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  • Title: Famous Men Of The Middle Ages
  • Author: John Henry Haaren Addison B. Poland
  • ISBN: 9781882514052
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

  • Famous Men Of The Middle Ages By John Henry Haaren Addison B. Poland Not the same as other Famous Men reprints This one is better 190 illustrations to go with the stories, five new chapters added by historian Rob Shearer on Augustine, Patrick, St Francis, St Benedict, and Hildebrandt The stories begin with the tales of the Bishops who saved civilization Augustine Patrick And the Germanic chiefs who defeated the Romans AlaricNot the same as other Famous Men reprints This one is better 190 illustrations to go with the stories, five new chapters added by historian Rob Shearer on Augustine, Patrick, St Francis, St Benedict, and Hildebrandt The stories begin with the tales of the Bishops who saved civilization Augustine Patrick And the Germanic chiefs who defeated the Romans Alaric, Genseric, and Theodoric Then come stories of the famous kings of the Franks Clovis, Charles Martel, and Charlemagne The second half of the book includes chapters on Justinian, Mohammed, Harun Al Rashid, El Cid, William the Conqueror, Frederick Barbarossa, Tamerlane, Marco Polo, and Joan of Arc The stories of many of these figures can t be found for children anywhere else Don t just show children pictures of castles let them read the stories of those who built them and lived in them.
    John Henry Haaren Addison B. Poland
    John Henry Haaren Addison B. Poland Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Famous Men Of The Middle Ages book, this is one of the most wanted John Henry Haaren Addison B. Poland author readers around the world.

    Famous Men Of The Middle Ages By John Henry Haaren Addison B. Poland


    I found this a nice brief though not quite consecutive survey of prominent MEN of the middle ages Though I did enjoy the series so far Famous Men of Rome and Famous Men of Greece included , it s clear they were written in a time where women s rights weren t the highest It would be nice to see these books rewritten for current students with the inclusion of famous women.

    Short introduction to 33 famous men from Middle Ages, intended for school children but good enough to refresh your memory about time, area achievements of these men.Missing clearly are eastern philosophers, scientists and generals like Avicenna, Averros, Umar, Saladin and many , understandably because this is for young children and only relevant great men must be introduced.

    Jen Naughton
    This one is a re read for me as it is my 3rd time through this book with one or kids.If you aren t familiar with The Famous Men series it can be read free through The Baldwin Project at MainlessonWe ll be reading this over the next semester a story or two a week while we are studying the middle ages in our homeschool.

    Hilary Forrest
    I read the hardcopy of this version, it was quite helpful to get a bird s eye view of several famous men and one woman Joan of Ark from the Middle Ages I liked the illustrations, and the biographical information is written in short story form So it was interesting for the kids to hear.

    Phil Syphe
    This 1904 publication is essentially designed for teaching children history, but that doesn t mean to say adults should ignore it It offers extended summaries, rather than in depth detail, of thirty famous men and one woman Joan of Ark of the Middle Ages Each chapter also covers other prominent men from these times The period covered ranges from AD 394 1471, though it also sums up times pre 394 and briefly rounds up to 1485 when Henry VII won the English crown from Richard III With this being ai [...]

    33 biographies sketch significant characters from the stream of European history during the Middle Ages Some people are not Europeans, but impacted European history, such as Tamerlane Mongolian , Mohammed, Arabian and other Muslim leaders Harun al Rashid , and the barbarians Attila the Hun, Alaric the Visigoth, Genseric the Vandal, and Theodoric the Ostrogoth, as well as one chapter on Joan of Arc The first two chapters on The Gods of the Teutons and The Nibelungs may provide a bit too much insi [...]

    Nola Redd
    I picked this book up for my 5th grade son for his homeschool curriculum because it was a free ebook on It will definitely be one we ll discuss as he reads however, given the age and price, it wasn t terribly bad Published in 1901, the book provides a chronological sampler of famous people all men except for Joan of Arc through the Middle Ages Virtually every person listed is European, as is the history, with the exception of the prophet Mohammed A few other famous Muslims are mentioned, general [...]

    I got this book for free for my Kindle It was a laugh and a half First of all, whoever prepped the book scanned in a library book, including the return by card at the end Hilarious Then after this person people scanned it, they didn t bother to edit the typos that inevitably pop up The book contains many short, simply written, entertaining stories, but I doubt many of them are historically accurate I found several inaccuracies based on what I already know about the history of the Middle Ages The [...]

    Timothy Ferguson
    Not a lot of detail, but an interesting sampler You know how you can get those boxes of sampler chocolates, where you get to try things, so that you go You know, I think I liked the hazelnut swirl, but didn t like the Turkish delight I must get a box of those hazelnut swirls This book is a little like that, for medieval biograhpies It s not, of itself, a deep biography of anyone, but there are some characters here that I now know I want to follow up elsewhere Also, this is part of a series Greec [...]

    Like Famous Men of Rome in the same series, this book is beautifully illustrated and presents history as a series of pocket biographies of famous men Monarchs, founders of monastic orders, knights, generals, popes and noble enemies of Western Europe such as Saladin and Tamerlane are sketched here The presentations are understandably hagiographic and a bit simplified no mention is given of what a disagreeable jerk Richard the Lionheart apparently was, but as a quick way to refresh yourself on who [...]

    We read this book aloud as a family in our homeschool I like the introduction of people, and the way this book employs a story telling format This provided us a good overview of the middle ages via the people who lived it However, at the end of such a book I expect to see a reference list of primary sources which does not appear Which stories are historical fact, which stories are popular lore about characters and where the line is between myth and fact is not always easy to tell When I tell a s [...]

    Ryan Handermann
    19th century moralistic history This is story driven, and so at least it is not boring But the biggest joke about this book He does not cover the life of even one pope Its all war mongers and emperors We are talking about Christendom I guessMiddle Ages , and no popes They don t really fit good old moral history Too churchy, or something But Mohammed certainly does Mohammed was very faithful and honest in all his work he always spoke the truth and never broke a promise I have given my promise, he [...]

    It was originally intended as reading material for elementary or middle school students It is not as carefully engineered as a book of this type would be today there is no thought to gender equity as the title suggests and the subjects are largely kings and warriors of the time period, with no attempt to present an overview of the timeline or put the subjects into context.This makes it interesting in terms of the changes in education itself I d be very curious to compare it to modern attempts at [...]

    Nathan C.
    Fifty kings and gods of the Middle Ages, and their great exploits I realised after starting it that it is really directed at young readers, and is very simplistic in its focus but even so I learned some things, such as the difference between Visigoths, Huns, Vandals, and Ostrogoths, who Rollo was and why we should care, how a Pope s whisper and a woman s hair were powerful than Europe s most fearsome warrior chief, and why England is England and not Saxonia I admit I didn t even know who Haroun [...]

    We read this as part of our Middle Ages study Most of the stories were interesting and held their attention There were a few here and there that were a bit dry, but overall we enjoyed this book a lot Even the 7 year old was able to give good narrations after reading a section I think it would have benefitted from color pictures as many of the pictures were cloudy and it was too hard to see the detail.

    Not a bad book for what it was It was obviously written for a younger audience in order to make history interesting for them If you have boys that are into knights and warfare and all of that jazz then this is probably a good buy I wouldn t add this to a whole lot of adult reading lists though It has a large amount of fable mixed into the history buy reads as a decent story because of that.

    We used this years ago when studying this period in our homeschooling Good for biography based study of history, but should be supplemented with other sources as all are European men except Joan d Arc, Harun al Rashid and Mohammed At least he can t leave out Catholics as he does in the next book as the Reformation hasn t happened yet He does include significant religious men such as Saints Gregory the Great, Benedict, Francis, Dominic, Louis IX and Pope Gregory VII.

    I used this book as a guide for history through the middle ages in our homeschool It contains a fair amount of now known legends about the people covered in the book but it was fine for a reference guide for a timeline Definitely needs research if you are going to use it On the plus side, it provides a story like read that is easy to absorb information and is not just a bunch of boring dates facts.

    This reads like one of those Boys Adventure type tales The characters chosen are mainly warriors or kings and portrayed or less without any flaws As an example, Warwick the Kingmaker s switch in allegiance from York to Lancaster is explained in one line on the basis that he became friends with Margaret of Anjou This is intended for early readers and certainly not for anyone seeking any depth.

    Listened to the LibriVox free Audio Recording It was enjoyable, definitely for children Some of the histories may have veered a bit too far into folklore, but it d be a great introduction to the Medieval characters for younger children.My other complaint was some notable absences, such as Harold Hardrada, Roger I and II of Sicily, and most of all Constantine XI.

    I like this approach, which assumes that the child sees himself as this individual in history, and sketching biographical stories with that in mind Some aren t bad, but then there are others like the chapter on Mohammed And the picture of Roland on p 76 who let that get on the page

    This is basically a very brief overview of a selection of historical figures, and from the style of writing one assumes is aimed at children as a kind of introductory history book I wouldn t recommend it though, due to it s misleading summaries and, on occasion, inaccuracies.

    António Conceição
    Lista de breves biografias de figuras hist ricas medievais, escolhidas de modo arbitr rio e sem qualquer crit rio A estas, junta se um absurdo cap tulo inicial sobre mitologia n rdica.N o mau, se for encarado como literatura juvenil.

    Great introduction to famous men, but it is clearly written from a Protestant Christian viewpoint We found it helpful to use as an introduction, adding other sources as needed.

    Alycia and Hunting Creek Academy Reads
    Reading along with school Excellent book, everyone has enjoyed this book

    Linna An
    I think is suitable for children.

    Starts with myths, moves to waves of tribes in Europe and Asian leaders.Wonder about the accuracy.

    Rebekah Walker
    We are using this as our history spine in conjunction with several individual and family living book selections It is engaging and lot of fun for my boys to listen to as I read through each story.

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