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  • Title: Beautiful Music for Ugly Children
  • Author: Kirstin Cronn-Mills
  • ISBN: 9780738732510
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

  • Beautiful Music for Ugly Children By Kirstin Cronn-Mills This is Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, on community radio 90.3, KZUK I m Gabe Welcome to my show My birth name is Elizabeth, but I m a guy Gabe My parents think I ve gone crazy and the rest of the world is happy to agree with them, but I know I m right I ve been a boy my whole life.When you think about it, I m like a record Elizabeth is my A side, the song ever This is Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, on community radio 90.3, KZUK I m Gabe Welcome to my show My birth name is Elizabeth, but I m a guy Gabe My parents think I ve gone crazy and the rest of the world is happy to agree with them, but I know I m right I ve been a boy my whole life.When you think about it, I m like a record Elizabeth is my A side, the song everybody knows, and Gabe is my B side not heard as often, but just as good.It s time to let my B side play.
    Kirstin Cronn-Mills
    Kirstin Cronn-Mills Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beautiful Music for Ugly Children book, this is one of the most wanted Kirstin Cronn-Mills author readers around the world.

    Beautiful Music for Ugly Children By Kirstin Cronn-Mills


    Wart Hill
    Hello, fellow Ugly Children.I have one request to make of you before you read this review find Hanson s Scream and Be Free and put it on repeat Because that is my theme song for this book Because this book means a lot And Hanson has been an important factor in my life since middle school And as this book uses music as a strong, important theme, it seemed appropriate to bring that upng it if you know itscream it if you feel itthere s nothing standing in your wayfollow along with meScream and Be F [...]

    4.5This is a beautiful book Really.Gabe was born Elizabeth, and until a couple of months ago, lived as Elizabeth, fighting back everything that he felt was true about himself But he finally decides it s time to own being Gabe, and it s through the help of working as a DJ for the community radio station that he s finally better able to accept himself and work toward having other people accept him, too.It s the Midwest and while it s not small town Midwest it s a good size town of 40,000 , there a [...]

    Ok so now I ve read this book and I can honestly say I need stars for it, 5 does not begin to cover what this book deserves let me start by saying that Beautiful Music for Ugly Children is a young adult book and while I do on occasion read them they are not normally my thing, however, this book caught my eye and I am so glad I gave in to the impulse to get it.Kristin Cronn Mills has dealt so beautifully with what is a very delicate and personal issue for many including myself The references to [...]

    TW Misgendering, deadnaming, transphobia from minor characters, sexual assaultNow that I ve got some coffee in me and had a good night s sleep to think this over, I m ready to start my review, though I m honestly not sure on where to start with this review.I guess by saying, I m surpriesd I m surprised that a cis author actually took the time to research before and while writing this novel.I m surprised that the only rather negative thing I can say about this is that some of the terms used are n [...]

    i was excited to pick up a teen novel starring a trans protagonist and, in particular, being a music obsessed former radio dj, a novel whose conceit was a community radio show that allowed this young man to freely express and experience his Gabe ness in the relative anonymity of the airwaves while he eased into fully embodying his true self in the vulnerable worlds of family, friendship, and public life as a teen preparing to graduate from high school where he was expected to perform and respon [...]

    Okay I m in the I m trans and wanted this to be good but was mostly disappointed camp.My main critiques some light vague spoilers ahead It read to me as if author had a hard time with dialogue scenes where Gabe s identity is the central topic fight w dad, Mara, that moment w Paige They often either felt flat, as if the language issues being presented were being copied out of some informational guide about Trans Issues, or the characters reactions felt very sudden out of character unrealistic Sin [...]

    Original review posted on The Book SmugglersThis is going to be a difficult review to write and another one brought to you by my two hands.Gabe Williams has big summer plans He has his own quite successful late night radio show at an obscure radio station where he geeks out on old songs with the help of his neighbour and mentor John presumably the first DJ to play Elvis Presley back in the days He is in love with his best friend Paige and hopes against hope she might feel the same way although h [...]

    3 1 2 stars I also know that people think I m an ISSUE, and that gets really old Any time THOSE SCARY TRANNIES come up, everybody flips out Well, I for one was very interested in reading a book from the point of view of a transitioning person What must it be like to feel that you were born in the wrong body What must it be like to be forced to constantly pretend you belong in one category when nothing about it feels right Is anyone really one hundred percent male or female anyway My personal opi [...]

    Xan West
    DNF at 12% I found this book to be harmful to me as a trans reader, so much that I DNF d, particularly as I understand from other reviews by trans readers that it gets worse, not better This book presents trans life as inexorable misery with no hope or allies, full of bullying, misgendering, and gender policing, where even your best friend who supposedly supports you and has your back as a trans guy, will still coerce you to paint your toenails pink and come out as trans when you don t want to.W [...]

    I got this book from the library a few hours ago and I literally couldn t put it down until I finished it The story was engrossing to the extreme, and given that it s a short book, it didn t take long to read I m a transguy just like Gabe, but this is the first novel of this type I ve picked up and read It was amazing reading Gabe s thoughts and feelings and how well they reflected my own Reading this book made me feel understood and like I wasn t alone For me this book is a remarkable achieveme [...]

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Price drop to 0.99 at US, 12 30 17

    Madison ♡
    Let s start off by saying that, the only reason I read this book, is because my sister got it from BN, and my mom made me read it to make sure it was appropriate I mean, it sounded interesting, but I never would have picked it up for myself I am glad to say that I actually really liked this book More than I thought I would, anyway It is the first book I ve read with a transgender character, so this genre is new to me Luckily, Cronn Mills knew what she was doing and I found the book enjoyable All [...]

    Kerri (Book Hoarder)
    I wish there were books like this, or at least books that I was aware of Beautiful Music For Ugly Children is the story of Gabe Gabe was born as Elizabeth but he s been sure for a long time that he s not a girl, he s a boy The book tells the story of his first steps into transitioning publicly, and the difficulties he faces Being bisexual, I could identify with some of what Gabe went through, though only a fraction of it People find it hard enough to deal with the fact that some people like to [...]

    Transsexualit t ist ein Thema, ber das ich vor der Lekt re von Beautiful Music for Ugly Children nur wenig wusste, abgesehen von Dingen, die man so nebenbei mitbekommen kann Hormone, Operationen, Brust Binder, etc Und nat rlich die tiefe Schlucht der Reaktionen Hass, Ablehnung und Gewalt vs Soll doch jeder das machen, was gl cklich macht, Mensch bleibt Mensch In diesem Buch, das aus der Sicht von Gabe, in dessen Pass noch der Name Elizabeth steht, geschrieben ist, bekommt man eine ordentliche Po [...]

    I liked this book a lot BMfUC started with bunch of clich s about high schooler life and I wasn t convinced, but it all found the right place and story turned out vivid, emotional and realistic First and foremost, the book is about Gabe and his love to music Gabe is transgender and we follow the story of how he s opening his Side B to the world The side that matters most Also his relations with family, friends, girls come into focus, as well as bullying and hate crimes, unfortunately common expe [...]

    Liz steht kurz vor ihrem Schulabschluss, aber eine weitaus gr ere Ver nderung besch ftigt sie viel mehr Sie ist ein Mann in einem Frauenk rper und m chte nun endlich ihr eigentliches Ich ausleben Als Gabe arbeitet sie er in einem Radiosender und kann seiner gro en Leidenschaft, der Musik nachgehen Er schart eine kleine Fangemeinde um sich, die kleine Aufgaben ausf hren, wie Flashmobs veranstalten oder Autos von Fremden zu dekorieren ohne Schaden anzurichten Privat l uft es weniger gut Er ist in [...]

    Beautiful Music for Ugly Children is an amazing, beautiful novel The I think about it, the I love it The book is about Gabe and not just about his coming out as transgender It s about his passionate love for music, his relationships, and his anxieties and fears There are scenes in the book that make you laugh out loud and others that make your eyes all teary I love Gabe as a character and really like the different artists and songs that are brought up in the story I m a huge music fan myself s [...]

    I absolutely love this book I love the plot, the characters, the writing I love that it feels so real, so authentic I love that there s almost no kitsch but pure unadulterated emotions I love the soundtrack What I don t love is the transphobia and the ensuing violence, unfortunately this is how some people tick, and there is no sugarcoating this fact.I love the author s note at the end Usually I never read author s notes but this time I did and, yeah, amazing informative stuff This book isn t pe [...]

    If love is the answer, what s the question Maybe it just matters that you know the answer And believe it Believe in it.This phrase converted the 3 stars rating to the 4 one.Because the main idea of the book is fantastic, but good books are made of words than of ideas And the writing style was so plain Buddy read with this awesome guy.

    Gabe has always identified as a boy, but he was born with a girl s body With his new public access radio show growing in popularity, Gabe struggles with romance, friendship, and his parents, all while trying to come out as transgendered An audition for a radio station in Minneapolis looks like a ticket to a better life in the big city, but his entire future is threatened when some people find out that Gabe the DJ is also Elizabeth from school.At times humourous, honest, and complicated in the wa [...]

    Beautiful Music for Ugly Children drew me in with a fantastic title and gorgeous cover, plus I m a big sucker for LBGT books I wanted to like this book I really wanted to like it, but in the end the writing was just too poor to pass go The writing was childish, the emotions were thin and flimsy at best, and all of the characters were incredibly stereotypical This book was the first of its kind and received a lot of praise for bravery and honesty and I can appreciate that, but I think that this i [...]

    Victoria A
    I like the concept I like that it talked about music And I love that it tackled one of the most sensitive issues that we have in our society at the moment gender Or specifically, someone s gender, gender preference and gender orientation I m sure no homophobe or close minded individual would be interested in reading this book, but it s nice to know that a book like this exists It helps people better understand the story of someone who feels like they were trapped in the wrong body.But as a stor [...]

    Gabe is a lot braver than a lot of the transgender teens I ve seen in YA novels, but most of this novel came across as pretty inauthentic Gabe s music choices are the worst , as most of his radio shows sound like what you get to hear on classic rock stations The fact that the next store neighbor John was the first person to play Elvis on the air AND has an autographed napkin AND has what we re supposed to believe is Elvis s first guitar is just unbelievable The title names are just obnoxious and [...]

    This is one of those books where my emotions are going to overwhelm my ability to write a coherent review Beautiful Music hit me in many ways, but it s importance lies in representation I read books daily all types, any genre and this is the first book I ve ever read where the narrator is a trans youth It is such a different experience than reading a trans character from the third person Gabe is an amazing character And while I know each experience is unique and Gabe may not be accurate represen [...]

    I liked it enough to ignore the music snobbery nothing gets up my nose faster, y all but would it really have been that terrible if Gabe had ended up with a girlfriend I don t know if the ending was supposed to hint that he and Paige did get together, but if so, it wasn t clear enough for me.

    I waivered between 4 and 5 stars, but emotions won me over and I bumped it up to five.

    Review originally posted on RatherBeReadingBlog Maybe there will be a day when this shit will be over and I can just be a dude with normal regular stuff in his life GabeMany of us can agree that music can be a haven, a safe place.For Gabe, who was born Liz, working the late shift at a public access radio station is a place where he can be himself sharing the music with a small group of people who are just about as passionate about music and its history as he is John, Gabe s next door grandfather [...]

    Wendy F
    Probably my most favorite genre to read are YA contemporary novels that have a grittier, realistic, story to tell I like books with a powerful voice I ve read some really amazing authors that left an indelible impression on me It is for that reason, the marks they leave, that I am constantly looking for the next amazing deep, realistic book to lose myself in I also like to read and showcase exceptional books that represent the LGBTQIA community Unfortunately I can t say that Beautiful Music for [...]

    Kelly Gunderman
    Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here s to Happy Endings This is a positively beautiful book.Beautiful Music for Ugly Children tells the story of Gabe, who has been living as Elizabeth, but knows deep down that he is, in fact, Gabe.Only being out to his parents and best friend, he doesn t have much support from his family parents or brotherhis brother calls him a freak in the beginning of the book, and most of the time his parents won t even look at him , and often l [...]

    It s 90.3, KZUK, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, you re listening to Gabe at this late hour right here on community radio and I m here for my listeners So turn it up and sit back and listen to some Def Leppard, those boys of the 70 s It s Gabe turn to show his style, at least behind the mike he s himself or who he thinks he has become He s telling his story beside his mentor, neighbor and great friend John who he idolizes Few people know Gabe as Gabe, most people know him as Elizabeth but usi [...]

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