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  • Title: Mistress of the Sea
  • Author: Jenny Barden
  • ISBN: 9780091949211
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Mistress of the Sea By Jenny Barden Plymouth 1570 Ellyn Cooksley fears for her elderly father s health when he declares his intention to sail with Drake on an expedition he has been backing Already yearning for escape from the loveless marriage planned for her, Ellyn boards the expedition ship as a stowaway.Also aboard the Swan is Will Doonan, Ellyn s charming but socially inferior neighbour Will has courPlymouth 1570 Ellyn Cooksley fears for her elderly father s health when he declares his intention to sail with Drake on an expedition he has been backing Already yearning for escape from the loveless marriage planned for her, Ellyn boards the expedition ship as a stowaway.Also aboard the Swan is Will Doonan, Ellyn s charming but socially inferior neighbour Will has courted Ellyn playfully without any real hope of winning her, but when she is discovered aboard ship, dressed in the garb of a cabin boy, he is furious.To Will s mind, Drake s secret plot to attack the Spanish bullion supply in the New World is a means to the kind of wealth with which he might win a girl like Ellyn, but first and foremost it is an opportunity to avenge his brother Kit, taken hostage and likely tortured to death by the Spanish For the sake of the mission he supports Drake s plan to abandon Ellyn and her father on an island in the Caribbean until their mission is completed But will love prove important than revenge or gold Mistress of the Sea is an epic romantic adventure set against the backdrop of Francis Drake s first great enterprise the attack on the Spanish Silver Train on the isthmus of Panama
    Jenny Barden
    I ve had a love of history and adventure ever since an encounter in infancy with a suit of armour at Tamworth Castle Training as an artist, followed by a career as a city solicitor, did little to help displace my early dream of becoming a knight A fascination with the Age of Discovery led to travels in South and Central America, and much of the inspiration for my debut came from retracing the footsteps of Francis Drake in Panama The sequel centres on the first Elizabethan lost colony of early Virginia I am currently working on an epic adventure during the threat of invasion by the Spanish Armada.My work has appeared in short story collections and anthologies and I ve written for non fiction publications including the Historical Novels Review I am active in many organisations, having run the Get Writing conferences for several years, and undertaken the co ordination of the Historical Novel Society s London Conference 2012 I am a member of that organisation as well as the Historical Writers Association, the Romantic Nevelists Association and the Society of Authors I ll be co ordinating the RNA s annual conference in 2014.I have four children and now live on a farm in Dorset with my long suffering husband and an ever increasing assortment of animals.I love travelling, art, reading and scrambling up hills and mountains though I m not so keen on coming down.

    Mistress of the Sea By Jenny Barden


    I really enjoyed the story which wove a romantic tale around Sir Francis Drake s American exploits which were well documented at the time by English and Spanish sources However I thought that the title was definitely designed to imply a very different sort of story Spoiler alert.Since the heroine of the story remains chaste as the driven snow throughout and is never in a position of authority while at sea fact her time on board is almost incidental to the story except as a means of getting her t [...]

    Hannah Fielding
    As much adventure book as romance, Mistress of the Sea still manages to keep the romance reader engaged as you follow the blossoming relationship between wealthy merchant s daughter Ellyn Cooksley and master caulker Will Doonan It s a tale of swashbuckling adventure that brings in Spanish gold, privateers, escaped slaves and even the legendary Sir Frances Drake.Set in 1570, Ellyn is a young woman mourning the loss of her brother and fending off the unwelcome advances of a pair of suitable suitor [...]

    Carol McGrath
    From the very first image on page one of Mistress of the Sea I knew that I would love the writing in this Elizabethan adventure The chill was enough to hurry everything along, as if the season was already sliding over ice We are off and moving back into Elizabethan England in the period of Shakespeare, Drake and Raleigh This novel is suffused with constant movement From the shores of Devon to the New World the reader travels with Sir Francis Drake, the sea rolling the ships, the sails catching t [...]

    Elaine Saunders
    Historical fiction on a grand scaleMistress Of The Sea is an intriguing, intelligent read set in the Elizabethan age of exploration and sea faring It s obvious from the outset that this novel has been meticulously researched because vivid, historical details underpin every page However, the history is written with a very subtle hand and it never once overpowers the narrative, even though it contains charismatic, real life characters like Sir Francis Drake It takes an expert author to combine his [...]

    I ve had the pleasure of meeting Jenny and all I can say is that not only is she the loveliest person but an amazing writer I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it weaves a great story around what is a surprising amount of fact Although it breezes through the history and blends the facts and fiction together in a way that you ll forget you re genuinely learning Sir Francis Drake s footsteps and will just sit back an enjoy a great story

    Geoffrey Gudgion
    This gets 5 from me for the way the main character grows from a spoilt, petulant young woman into a plausible heroine, and for the thoroughness of the historical context The scene setting is also excellent you can smell the tropics, taste the salt It is unusual for putting a woman, and a commoner to boot, at the centre of the plot in a very masculine age A good adventure yarn, well told.

    An awesome book Ellyn, Will, Francis Drake are all such vivid characters in this book They come alive and you definitely want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen.

    Katherine Gypson
    It s a rare thing to find a story that is both well written and fun, with characters who are both true to their time and relatable and historical detail that works in the service of a fast paced plot Mistress of the Sea is all of these things I think the short blurb above doesn t do justice to this book overselling the romance angle while ignoring the great sense of adventure and spirit of the times that is to be found in this story of Elizabethan explorers fighting their way through the New Wor [...]

    Jean Smith
    This is a Historical book about Francis Drake and his quest for Gold If you like history or want to learn about history this is a great way to learn The author has cleverly entwined three fictional characters within the facts to make a powerful and emotional romance The main content of the book is about pirates and revenge, so the imaginative way the author has added the characters to make this a romance is daring and makes this genre accessible to woman as well as men The three fictional charac [...]

    Cheryl Alleyne
    From the vivid opening scenes of bear baiting, the reader is transported into an Elizabethan England far from the usual Court locations and characters The initial setting for Mistress of the Sea is Plymouth and soon moves to the dangers of the exotic New World where the ruthless Spaniards and inhospitable terrain taunt Will Doonan, Ellyn Cooksley, Francis Drake and the rest of the privateers.Jenny Barden captures all the smells, sights, sounds and customs of sixteenth century life with consummat [...]

    Eileen Iciek
    Mistress of the Sea is a beautifully written book taking place during Sir Francis Drake s voyages to central America in the 1570 s I ve often heard these voyages spoken of with admiration, but never knew much about them This book, told from the point of view of Ellen Cooksley, a merchant s daughter, and the young man she is in love with, Will Doonan, gives a wonderful introduction to Drake s activities The man had to have been one of the most intrepid, inventive and never give up adventurers eve [...]

    Rachael McDiarmid
    I expected so much from this While it was a decent, frolicking story set it Tudor times, I found the story at times to be too slow or not engaging enough Boy and girl meet, girl ends up on sea voyage with father, girl and father and boy have dramas that involve Drake, The Spanish and But boy is also searching for brother And Drake is in the background The whole time I was reading this I was imagining a b grade movie playing out Badly acted, poorly scripted I skipped through pages that I found [...]

    In MistressoftheSea, Jenny Barden has created a highly readable, swashbuckling story of romance and adventure One s senses are engaged in a visible, tangible, tastable, smellable melange of Elizabethan experience and adventure As designer of jennybarden I must declare an interest, but I can in truth say that it has been a great pleasure to work with Jenny and a joy to read the book.On the eve of formal publication, I recommend it wholeheartedly

    Another pirate s story.

    Very good read.

    To find Spring 2013

    Jo Barton
    Mistress of the Sea is set in 1570 against the background of Elizabethan England when glorious sea voyages led to the allure of prosperity, and the magnetism of inscrutable sea captains gave the illusion that foreign wealth was there for the taking Abandoning her mother, two enthusiastic suitors and a wealthy home amongst the merchant class of the port of Plymouth, Ellyn Cooksley stows away on board Drake s ship bound for Panama But also onboard Drake s ship, The Swan, is Ellyn s sickly father a [...]

    Historical fiction at it s best I loved the combination of romance and adventure, and I ve got to admit I fell a teeny bit in love with Will Doonan Jenny Barden absolutely brought the era to life

    I really loved this and I was desperate to know how it finished I loved the setting and the characters were loveable and believable.

    For the most part I enjoyed this book although at times it was slow.

    Jenny Barden s debut novel, Mistress of the Sea, is a tale of high seas and New World adventure set during the Age of Exploration When Ellyn Cooksley s merchant father decides to accompany Francis Drake on a voyage for which he is providing financial backing, she worries he isn t strong enough to handle such an excursion Faced with the possibility of marrying one of her father s unappealing business associates, and knowing her sweetheart Will Doonan will also be travelling with Drake, Ellyn s fe [...]

    Patricia Bracewell
    I ve become something of a curmudgeon and have outgrown my love of romantic tales, but there is a world of historical romance lovers out there and I think they will find much to like in this novel It is not available in the U.S and I was lucky enough to purchase a copy in London Mistress of the Sea is set in an Elizabethan world that I ve rarely come across most of the story occurring far from England s shores The author has done her research about Drake, his voyages and his ships, and though th [...]

    A tale concerning three individuals caught up in Sir Francis Drake s ruthless ambition I was pleasantly surprised to find that the way this book was presented overly romantic cover, mistress in the title, fluffy blurb did not reflect the story itself Action, adventure, a realistic look at the world without rose tinted glasses, along with three characters the Doonan brothers and Ellyn fighting to survive and find one another Drake s portrayal was masterful and gave us another look at this colourf [...]

    Enjoyed the history but thought the story so implausible as to detract from the good writing and historical background Also, I got bogged down a couple of times which is why it took me so long to finish the book The strength of this book is the author s ability to describe the physical surroundings so vividly Also, her historical research was well done.

    Lynnette New
    Great storyline, but I kept getting lost in the detail Some sections really held my attention, and I couldn t put the book down, but others dragged on and I ended up skim reading some chapters Maybe it was just so that I could move the characters through to their conclusion faster

    Read a few pages, seems like one of those historical love stories,unfortunately not gripping enough to hold my attention I m afraid.

    The historical background was very interesting but the novel storyline was not convincing.

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