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  • Title: Guardian of the Dawn
  • Author: Richard Zimler
  • ISBN: 9781845290917
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback

  • Guardian of the Dawn By Richard Zimler By the time the 16th century was drawing to a close in the Portuguese colony of Goa, the Inquisition was making admirable progress in its mission to convert all sorcerers whether native Hindus or immigrant Jews to Christianity A progress helped, no doubt, by the availability of alternatives those who refused to betray others or give up their beliefs were strangledBy the time the 16th century was drawing to a close in the Portuguese colony of Goa, the Inquisition was making admirable progress in its mission to convert all sorcerers whether native Hindus or immigrant Jews to Christianity A progress helped, no doubt, by the availability of alternatives those who refused to betray others or give up their beliefs were strangled by executioners or burnt alive in public autos da fe By living just outside the colony, under the benign auspices of the Sultan of Bijapur, the Zarco family manages to stick firm to their Portuguese Jewish roots Ti and his sister Sofia enjoy a peaceful childhood learning to illustrate manuscripts with their father, and secretly dipping into the heady chaos of the Hindu festivals celebrated by their beloved cook Nupi father and then the son are captured and imprisoned by the Inquisition When Ti returns to India after serving out his sentence in Portugal, he comes armed with a complex plot of revenge Devastated by the loss that he finds there, his plot unravels as he is forced to face up to the truth of his family s betrayal.
    Richard Zimler
    Richard Zimler was born in Roslyn Heights, a suburb of New York City, in 1956 After earning a bachelor s degree in comparative religion from Duke University 1977 and a master s degree in journalism from Stanford University 1982 , he worked for eight years as a journalist, mainly in the San Francisco Bay area In 1990, he moved to Porto, Portugal, and he has taught journalism for the last sixteen years, first at the College of Journalism and now at the University of Porto Richard has both American and Portuguese nationality He has published seven novels over the last decade The Seventh Gate The Search for Sana Guardian of the Dawn Hunting Midnight The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon The Angelic Darkness and Unholy Ghosts His novels have appeared on bestseller lists in 12 different countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia Richard has won numerous prizes for his work, including a 1994 National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship in Fiction and the 1998 Herodotus Award for the best historical novel The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon was picked as 1998 Book of the Year by three British critics and both The Search for Sana and Hunting Midnight have been nominated by Portuguese libraries for the Internatinal IMPAC Literary Award The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon , Hunting Midnight , Guardian of the Dawn and The Seventh Gate form the Sephardic Cycle, a group of inter connected but fully independent novels about different branches and generations of a Portuguese Jewish family Richard also writes reviews for the L.A Times and the San Francisco Chronicle When he s not writing, he enjoys gardening at his weekend house in the north of Portugal Zimler

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    One the best books I ever read

    Adorei o livro A hist ria escrita por Richard Zimler retrata nos a cidade de Goa, sob o dom nio de Portugal, nessa altura integrado no Imp rio Espanhol, e de outros territ rios indianos, no final do s culo XVI, de uma forma t o absorvente, que nos faz transportar para essa poca como se, de facto, l estiv ssemos estado.A Santa Inquisi o, que de nada tinha de Santa , chegou a todos os territ rios ultramarinos dominados pelos portugueses, sendo impiedosa com todas as outras cren as religiosas, foss [...]

    Books that can make me cry have a special place in my heart You ll hate the protagonist sometimes but you ll also feel sorry for him and would like to protect him And that s true for many of the characters It is a sad book but beautiful.The kinds that get etched into your memory and haunt you at nights.

    I think Zimler is a great writer, though I don t think this book matches up against the Last Kabbalist, Warsaw Anagrams or the Seventh Gate This is perhaps the most depressing book I have ever read, and what the Inquisition does to the narrator is almost unbearable Still, the writing is very strong, and it is a page turner.

    So far, the best written fictional story I ve come across that s set in 16th century colonial Goa The reason I ve only given it a 3 star rating is that I struggled at times to keep reading because the language slowed me down.

    César Lasso
    My rating 3.5 stars.The book manages to keep intrigue and shows how the inquisitorial system and society might have broken a life, and the protagonist s reaction to that reality.

    Amazing book , this book made me cry

    Joana Almeida
    simplesmente fant stico

    FLAMES (Mariana Oliveira & Roberta Frontini)
    See our opinion on our blog flamesmr 2013 08 l

    Not as good as The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, but still really interesting to learn about the Inquisition in India.

    Ana Paula
    One of the best books I ever read Caught my attention from the first to tle last page.

    Margarida de Sousa (IcthusBookCorner)
    I can t even

    For a book set in 16th century India the writing style was far too modern.

    Nitya Sivasubramanian
    Consider it a childhood perversion of mine that has lived on into my adulthood, but I have always been far interested in so called villains in stories than in heroes Ravan has always tickled my fancy than Ram, and I d rather spend an evening in conversation with Iago than Othello So this story appeals to me simply by telling the tale of how an innocent young man turns his hand to cruelty In the strictest sense though, Ti is Edmond Dantes than Patrick Bateman, and the story takes an inordinate [...]

    I came to this novel after reading the author s excellent Warsaw Anagrams and sadly I was a bit disappointed I did learn quite a lot about 16th Century Goa, India and the Portuguese Roman Catholic Inquisition that was used to suppress all other local faiths, but it was at times very slow I also felt that the character of Tiago often seemed somewhat 20th Century in his expressed views and philosophy However, I did greatly enjoy it in parts, just not throughout and certainly not as much as his lat [...]

    I had no idea what the Inquisition was up to in Goa and this book was a real eye opener Similar to Othello in many ways, although Zimler does mention he s drawn comparisons.The subject is handled sensitively and the reader s attention is held by the fast pace A recommended read for anyone interested in this period.

    is the first book richard I ve ever read and i enjoy a lot Was difficult to stop reading it, because we always want to read a little bit .The description is fabulous, brings us In india, the smells, the heat, the spicy meals, and the way of being of its habitants I recommend DGood reads for everyone

    A novel against the backdrop of the Portuguese Inquisition in 16th century Goa sounds fascinating Unfortunately, in Zimler s hands, what emerges is a ponderous and often overly serious work that shifts gear suddenly in the last section to become a faster paced tale of machinations and murder, a la Othello Sad.

    Rosa Barroco
    It takes a full book to figure out who are the good and the bad ones until we find out there are no good or bad ones I would say just like in the life of most of us Fantastic story Amazingly well written Sometimes really heavy to read I therefore alternated it a very easy reading book.Extremely sad It really brook my heart and still I could not stop reading.

    Paula Leal de matos
    A tragedy set in Goa in the time of the inquisition Exquisitely told, it transported me to India, to its peoples, smells, foods, atmosphere,cultures and religions I felt the emotions, fears, love and the hate of the main characters Magnificent

    Gostei mesmo muito mais 4.5 do que 4.

    Better than the second in the trilogy Visits a descendant of the first protagonist in Goa caught up in the inquistion on the Indian continent

    giselle r fonseca
    Na sequencia do Richard Zimmler sobre a fam lia Zarco esse n o foi o melhor livro, mas ainda assim, vale a leitura Entretanto, O ltimo cabalista de Lisboa ainda o ganhador.

    Book with the historical background of the Portuguese inquisition in Goa regarded as the worst inquisition in historyot was ok, but the ending was loosely executed.

    felix nemirovsky

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      266 Richard Zimler
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