[PDF] ↠ Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story | by ç Will Hillenbrand #2020

  • Title: Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story
  • Author: Will Hillenbrand
  • ISBN: 9780823416035
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story By Will Hillenbrand On a windy spring day Bear and Mole decide to fly a kite But when a storm rumbles in, the kite string breaks The two friends tear after their kite and find it in a tree, protecting a nest of baby birds from the rain.
    Will Hillenbrand
    Will Hillenbrand is the illustrator of many children s books, including THIS LITTLE PIGGY, edited by Jane Yolen, and KISS THE COW by Phyllis Root He is also the author illustrator of DOWN BY THE STATION He lives in Terrace Park, Ohio with his wife, Jane, and their son, Ian.

    Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story By Will Hillenbrand


    Kayla Edwards
    I m going to have to go middle of the road on this one I love how it started vibrant colors, beautiful artwork, and really great sound repetitions that my kids got into However, the ending was a disappointment It showed up out of nowhere and then was just over so I was disappointed.

    I really loved the way this book was written Simple and clear However when I got to the end I had to go back to make sure I didn t miss something because it made no sense and ended abruptly I had to make up my own ending in assuming the mama bird was saying thank you because the kite had protected her babies from the storm even thought that is not explained at all I had to gather that from the pictures My kids still liked it though.

    Fun story about getting ready to fly a kite Lots of sound words i.e zoom, rumble, snap etc which would make for a fun read aloud with audience participation Great artwork that encourages storytelling in prereaders.

    Christine Grant
    Wind Story Time Bear and Mole build a kite to fly When the string breaks, everything changes.

    Miss Sarah
    Bear and mole are building and flying a kite Each step is show and I love that includes research The ending was a little tricky for my younger kids to get so preschool and up.

    April Voss
    This is a book about true friendship between bear and mole As they go out on an adventure to build and fly a kit, they encounter some problems This leads to them helping someone else out This is important in teaching children that sometimes something bad can turn into something good for someone else and that it feels good to help someone else out The illustrator in this book uses a mixed media style, which really makes the pages interesting and unique The characters are portrayed in a fun, carto [...]

    Eileen Carter
    Bear and Mole work together demonstrating that team work is something that is to be enjoyed and produces something that everyone can enjoy the kite The illustrations in this book are so colorful that as reading the book you almost have to pause to give a moment for discussion about the events happening on each page to appreciate the illustrations I believe that children of all ages will enjoy this though it is focused at preschool 1st grade level As a teacher, I have used this book in my classr [...]

    I think that this is a good book for early readers my completely unprofessional opinion The sentences are short and simple, the words repetitive The illustrations are lovely and soft, but colorful My daughter and I also enjoyed it because, it seems like it will have a sad, disappointing ending, and instead it has a surprising and hopeful ending Plus, it is a book about kites, and the librarian told me that good picture books about kites are hard to find.

    I really liked this book The illustrations were very good and very cute and the story was a good one It had a couple elements that I think are really great first, the teamwork Bear and Mole used to build their kite and, second, the fact that the kite ended up being used to help woodland friends after it got caught in the tree This latter point can be used to teach kids not only about helping those in trouble, but also about finding a happy side to a sad occurrence.

    Bear sees that it is a day for flying a kite and friend mole and he make one, fly one and what always happens the kite lands in a tree Surprize someone is happy the kite is in the tree Bright colorful illustrations and I especially like the ones depicting Bear and Mole making the kite perhaps children will see making fun instead of buying it is part of the fun.

    Christine Turner
    Bear and Mole build a kite and take it out on a windy day, but when the weather suddenly turns stormy there are unexpected consequences for some birds SubjectsKites Juvenile fiction.Bears Juvenile fictionMoles Animals Juvenile fiction.Birds Juvenile fiction friendshipcare of others

    This is a sweet story about two friends making a kite to fly on a windy day The narrative is short and repetitive, perfect for younger children And the illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and the animals are adorable This book is a bit too young for our girls, but we enjoyed reading it together anyway.

    Shannon Chrnko
    Kite Day A Bear and Mole Story had a storyline that I was not too fond of Kites are not as popular as they had been for previous generations, so it is doubtful I would read this to my students The illustration was well done, and the pictures were attractive It shows that working together leads to success, and teaches children to share.

    A good storytime book because of all the wonderful sounds It would be very easy to include the kids I like the muted colors in the background and bright flashy colors textures on the bear, mole, and kite Maybe an abrupt ending, but a cute and unexpected one.

    Great Books
    Ohio author Will Hillenbrand has created a new Bear and Mole story for readers It is the perfect day to fly a kite until rain threatens to ruin everything Not to worry through because this author has a few tricks up his sleeve to save the day Reviewer 1

    Bear and Mole decide it s a good day for flying a kite so they make one and then fly it I didn t use this for story time but it could be a good one Simple text, bright illustrations The text does jump a bit all over the page though.

    My six year old son read this book by himself and understood it and liked it He even understood and liked the unexpectedly sweet ending The bright, colorful, and a bit cartoonish illustrations were a perfect match to the simple text.

    Cute book about a bear and a mole who make a kite on a windy day Cute I love bear stories Playful illustrations Fun ending the kite flies away in a stormbut ends up as cover for a bird family.

    Very cute, simple story about two friends constructing, finding and losing a kite Big and bright illustrations that will work well for storytime This was my first Bear and Mole story I will definitely be reading .

    KidsFiction Teton County Library
    J Picture Hillenbrand, W.Kay s rating 4 starsWith spring just arriving here in Jackson, our kite days are coming This is a great shared reading Maybe after reading you can make a kite together too.

    Great to use for Kite Wind story times and Up.

    The colors and pace and characters are just so darn cheerful and easy to digest You can t help but breathe a little easier and smile after reading a Will Hillenbrand book.

    I absolutely loved this The colors, the storyeverything Really makes me wish for spring.

    I loved the illustrations and the ending of the story I am using this for a storytime craft program I think the kids will really enjoy this book.

    Carrie Gelson

    Really cute Great way to introduce descriptive phrases to young kids Zoom, crash, rumble

    Pleasant story for young kids about kite flying, with a sweet twist at the end Above average artwork.

    Fun story Great illustrations Some nice vocabulary.

    Sandy Brehl
    Simpole text, vibrant images with lots of open white space plenty of word play and repetition A crisis the lost stranded kite has a silver lining Charming and expressive.

    Bear and mole find the perfect day to fly their kite, but things don t exactly go the way they intended A nice short read Could be used with a kit, spring, or friends story time.

    • [PDF] ↠ Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story | by ç Will Hillenbrand
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