UNLIMITED KINDLE ✓ Oh No, Little Dragon! - by Jim Averbeck #2020

  • Title: Oh No, Little Dragon!
  • Author: Jim Averbeck
  • ISBN: 9781416995456
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Oh No, Little Dragon! By Jim Averbeck Little Dragon wreaks adorable havoc in this energetic picture book from the creator of Except If.With a PHOOSH and a Grrrrrr and a CANNONBAAAALLLLLL Little Dragon tears through his day and the house But even when he gets a little too rambunctious, there s no OH NO that Mama s kiss can t fix Jim Averbeck celebrates both the tremendous energy of a little boy and thLittle Dragon wreaks adorable havoc in this energetic picture book from the creator of Except If.With a PHOOSH and a Grrrrrr and a CANNONBAAAALLLLLL Little Dragon tears through his day and the house But even when he gets a little too rambunctious, there s no OH NO that Mama s kiss can t fix Jim Averbeck celebrates both the tremendous energy of a little boy and the tenderness shared between mother and child in this vibrant picture book that begs to be read aloud.
    Jim Averbeck
    I was born and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, a beautiful city built, like Rome, on seven hills wooded hills of oak, walnut, and maple where I and my childhood imagination ran wild I enjoy throwing myself into situations which give me an opportunity to explore and grow I joined the Peace Corps in my late twenties and went to live in Cameroon in western Africa for almost four years It was there I first realized I wanted to write for children.

    Oh No, Little Dragon! By Jim Averbeck


    Rachel Gopal
    This book was cute 3

    This book hit a soft place in my heart so I gave it a higher score The Love of a mother and a child was sweetly done I also like who the fire is drawn looks real

    A's Picture
    I read this book with my daughter 3 1 2 , and she loved it Her favorite part is saying Phoosh Short and sweet little book with a great message.

    Little Dragon loves practicing breathing fire, but when his flame goes out at bath time he becomes concerned Will he get his fire back

    Good one for little ones Simple bold illustrations are perfect.

    I loved this book I read it three times in a row My favorite part was when the little dragon cannonballed into the bath tub Books are awesome This book is great for cool kids.

    My five year old likes this book a lot and thinks it is hilarious I thought it was good.

    Phoosh Phoooosh My daughter after reading OH NO, Little Dragon OH NO, Little Dragon is an adorable and colorful picture book by Jim Averbeck see his guest post on my blog The story is about a young dragon who loses his spark and must figure out how to get it back The Charles Shulz like drawings Little Dragon reminds me of Woodstock, who was always my favorite Peanuts character combined with the dragon s very toddler esque behavior really warmed my heart pun intended Toddler Monkey was immediatel [...]

    Caryn Caldwell
    Little Dragon loves to use his flame, Phooshing everything in sight The downside He gets sooty and has to take a bath When he gets a little too excited in the bath one afternoon and swallows a mouthful of water, his flame is extinguished and with it, his Phoosh Poor Little Dragon tries everything to get his spark back, from putting on all his winter clothes at once to eating chile peppers In the end, it turns out there s only one solution his mother s love.This sweet, funny story does a wonderfu [...]

    This book makes me laugh Little Dragons antics remind me so much of a toddler, who loves to play but who doesn t like to get cleaned up I seriously admire his mother s patience The illustrations are delightful, full of color and life The splashes of bright orange and red for the fire are impossible to ignore This book is also perfect for helping children learn about solving problems When Little Dragon s fire goes out at first he tries to solve the problem himself When that doesn t work, he goes [...]

    I wanted to LOVE this book, but it turns out that I just didn t I simply liked than medium I enjoy dragon stories and collect them for my students selection in our collection I loved the art in this book, but found the story to be too sparse I just wanted story It s a great book to illustrate onomatopoeia, but character development is minimal I ll be buying this one, but it isn t a priority acquisition.

    Another tale of the unfailingness of a mother s love of her child, in this case, a little boy dragon The little dragon is endearing in both manners and expressions in his quest to recapture his spark which he lost while bathing The author s spare gray toned illustrations for the background really set off the colorful dragons and his escapades.

    Little Dragon has a spark in his heart which means he can blow flames at anything Yet when he gets sooty and has to take a bath his spark goes out He tries to get it back because he is worried momma dragon won t love him without his spark This is a cute story about a parent s love and acceptance.

    Little Dragon has a spark in his heart, which he uses to blow flame while he plays He ends up all sooty, though, and has to hop in the bath An accidental gulp of water and oh no His spark has gone out Simple crayon style illustrations are appealing, and adults will grin at the viking details in the bath A fun book for dragon, bath or maybe a fire safety storytime.

    Cheryl Belt-Jackson
    picture bookelementary studentsLittle Dragon lost his spark, and his mother s love gave it back.This is a delightful story about feelings Little Dragon experience feelings of surprize, sadness, anger, and love Great story that could assist young readers to identify te different feelings of Little Dragon and how they may feel in different situations.

    I liked all the singed edges of things in the illustrations and the photo realistic fire accenting the crayon y drawings I really liked the title page, with Little Dragon s drawing of his street, with a castle and a burnt tree in among the suburban houses next door The story is a little rote, but dragon fans will like it anyway.

    I see so many potential uses for this in programming It could be used for a variety of themes fire safety, dragons, bath time, and I m sure there are that I m missing Some authors really understand what s needed to make a picture book that works superbly with a group of children.

    This was fun to read and act out with a preschooler With Mothers Day coming up, I was looking for something endearing and humorous and this little gem fit the bill nicely Our favorite part was us when little dragon gulped the water and doused his flame.

    A heart warming story no pun intended about a rambunctious little dragon who loses his spark, and how he finally gets it back Great for toddlers My son loves the different sounds, and the bright, simple illustrations.

    Add this to our list of absolute favs This book is so delightful The illustrations are uber cute and the story is so playful, funny, and heart warming We ve already read it again and again Love, love, love it.

    If it s hilarity you are looking for in a book, this title is for you Bath time backfires for one small blue dragon but Mother has the perfect solution.For the full review follow this link bit 13pAUe7

    A cute story involving dragons and bathtime Would use for a four year old storytime.Craft idea dinosaur in a tub

    Laura McLoughlin
    Due to an unfortunate bath time mishap a poor little dragon lost his fire and has to find a way to get it back This was read during storytime and it made me oddly emotional Very cute.

    H.L. Burke
    This is my four year old s current favorite library book She asks for the blue dragon book every night.

    Adrienne Furness
    Love the illustrations I especially love how Little Dragon has drawn a series of trees on the endpapers, one of which is ablaze.

    Sarah BT
    Super cute book and would be great for storytimes Plus, it s a nice parent child book without getting overly sappy.

    Preston Fordstrom
    I feel bad for the dragon because he drank some water in the bath, then the spark in his heart got put out.

    I think I might nix the last 2 pages for storytime, but I m excited to read this one to the kiddos It s very sweet without being saccharine.

    What a cute little story I think I ll buy this for my nephew for Christmas.

    Lynne Marie
    Cute and sweet text and illustrations.

    • UNLIMITED KINDLE ✓ Oh No, Little Dragon! - by Jim Averbeck
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