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  • Title: My Sanity: The Ramblings of a Mad Man
  • Author: Caleb Warta
  • ISBN: 9781477581629
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback

  • My Sanity: The Ramblings of a Mad Man By Caleb Warta My Sanity is a collection of work by poet Caleb Warta Ritter written over the past five years Mostly dark, these poems are often introspective, thought provoking, and question what it means to be an individual living in modern society.
    Caleb Warta
    I have been writing my poetry for a little over eight years and taken it and seriously as time has gone on About six years ago I started writing on AllPoetry and the community there has helped me improve and slowly find my style of writing Early in the summer of 2010 I decided to go through my collection of around eighty poems that I had on the site and write close to eighty selecting my favorites and creating my book I titled my first book My Sanity because the book truly was how I have kept my sanity over the years in the writing of poetry I subtitled the book The Ramblings of a Mad Man because a lot of my poetry is out of the box ideas, some of it is almost like a rambling person on the street corner talking about the end of the world I like to make people think and leave them wondering what did that mean what did I just read or leave them rethinking something they thought they knew about the world I have spent most my life working with computers and watching the way people and the world works I have operated a few successful websites as well as my own business for a few years Played in my church s band and hold firm in my faith which you will rarely see direct religious reference in my newer works This book if nothing is so I know I can do anything I put my heart into and this book is my heart ripped out and put on display for you I hope someone out there finds this book to be worth the read I do not think I will ever be some famous author I did not write this to be I wrote this for my self because I wanted to show my self I could If you find it worth your time to read then I hope you enjoy this book and thank you for the time you have given me already in reading this short section about me.

    My Sanity: The Ramblings of a Mad Man By Caleb Warta


    I liked this book,it s filled with poems of all kinds Happy,sad,insane,I think there is a poem here for everyone.

    Caleb Warta

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      Caleb Warta