blunders into one accusation after another There is little characterisation, except of the viewpoint character, and he isn t really very interesting.

    Al Stoess
    Not much Sorry I read it Did not make a great deal of sense Convoluted Strange characters.Skimmed again in August 2015.

    Gloria Feit
    Leo Maxwell has just formally become a member of California State Bar He is a man who does not think ethical criminal defense attorney is an oxymoron, perhaps putting him in the minority, certainly among the San Francisco police and the District Attorney s office His older brother, Teddy, is a member of that fraternity, a brilliant lawyer and one of the most sought after criminal defense attorneys in northern California As the two men share a lunch while on a break from the trial just nearing it [...]

    Linda Munro
    From inside of book jacket Leo Maxwell grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Teddy, a successful yet reviled criminal defense attorney who racked up enemies as quickly as he racked up acquittals As children, their father was jailed for the murder of their mother, and Teddy was left to care for Leo who tried to emulate his older brother, even following him into the legal profession The two are at lunch one day when Teddy, supposed to give the closing argument of his current trial that after [...]

    Published February 5, 2013 by HighBridge AudioRead by R.C BrayDuration 8 hours, 10 minutesLachlan Smith s debut novel is set in 1999 San Francisco Leo Maxwell is a newly minted lawyer less than a week who was been helping around his brother s law office for the last few months Teddy Maxwell is one of the most controversial and most successful defense attorneys in San Francisco His specialty is not high profile clients, but hookers, drug dealers and the like He is thoroughly hated by the police d [...]

    Laronica Conway
    There are a lot of crime legal thrillers out there and this one falls in the middle of the pack A young lawyer s brother also a lawyer is gunned down in the middle of a crowded restaurant and that act begins a convoluted tail of who killed Teddy This book starts out with a LOT of promise but it slowly loses its way about mid way through The author tried hard to provide lots of odd coincidences and random characters who all, at first, seem unconnected We follow Leo, the young lawyer through all o [...]

    Leo Maxwell has just passed the bar exam His older brother, Teddy, is well known in San Francisco as a successful criminal defense attorney who might cross legal lines to win a case although Leo doesn t believe it When Teddy is shot in the head while next to Leo at lunch one day, Leo is devastated After their father went to prison for murdering their mother, Teddy raised Leo with the help of a series of housekeepers However, Teddy kept his emotional distance from Leo and never really let him ins [...]

    When Leo Maxwell s older brother, Teddy, a vilified criminal defense lawyer, is shot in the head point blank, the list of possible suspects is lengthy Leo tries to find answers to his questions, but the shooter would rather kill him than be found out.Since I have been enjoying quite a variety of books lately, I thought I d try a murder mystery Everything about this one is excellent.ting characters, twisting plot, constant suspense, and rapid developments But it all comes down to the fact that I [...]

    Did not finish, so to be fair, no rating.I started thinking about reading something else a third of the way into this combo legal thriller murder mystery, when, after a reasonably decent beginning, the author began to pad the plot with contrived complications I plowed on out of loyalty to the friend who recommended this book to me, but with a third of the book remaining I couldn t go on I was no longer interested in what might happen, either with the unsolved mystery or with the increasingly ann [...]

    Andy Plonka
    There s a lot to trhis slim volume than a mystery to be solved The main protagonist, Leo Maxwell, 10 years younger than his brother, Teddy, has recenlt passed his bar exam and is learning the legal system from him Teddy defends some dubious characters so it really isn t totally inexplicable when he is shot in the head at a restaurant across the table from Leo What happens nextis as much a study in human behavior as it is a crime story.

    Excellent debut novel Deep plot and good character development At times, the author has you running in circles guessing whom the killer is, and can get a bit overwhelming for no apparent reason but to keep you confused But definitely an author to watch for in the future Haven t read a legal thriller I thoroughly enjoyed this much in the past year Recommended

    Alafair Burke
    What I said Lachlan Smith brings the culture of the courthouse and the complicated relationship between two brothers to life in this excellent debut.

    Attorney A younger brother grows up in the wake of an attempted murder of his older brother He is building his investigative and lawyering chops in solving the mystery.


    Sharon Sample
    Publisher s Weekly has the most recent Lachlan Smith novel on its Best Books 2017, Thrillers list As I ve not read any of the previous Lachlan Smith novels I thought I ought to read the first novel in the series before any other Bear is Broken is an acceptable first novel as it meets my criteria for crime novels The characters are interesting, the plot while not overly innovative, works, and the setting is vivid After reading two challenging, thought provoking books in 2018 I needed something ea [...]

    Bear Is Broken is a well written book with well developed characters The story was a little confusing and I felt lost a couple of times but I persevered and mostly everything got explained by the end of the book At times the main character, Leo, was a bit too enthusiastic with his explanation of whodunit and seemed to put the blame on a variety of characters This made the book seem like the author was stalling and looking for ways to lengthen the book I would recommend this book to people who en [...]

    Debbie Floyd
    I give this debut 3.5 stars The story line was interesting, at times as the story progressed it was a bit disjointed All of the events did tie together and it will be interesting to see how another book in the series picks up and how the character of Leo progresses Overall I felt that this was a good read, sort of what you would find in crime noir movies I won this book on.

    Judie Dooley
    I enjoyed reading this book strong characters ,good story line Kept me reading late into the night when my eyes kept closing full of family dynamics and kept me guessing all the way to the end as to who the shooter was.

    I enjoyed the relationship between the characters but the plot didn t ring true.

    Bill Schlott
    Great book Loved the characters Story fliwed wonderfully from start to finish Will be looking for any other books by this author.

    I liked the characters and the writing, and plan to read the next one.

    better than a lot of other mysteries I ve read, lately, but he still substituted sex for substance and I m not a fan of that.

    will read of these

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