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  • Title: Stranger in the Room
  • Author: Amanda Kyle Williams
  • ISBN: 9780553808087
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Stranger in the Room By Amanda Kyle Williams Fresh from her debut, Amanda Kyle Williams delivers a second thrilling Keye Street novel, perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and Patricia Cornwell That bullet was meant for you Summer is smoldering through Atlanta on Fourth of July weekend, as fireworks crack through the air and steam rises from the pavement on Peachtree Private investigator and ex FBI profiler KFresh from her debut, Amanda Kyle Williams delivers a second thrilling Keye Street novel, perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and Patricia Cornwell.That bullet was meant for you Summer is smoldering through Atlanta on Fourth of July weekend, as fireworks crack through the air and steam rises from the pavement on Peachtree Private investigator and ex FBI profiler Keye Street wants nothing than a couple of quiet days alone with her boyfriend, Aaron but, as usual, murder gets in the way I will find her A.P.D Lieutenant Aaron Rauser is called to the disturbing scene of the strangling death of a thirteen year old boy Meanwhile, Keye must deal with not one but two of her own investigations In the hills of Creeklaw County, there s a curious case involving chicken feed and a crematorium, and in Atlanta, Keye s emotionally fragile cousin Miki is convinced she is being stalked Given Miki s history of drug abuse and mental problems, Keye is reluctant to accept her cousin s tale of a threatening man inside her house late one night But as a recovering alcoholic herself, Keye can t exactly begrudge a woman her addictions especially since Miki drives Keye to near relapses at every turn And yet, Miki is family, and Keye must help her even if it means tempting her own demons I always find her All hell breaks loose when another murder the apparent hanging of an elderly man hits disturbingly close to home for Keye And though the two victims have almost nothing in common, there are bizarre similarities between this case and that of Aaron s strangled teen Is there a single faceless predator, a calculating murderer targeting his prey at random Only a skilled profiler like Keye Street can help the A.P.D find him With the threat of deaths to come, Keye works on pure instinct alone and soon realizes that a killer is circling ever closer to the people she loves the most.
    Amanda Kyle Williams
    Amanda Kyle Williams worked as a freelance writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, worked with a PI firm in Atlanta on surveillance operations, became a court appointed process server and owned a dog walking and pet sitting business in Atlanta Author of THE STRANGER YOU SEEK , STRANGER IN THE ROOM and DON T TALK TO STRANGERS , featuring former FBI criminal investigative analyst Keye Street.

    Stranger in the Room By Amanda Kyle Williams


    Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    Ok I m caught up with this series Now what the hell am I going to read Write fast Amanda Kyle Williams Keye Street is probably one of my all time favorite female characters in any book I frigging want to be her She is an recovering alcoholic, fired FBI profiler,Krispy Kreme do nut eating, coffee swilling, hot mess d I love her She is full of snark and tough as nails She doesn t of course see it that way.And welle drives this.This book involves her cousin Miki a troubled drama queen who is trying [...]

    After the recuperating blow of the serial killer turning out to be a friend in Book 1 , Keye Street has taken a step back from the world of Police and Crimes and has stuck to the nice easy work of catching bail jumpers That is until she recieves a phone call from her cousin Miki, her cousin s house was broken into and she believes she is being stalked As a family obligation, Keye starts to look into it but as she digs deeper into Miki s life it seems that she may have alot of enemies including a [...]

    This is the second book in a series featuring private investigator Keye Street Street is a recovering alcoholic and former profiler with the FBI She is fast becoming one of my favorite characters in detective series fiction She is smart and witty She is short but not anyone to mess with She is based in Atlanta and in this story everyone is getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July The story opens when Keye receives a call from her cousin asking for help claiming she is being stalked Her cousin [...]

    Amy Lignor
    This is the second book featuring Keye Street, a female detective living in Atlanta, Georgia who will remind many readers of a Kinsey Millhone Sue Grafton s unforgettable detective Keye is a woman with determination and willpower Raised by an adoptive family, Keye has her share of upsets when it comes to dealing with a difficult relationship with her mom An ex cop, Keye has a few issues in her past that ejected her from the police force, so now she has her own P.I business and is definitely the [...]

    A pleasure to read I think Stranger in the Room is even better than The Stranger you Seek Keye Street once again aids Lt Rauser and the APD with her profiler skills as they hunt a killer but this time it s personal for Street when her cousin becomes a target Keye s real job as a PI gets front and center page time when she is asked to investigate why cement and bird seed are found instead of cremains in a customers urn Her case is so well written it almost eclipses the murder investigation Creep [...]

    Angela Risner
    This is Amanda Kyle Williams second book featuring the character of P.I Keye Street and it does not disappoint.Keye is just trying to live day by day, as a recovering alcoholic and a former FBI agent She runs her own private investigation firm, with her employee Neil, who handles all of the technical details She is still dating Aaron Rauser, a police detective with the APD In this book, Keye s cousin Miki arrives home one night to find a strange man in her house She escapes and asks Keye for hel [...]

    What a great book and series Keye Street is a very likeable character along with her main squeeze Aaron Rauser and her cat White Trash gotta love the name.Ms Williams captures the emotions head on especially in Keye s struggle with Alcoholism and her roots.The serial killer this time has his sights set on Keye s cousin Miki who is full of issues to begin with but the serial also puts Keye in his sights.We don t learn who he actually is until much later in the book, but we do learn lots about him [...]

    Robert Carraher
    Avoiding the sopho jinx, Amanda Kyle Williams , Keye Street remains the most interesting, cynically funny and smart series detective today Keye entered the arena in last years knockout debut, The Stranger You Seek A Novel reviewed here Recovered from her, and her lover s Atlanta PD Detective Lieutenant Aaron Rauser , near fatal battle with the serial killer known as the Wishbone Killer Keye and her employee, the perpetually red eyed high computer guru Neil, have settled back into the life and wo [...]

    Scott Whitmore
    Fast paced, intense, engrossing a wonderfully complex and flawed main character and a colorful and interesting supporting cast working through multiple plot lines that twist, turn and demand the reader put aside whatever else they had planned to read just one chapter and then another Stranger in the Room by Amanda Kyle Williams AKyleWilliams is better than the first Keye Street book, which is hard to believe because The Stranger You Seek was exceptionally good This time out, the story kicks off [...]

    Kathleen (QueenKatieMae)
    After reading her thriller, The Stranger You Seek, by Amanda Kyle Williams I was hoping she would continue with a series The main reason Her lead character, Keye Street A PI working out of Atlanta, carrying lots of baggage, wonderfully flawed, tough and independent, Street is a welcome addition to the growing roster of women in the mystery thriller genre And with Williams second novel, Stranger in The Room, readers see that Street will be around for awhile.Street is a Chinese American raised in [...]

    Lakis Fourouklas
    I have first met the heroine of Stranger in the Room, PI Keye Street, in the author s previous novel The Stranger You Seek and I really liked her.Keye is not your usual kind of detective She s an ex alcoholic, still struggling with her addiction, who used to work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI, and has degrees both in criminology and psychology she s tough and she s street smart, stubborn and absolutely funny.And, finally, she believes what she wants to believe, until she s proven w [...]

    Keye Street is the owner of her own business, Corporate Intelligence Investigations Her background in law enforcement and advanced degree in the area of criminal psychology help her with her private investigations She sometimes also acts as a consultant for other police departments Stranger in the Room is Amanda Kyle Williams second novel in the Keye Street series This book is not as good as the first one, The Stranger You Seek, but it s fast paced and interesting and Keye and her partner Neil a [...]

    Last year, I encountered and was delighted by the novel, The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams Williams introduced the crime fighting detective, Keye Street, an Asian American, recovering alcoholic, female private investigator, raised by her adopted family in Atlanta, Georgia Street was a refreshing addition to the female protagonist sub genre of mysteries Combining her quirky sense of humor with a startling mystery, Williams struck gold with her first novel.In this second installment in [...]

    This was a 3.5 star read for me I hadn t read the author s previous novel featuring Keye Street, the protagonist, but this book stood well on its own While the book contained several murder mystery cliches protagonist with demons from past trauma, killer after a relative of protagonist, dramatic confrontation at the end of book , they were utilized well and created a gripping read I especially appreciated the author s style her prose was evocative and well thought out without bringing attention [...]

    Stranger In the Room by Amanda Kyle Williams is a gripping suspense thriller that will leave readers longing for great works from this author The protagonist, Keye Street, is a private investigator in Atlanta who is caught up in two investigations while her boyfriend, a lieutenant for the Atlanta PD has his own investigation Nothing is quite as it seems as Keye comes to find eerie coincidences among the cases that she and her boyfriend are working Filled with an array of well developed characte [...]

    Candice =^,,^=
    I won this book through the author and giveaway This is the second book from this author featuring the Private Investigator and ex FBI agent Keye Street I have not read the first book but reading this second book i dont feel like i needed to ,to be able to get this book I am now a new fan of Amanda Kyle Williams story telling and will be reading by her This book is highly entertaining I really liked the main character s personality, meaning her warmth ,sarcasm and humor I found myself laughing [...]

    Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    Another great book by Williams in this series.I am enjoying this series very much.Great story building and excellent characters.

    Wendy T
    I loved the suspense of this novel had Great story

    Blood Rose Books
    This is the second book in Amanda Kyle Williams Keye Street series I think that you could read this as a standalone novel as there is not much related back to the first book, some of the relationships that Keye has and some of the previous events are mentioned but overall they do not affect the plot However, I really enjoyed the first book The Stranger You Seek, so you may just want to pick it up for a good read Williams picks up a few months after The Stranger You Seek, and Keye is still trying [...]

    The Indomitable Keye Street is BackAtlanta private investigator, bounty hunter, and occasional police consultant Keye Street is feeling a little tense She has been ever since she and her homicide detective boyfriend Aaron Rauser survived a couple of murder attempts last year, but the punishing southern summer heat of Atlanta in July is making it worse.And it s times like this that Keye s demons ride her hardest.Four years after her alcohol addiction destroyed her criminal profiling career with t [...]

    Ily Goyanes
    Let me start of by saying that I really enjoy this series and believe that it has a lot of potential Keye Street, the definitely flawed but doesn t give herself enough credit either protag is going to join the ranks of the most loved and revered private dicks of all time Mark my words, I m calling it now Especially if Williams continues to maintain the balance of humor and insightful social commentary she has produced in the first two books of the series.Two of Williams main strengths as a write [...]

    Stranger In the Room is Amanda Kyle Williams s second book featuring Keye Street The book starts out with Keye s niece, Miki, facing an intruder in her home Miki immediately calls Keye for help and Keye is leery after all of Miki s past issues While Keye is trying to figure out what is going on at Miki s house, she gets hired to find a bail jumper Miki joins her on the hunt and chaos and hilarity quickly ensue Keye is also tasked with finding out why a family discovered dry cement and chicken fe [...]

    Stranger in the Room was absolutely riveting I didn t want to put it down I think this may have been even better than the first book Between missing ashes, booger bandit s and a stalking serial killer this book hits all the right notes, with some dark moments, some light ones all pulled together to make a highly entertaining and absorbing read These stories tend to follow a main plot and several subplots taking place in Keye s everyday life The subplots in this book were just as memorable as the [...]

    Keye Street is an extraordinary crime analyst detective, but her excellent skills did not prevent her unceremonious firing from the FBI several years ago Now 7 years sober and back in her hometown of Atlanta, she is working as a private detective, making her mortgage payments rounding up suspects who have skipped out on court dates, with occasional assignments from various lawyers trying to run down the facts on a variety of cases.Amanda Kyle Williams is an author with a knack for witty dialog a [...]

    Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)
    Stranger in the Room is a suspenseful crime novel and the first book I have read by this author I really enjoyed reading this book as it was very entertaining and the characters felt real The debut novel by this author was called The Stranger You Seek and this is where the reader is introduced to Keye Streets I had not read the first book and I didn t really feel that off while reading the second book, there was a lot of mention to what had previously happened to Keye and Rauser so that you can [...]

    Alisha-Dear Constant Reader
    Hey you guys I have a fantastic book for you Stranger in the Room is an exciting thriller that is fast paced, funny, and just smart I knew nothing about it prior to obtaining my ARC, so I was beyond thrilled when I found myself in the midst of a new girl crush named Keye Street.Reasons I love Amanda Kyle Williams Keye Street 1 Chinese American recovering alcoholic with a southern accent, white parents and a gay, African American brother Did you get all that Yeah That s right, this ain t your typ [...]

    Listened for Fun Overall Rating 4.25Story Rating 4.25Character Rating 4.25Audio Rating 3.50 not part of the overall rating First thought when finished Keye is a leading character that has really grown on me In this 2nd installment I have really grown to care what happens to her What I Thought of the Characters Stranger in the Room continued the character development that I thought was so well done in The Stranger You Seek Keye continues to grow, mess up, stumble, and struggle through while using [...]

    1st book of the new year and what a ride I loved The Stranger You Seek and book two in the series was even better The realism, the crimes, the characters, the witty dialogue, the addictions all top notch quality Gritty, stalking topic with a heavy dose of psychology and FBI profiling Keye, once in the BAU department for the FBI is now a private eye and she is re building her life after it went down the tubes from drinking Still a recovering addict and she still wants to drink, a reality for all [...]

    Diane Coto
    Keye Street has a rather annoying cousin Don t we all Miki Ashton, a Photojournalist, who has a touch of drama queen in her, sees a stalker in her home She had her key in the lock to open her door when she saw him through her window Keye only half believes her until she gets there and verifies for herself that Miki s home was broken into Keye used to be a police officer, but due to her alcohol abuse, was let go Now she s an Atlanta PI, as well as a few other odd jobs She takes all the work she c [...]

    After the excellence of her first, The Stranger You Seek 2011 , The Stranger in the Room was disappointing Williams went from warranting comparison to Sara Paretsky and Karin Slaughter to being just another hack mystery writer It was obvious that she had worked to craft Stranger 1, whereas Stranger 2 was poorly written and dull, showing none of the craftsmanship of Stanger 1 The characters who sparkled in Stranger 1 were reduced to clich s of themselves and were not appealing The reader could de [...]

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