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  • Title: '48
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780061057816
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback

  • '48 By James Herbert James Herbert transcends the horror medium with 48, a blistering tale of post World War II London overrun with fear and blood Delivering not only terrifying imagery, but pulse pounding action and historical adventure, it is destined to become a classic.It is a London Too Terrifying to Imagine Already crippled by the relentless Nazi bombing, this once beautiful city hasJames Herbert transcends the horror medium with 48, a blistering tale of post World War II London overrun with fear and blood Delivering not only terrifying imagery, but pulse pounding action and historical adventure, it is destined to become a classic.It is a London Too Terrifying to Imagine Already crippled by the relentless Nazi bombing, this once beautiful city has been depopulated by a hideous blood plague unleashed in the final convulsive collapse of the German regime Now, human vampires wander the rubble strewn streets, desperately searching for the only thing that can cure themBut not all survivors have been afflicted, and Hoke a lone hero accompanied only by his trusty dog and bitter memories is relentlessly pursued for the clean blood that courses through his veins Yet his flight soon takes on a different meaning as he saves two women and a former German soldier Banding together, they flee into the city s underground tunnels where an unexpected betrayal that delivers them right into the hands of their deadly adversaries prompts Hoke to take a stand against these monsters once and for all With 48, James Herbert delivers another triumphant thriller that blends two fisted action with the supernatural Douglas E Winter
    James Herbert
    James Herbert was Britain s number one bestselling writer a position he held ever since publication of his first novel and one of the world s top writers of thriller horror fiction He was one of our greatest popular novelists, whose books are sold in thirty three other languages, including Russian and Chinese Widely imitated and hugely influential, his 19 novels have sold than 42 million copies worldwide As an author he produced some of the most powerful horror fiction of the past decade With a skillful blend of horror and thriller fiction, he explored the shaded territories of evil, evoking a sense of brooding menace and rising tension He relentlessly draws the reader through the story s ultimate revelation one that will stay to chill the mind long after the book has been laid aside His bestsellers, THE MAGIC COTTAGE, HAUNTED, SEPULCHRE, and CREED, enhanced his reputation as a writer of depth and originality His novels THE FOG, THE DARK, and THE SURVIVOR have been hailed as classics of the genre.

    '48 By James Herbert


    Andrew Light
    This story is set, as the title suggests in the year 1948 shortly after the end of the second world war Hitler has released the Blood Death which is a genetically modified disease that wiped out the majority of the population It is also indicated that the disease spread and wiped out most of the world, the only survivors being those who belong to the rare AB negative blood group.The story follows Hoke, a survivor of Hitler s deadly attack living in the city of London He is trying to lay low and [...]

    Well this book earns a solid so so rating What an intriguing premise In 1945 Hitler unleashes a devastating biological suicide weapon killing a huge portion of the Human race Taking everybody with him as Nazi Germany goes down the drain When the story begins it s three years later and our protagonist an American pilot is living in London now a gigantic mausoleum and being chased by British Nazis who believe that his blood can save them A few survivors are immune while others are dying slowly Ou [...]

    Claire Fun
    Eh, it was alright Macho man with issues saves some people in an almost post apocalypse type London in 1948, after Hitler ended the war by unleashing a genocidal disease I thought at the start I d love it post apocalypse Places I recognise but ended up being about the characters, which is usually what I want in a book, but I didn t really care for these characters Huge pile of cliches The dog was alright but underused The main narrator was awful Must kill Uh Pretty woman Must notice body shape w [...]

    This is James Herbert on form Its high adventure, there are elements which stretch credulity a bit and I imagine the plot would not stand up to intense scrutiny but as I have far better things to do than intensely scrutinise this tale who am I to worry What this does do is hold you attention and take the story to a satisfying end It also has plot devices that I actually rather enjoyed I liked the baddie in this, I liked the finite nature of him and the fact that his thinking was hopeful and wron [...]

    First of all let me say how much I loved the setting in this book silent and almost empty London in 1948, three years after Hitler s ultimate biological weapon extinguished almost all life on Earth, leaving buildings intact Only a handful of people survived, and they are either sick or crazy or both Among the ghostly remnants of civilization, a group of fascist bad guys Blackshirts is trying to round up all uninfected humans, including our superhero, the American pilot named Hoke, and steal thei [...]

    Slowly but surely working my way through back catalogue of the late great James Herbert 48 was a departure for him, not so much horror as a dystopian alternate history As the title suggests, set in the post WW2 England London to be specific , the plot follows an American pilot who has been surviving in the war ravaged city He comes across a group of fellow survivors and they struggle on together against the remainder of british fascists The twist here is that although Hitler did lose the war, hi [...]

    Luke Walker
    A fast paced chase alternate history story that doesn t let up pretty much from start to finish Lots of fun.

    Edwin Kort
    audio boek Een mooi verhaal, dat zich afspeelt in 1948 vandaar de titel Vlak voor het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog, laat Hitler raketten met een virus bloeddood Door dit virus verdikt het bloed van zijn slachtoffers, tot het uiteindelijk zo dik is dat de aders verstopt raken Het resterende bloed zoekt een uitweg via allerlei lichaamsopeningen, en sommige slachtoffers sterven vrijwel direct, terwijl het voor anderen jaren duurden Sommige mensen doen er langer over om te sterven, en zij leiden [...]

    I was drawn to this book as I d always wanted to read a book by James Herbert and the fact this was post apocalyptic added to the attraction.I won t deny the book started at an intense pace and Herbert clearly has a great skill at being descriptive of the situation However, as the book progressed the storyline slowed and his descriptive style got tedious as it proved ineffectual in advancing the overall story I got bored and it become a chore pick g it up to read, I just didn t feel gripped to k [...]

    A very fast paced book the action never stops from start to finish It can, at times, be a little hard to keep up with and the rate Herbert kills off the characters is a bit much to handle at times.I only rated this book a 3 however as I found it startlingly similar to Domain, the final book in the Rats trilogy both focus of a post apocalyptic London, ravaged by a war, with few survivors trying to survive the enemy Obviously in Domain it s the rats but in 48 it s the Blackshirts.Still, a decent b [...]

    Paul Elsy
    My most favourite book of all time, one of the first full novels I ever read I must have finished it upwards of a dozen times now Outstanding.

    Julie Kellner
    I ve always loved this book Each time I read it I enjoy it just a little bit James Herbert s story telling a true gem

    Gavin Felgate
    This book is set in an alternate version of 1948, where Britain has been unleashed by a virulent disease, the blood death , unleashed by Adolf Hitler at the end of World War II as his final revenge.The book s central character and narrator is Hoke, an American pilot, who is immune to the blood death, and has been living in what remains of London Throughout the book, he and a group of other survivors fight to escape from the Nazi blackshirts, who are gradually dying from the disease and whose lea [...]

    More of a thriller than a chiller this one from Mr Herbert though it does certainly have horror elements, in many ways it s a alternative history novel with Hitler basically defeated unleashing one final gambit.a biological weapon that obliterates Londont physically in regard the capital the populous who struggle to survive a killer virus.One blood group is exempt from the slow and debilitating death the virus causes and these become the target for some neo Nazi blackshirts who though dying are [...]

    Deidre(Dee) ~ Official Bookworm ~
    The unmissable new action thriller from one of the biggest names in British fiction the No 1 bestselling author of The Ghosts of Sleath, Haunted, The Magic Cottage and The Rats As millions of readers around the world will testify, James Herbert s ability to shock and enthral is matchless Now, in 48, he has surpassed his own remarkable achievements to create an electrifying new novel of pure heart stopping action and invention that will take readers to new levels of terror and excitement In 1945, [...]

    Richard Ayre
    This was my first return to 48 in a long time And I have to say, I enjoyed it just as much as when I first read it Fast paced, exciting and shocking Everything I expect from Herbert at his best The premise is not exactly original, but it s in the pace and the action that Herbert comes up with the goods here I would have loved a sequel to this one, to find out what happened to Hoke after he leaves London, but the story had me hooked from start to finish Similar in a way to Domain, the description [...]

    I have read a couple of his books in the past and they re ok, but never going to win any literary awards The concept of the plot intrigued me Alternative history where the Germans have dropped a bomb on London right at the end of WWII, causing a deadly virus to attack most people Only those of a certain blood type can ultimately survive The actually story was woefully boring, just a catalogue of events of one man and occasional associates all with the correct blood type evading those with the wr [...]

    Kay Smillie
    Bought and read this when it was first published but my original copy was long gone Having availed myself of a new copy, I realised why my original went missing Not James Herbert at his best Great idea for a storyline but it didn t quite gel in my opinion Never mind, I have copies of most of his other better books.Ray Smillie

    For me this book is one of those little gems you come across now and again.I randomly came across it in a charity shop for one euro bargain I love the whole idea behind the story and the kind of apocalyptic setting it has It was a really enjoyable fast paced on the run story and found myself eating the pages hungrily to see what happened next A quick, fun read overall.

    Anne Robinson
    One of those books where you ignore the clich s and plot holes and just go along for the ride Rather stereotypical characters, particularly the women Exciting and gripping throughout with just the right amount of bloodthirsty horror.

    Very fast paced, a bit to fast paced, but still an enjoyable read.

    Freya Inston
    A post apocolyptic idea of the conclusion of the 2nd WW with a biological weapon Action filled, exciting and interesting take on how things could have been.

    Started it, couldn t get past the first chapter, threw it in the trash It was like bad Chuck Norris fanfic so bad it couldn t even be enjoyed for it s awfulness.

    Rick Samps
    On it s own terms, a fairly enjoyable book, a post apocalyptic action thriller in an alternate history setting But it is, in the end, a ripoff of Richard Matheson s I Am Legend, with the infected leaning to those in The Omega Man and Night of the Comet.

    Andrew Garvey
    London, 1948 Three years after a demented, last ditch act of revenge by the defeated Adolf Hitler saw him launch rockets stuffed with biological weaponry, a lone American fighter pilot named Hoke spends his time roaming the city, getting drunk and avoiding and sometimes attacking the near dead fascist blackshirt army of survivors under the command of Nazi sympathiser Sir Max Hubble.Ambushed by Hubble s slow moving men, Hoke and his little dog escape and run into three other healthy survivors two [...]

    Nw Ligthelm
    If you don t mind 48 Deus ex machinas you will enjoy the book Not a bad read, but James Herbert is better than this.

    This book opens with a bang, an exhilarating near capture of the protagonist, Hoke, an American pilot living in war ruined London amongst hundreds of thousands of time charred corpses In this novel, in 1945 Hitler unleashed a virus that decimated all blood groups except for AB type Hoke has AB type blood, and he s been on the run for three years from a slow dying group of crazies known as Blackshirts they want his blood for their leader a blood transfusion which they believe will save his life a [...]

    The second reading of this book was as enjoyable and entertaining as the first time From the very first page, our hero is running and hiding, dodging bullets, beating up the bad guys and rescuing fair damsels, until the James Bond like ending with lots of explosions, cliff hangers and falling bodies.This is an alternative history of 1948 Three years ago, Hitler realises that he has lost the war and so unleashes a virus The Blood Death causes almost instantaneous death to most of the population t [...]

    48 reminded me of the book I am legend by Richard Matheson The novel was a alternative history of the 2nd world war In James Herbert version Hitler used a V2 rocket to drop a chemical agent on England as a revenge attack This agent sent a plague which wiped out almost the whole population, apart from a group of indivuals whose blood type has a natural resistence to the disease Much like The Day of the Triffids which is also set in a post apocalyptic London, much of the novel describe the chillin [...]

    This book had the storyline and the opportunity to be so much , but sadly what it actually delivered was a sub par, stumbling mess of a novel.This was my first James Herbert, and maybe I should have started with a different one because I ve heard he s an excellent writer Sadly this one says otherwise The plot largely consists of action scene to action scene, which is okay and the action scenes are good, but the time alloted inbetween is just dull Really really dull The charaters were all over th [...]

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