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  • Title: Into the Darkness
  • Author: Barbara Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780425128923
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback

  • Into the Darkness By Barbara Michaels Upon the death of her grandfather, Meg Venturi unexpectedly inherits the eccentric millionaires antique jewelry business There is one catch to her sudden windfall she must share the wealth with a taciturn and oddly attractive young man who has an entire town stirring up rumors about murderous secrets and a dark legacy Now Meg is about to learn the truth behind an oldUpon the death of her grandfather, Meg Venturi unexpectedly inherits the eccentric millionaires antique jewelry business There is one catch to her sudden windfall she must share the wealth with a taciturn and oddly attractive young man who has an entire town stirring up rumors about murderous secrets and a dark legacy Now Meg is about to learn the truth behind an old adage all that glitters is not gold.
    Barbara Michaels
    Barbara Michaels was a pen name of Barbara Mertz She also wrote as Elizabeth Peters, as well as under her own name She was born in Canton, Illinois and has written over fifty books including some in Egyptology Dr Mertz also holds a Ph.D from the University of Chicago in Egyptology.

    Into the Darkness By Barbara Michaels


    Meg Venturi is called back to her small hometown when her grandfather Dan dies Unfortunately for Meg s plans to leave as soon as possible, it turns out that Dan left her half the family jewelry business, which Meg has been trying to leave behind because of a family tragedy when she was very young Even worse, the other half of the business belongs to enigmatic, terse Riley, who turns out to be a genius in designing jewelry but suspected by half the town of having murdered Dan.This is one of my fa [...]

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    For a change, there is never anything supernaturally suspected in this novel, nor do we have the huge, rambling Victorian house There s of course the trademark cat that gets in the way, coupled with typical character humor It s almost of a Elizabeth Peters mystery than a Barbara Michaels one, so don t go in expecting the typical Instead Michaels seemed to want to focus the energy she usually spends on ghosts in mansions on the mystery of old jewelery Not as fun to me, but still a worthy venture [...]

    This was my third Barbara Michaels book and I keep falling in love with them harder the I read For me this book was all about secrets that families keep and the lengths people go to make sure they are never found out The suspense is build up slowly with a few hints of danger and malicious gossip floating around in the air The tension slowly builds until it boils over in a chaotic finale that gives you the pay off you are wanting the entire time you are reading this.Like the other two heroines I [...]

    What a joy to find a Barbara Michaels book that I hadn t read This romantic suspense novel has a bit less woo woo than some of her others, but there are plenty of thrills nonetheless When Meg Venturi s adored but super bossy grandfather dies, she discovers he has left his antique jewelry store jointly to her and his relatively new assistant, Riley Riley is a prickly kind of guy and a lot of the folks in the small Connecticut town are suspicious of him Who is sending rings with a message to the M [...]

    I am thoroughly enjoying Barbara Michaels mystery romance novels The plots remind me of Victoria Holt s novels that I read as a teenager Very interesting plots and character development are the backbone of each of her novels and I always learn something newis novel involves a young heroine whose grandfather dies leaving her his antique jewelry store There is a lot of fascninating information about jewelry design woven into the plot I find myself wishing for rubies and garnets but not diamonds.

    Sheetal Dash
    Barbara Michaels pens two kinds of thrillers lackluster and dull with unsympathetic characters, and sparkling, vivid and populated by real people This, thankfully, is one of the latter, a delightfully twisted mystery that sparkles as much as any of the gems.Whether the author is writing as Barbara Michaels or as Elizabeth Peters , you are likely to get strong and interesting characters At heart, this mystery has a lot in common with the gothic romances I read in my youth except that the heroine [...]

    love this book ,if you are a collector this book is a learner ,4 stars ,really easy to read.Jenny

    Barbara Michaels is a long time comfort read for me She wrote mysteries as Elizabeth Peters and scholarly work on Egyptology under her real name, Barbara Mertz Barbara Michaels was the name she used for her quasi Gothic novels.Imagine if Jane Austen were writing in the 1980s and 1990s, and had decided that Northanger Abbey was her finest work You ve got Barbara Michaels Improbable yet compelling plots hinging on both deep family secrets and wry takes on stereotypical gender roles.

    What an unexpected turn of events This isn t your average run of the mill thriller Meg fights to discover who has been sending her threatening letters and ancient pieces of jewelry before the threats made come true The most likely suspects are not who they seem, but neither are the least likely A must read

    Tara Carpenter
    3.5 stars this was typical of this author but they are fun to read every couple years I liked the characters in this one, both the good and the bad and the unreadable The jewelry background and information was interesting to me and added a unique slant I always wonder about these books where all the people have money and don t have to worry about everyday issues like the rest of us.

    Anna Sibal
    Slow to build up, just like most of Barbara Michaels stories The plot twist at the end was rather surprising, but somehow not unexpected Of course, all that trivia about antique jewelry is fascinating Also, no ghosts, for once.

    I found the ending a little hard to follow, and I still don t understand how Meg figured it out, but I was totally into it anyway.

    Love gothic romances You ll love thisIt s been long enough since the last time I read this book that it was like discovering a new favorite Now to re read some

    Easy read for a weekend typical Barbara Michaels, although I hadn t exactly pinpointed the bad guy for sure when he was revealed It was entertaining, as her usual, and nice for when you don t want to invest yourself too much Settle in with a coffee and biscotti and relax It won t knock your socks off but it is enjoyable.

    I m a tremendous fan of Barbara s other books as Elizabeth Peters, and as I m beginning to see the end in sight of that series, I was delighted to learn that she had written books under a different name This is my first one by her, and it hasn t scared me off at all since my love of Amelia Peabody and Barbara s writing is so solidified, but I can definitely say that this one is NOT that good My hypothesis is that Barbara temporarily became fascinated with the world of jewelry and gems, learned [...]

    Oh I loved it It s much darker than Vanish With the Rose and perhaps even suspenseful in any case, I found my fingers glued to the pages One thing I particularly enjoyed this one of Michaels novels were the characters Meg is so much fun fiery, independent, passionate, and no nonense and she definitely progresses as the novel moves along comes of age, if you will Her interactions with Cliff are especially entertaining The other character I really liked was Riley, namely because I found him soune [...]

    This one, by contrast, is a later and much smoothly executed Michaels Once again we re back into the realm of paranormal free plots, with Meg Venturi inheriting one half of her grandfather s jewelry business with, of course, the catch that the other half has been left to his mysterious, taciturn, and extremely gifted young protege But who is sending Meg creepy death themed rings And leaving threatening phone calls at her grandmother s mansion And trying to run her off the road Generally fun all [...]

    If the last 50 pages are great, can that make up for the prior 250 that were bland Maybe I was completely under whelmed with the first 250 pages of Into the Darkness I guess it s just not my preferred genre of book I didn t appreciate the antique jewelry education or the 10 secondary characters that served no purpose other than red herrings The last 50 pages were very exciting and I enjoyed the wrap up I hear that gratuitous education is a big part of Barbara Michaels writing style If she s writ [...]

    First, I learned thar Barbara Michaels writes under several names Barbara Mertz, also known as Elizabeth Peters, also known as Barbara Michaels Thus she is commonly referred to on her web site as MPM.I m in total agreement with the the opinion of UPI, Even veteran suspense readers will be surprised by the ending Yes, I was it was a terrific suspense read particularly for those with an interest in antique jewelry and or jewelry design I could read this again some day and I rarely, rarely feel tha [...]

    I find Barbara Michaels novels a challenge to start and to finish There is enough mystery to become engaged, but a great deal of family history to read and understand in order for the reader to have sympathy with the character Sometimes it is barely worth it to struggle through the explanations in order to move the plot forward.However, hope springs eternal Sometimes I think that Barbara Michaels needs to work harder to achieve that willing suspension of disbelif with her readers so that the act [...]

    Jennifer Heise
    Good, fun Barbara Michaels Meg is a good strong character, though sometimes perhaps a little blind to what s in front of her but not entirely blind to her own weaknesses The antique estate jewelry business makes a fine, well researched background I can easily visualize poring over those materials with Meg For reasons that are either obscure or spoiler y I think this is reminiscent of certain Georgette Heyer works than much of Ms Michaels other work Definitely a good light thriller.

    Dayanira Reyes
    Found it on a sale at my favorite public library not knowing anything about Barbara Michaels Just saw the cover and read the description sounded interesting And it was It kept me on a wondering and intriguing path along with Meg the main character , and I gotta say it surprised me the end.I confess it was a little hard for me to keep at the beginning where I realized there is a lot of information about stones, gems, relics and the jewelry business, but the way it is all described let my imaginat [...]

    Kiwi Carlisle
    Somehow I missed this one back in the 90s when it came out I started it with great anticipation, but alas, missing it was no big loss Michaels best books, such as the Georgetown trilogy, Vanish With the Rose, and Houses of Stone, are genuinely exciting , with plots that manage to be fresh variations on the Gothic theme This book seems tired somehow, and had the feel of something just churned out.

    I love this woman This book had a strange aura about it it wasn t action packed or scary, yet it was suspenseful The dark feel of the book was magnified by the antique jewelry and the clever way it was integrated into the story And I loved Riley he reminded me of Darcy in Pride and Prejudice He was rude, obnoxious and completely loveable The ending surprised me I mean, I liked Dan as a character all the way through, but it made sense I certainly didn t guess whodunit, though.

    A nice little diversionary romance mystery type read involving a catch in eccentric millionaire grandaddy s will to inherit the antique jewelry business granddaughter must share the wealth with a taciturn and oddly attractive young man Dark secrets, rumors, what is the truth Like I said, it was a good diversion in a Dark Shadows kind of way.

    Meg goes home for the funeral of her beloved grandfather and gets sucked into a business partnership with a gruff, unknown man, checked on by the entire town, romanced by her lawyer, and manipulated by her uncle and grandmother That is just by the day after the funeral.Suspenseful light romance, several twist and turns, just enough mystery to keep it interesting.

    What better way to observe a long weekend than to reread some old favorites Barbara Michaels Into the Darkness and Walker in the Shadows were two of the very first grown up books I ventured into when I was a young girl They re not perfect, but I harbor a great deal of affection for them and I confess I was surprised by the subtleties I can see now that escaped me when I was less mature.

    Meg Mignonette inherits her grandfathers jewellery store along with a partner Who turns out to be a genius designer but otherwise a curmudgeon While trying to tame him she is getting threats at home When the cottage she plans to restore is burned to the ground things come to head An excellent read.

    Meg Venturi goes home when her beloved grandfather dies, to face the memories of the tragedy that killed her father, and has haunted her family ever since As always, Barbara Michaels keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end, all the while keeping you entertained by not only great characters but by her vivid descriptions the history of jewelcrafting.

    I was introduced to Barbara Michaels as a teenager, so I ve been reading her for over 40 years, yet I don t think I ve read this one before It was a great read, as most of her books are I can t believe I missed this one for so long

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