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  • Title: The 90-Day Rewrite
  • Author: AlanWatt
  • ISBN: 9780983141211
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback

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    Alan Watt is a novelist, screenwriter and playwright His bestselling novel Diamond Dogs Little, Brown , won numerous awards including France s 2004 Prix Printemps best foreign novel He recently adapted the book for French film company, Quad, and it is soon to be a feature film His book, The 90 Day Novel, is one of the top selling books on writing He s also the author of The 90 Day Rewrite and coming Fall 2013 The 90 Day Screenplay Al founded L.A Writers Lab in 2002 as a place for writers to deepen their craft by learning to marry the rigor of structure to the freedom of the muse He has taught everyone from award winning authors to A list screenwriters, journalists, poets, actors, professional athletes, war veterans, housewives, doctors, lawyers, television showrunners, Emmy winning directors, first time writers, and anyone else with a story to tell.

    The 90-Day Rewrite By AlanWatt


    Michael Crichton said that novels aren t written they re rewritten.Now after rewriting my novel it s amazing to look back on the ruff, right brained mess that was my first draft, and compare it with what it is now.The 90 Day Rewrite is a step by step, day by day guide to carving away and reforming a rough work into something that can be read and enjoyed.Like his first book The 90 Day Novel, The 90 Day Rewrite tells you what to do and in what order I ve read many other books on writing but they n [...]

    Dorcas Nung
    While The 90 Day Novel focuses on helping writers to work in an instinctive, right brain way, The 90 Day Rewrite moves us forward and teaches us how to marry instinct with the rigors of the left brain s analytic and logical processes It does so in a well organized format, breaking down the rewrite into thirteen weeks based on the three act structure, with each of those weeks further broken down into specific tasks to consider and work on each day So helpful The 90 Day Rewrite allows us to honor [...]

    Having used Alan Watt s The 90 Day Novel to assist me in completing my first novel, I know how many jewels show up in this guy s books Now, The 90 Day Rewrite The Process of Revision has arrived It is a masterpiece of both technical support and inspiration.If you ve been spinning your wheels, postponing until a tomorrow that never comes, waiting for someone to help you finally revise a novel that deserves attention but never seems to move forward wait no Help is here That tomorrow has arrived F [...]

    Going through school I detested the required term papers and even book reports I would put them off and put them off as long as I could In college it was of the same After graduating I was relieved to know that I would never have to write and submit anything again in my adult life I was free I would have never imagined that a couple decades later I would be introduced to the magic of Al and actually enjoy and look forward to writing.Al has taken the intimidation of writing out of the mix and sh [...]

    The 90 Day Rewrite Not Just for Novelist I m in the middle of rewriting a full length play I ve been stuck on what else The ending I just couldn t find it Or make it work At all The ending I thought would work doesn t I had already read Alan Watt s first book on the 90 Day Novel, and that had been extremely helpful So I get to DAY 2 in The 90 Day Rewrite called Hold It Loosely and read this, If we sit with our story and sincerely inquire, we will be rewarded with the truth It also goes on to tal [...]

    Steve Sasaki
    It would seem impossible for a book to be in tune with the struggles you are going through while in the rewrite process To be able to calm agitation, uplift from depression, humor when humorless, and provide a swift kick when lazy, but this is what I ve found and continue to find in Alan Watt s the 90 day rewrite For me, it has been a mentor in a book, perhaps because he is a working writer sharing his experience rather than telling you what you need to do I also love the quotes from other well [...]

    Lilliam Rivera
    I ve had the privilege of taking Alan Watt s rewrite courses in person and I can t tell you how much his methods have changed the way I write He knows how to pull what s already within you and somehow translate it onto the blank page To be able to go back to his methods simply by opening up this book is a blessing Add the 90 Day Rewrite book as part of your writing tools.

    Bob Goettle
    Great resource I used the 90 Day Novel to complete a novel In you guessed it 90 days Now I m ready to use the 90 Day Rewrite to revise the novel In 90 days, no less Alan Watt is a great comfort when the creativity fears rear up and try to block progress There s a reason his book is the best selling guide to novel writing on kindle Thanks Al

    l Watt s The 90 Day Novel helped me finally get words on the paper for my first novel through encouragement and guidance in allowing the story to really unfold and not forcing it I felt so much trepidation and frankly confusion about how the writing process works and if I m doing it right after a false start But then Watt s first book was a turning point for me, and I was able to work through the 90 days of guided writing tasks and questions to create something Watt s encouragement and calm reas [...]

    Scarlet Risque
    I honestly prefer the first book, for this rewrite I only managed to go through half the exercises before I went free flow and used my own instincts Maybe because the exercises itself helps this subconscious process I don t think Alan Watt is a great editor, but a great teacher subconscious writing I would use this book with the addition of other editing books for effectiveness Still I give it a five star rating as this is probably 50% of what is needed in the rewrite, followed by other rewrite [...]

    As a writing resource, The 90 day Rewrite is a practical guide to working through your novel, though I didn t find it as helpful as The 90 day Novel However, I found the style pretentious and unapproachable, and rolled my eyes than once at the way that Alan Watt delivered his advice Also, he would use examples from existing books without citing the source, which I have a problem with.

    Erin Nudi
    Great Now I just have to finish editing my novel

    This was a little constructive then some of the other books I ve read I liked the step by step but some of the exercises seemed to just be given to fill space.

    Deutsch Mastrionotti
    is very centered on the idea of write a shitty first draft without fear From day to day basis If you already have a First draft is kind of useless, otherwise great.

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