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  • Title: Prophet, Volume 1: Remission
  • Author: Brandon Graham Simon Roy Farel Dalrymple Giannis Milonogiannis Rob Liefeld Emma Ríos
  • ISBN: 9781607066118
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback

  • Prophet, Volume 1: Remission By Brandon Graham Simon Roy Farel Dalrymple Giannis Milonogiannis Rob Liefeld Emma Ríos On distant future Earth, changed by time and alien influence, John Prophet awakes from cryosleep His mission to climb the the towers of Thauili Van and restart the Earth empire News of the Empire s return brings old foes and allies out of the recesses of the vast cosmos Collects PROPHET 21 26
    Brandon Graham Simon Roy Farel Dalrymple Giannis Milonogiannis Rob Liefeld Emma Ríos
    Brandon Graham born 1976 in Oregon is an American comic book creator.Born in Oregon, Graham grew up in Seattle, Washington, where he was a graffiti artist He wrote and illustrated comic books for Antarctic Press and Radio Comix, but got his start drawing pornographic comics like Pillow Fight and Multiple Warheads Warheads would go on to become its own comic published by Oni Press in 2007 In 1997, he moved to New York City where he found work with NBM Publishing and became a founding member of comics collective Meathaus His book Escalator was published by Alternative Comics in January 2005, when he returned to Seattle His book King City was published by Tokyopop in 2007 and was nominated for an Eisner Award In May 2009 Graham announced that King City would continue publication at Image Comics and his Oni Press title Multiple Warheads would resume publication after a delay, this time in color Also at Image he is the writer on Prophet, the return of a 1990s series, with the rotating roster of artists Giannis Milonogiannis, Farel Dalrymple, Simon Roy, and himself Source Further information royalboiler.tumblr current royalboiler.wordpress older royalboilervejournal even older royalboilerviantart

    Prophet, Volume 1: Remission By Brandon Graham Simon Roy Farel Dalrymple Giannis Milonogiannis Rob Liefeld Emma Ríos


    Here is the chronology of thoughts as I read this NOTE this is FULL so SPOILERS Also, I knew nothing about the original when I read this Whoa, AMAZING gorgeous art OMG, I love the worlds The creatures, the creatures, the CREATURES Oh wow, a city of jelly Awesome Butew.Damn, where are the women Even the creatures are male ish.Who is this John Prophet dude Why s he a cannibal Ew.Stop eating, please I hate looking at you do it.Ok, I want narrative What swhol me, story Tell me something I understan [...]

    Jan Philipzig
    Would you be interested in the drug induced hallucinations experienced by Conan the Barbarian If so, this trippy sci fi adventure might be for you.In the distant future, John Prophet awakes from cryosleep to a vastly changed Earth populated by bizarre, menacing, alien creatures A mysterious voice in his head guides him to a city that is actually the slowly rotting copse of an organismic space ship Here he learns about his mission to climb the towers of Thauilu Vah and awaken the Earth Empire.Wor [...]

    Prophet is the multi layered, possibly even multi dimensional, story of the awakening of John Prophet in a variety of guises Each John Prophet may or may not be a unique entity, which begs the question of who, or what, exactly is John Prophet The strange tone of the story echos the sort of disassociated congnizance of Donnie Darko, but it is never clear whether or not John Prophet is insane, dreaming, or a real, cloned entity sent on the quest or quests to ascend the towers of Thauilu Vah and aw [...]

    Seth T.
    That alien is happily waving to his friend s dead carcass, tied to John like a scarf Somewhere along the line I lost touch with my fascination for science fiction I m not sure where that was exactly but I d guess it was pretty quickly after I stepped out of junior high I had grown up with science fiction and it had held a comfortable storehouse of wild imaginations when I was young Some of my first comics were some weird ish Gold Key books and reprints of the early Marvel sci fi bits such as The [...]

    Okay so this is a weird one because I picked this up knowing literally nothing about the Prophet origin story or that this was a reboot of the original series After reading it I read a few people s reviews and realised why I was confused this picks up from issue 21 26 and it s a reboot of a much older comic series Despite being confused initially I think reading the first 6 issues well actually issue 21 26, little did I know in a bind up edition made me really intrigued by the story It s the sto [...]

    Scott Foley
    Because I d heard such good things about the Prophet revitalization, I decided to check it out I rarely read reviews before buying a book, mostly due to fear of spoilers, but because I wanted to be sure I spent my money well, I did just that this time around The reviews were, like the word of mouth I d experienced, favorable I pulled the trigger and bought a copy.Let me be frank the reviews did not do it justice.At the age of thirty six, I basically just want one thing from my books and movies o [...]

    Andy Zeigert
    As reboots go, PROPHET is somewhat out of the ordinary Image s update bears only a passing resemblance to the Extreme title from the 90s on which it is based Yet instead of beginning at the beginning with a 1, the creators decided to pick up the numbering where it left off, at 21 The effect is somewhat disorienting Is it important that we know what came before Honestly it s probably best enjoyed if you don t The original Rob Leifeld penned PROPHET is an artifact from a different time in American [...]

    Bryan Alexander
    I read Prophet, volume 1 without any background information or context, save two details passed on by an enthusiastic Richmond, Virginia comic book seller It s science fiction.It feels like European, not American sf.Both of these observations proved correct.A quick sketch Prophet takes place in a far, far future, when humanity has reached out into space, built an interstellar empire, then fallen back The Earth is now occupied by many alien and often violent life forms The protagonist, a John Pro [...]

    COSMIC JOURNEY WEIRDNESS Recommended for consciousnesses only loosely affiliated with the space time continuum.

    The publisher should have included a little tab of LSD or your psychotropic hallucinogen of choice with the trade paperback of this title, because I seriously, truly, and earnestly believe that the only way to understand what is going on in this comic is to have your brain fried, sunnyside up.On a super duper far future post apocalyptic how s that for hyphenation Earth, John Prophet awakens from stasis He has his tools to help him make his way across the blasted landscape of this alien Earth, wh [...]

    This is ostensibly a remake reboot continuation of a Rob Liefield spandex comic from the exxxtreme 90 s era, but it bears very little resemblance to its source material Brandon Graham s description of it as a space Conan is accurate Graham s creator owned King City was stunningly imaginative, but at times emotionally juvenile This actually makes him perfectly suited for a book about a tough, mostly silent guy who hunts and fights his way across a hostile, alien future landscape Graham is paired [...]

    3.5 stars rounded down for not knowing wtf was going on This book was weird It s one if those books that hits the floor running This is volume one yet in the back it says issue 21 26 So I need to look into this because pretty much nothing made sense to me The artwork is s bit rough, but the ideas drawn are great and it seems to work I was intrigued by this futuristic coloristic story and there are some unique and very cool ideas going on here so after I ve done research I ll be checking out the [...]

    The most imaginative science fiction of today, hopefully a taste of the future of the genre in this decade, the art is fantastic but not perfect, nor is the wisp thin story without fault, but the world building is the main attraction it s among my favorite fictional settings.

    Jesse A
    This book I have no idea how to rate Full of incredible images and ideas but borders on incoherency.

    Jerry Jose
    The advertised blurb had everything I usually love A Gully Foyle like outcast and his trippy interstellar adventures in future But the writing and art, kind of, grossed me out.I was looking forward for an accesible introduction to Prophet, who in my mental image, was of an elseworld Captain America gone rogue In this volume Prophet wakes up from cryosleep and goes on hiking a seemingly post apocalyptic earth filled with awful looking creatures, and probably multiple versions of himself He eats [...]

    Man, I am currently on a kick for reading books I don t understand, I guess It makes me feel bad even adding them to my read list like, the pages moved and the words and pictures happened, for sure But other than that Questionable.Prophet is apparently sort of like a continuation of Prophet, a forgotten 90 s relic so obscure I had to set up the entry for it just to make that link work But the modern revamp of the book is what s got the nerds talking, so that s where I started with nary a researc [...]

    Just re read this one I like it even than I did when I originally read it almost two years ago I think it creates a very interesting and unique universe Its awesome to see Brandon Graham work with Simon Roy for the first 3 issues and Farel Dalrymple for one of them Looking at Graham s sketch pages in the back of the book, its clear that Roy and Dalrymple both brought their own unique visions to their pages I like the narration, its very alienating and mysteriously obscure It took me awhile to k [...]

    Curtis Hempler
    This is a book of unbridled imagination There are some truly mind bending concepts, and each page is packed with bizarre creatures and environments that beautifully rendered by the artists It seems like this is very much an artist centric book, but the 3 artists mesh very well together I am always interested in what Farel Dalrymple is doing, and thisbook has introduced me to a couple of other excellent artists in a similar vein I love the over arcing idea behind the whole thing Without giving an [...]

    This review originally appeared on my blog Shared Universe Reviews.When I first heard about this comic, I knew I would read it eventually I read Brandon Graham s previous comic, King City, and I really enjoyed it There was a creative vibe to it that I really appreciated My feelings towards Prophet increased during its monthly single issue publishing It was received great reviews and, importantly, some bloggers and reviewers online whose opinion is close to my own or whose criticisms of comics a [...]

    Hoo boy This one gets moved right to the front of the line I had intended on reviewing another book or comic before this one, but my god This was incredible I have never read something this long and had so little idea what was going on.Don t get me wrong, I ve been confused before when reading a comic, but this is is whole new level of confusion I learned by reading the back cover copy on the graphic novel than I did reading the 100 pages or however many there were of the comic itself So I had [...]

    William Thomas
    Hype This reboot was all hype and little else Brandon Graham took an old idea of Rob Liefeld s and well basically made something completely different and with absolutely none of the original characteristics of Liefeld s Prophet Not that I give two s ts about Rob Liefeld s awful Prophet series, anyway It was an embarrassment, as far as I m concerned, like everyhting else Rob has ever done I would have much preferred this to just work on it s own name and merit and not try and hype itself as a 20 [...]

    C. Varn
    To completely re image Rob Liefeld s Prophet is one thing Alan Moore had did that with Supreme almost a decade ago but to reimagine it so utterly alien is quite another thing entirely While Liefeld s Prophet reeked of the mid 90s with steroid hyped muscles and way too many pockets and guns, there was a core of an interesting character left over Brandon Graham s seizes on that core effectively and in the first collection, it is barely clear that there is a coherent narrative Graham builds from an [...]

    I remember the first time I sat down and read Prophet Volume 1 Remission I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting My eyes greedily devoured page after page for crazy amazing artwork and narration unlike any of the comics I d ever read Once I had finished binge reading the entire book cover to cover I sat back and the first thought that popped into my head went something like, I m not sure I understand what I just read, but it is the most amazing book I ve ever read I promptly read the b [...]

    This is a crazy over the board science fiction comic with some influence from John Carter and Conan adventures.This is supposedly a follow up to a comic written by Rob Liefeld which explains why the single issue start at issue 21 but in practice the action takes place 10 000 years in the future so there is no relationship between both from what I have read, I did not read the original stuff published 20 years ago.I have to admit it took me a while to get used to it and still I am missing a lot o [...]

    This fantastically weird and pulpy sci fi is also a reinvention of a character Rob Liefield created in the 90s a time typified by immense, impractical weaponry, physically impossible visionary anatomy, and vests lined with tiny pouches that contained who knew what well, I knew what something awesome though tiny This collection s charm is being overwhelmed with page after page of bizarre images and creativity and only gradually being clued in to the plot, which, whenever it threatens to reveal it [...]

    FUBAR This was my first venture into the universe of Prophet.I have no idea what it is that I ve just read.I didn t hate it, but I ain t rushing to the comic book shop to buy any of the other books just yet.Don t get me wrong, I likes my science fiction as much as the other guy, but this didn t truly appeal to me Most of the time I didn t know what was going on so this Prophet guy is a succession of Clones, and each Clone is basically a different story or what The art s OK good coloring.

    Recommended because I liked Saga I disagree with the recommendation On the one hand it seems very post modern, Giger esque shlock On the other, the world building is impressive, if a bit disgusting Reading it made me think of John Carpenter s The Ghosts of Mars Doubtful that I will continue this series.

    All of Brandon Graham s literary clout, plus people are keeping him on track so that there is actually a narrative sort of Alas, some of the visual density is diminished from King City and Multiple Warheads

    Joshua Shioshita
    Who woulda thunk that a generic 90s superhero could be reimagined in such an imaginative way I never did Everyone says this is like Conan in space, but you know what, it s even better than that.

    This is an amazingly awesome collection of stories about the many awakenings of John Prophet It is full of cool ideas and fantastic art I want to play the game of it, but sadly it does not exist yet.

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