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  • Title: Heller's Decision
  • Author: J.D. Nixon
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  • Page: 341
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  • Heller's Decision By J.D. Nixon Tilly Chalmers new job as a researcher for a major TV star is turning out to be eventful than she ever expected Always on the lookout for a high rating story for her famous boss, she tangles with adult movie stars, and the man who inspired a couple of blood thirsty young murderers An unwelcome encounter with a long time enemy stirs up trouble, and what important deTilly Chalmers new job as a researcher for a major TV star is turning out to be eventful than she ever expected Always on the lookout for a high rating story for her famous boss, she tangles with adult movie stars, and the man who inspired a couple of blood thirsty young murderers An unwelcome encounter with a long time enemy stirs up trouble, and what important decision does Heller make that threatens to jeopardise their relationship
    J.D. Nixon
    I am an indie Australian author with seven ebooks published through Smashwords Heller, Blood Ties, Heller s Revenge, Blood Sport, Heller s Girlfriend, Heller s Punishment and Blood Feud I m currently working on the fifth in the Heller series, titled Heller s Decision.

    Heller's Decision By J.D. Nixon


    Love this series, but if they don t hook up soonI am going to throw my phone I will not be happy

    Samantha Bartholomew
    Confirmed by JD NIxon via email today she is in the process is writing this book VERY excited

    With Heller s Decision, JD Nixon has given us another fun installment to the Heller series Glad to see this one was a little lighter in tone, although Tilly still suffers through every job she has Trouble magnet Tilly is still on suspension from Heller s and working for Trent, but that employment status is getting shakier by the day Her relationship with Heller is still confusing but they seem to be solid together Some of her crazy adventures in this one include rescuing a monkey hopped up on an [...]

    view spoiler I m totally in love with the Heller series and was ecstatic when my pre order auto downloaded Needless to say, I read Heller s Decision in less than two days Overall, I loved this latest edition to the series, there were some incredibly hilarious scenes that I can t wait to read again for another great laugh dinner with the family There were also some emotionally touching and breathtakingly steamy sex scenes that also deserve a re read Unfortunately, I could not give Heller s Decisi [...]

    I ve been waiting for this book forever, and it didn t disappoint I m such a huge fan of this series because it s not a paint by the numbers indie book Tilly isn t a sweet, innocent virgin with the magical vagina that has all the bad boys wanting to give up their bad boy ways for her She s clumsy as heck and is always getting herself into trouble And while Heller is a dangerous, alpha Viking god and a manwhore with a possibly troubled past, what makes him different from all of the other manwhore [...]

    The first chapter is posted viewer a vam

    That was PAINFUL FUCK Poor Tilly what a clusterfuck her life has become This book was not my favorite by any means Tilly has been through so much, and yet she continues to make shoddy decisions It s than fate working here it s down right idiocy And then Heller is pissing me off tood it s pissing me off that I still want them together view spoiler AND WHAT s GOING ON IN THE GODDAMNED SURVEILLANCE ROOM hide spoiler But most of all, it s pissing me off that I m going to have to wait for the next b [...]

    Britton Epps
    I love the interaction and how things have progressed but I need MORE

    I don t wanna wait a year or two for the last book Heller s Decision was amazing I though it would have a HUGE mess of some kind but it was actually one of the most perfect in the series and had all what I love in books.It s just Is that so, Mrs Nixon You say that there will be another book but don t give a hint of when it will be released That s torture to my poor reader heart.That s my very adult reaction to the waiting for Heller s Regret But even thought you are responsable for the awaiting [...]

    spoilersi am at a point where I m not sure I can finish the book I like tilly a lot because she is strong and brave but I m sick to read again and again how she can t count on her lover and her friends She is so lonely none of them has respect or esteem for her They keep blaming the victim like it is her fault if she keep attracting trouble why she is always in trouble is because she is brave I m sick to read how inadequate and useless her entourage make her look and feel I don t see where the f [...]

    Heather Seville myers
    Love the series, very frustrated that I cannot get it on or Barnes Noble I would pay good money to read this

    Lou Arna
    Unfortunately I didn t like this one as much as the others I love the authors style of writing, but the story got a little silly in places and I absolutely hated Hellers attitude 99% of the time We know he loves her but he is so controlling it makes my head spin and he won t even let her use the gym wtf but then tells her she needs to workout because it s showing she hasn t Ugh I ll stop here before I get on a rant but well done to JD Nixon because even though I ve come away with a semi negative [...]

    I have been addicted to this series since I first picked up Heller a couple years ago and I was so excited when HD finally was released Unfortunately, I finished it way too quicklyAs for the story itself, readers get to laugh through of Tilly s misadventures and blush at some of her romantic escaped with Heller I am a little confused at a couple of plot points that were kind of left at loose ends i.e Malefic and what happened to Niq but maybe those get resolved in the next book Overall, I still [...]

    4.5 STARS I loved this book I love that Heller loves Tilly and doesn t really know it I love that this book made me laugh I love that Heller and Tilly had A LOT of sex I just love Heller What I didn t like is how this book ended Ughhh, the cliff hanger I am ready for the next book now

    Im addicted to this series, i love the humor and the authors writing style I also think its refreshing the way that the books dont end on a clifhanger but wanting .

    I have to mentally proceess this book AFTER I finish mourning the fact that it s over and the fact that I scarfed it down so fast.BUT was so well worth the wait.

    It's Me - Yvette
    You know you enjoy a series when the last book you read in that series I read the last book, book 4 in 2014 was years ago Luckily for me, even though I couldn t recall every single detail and let s face it, Tilly gets into so many things , I was still able to read this book and know what had transpired previously That means I like this series so much that the details are still floating in my head somewhere and that, for this reader, is a good sign I enjoyed this installment as I have other books [...]

    Heller s Decision , by J.D Nixon4 almost 4.5 StarsIt was about that time for me to cleanse the palate I was getting major brain warp by this point and its not to say I wasn t enjoying the books I was reading just previous to this BUT it was just time you know Any time you see me start a Heller book you know I have hit a MAJOR book funk I savoir them and use them ONLY for this purpose as they ALWAYS do the job and book 5 was no different Really there is NO NEED for a long drawn out review as I be [...]

    FIVE FANTASTIC STARS If anyone is looking for a series that each book is better than the next, I suggest you pick up Heller You will be laughing, crying holding your breath throughout The main characters are Tilly Matilda Heller Tilly who continues her employment as the accident prone security officer who is employed by Heller Security s gorgeous Viking Heller, finds herself once again in situations that would make any grown man cringe She also has to deal with her overprotective boss lover Hell [...]

    ~`*Ella Lee*`~
    This book was just as hysterical, traumatizing, crazy and fun as I remember all the previous 4 being I really missed Tilly I really enjoyed I feel like it took forever catching up to ALL the characters in these books Nixon does not disappoint on this anxiously awaited 5th book.If you haven t read the brilliance that is Heller yet, well, I can just say you are really missing out It is a romance, but, not really But I swear to you, the danger, zany ness, flat out crazy world that exists in these b [...]

    Charlie N.
    Loved this book It was the right combination of emotions comedy Tilly lol and action Heller is soooo clueless to relationships if you can call what him and Tilly have one Its almost as if they take one step forward and two back, despite this I can see him trying and making small changes Its even evident that all the other characters can see it as well Tilly is hilarious it is never a dull moment with her I feel bad for Farrel because he is a really great guy and I know how much he cares about T [...]

    Lezanda Genis
    Maybe if I reread the first 4 books again before hitting this one I would ve liked it The last book came out in March last year and I read them all in April last year So now, fifteen months later, I can t remember every single thing that happened in the first 4 books and the author doesn t give any back story in this book For example I can t remember why Tilly was suspended from Heller and it is referred to throughout this book, but not a single sentence on the Why that could jog my memory Farr [...]

    Review by Angela Arroliga on Aug 13, 2013 Remove Outstanding thrills and spills penned by exciting author JD Nixon Likable characters introduced, as well as returning character development continues to satisfy as relationships intensify Fresh and exciting adventures keep the reader enjoying twists and surprises Ignored most of my day s responsibilities since I kept sneaking in time to read a little bit Glad there will be another in series, but this ending was not one of those abrupt cliffhanger [...]

    Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    And again JD Nixon doesn t disappoint as number 5 in the series, it just keeps getting better and better.So finally Tilly and Heller are together in this book but is it going to last He is controlling and still so secretive with her.Tilly continues to get into funny and dangerous jam after jam She cracks me the f up.In this book, we find Tilly working for Trent and hanging around Porn stars while dancing with a human penis hahaha have I mentioned how much Tilly cracks me up Then she gets tangled [...]

    Heller and Tilly I do love you but I so love Ferrell too and I am on the fence about which she should be with There were a lot of laugh out loud moments but some moments left open that I am hoping get tied up in the next books Niq and Daniel are always loveable and they are clearly a family to Tilly Look forward to of the series

    Jeanie Jackson
    It is a Heller book What needs to be said I will be rereading it soon Love this one just as I do all of them Tilly gets into trouble, not always of her own making Heller is slowly learning how to deal with her as his lover instead of as his employee The mini plots are hilarious or frustrating as usual Sometimes both.I will write a real review after I read the book again.

    Amber Anderson Howell
    So many reviews and yet this book isn t set to release until mid August 2013 See her recent blog at tillyandtess

    Brooke Thatcher
    Can t wait

    Amanda Perry
    Just be with Hugh omg

    4,5 stars

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