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  • Title: Natural Reaction
  • Author: Terri Reid
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  • Natural Reaction By Terri Reid The last few students climbed through windows, black smoke billowing out of them The teacher turned to his student I ll let you down first But Coach, whose going to help you Hey, you re my best fielder, I expect to jump right into your arms, he said Just promise not to whip me over to Smith for a double play The young man, his face streaked with soot, grinned atThe last few students climbed through windows, black smoke billowing out of them The teacher turned to his student I ll let you down first But Coach, whose going to help you Hey, you re my best fielder, I expect to jump right into your arms, he said Just promise not to whip me over to Smith for a double play The young man, his face streaked with soot, grinned at his coach Yeah, Coach, I promise He took the young man s hands in a tight grip and slowly lowered him out the window When he had extended his reach as far as he could, he let him go.The student fell into the evergreen boughs, the prickly needles scraped his arms, but the branches kept him from hitting the ground He rolled off the bushes and jumped up as fast as he could He turned his eager face up to the window Okay, Coach, he called.The explosion violently blew the windows out of the building Screaming students darted across the lawn, barely escaping the shards of glass raining down on them All of the students except Stevo, who still stood below the gaping hole in the wall, oblivious to the blood running down his face and arms Coach, Coach, he screamed I m here, Coach Coach, I m here Mary O Reilly investigates the death of a beloved high school coach while she tries to overcome the repercussion of solving Jeannine s murder.
    Terri Reid
    Terri Reid is the author of the Mary O Reilly Paranormal Mysteries An indie author, Reid uploaded her first book Loose Ends in August 2010 By the end of 2012, Loose Ends had sold over 82,000 copies and, as of the writing of this bio, was the number one bestselling book in s ranking of Ghost Stories in the Book Literature Fiction Genre Fiction Horror Ghosts section and the number two in the same area in the Kindle eBooks section She has eight other books in the Mary O Reilly Series and has enjoyed Top Rated and Hot New Release status for many of them in the Women Sleuths category through US Her books have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese and are also now also available through CreateSpace and in print versions She is also working on an audiobook for Loose Ends Reid has been quoted in a number of books about the self publishing industry including Let s Get Digital by David Gaughran and Interviews with Indie Authors Top Tips from Successful Self Published Authors by Claire and Tim Ridgway She was also honored to have some of her works included in A J Abbiati s book The NORTAV Method for Writers The Secrets to Constructing Prose Like the Pros She has also had the distinct privilege of guest blogging for Joe Konrath.Reid is from Northwest Illinois, near the town of Freeport, the home of her fictional characters Her background is in marketing and public relations She is married, is the mother of seven children and the grandmother of eleven Her constant writing companions are Riley, a Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever mix Hans, a German Shepard mix and McDuff, a Siamese cat.

    Natural Reaction By Terri Reid


    Overall I liked the entire series The storyline was interesting and I liked the characters I mean, I read the entire series in a week, so she definitely did something right The only thing I disliked was that I felt like Reid used he she poured all his her love into the kiss and crushing their lips together way too much I get itey re in love and they can hardly keep their hands off each other, but I honestly don t think crushing lips is terribly romantic I winced thinking huh, that s gotta be pai [...]

    Tara Bush
    Arrrghhh, I shouldn t have done it So many things irked me in this book The author has absolutely no idea how someone from Scotland talks Ian s conversations were ridiculous And now everyone sees ghosts Mary, Ian, Bradley and even the little girl next door who I suspect is Bradley s daughter The author made Rosie so stupid this time it was maddening Everyone is scared for her welfare because a killer is after her and what do they do they run off and leave her alone in the house WTF And if Bradle [...]

    As in so many books that are part of a series, there comes a point that it becomes a chore to read them That was the case for this book I really loved the first few and was excited to find a series to read for the summer Actually, it became tiresome in 5 I get it, all the men love Mary and want to protect her How original In this book, there was no mystery at all The character of Rosie now became an idiot How many times is Ian going to profess his love for Rosie because of her baking We get it, [...]

    I have been a fan since the very first Mary O Reilly book I read Don t get me wrong, I did enjoy this with the same characters and their interactions, but where the other books had of a finely honed edge to them, and of a twist and mystery, this was very predictable and a very easy read.I like an easy read sometimes, but I had begun to expect a higher quality to Ms Reid s writings, and while this did me good to get over the craving for of the story, it kinds of left me with a very dissatisfie [...]

    Dana Kennedy
    Fun, enjoyable read like the others, but I was annoyed by some things The mystery was predictable, which I don t mind too much, but where she takes the overall story at the end of the book is very obvious, and annoyingly convenient I also don t understand why the love story has to be so corny and over the top.

    I started off really liking this series Now, I feel like I m reading the lines to a sit com, but one that isn t even funny The characters are like sweet plastic that I m chewing on, and all I want to do with them is spit them out.

    Cant stop reading these books get swept into the story.

    Tina Marking
    I LOVE this series In all honesty, I have suffered for years from clinical depression, and was suffering from a very serious downturn This series helped get me through The friendship, the camaraderie, the family, the love and laughter, helped tremendously It was extremely helpful in getting me to that turning point back to me.I laughed till my belly hurt, then cried until I couldn t see the words I felt anger and betrayal for those whose journey was suspended I found redemption, grace, and, most [...]

    Mary O Reilly needs some downtime after her last harrowing case So Ian, Rosie and Stanley suggest that they try to help Coach Thorne to pass thru the light after 40 years of haunting the local high school.Coach Thorne died in a high school chemistry lab Was it a lab experiment gone wrong, as asserted by the President CEO Ephraim Brandlocker, the supplier of the chemicals Or, was it murder as claimed by a fellow teacher A light hearted mystery with ghosts sharing their problems with Mary The roma [...]

    Stacy Spoonster
    Natural ReactionWow I did not see that ending coming Fantastic story and amazing characters This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite paranormal mysteries I love the relationship between the characters, especially Rosie and Stanley They are just so cute Andy reminds me of my oldest nephew The little stinker LOL I highly recommend this series to mystery lovers.

    Mary really develops as a relatable character for a lot of women who read this series a survivor We start to see that she is not invincible She is a inspiring character strong, intelligent, firm yet kind, and vulnerable Terri Ried keeps the series going strong.

    Another great read I felt like some of the situations were quite transparent and could have had a little mystery, but I love the premise of little Maggie Super happy for Bradley and Mary.

    Sonya White
    I can t get enough of these books and always look forward to the next installment.

    Loved itThese books just seem to get better with every book as the series goes on I can t wait for the next one so I guess I ll go and just do that.

    Very good series Highly recommended this for any who enjoy cozy mysteries with a touch of paranormal.

    Susan de Gracia
    Wonderful seriesOK, this is now the sixth book I ve read in a row and I like the Mary O Reilly Series better with each book As I ve said five times before, if you love your mysteries with thrills and chills, fun characters including the ghosts , warmth and humor, mixed with a good amount of paranormal activity, this is the series for you Number seven, here I come

    3.5 StarsI m always happy to visit Mary O Reilly s world, so reading this book felt like an early Christmas present I don t know how long Ian plans to stay around, but he and Mike are a great addition to Rosie and Stanley as Mary and Bradley s reinforcements I like that the people in Mary s world successfully walk the fine line between wanting her to be safe and supporting her in what she feels she has to do I also like that Ms Reid is able to write children who manage not to 1 be completely sac [...]

    pam laporte
    A glimpse of who might be Bradley s daughterA coach was killed 40 years ago and Rosie pretends that she can see ghosts to get the key to his room in the school They thought it was an experiment gone bad but found out it was murder.Rosie is kidnappedBradley pops the questionJanine is laid to rest and Mary has to fight her nightmares Mary watched the kids next door and is afraid she can never have children of her own.Ian helps explore the coaches death and little Maggie wants him to marry her Hyji [...]

    Cheryl Landmark
    Normally, I quite enjoy this series, but I was a little disappointed in this one The niceness and perfection were just too over the top and became cloying and annoying after awhile I quickly grew tired of all the gushing and catering that took place between the male characters and Mary.While I don t mind a predictable mystery, this one seemed a little weak and rushed with the culprits and motive exposed very early on The book focused on the relationships between the characters, which is okay bu [...]

    ChemistryAs we begin this book, Mary is still suffering ill effects from the trauma she sustained while helping to discover what happened to Jeannine, Bradley s wife She suffers from PTSD and has trouble being touched by men, being in the dark, and hearing loud noises Fortunately, Ian is able to help her with her nightmares Bradley and Jeannine s parents are finally able to lay Jeannine to rest Meanwhile, Mary thinks that the only way to get back to normal is to go back to work.Andy and Maggie, [...]

    I can hardly wait to read book seven This is a series I never thought I would be drawn to, but the characters, the mysteries solved and the love between friends and couples makes this a must read series Terri Reid writes with ease and provides a page turning interest few manage I love the heat between different characters, the geniune friendships, the small town and its quirks History has a way of coming through Mary in a way that drives the reader to read as quickly as possible in order to unde [...]

    Natural Reaction by Terri ReidNatural Reaction is the sixth book in the series and continues with finding Bradley s deceased wife s body that was buried in her murderer s plot As the doors close on the whereabouts of his former wife s body a new chapter begins Mary and her clan of sleuths stumble upon another mystery in which they investigate the cold case of a beloved coach who had perished in a mysterious fire that took place at the high school Chemistry Lab Will Mary and Friends find the evid [...]

    Mary is recovering from her traumatizing experience where she found out what happened to bradley s wife and child She keeps having flashbacks and is trying to get a grasp on the here and now Bradley is having his wife s body exhumed and locating his daughter that was supposedly adopted 8 years earlier Mary gets the distractions she was looking for when her neighbor has to go out of town and leaves 2 of her kids with her and when a possible murder victim at the local high school comes to light It [...]

    Love, love Bradley and Mary Lots of angst in this one Delicate issues were handled amazingly well, though Throughout the series it has amazed me how well Reid has been able to balance the love Bradley has for Mary with the love he had for his late wife Somehow the fact that Bradley loved his first wife well and treats her ghost death memory with such reverence doesn t diminish the once in a lifetime love that he has for Mary I don t know how this is possible, but Reid does it The ending could be [...]

    Adrienne Testa
    Natural Reaction was a bit expected, a bit old fashion and a bit weak in the story The author trying to tell a ghost story, a love story and leave a cliff hanger Except the cliffhanger was figured out once Maggie and Andy came to stay with Mary Mary having flashbacks of Jeanine s kidnapping and rape from the previous book as the gang tries to figure out who would wanted to kill the coach and chemistry teacher Mary remembering Bradley and Jeanine s daughter was born alive and put up for adoption [...]

    Virginia Bass
    Somewhat Predictable, Still AddictingContinuing in this series is a wonderful adventure worthy of every moment With this being number six in the series, the primary characters are very familiar and continue to live up to their images and personas Each one becomes and entertaining This storyline was very good, but somewhat predictable That did not make it any less enjoyable I found it to be definitely a mystery, less a suspense I highly recommend this took to anyone can of mystery, paranormal o [...]

    Aus Books Reading

    Jeanie Jackson
    Now that the biggest mystery in their lives has been solved, Mary promises Bradley that she will address a ghostly issue that is not a murder mystery Need I say the we are all going, Right The trauma from the last investigation is still haunting her but she refuses to back off and just rest The father of her doctor obviously needs direction so she choose this man to everyone loved as her next project Andy and his little sister Maggie stay over while their parents are out of town Fun and hilarity [...]

    I didn t care for this book as much as I did the previous books The beginning of the book was centered around Mary, her fears, and all the characters catering to her All the nice was a bit over the top and got tiresome Also seems to be focus on relationships than ghosts solving mysteries Great for Stanley Rosie.but it s kind of ruining their characters hopefully this doesn t happen with Mary Bradley I also think Ian needs to go home The last half of the book focused on the mystery, and I enjoye [...]

    As much as I ve enjoyed this series, this one fell a little flat for me The ghost storyline was interesting and had potential but was so hurried there was really very little mystery The bad guy is glaringly obvious and the final outcome falls into place without any effort on anyone s part The sideline story of Mary dealing with her flashbacks was also fairly weak All in all the plot dealt with too much in too little time and just felt rushed Just OK.

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